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Happy Mother’s Day to the BEST Mum EVER.You thought me everything I know from walking & talking to even going to the toilet.From the moment I first opened my eyes on the morning of Tuesday 13th June 1978 you were my EVERYTHING.Now admittedly over the years I may have tested your patience.The time I thought I was Superman and could fly off the roof of the garage,the numerous times I’d insist on giving my sister Michelle a good hair wash by holding her head down in the toilet and flushing it,to more recently when my foot got ran over my the same Taxi 3 times.At 22 when I came out to you and 2 days later went on national television to live in a house for 9 weeks you were always there ready to support me and make numerous excuses for me if needed.The morning of my Wedding Day you were so proud you cried and how nervous you were walking me down the aisle.I ALWAYS looked to you for guidance and support there was nothing we couldn’t fix with a gossip and a cup of tea.You loved watching me on Snap Chat & Insta story and your name would always come up first as having watched.To think I will NEVER see your name appear again breaks my heart.On the 21st February 2018 my life changed forever.To hear you had died still doesn’t make sense,I’m actually still expecting you to walk through the door.Your jackets still smell of you and your favourite tea cup is waiting to be filled.On the morning we buried you apart of me went with you.My life will NEVER be the same again.Will think of you and love you every day until we meet again have the kettle boiling Mum there will be so much to catch up on.❤ “So I'll sing Hallelujah You were an angel in the shape of my mum When I fell down you'd be there holding me up Spread your wings as you go And when God takes you back we'll say Hallelujah You're home”

Funny Girls

A flying visit to Blackpool with @nadiaforde for Robs 30th Birthday.Blackpool it was short and sweet but 100% memorable.🍾#Blackpool #happybirthday #30 #byeeeeee

The London Studios

Today I’m throwing it back to when I hosted SMTV Live with this beauty @tessdaly This was my very first job in TV and at the start I had no idea what I was doing.Thankfully Tess was there to hold my hand.We had the BEST time and to this day when we get together we still laugh and share stories of our time hosting the show.Plus how bronzed am I.😂❤️#tbt #kidstv #saturdaymorning #thebesttime

Abbeville Road sw4

Happy Valentines Day to my Prince Charming @gourounlian I maybe a little sad we aren’t together today but we shall be reunited soon.Also the roses,champagne and chocolates I just received are making it easier.🤣❤️#happyvalentinesday #iloveyou #husband

The K Club

I actually woke up this morning with no voice but within seconds of being awake I was laughing like a mad man remembering our antics from the night before.Your one of a kind @pipsy_pie ❤️🥂#blossomtreeball #templestreethospital #pinkcarpet #love #laughter

The K Club

I had the pleasure of walking the pink carpet last night with these two HOTTIES @pipsy_pie @nadiaforde If only every Saturday night was this glamorous and pink.🥂#blossomtreeball #templestreethospital #overonehundredthousandbaby

The K Club

What an AMAZING time last night at the #blossomtreeball for @temple_street_foundation Over €100,000 was raised for such a worthy cause.When these 2 are around @simonjonespr @pipsy_pie there’s NEVER a dull moment.#blossomtreeball #templestreethospital #overonehundredthousandbaby

Louis Vuitton

I’m throwing it back to my AMAZING trip to NYC with @pipsy_pie Now she’s probably not the best to go shopping with as during our little visit to @louisvuitton everything I liked she told me to buy.Plus the glasses of Veuve Clicquot just got us in the mood for more shopping.Cant wait for our next trip!❤️#tbt #nyc #louis #bff👭 #pippamademebuyit

Elstree Studios

For this weeks TBT I’m throwing it back to 2010 and Ultimate Big Brother.This pic of myself and @nikkigrahameofficial makes me laugh so much,our reactions were identical.We were both so shocked to see Nadia evicted so early on.Nikki was so much fun to live with and NEVER a dull moment.😂#tbh #2010 #ulitmatebigbrother #whoisshe


Reunited with my Jasmine @nadiaforde last night.Would like to say I’m feeling fresh today but I’d BE TOTALLY lying.Im blaming @domday5 for all the Dark & Stormies 🍸🍸🍸

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa

Happy New Year everyone,can not believe this year is OVER already.Myself and @gourounlian are celebrating in Arizona in Style with @houseofstang @tamarkaprelian My MOTTO for 2018 is LIVE LIFE LOVE LAUGH.❤️ #2018 #happynewyear #arizona #memories


“I am warning you, NO more” When Uncle Brian is pushed too far 😂 🖊 #ststephensday #boxingday #uncleonduty

Ballyteague Stables

Happy Christmas from the Dowling Gourounlian household.For this years pic @gourounlian wanted something less traditional and more original so he asked me to jump out of a tractor.The things we do for LOVE.Joyeux Noël❤️🎅🏻#christmasday #home #tractor

Drumcondra, Dublin

Christmas is also about visiting and catching up with friends.Such fun last night with @markhughjohn ,Eileen @leighanngibbons1 and of course my Christmas surprise @gourounlian It was so good to spend quality time with my beautiful Goddaughter Victoria.Shes at that age now where she can really engage with me,she especially loves pulling my weave.❤️#catchup #godfather #itschristmaseve

London, United Kingdom

Being Christmas @rte_guide are having a nostalgic look back at some of their Christmas Cover Stars from the 80’s,90’s and 00’s.To this day I still can’t believe I graced the Christmas Cover back in 2001 and was their man of the year.This was shot by the AMAZING @nickyjohnston I remember turning up at Nicky’s house where there was no hair or makeup,we had about 10 mins to shoot and I’m sure the shirt I’m wearing I borrowed from him.🎅🏻#thegoodolddays #cover #rteguide #christmas


For this TBT I’m throwing it WAY BACK to around 1983/1984.Here I am with my sisters Michelle and Valerie.For those confused I’m the brunette rocking the Goofy pj’s.Have to say I was a very bronzed child.For Valerie in the middle it’s a case of pj hand me downs as she’s stuck with my old Spider-Man ones.🙈We weren’t just 3 for long as our Mum kindly gifted us with 4 more sisters.❤️#tbh #family #sisters #christmas #love

Tivoli Theatre

My TBT is to when I played The Mirror in the Cheerios Panto at the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin.My make up was done by the FABULOUS @davina.devine As u can see I needed some tissues for the extra bit of cleavage.Am 100% sure I could fill that dress today with no tissues.🙈💋💯#tbt #hesbehindyou #panto #uglysister #dragbaby

Rathangan National School Kildare

The PROUDEST Uncle EVER watching my 2 nieces Leah & Sophie in their Nativity Play.They had staring roles as an Angel & a Shepherd.To think I graced the exact same stage 34 years ago.❤️#memories #prouduncle #nieces #family

Powerscourt Estate & Gardens

A big huge Happy Birthday do my AMAZING Mum who turns 22,265 days old today.This pic was taken on my wedding day and I ❤️ it.This lady runs a tight ship and myself and my 6 sisters are the better of it.❤️#family #itsmymumsbirthdaytoday #love #mother

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