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Beacon, New York

Beacon New York Large Format Hasselblad #8x10 #LARGEFORMAT


#louisebourgeois #spider #largeformat #hasselblad #8x10

“Veceeeras majkooo zeeenis svoga sina, zenis svoga siiiiinaaaaaa...” It’s a YUGO laugh factory with #ViktorSavic and (hidden in the back) #NikolaTodorovic. I’m directing a very serious documentary and everyone is taking it very seriously. #TheForbiddenAunt #ZabranjenaTetka #NightShoot #SeriousWorkEthic #PoorMansProcess 🤩- @_njezz_ 👻- @sekspir_majica 🎥 - @dusangrubin 💁🏼‍♀️+💄- @makeup_snowwhite 👗 - @milicakolaric 🚗 - @veradnic (hvala 💛)


#louisebourgeois #spider #largeformat #hasselblad #8x10

Mici came to help with the shoot. He stuck his tongue in my mouth. He made us all laugh. And then he left. Thank you Mici. Legend! #TheForbiddenAunt #ZabranjenaTetka

Nightshoot #crew #TheForbiddenAunt #ZabranjenaTetka

Fourteen again. #TheForbiddenAunt: a soap opera documentary 🎥 - @dusangrubin 💁🏼‍♀️+💄- @makeup_snowwhite 👗 - @milicakolaric

When Days of Our Lives says no - you can always write your own soap opera. #DirectorialDebut #TheForbiddenAunt: A Soap Opera Documentary 🎥 - @dusangrubin 💁🏼‍♀️+💄- @makeup_snowwhite 👗 - @milicakolaric

Directorial Debut. #TheForbiddenAunt - A Documentary Soap Opera

Happy Monday- rise and shine!

The rave is done but the ravers are not.

Raver of the night.

About last night. First rave in 17 years. #locationScout #raveParty 👵🏼💃🏼


Self portrait with #LouiseBourgeois Spider. Large format. 8 x 10. #HASSELBLAD #8x10 #SelfPortrait #LargeFormat

The wait is over. See you June 16th.

Location Scout #TheForbiddenAunt #ZabranjenaTetka

#WCW Shailee Basnet @shailee.basnet and Maya Gurung @mayagrg11 WHEN SHE WAS 14, MAYA GURUNG RAN AWAY FROM HOME. It was the eve of her wedding in rural Nepal, and she refused to succumb to an arranged marriage. When police returned her home, her father had disowned her, and the rest of the village was told not to associate with her. Maya faced a life of struggle to keep going to school, moving villages, finishing school and moving to Kathmandu. In 2008, by which time she was 4 time national ten-pin-bowling champion, Maya met Sahilee, who was a journalist at that time. They joined a group of Nepali women who made history by being the first female team to summit Everest, and then the first female team to summit the tallest mountain on every continent. What they did was thought impossible. They changed lives and altered the way their country thought about women. Since their success, The Seven Summits Women @7summitswomen , as the team have been called, have devoted their lives empowering women and improving human relationship to the environment. I met them in 2014 and have never looked back. I have been as involved as possible in the work they do and suggest anyone do the same. Years ago, they partnered with Shakti Samuha (a Nepali NGO fighting female trafficking) and trained survivors in outdoor skills, reacquainting them with the environment as rehabilitation, as well as arming them with skill to be professional trekking guides. Their aim has been to link environment, empowerment and education and create a healthy relationship between nature and humanity. Please make a donation to this amazing Go Fund Me campaign (link in my bio) so they can keep healing survivors of trafficking and teaching them a new life. Thank you for your humanity and generosity.

This is me and @alancummingsnaps with the incredible Shailee Basnet @shailee.basnet when she came to visit us on the set of @instinctcbs last year. We are goofing around, but I wanna get serious for a minute. I met Shailee many years ago when she was climbing the highest peak on every continent of our planet with The Seven Summits Women @7summitswomen and she’d come to LA to raise money for their final Antarctica climb. Cut to 2015 – an earthquake hits Nepal. 8000 lives are taken and countless families are devastated. Cut to me in Nepal trying to figure out with Maya Gurung @mayagrg11 how we can help raise money to rebuild their community, where not a house was standing and where girl trafficking was on the rise due to the natural inclination of desperate families needing to send their daughters away for a “better life” not knowing they were being kidnapped and prostituted. My friends are now on a mission to fight trafficking by teaching them everything they know - through reacquainting survivors with the mountains. They are providing a life-changing training program to teaching young survivors the skills to become licensed mountaineers and trekking guides. We have started a funding campaign for their work. Please make a donation in the link on my bio. If you’re still not sure what I’m taking about – here is a survivor’s story. When TK was 12 she was trafficked to a brother in India. Against all odds, she ran away from there by the time she was 13, knowing she could be killed if found. Back home acceptance was hard to find. Yet she did not give up. She resumed education. But she was stuck in low-paying jobs. She did not see a bright future for herself. She then found the Seven Summits Women Team who helped her become a licensed trekking guide. Today she makes more money than anyone around her in her village can imagine. She sends her younger siblings to school. Now, at 22, she wants to train other survivor sisters so that they can transform their lives. What were you doing when you were 12? What was your vision at 22? Can you help change a life?

#tbt 2003 with #TarafDeHaidouks in Sydney. Forever stay with me.

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