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An unbelievable start to my time back in the USA... first, our fabulous pilot INSTINCT, with the delectable Alan Cumming (@alancummingsnaps) and written by @mbr34 got picked up by #CBS! I'll be New York bound soon! Meanwhile in Serbia, the documentary I'm making about my aunt (THE FORBIDDEN AUNT) just won best pitch at @beldocsfest - WELL DONE TEAM - @bratnaledu @komisbrot @marijasizfriz!! Thanks to all of you who hold the torch while I'm away! Now - we gotta get back to work!

See you next time Serbia 🇷🇸

The Novakovic sheep...

Гајеви. #nofilter


Mowgli, Bubitsa, Archie.

Ostoja Novakovic asked me never to change my name if I get married. I agree - And I won't. 💪🏼✊🏼

When I grow up, I want to be like Stojka. 👵🏼💪🏼🔥

House where my dad grew up. New puppy on the farm. 📸: Djurdja (12) - artist and student.

This is Ostoja and Stojka, my great aunt and uncle. They live on the farm where my dad grew up. In this video, Ostoja tells us that the little puppy who the kids played with yesterday came back again today. Dragan asks me if he is allowed to roll on the grass on the hill. I tell him of course, to which Stojka tells him not to go on the hill across the way, but points to a flat area of grass with a patch of sun on it. She says to go there because it’s warm. We laugh at her and tell her that’s not how rolling in the grass works. Then we ask if she thinks the neighbors will be mad, since the “rolling” hill is on their property. She says she’s not sure. And I guess that’s all that Dragan needed. No sooner did I put my camera down, he was off across the road to roll down the hill. #villagelife #selo #heartisfull

Credit here goes to Dragan (9) who was the art director for this picture - he described exactly what he wanted to me - and then made me take the photo... 🌸

I gave the kids my cameras... 📸: Djurdja (12) Vlade, my cousin, took everyone on an 8K walk in the mountains where my dad grew up... and the path leads all the way to Turkey...

Mowgli, Dragan, Archie, Djurdja. Gajevi. Serbia.

Aunt Bojana and The Vagabonds - A Road Trip Adventure to the Heartland... Нађа. Могли. Драгомир. Арчи. Ђурђа. Бојана.


Ђурђа 👧🏼, Драгомир 👦🏻, Моугли 🐶, Вувица 🐶, Арчи 🐶. СЕЛО ГАЈЕВИ 🌳#EarthDay 🌏

Belgrade, Serbia

Mowgli, me, and the Shadow of My Future Self. 🐶💁🏼👵🏼 #shadows (the umbrella belonged to my grandmother's sister)

Belgrade, Serbia


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