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Bowery Hotel

Inside that helmet is a head that did a lot of thinking during it’s 30 days on the road. The first question anyone asks when I tell them I travelled 4600 miles on my motorcycle is “what did you think about?” So, a month and a half later, here’s an answer… Sometimes it was simple, banal, out of context… “I need to get a folder for my script” or “I need to call my mother.” Other times it was existential epiphanies… “I shouldn’t be riding in the rain but OMG look at that double rainbow. I know there’s a scientific explanation for it, but it really does just feel like God. Maybe proof of God’s existence is science itself, and God is the term we give to the overwhelming effect our environment has on us. I’ll have to Google that concept...” (I did Google it and it’s called Theism. I think I might be a theist.) On the whole, my mind was very busy. I sang, I laughed, I screamed with glee and rage and fear, I cried like a baby and had conversations with people that will never actually hear them (particularly with God). Sometimes my thoughts were easy and comforting: “How lucky am I? How beautiful is this country?/ Maybe I should marry my boyfriend and have babies.” Other times they were the opposit: “my boyfriend missed his flight, he doesn’t love me/ how do I cut off my sisters hair in her sleep?/ What if a semi-truck hit me and my head fell off my body and my sister had to tell our mother how I died?” When you’re going 70 an hour, and wind is rushing at you from all sides, you don’t need to make a conscious effort to connect how close life and death actually are. The biggest surprise for me was how much of my thinking was practical… (“what do I feed Mowgli?/ should I have diet coke or coffee at the next stop?/ I have to pull over for ice?/ no, we just stopped 15 mins ago/ but I’m going to die from the heat/ but we should keep going…”) as opposed to awe-inspired states of spiritual bliss that one might expect having seen all my photos. My good friend Shailee Basnet, who summited Everest in 2008, told me about the practical struggle of that journey. She said there was nothing spiritual about the actions she needed to take to get there. (Continued below 👇🏼)

United States

This trip has been challenging to write about. I’m overwhelmed at the significance of the experience and my inability to express it. So... there are 3 major aspects I’d like to share. 1. The brilliance of the country, the land. 2. The people. 3. That cryptic, illusive part, and probably the most relevant - the journey inside one’s own head. Let me start with the country. 30 days 18 states 4600 miles (7300km). 2 sisters. Approximately 25 fights, but we didn’t kill each other. We said I love you often and every day there was something to be grateful for. @valnovak it was all worth it! We started in #California, where I rode Jolene (#HarleyDavidson #Street750) in 120 degree heat (47 Celcius). My inner thighs were burnt, I was drinking gallons of water but not pissing. SoCal is vast, glorious, yellow and it smells of sand. As we moved state to state, colors and smells changed. #Arizona (red and blue, smells of hot stones) #Utah (dusty, smokey, smells of dirt) #Colorado (green, purple and smells of pines) #NewMexico (windy as all fuck, smells of heat) #Texas (Green and brown and smells of cows and corn) #Oklahoma (More corn) #Kansas (Whoever told me riding through here was boring, doesn’t like the color green) #Missouri (Kansas City has the WORST drivers but the best parks) #Tenessee (Got to take Jolene to Dollywood!) #NorthCarolina (at the base of the Smokey’s is Cherokee - A Native American reservation with a casino at the center... humans suck! The Smokey Mountains/ Appalachian trail/ Blue Ridge Parkway are a must!) #Pennsylvania stinks of confederacy and #NewJersey of silliness (trust this to be the state where a cop tried to pick us up) We ate at countless diners and saw everything from endless horizons to only the clouds surrounding us. Mowgli went to the vet for heat stroke, anxiety attacks, tick bites and a bleeding foot. He made our days brighter with his crazy, special needs mentality. I got to know America in a way I always dreamed. Since my dad (or was it @sstefanovic) gave me #JackKerouac’s ON THE ROAD I've wanted to be Dean. Well I'm not Dean, but after this trip, I am certainly closer to being myself #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

New York. 📸 @valnovak #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

New Jersey

Ready for the final day, #BlackPowerRanger Style. With green glitter for 🍀... #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak 📸 - @valnovak #womenwhoride #harleywomen

Fancy Gap, Virginia

Fancy Gap. Blue Ridge Parkway. #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Big Lynn Lodge

Big Lynn Lodge. Little Switzerland. Blue Ridge Parkway. #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Crabtree Falls

#serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak 📸 @valnovak

Max Patch

Magic day... Turn off highway on to road leading to Appalachian mountains. Road is gravel for miles and miles. Have to park bike under tree. Rain starts to drizzle. Cover up bike with newly purchased bike cover. Rain starts to pour torrentially just as I get back in the truck with Val. @valnovak The timing does not escape me. Should we keep going even though it's raining? We'd planned a hike. The first of the trip. So we keep going. We're gonna do it rain, hail or shine. We get to the trail. The clouds are covering everything. We set off anyway. And then... as if we timed it, the clouds start to move, bit by bit. First to the east, so we see the mountains in that direction. Then to the north and so on. Max Patch is a field on the top of a hill from which you can see a 360 degree view of the mountains. We saw them all, piece by piece, and as the clouds covered the mountains in one direction, they revealed them in another. As perfect days would have it, we met some back packers walking the trail by foot, had a chat to them, and then met a group who had a dog that Mowgli played with. When we got back to the car, it started to pour again. This time there was lightning. Mowgli made very funny faces. I was concerned about getting back on my bike and started figuring out an alternate plan. But by the time we got back down to the bottom of the gravel road, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, the sun came out and I hopped back on the bike, ready for the next destination. The timing does not escape me. #hittheroadnovak #serbsisterscoast2coast

Max Patch

📸: @valnovak #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Smokey Mountains

Made it to EST. 🌈#womenwhoride #harleywomen #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Bixby, Missouri

This is Bridget. We met her when we drove into Bixby in the Mark Twain National Forest. I’ve wanted to visit this place ever since I saw it existed. (I’ve always wanted to be Huck Finn…) Bridget has owned and run the country store for 17 years. We stepped in, saw the kitchen counter, the tables, an ash-tray, pantry products and heard Bridget’s smokey voice - and we were home. We stayed talking with her for over an hour. Bridget is from Ireland, her husband is from Czekoslovakia. They met in Ireland and moved to Albuquerque. Then to Bixby for him to work in the mines. I asked if I could leave my bike behind her store while we found a camping spot for a few days and she jumped at the chance to help. “Don’t leave it behind the store, leave it in my shed.” I thought for a milli-second. Is she going to steal it, sell it, murder me? It’s a good story whatever the outcome. I drove my bike over to her shed, it wouldn’t go in because there is a very high curb, so I got to leave it under her apple tree. (What is it about apple trees?) Two days later, after camping and bathing and sleeping, we drove back to the country store, and there she was, my Jolene, still under the apple tree. And there she was, Bridget, sitting with a gentleman at her table after her Sunday services – dressed in her Sunday best. The man looked like the cowboy from Lynch’s Mulhuland Drive – and when I slapped his shoulder to ask who he was, he replied just like the cowboy in Lynch’s film… “I’m Father Jim…” And then he put his hat, thanked Bridget for the meal and asked me if I was ever going to settle down. I didn’t know what he meant by that and I said I doubt I’ll ever be settled. Bridget, Val and I, and a few other people who work at the store shared lunch, I bought everyone scratchers (a few people won a few dollars), we talked about our next destination. Bridget was the first stranger on this trip who made us feel like we were home. If you are lucky enough to visit that crazy bible belt part of the country, go see her in Bixby before she sells the place and takes off with the wood nymphs. #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Super 8 Crossville, TN

Thank you so much to the incredible friends who sent kind, considered and over zealous words of love and care for my birthday yesterday! I'm overwhelmed at the stupendous kindness that came flooding my way! I'm going to save all your messages for times when I don't believe those things about myself... (some are so over-zealous they simply can't be true but thank you anyway!) I will do my best to return the love to y'all when your special day of the year swings by! Love, B. 🎈: @valnovak

Mark Twain National Forest

We found the lagoon we've been searching for... #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak


Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri... 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽 #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak #womenwhoride #harleywomen

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas Sunset. #serbiansisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak 📸: @valnovak

Texhoma, Texas

Buying fireworks. #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albequerque. Did I spell that right? New Mexico. A much needed pit stop and restful few days with the incredible @apharmakis - as well as a surprise visit to @jacksonwink_mma thanks to @therealjohnnyhunt... #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak

Creede, Colorado

Creede, Colorado. #hittheroadnovak #serbsisterscoast2coast #womenwhoride #harleywomen

Monument Valley

Sunset to sunrise. Monument Valley with @mowgliwiththeunderbite and @valnovak #serbsisterscoast2coast #hittheroadnovak @iamanimmigrant

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