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I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day romance propaganda so today I’d like to send a message to immigrants with love. My parents are immigrants. I’m an immigrant. My oldest friends are immigrants. #ToImmigrantsWithLove! Thank you mama and Tata for bringing me to Australia, thank you for having the courage to live on mattresses until you found work, thank you for making me feel like it was normal, for alleviating my fears, for helping me with bullies, for crying when I cried and helping me stand up for myself when no one else would. To all immigrants, legal or illegal, refugees and those waiting in lines, or those who are finding ways to move forward when lines do not exist - today I join my friends in sending you this message of solidarity and love. Keep moving forward, keep going - the rhythm of your tenacity is the heart beat of the world. Don’t stop. With love. #IamAnImmigrant This photo was taken at Tse Bii Ndzigaii (Valley of the Rocks) otherwise known as Monument Valley. Thank you to the Navajo people for allowing safe passage for thousands of visitors through these lands every day.

Serbian Ladies in Serbia! #ImHome!!!! 🇷🇸 🇷🇸 🇷🇸

A pill for everything. Thank you consumerism. My health has never been more the same as it always was... a head fuck. 💊🇺🇸🤯 #PillMeUpButtercup #pillNation #GutHealth #MuscleHealth #HeadHealth #HeadFuck

This man and his play! 💔❤️🌺🤯 #NassimTheMan #NassimThePlay #NassimSoleimanpour #SalamMumun


Cooking up an amazing project with this vagabond. (And no, it’s not a plant based meal!) Day One! Two and a half hours of rapid fire conversation. Stay tuned. John Joseph PhD, university of the streets :) @johnjosephcromag (also my #eyebrows... 😳)

Madonna Inn

#tbt long hair 📸 @valnovak #freethenipple #tigerprint

The Williamsburg Hotel

A super happy birthday to this brilliant gorgeous funny lovely talented wonderful man! I’m so lucky to call you my friend and even luckier that I get to see you every day for six months of the year! Happy birthday @alancummingsnaps

Such cool news. Thank you @glaad for the nomination! We’re thrilled and honored to be part of the list of nominees for outstanding drama series! Thank you @cbstvstudios and @cbstv for supporting this show and thanks to the fans for staying tuned!

#Bellator214 All my faves lost. Don’t wanna talk about it. But night spent in great company. With great people. No complaints. Thank you #ScottCoker and @bellatormma for another great one!


#tbt 10 years ago. Worst advice for my first ever USA red carpet... — just look gorgeous that’s all you need to do. With my anxiety at an all time high I’m surprised at my articulate audacious candor. #RedCarpetAdvice

MOWGLI ❤️😍🥰 📸: @leckart

This morning begins with a vulva mug. Thank you @klamclaughlin #vulvamug #vulvavulvavulva

Happy #MLKday I’ve posted this quote many times. I’ll post it many more times to come. (image Via @mattmcgorry ) Unfortunately it still stands. Direct action can be uncomfortable. It should be. Toppling a system that works for you won’t be comfortable. It’ll feel wrong and your friends might think you’re crazy. Some of mine certainly do. It doesn’t matter. 2018 - with all the signature gathering and meetings and hosting and petitioning and having uncomfortable conversations with friends - was just the beginning. We can all, always, do more.

“This is indigenous lands. We’re not supposed to have walls here. We never did.” - Nathan Phillips. ▪️Omaha Elder ▪️Vietnam Era Veteran ▪️Former Director, Native Youth Alliance ▪️Keeper of the Sacred Pipe ▪️Honoring Native American Veterans at Arlington ▪️Water Protector at Standing Rock (Via Jordan Leland) Those boys were chanting “build that wall” to a Native Veteran. I’ve been reading a lot of speculation and justification about their actions but the fact they were chanting those words to a Native American man who fought in Vietnam tells of how misinformed they are about what borders mean, who built them and how they got to be standing where they are today. Some of their parents support their actions. It’s heartbreaking to witness justifying this level of white privilege. This is a moment for serious action to be taken and lessons to be learned. Denial will cost us peace. (For anyone in denial that the chants of “build that wall” existed - you can hear them in this video) Footage repost from @ka_ya11 with @get_repost #ipmdc #ipmdc19 #indigenousunited #indigenouspeoplesmarch #indigenouspeoplesmarch2019 #NathanPhillips


Jackie. ❤️

📸 @valnovak #35mmfilm

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