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Los Angeles no filter.


#RealityCheck #HappySunday #BernieSanders

@emmalindsey and @mowgliwiththeunderbite

We had a good day! #totaleclipse with @jkravette #HoldOn For those of you in South America this weekend there will be an incredible total Solar Eclipse there on Saturday! :) @wilmervalderrama we dedicate this to the memories of you in my life... 🤗

The Grove

We're gonna have a good day! With @jkravette and @nappyroots #nappyroots #gooddays

#NoDapl #NoArrests #waterislife photo: Stephen Yang

Hollywood Hills

I'm officially a crazy dog person! #Embarrassing caught by @goldenwingedwoodpecker with @mowgliwiththeunderbite

iPhone inception... 📸 inside 📸: @jackson_gallagher_

Hollywood Hills

After the rain. 📸: @mattmcgorry

My beautiful, half asleep, irreplaceable valentines - @emmalindsey @valnovak @mowgliwiththeunderbite 🌹😴❤️ #happyvalentines

All from France... 🇫🇷 #cheeseplatter #LadiesNight

Sandstone Peak

Santa Monica Mountains

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

#tbt to 1939 when Jewish refugees were turned away by the US... oh hang on this was last week at LAX when ALL refugees to the US were turned away, along with people from 7 Muslim-majority countries... 📸: @jackson_gallagher_ (Inspired by Jay who likes to cut off the bottoms of photos and leave extra negative space up top ☺️) #refugeeswelcome #NoHateNoFear #NoBanNoWall #BanBannon

LAX-Tom Bradley Terminal Arrivals

I missed my flight so I picked up a sign. 📸: @jackson_gallagher_ There's no riot here. Why are the police in riot gear? #peacefulprotest #refugeesarewelcome #banbannon #nobannowall #banbannon

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

First time in my life I missed a flight. The reason far outweighs the importance of anything I had going on. #RefugeesAreWelcome #NoBanNoWall #airportprotests #iBlameTrump #refugeeswelcome #americaisforusall

4 out 5 five people who are blind don't need to be. The Fred Hollows foundation (@fredhollows) dedicate their work to curing preventable blindness all across the globe. Today we celebrated them in sunny LA with some great friends as well as the foreign minister @juliebishopmp. It costs 25 bucks to restore someone's eyesight. Incredibly worthy cause!

This is my fabulous neighbor and brother from another mother, Marouan Jamai. He got upset yesterday because I don't like enough of his posts. He helps me a lot with the house and is never short of fabulous life advice, so I felt bad. To alleviate my guilt and increase his sense of social media dosed self esteem I'm dedicating an entire post to how fabulous he is. Marouan you are fabulous! You look like a lion even when you're ill! If I ever move you have to move next door to me! 🤓😘🏡

#DogsBeforeDudes @mowgliwiththeunderbite

Good morning Hollywood! I'm @mowgliwiththeunderbite and I love running up stairs, chasing birds and trying to be a squirrel.

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