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MOOOOD!!! #tbt 2010 #GenerationUm when I played Violet... a coke snorting, non stop taking, wine drinking mess of a woman who never kept her mouth shut and suffered the social consequences... #GetMeALight... super fun and sleepless time in NYC with the delectable #KeanuReeves and the ever enigmatic @adelaideclemensme directed by @marklmann ... @amandadecadenet I think we also met on this shoot (where are those sexy old photos from under the bridge?) :)

“The violence causes silence, who are we mistaking...?” First record I ever bought with my own money. It was actually a cassette tape in the sale bin at the CD expo at Darling Harbour in Sydney. Dolores O’Riordan died today... #RIP to a legend and childhood idol! #doloresoriordan 🇮🇪#toosoon

#MartinLutherKingDay #ByaHaitianArtist #watsonmere

#tbt Found an old roll of #35mm and developed it... there’s my beautiful sister @valnovak, my pup @mowgliwiththeunderbite when he couldn’t walk and we had to carry him around, and a couple of posers from the protest exhibit at #thewhitneymuseum in NYC.

This weekend @alancummingsnaps and I got married... not really but it does look a little like our wedding photo. Maybe one day. We did however attend the TV Critics Association panel to answer questions about our new show @instinctcbs... with us were our awesome show creator @mbr34, the one and only incredible @realleal and the ever illusive #NaveenAndrews. Fun day had by all. As for me - that amazing outfit by @alicemccallptyltd care of the fabulous @ilariaurbinati, hair by @lightaaron and makeup by @tamah_krinsky and rings by @gintarejewelry.

Avalon Hollywood

This is one of those #latergram things... red carpet at the @aacta international awards on Friday night... gangsta suit by @rheacosta, jeweled by @gintarejewelry, clutch by @jimmychoo and styled by the one and only @ilariaurbinati... hair color by, you guessed it, @traceycunningham1 and this awesome new cut by @dannydoeshair from @mechesalonla - it takes a team... I want this suit in an array of colors! 💚💛💙🧡

How last year ended vs. how this year began… and all the disasters in between. 1. I wanted a tan. I didn’t want cancer. I covered my moles with 50+. I did not cover the rest of me. My Stupidity + Australian Sun = Spotty Totty 2. Washing machine went walkabout… I thought this was the worst of it and then... 3. My family got lost in the Australian Bush… My father couldn’t make it out of the forest in time before sunset. We got caught in the dark. The New South Wales State Emergency Service (Dave, Pat and Kate along with ten other people, who VOLUNTEER TO DO THIS) came to rescue us, and found us at midnight, cops and ambulance waiting 2 hours away at the first point of entry to the national part and the T3 Track we were on…. some of us were bitten by red Bull Ants, others of us laughed at the expense of the more misfortunate… all of us came out alive! 4. New year, new hair cut by Danny at @mechesalonla and amazing color by @traceycunningham1, red carpet shenanigans and jewelry by @Gintare

Merry Christmas from down under y’all!

Home for a day! #underbite #dogsofinstagram #pugsofinstagram #blackbeauty

Audrey... #beyondskyline #aliens, #alieninvasion, #martialarts, #savingtheworld #girlswhofight

Lizzie Needham @instinctcbs

@alancummingsnaps took me to @radiocitymusichall to see the spectacular Christmas show and I got to meet Santa (but he asked me not to post his picture) so here’s some awesome camels who hung around with Jesus when he was born! #christmas

Guys this is a really great movie that I’m in which is out right now!!! I’m super proud of it! #BeyondSkyline is a kooky scifi action thriller. I save a child from aliens. Heck I save the world from aliens... or do I? And are the aliens our enemies anyway? #spoileralert And then there’s @iko.uwais and @frankgrillo1 strutting their stuff - but let me tell you, the chicks in this film are no window dressing! 💪🏼🔭👽

First Monday in six months without these crazies... I️ don’t think I’m gonna make I️t! These women made work even more fun than I️t already was! (And that includes genius photo bomber @jen_frosch) love these ladies! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

12 Years Free. Celebrating with the wonderful and unique spirit that is @dannyminnick 💙

#AboutLastNight... The moment you’ve all been waiting for... The Season One Finale #cliffhanger of #CarolineTheCostumer starting @babycaro_lion and the crew of @instinctcbs #OneFinalThing #DidntSeeThatComing #WrapPartyConfessions #ItsAlwaysBeenYou #Rejection #DontDrinkAndDial #ThatHandThough 🤚🏼

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

That’s a wrap on Season One of @instinctcbs... best wrap and crew ever... thank you all for an incredible first season and here’s to many more! @alancummingsnaps @mbr34 @babycaro_lion @lauzannen @traycrebecca @sashasplit @edgarcolon @kenyajulian44

#CarolineTheCostumer gets feisty on the final day of our season one shoot... @instinctcbs @babycaro_lion #truecolors #nomakeup #whoreofbabylon #feistydetective #smilemore #justacostumer #makeitpop #standupforyourself ... with guest star @alancummingsnaps and @lauzannen... producer/ writer/ Director/ cinematographer/ camera operator and co-star - @bojnovak and starring and assistant associate produced by @babycaro_lion

This comes out TODAY! That’s me killing aliens with @frankgrillo1... @beyondskylinefilm #BeyondSkyline

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