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Me and Kylie. Who is who? Did you guess right?

New York, New York

She’s back! Elizabeth Needham is back. #InstinctCBS

#MarkeisMcGlockton #SayHisName #StandYourGround

We’re back y’all!!! @INSTINCTCBS is officially in season two mode! So excited to be back at it with this fabulous team of vagabonds! Wait to see what steamy stuff we have in store... and I mean it’s steamy even I’m blushing! ☺️


Red truck red truck REDTRUCKKKKKK!!!!! And storm. Heaven.

Sunset in Iowa. Sunrise in Ohio.

Badlands National Park

Badlands South Dakota


Independence, Colorado

INDEPENDENCE PASS COLORADO (sorry to the guy in this pic - no idea who you are but the photo was too good) ;)

Creede, Colorado

Stayed in this incredible cabin by architect Bryan Anderson. Attention to detail and boat themed wood work blew my mind. #BryanAnderson

Creede, Colorado

We were here last year with @valnovak and @mowgliwiththeunderbite wanted to see the train tracks again. #colorado

JacksonWink MMA

Birthday surprises keep on coming when the one and only @sixgungibson wraps my hands at @jacksonwink_mma! Thanks for letting me drop in guys! I know I looked calm but I was geeking out like a kid watching y’all train!

Alone on a road trip but not lonely. It’s a happy birthday to me with friends as good as these. Thank you @jkravette @markbrosenberg @valnovak @susiewallers @baileysauce @biljanaladj

Xtreme Couture MMA

Anyone who knows me knows... this is it! I can die a happy woman. Spent this weekend learning refereeing and judging from the GOAT of refereeing himself - Mr. Big John McCarthy - and his incredible team of brilliant pros. John thank you endlessly for having me and giving me the opportunity to learn from you guys. It was the experience of a life time. Refereeing is harder than performing Shakespeare in front of hundreds of people! I was so out of my comfort zone, and so excited at the same time, I could have crawled into a hole. Thanks to the awesome generous and crazy team of officials from Brazil - who kept me sane and helped me out! And to the one and only other woman in the course, Maria, who is the kindest bad ass in Russia! I feel like I just left school camp and don’t wanna go home. What a weekend!!! What happens in Vegas.... #AskBJM #Mma #UFCFIGHTWEEK

What happens in Vegas... Stays on Instagram. #AboutLastNight @eddiearazola @jonnykowalsky @livefreelolo

Rattlesnake Canyon Trail

Good Dirt LA

Greatest send off with the greatest friends. #TeamNoFun ❤️👭👭👫👭👫👭👫❤️ An incredible energy occurs when my friends gather to do good things. The laughter will carry me to the end of the year. Thank you @gooddirtla, @jcgolden6 and @arianeshahbazi for putting up with the hysterical joy and with with Kayla breaking everything. I’m still laughing like a hyena and haven’t washed my face. And yes I’m wearing a children’s apron and yes Nana is an attorney who likened the process of smoothing our clay to cleaning up legal messes. #MyFriendsArePoets and doctors and lawyers and fashion gurus and models and actors and film festival organizers and human rights activists and animal rights activists and sales people and designers and weed lovers and set dressers and extraordinary beautiful crazy human beings. Thank you @jkravette @schuler.matthew @markbrosenberg @kim.mcm_ @racheleschank @snapthisbitch @klamclaughlin @annabelleharron and Kai @mz_razberri @attorneynana and Lisa T for showing up with your willing, wild and wonderful energies and making the night exquisite, joyful and filled with laughter. Here’s to the next time! ❤️

#FuckFashionFriday #SocksAndSandals #LoveIsLove

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