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Thanks to all the amazing people who came out yesterday to canvass for signatures to get the @reformlajails - the aim is 80,000 signatures before June 11 so we can get this measure on the ballot - find out how you can help so YOU can vote for this in November. #ReformLAJails @mattmcgorry @mz_razberri @behzaddabu @shailenewoodley @jcannick @attorneynana @darryldunningii @kendrick38

Wanna get lunch and chat with us? We want your autograph. I’ll be at 9333 W 3rd Street from 12pm-3pm with @shailenewoodley @mattmcgorry @kendrick38 @maxcarver @behzaddabu (as well as @jcannick And @osopepatrisse) We’ll be canvassing for signatures to get this @reformlajails measure on the ballot. It’s time and it’s important. #ReformLAjails

#WCW Patrisse Cullors. “I believe in strategy and that the county board of supervisors should have a commission to study alternatives to jails. What could we do with 3.5 billion dollars in LA instead of putting it into jails…?” I got to hear this incredible woman speak last Sunday at @janefonda‘s house with @jcannick and a host of amazing activists, artists, former inmates and people who care deeply about this issue, in an effort to raise money to support the @ReformLaJails ballot measure to grant the Sheriff’s Oversight Committee legal power to be able to do its job. 75% of LA county citizens WANT THIS MEASURE ON THE BALLOT. So if you are an LA resident, please sign the petition! We need to gather over 170 thousand signatures this month. I’ll be canvassing this Saturday somewhere on the west side, and in the meantime, please go to @reformLAjails to find out how you can sign. Or you can join the fabulous @mattmcgorry @shailenewoodley and @kendrick38 TOMORROW at the farmers markets at the Grove – they will collecting signatures and chatting to locals. 📸 - @mattmcgorry. A big shout out to all the people who came out on Sunday and continue to advocate for this vital cause... @janayaforthefuture @blklivesmatter @reformlajails @sophiabush @milano_alyssa @mrmikedelarocha @laurenjauregui #ReformLAJails

Trinity Boxing Club/LA

#MuayThaiMonday @eddiearrazola

Trinity Boxing Club/LA

My Sunday Swagger ain’t what it used to be... but my show still has a SECOND SEASON! Even if @eddiearrazola doesn’t care! #SoldierOn #SafetyFirst #BlameTheEquipment @InstinctCBS #InstinctCBS @cbstv @cbstvstudios and a big shout out to the #StupidBlueThing I keep bumping into every day! 💙

If I could hit as hard as I ❤️... #MuayThaiMonday #MetaphorMonday #MondayMotivation

The outfit you wear And the dance you do When your show gets picked up For a Season Two #aboutlastnight #instinct #bras #tutu #bootswithbling #instinctCBS @instinctCBS 📸 @jkravette (full disclosure - I was also celebrating the amazing win @amanda_leoa had in #UFC224 as well as the incredible humility and sisterhood she showed in the octagon interview with @teciatorres #RacquelPennington)

Another #StayHomeAndSlay shot on the #LeikaM6 for @schonmagazine #35mmfilm #selfportriat #schonmagazine #nudierudie

#WCW Tarana Burke is founder of the "Me Too" movement. In 2006 she used My Space to promote "empowerment through empathy" among women of color who had experienced sexual abuse. #MeToo #TaranaBurke (Yesterday I found out that her photo is not on the ME TOO MOVEMENT #Wikipedia page while several white actresses are pictured. I’ll never stop being shocked by this stuff... I tried to add her photo but could not figure out the copyright laws so if anyone out there knows how to do it please grab a photo of her which has no copyright restrictions and add it to the wiki page. Thank you!)

Mowgli’s just making sure everything’s safe out here so we can go inside and #StayHomeAndSlay #selfportrait #35mmfilm shot on #LeikaM6 in #JoshuaTree at @bobshomestead for @schonmagazine

Joshua Tree National Park

Another one for @schonmagazine by yours truly… styling/ hair /makeup by yours truly also…  hair assistant - Joshua Tree Winds. Mowgli’s collar RN designs. And thank you to @studio_navona for keeping it real #schonmagazine #joshuatree #underbite #pugglesofinstagram

So thrilled to finally share these pics with you. This is the first in a series of self-portraits I took for the incredible @schonmagazine … They also wrote some absurdities about me in an article that you can read by clicking the link in my bio… Thank you @sara_delg for the wonderful words. Thank you @raoulkeil for the amazing mag and all the lovely chats! And a huge thank you to my assistant, muse and model @mowgliwiththeunderbite ........................................ Repost: @schonmagazine Zealous, outspoken and unapologetic, @bojnovak’s personality is as contagious as her performances. As another episode of Instinct airs tonight get to know the Serbian-Australian wunderkind. schonmagazine.com/interview-bojana-novakovic/self-portraits + photography. @bojnovak retouch. @studio_novana words. @sara_delg special thanks to @mowgliwiththeunderbite #schonmagazine #BojanaNovakovic #Instinct #instinctCBS #selfportrait #actor #film #TV #Interview #shotonfilm

It’s #FuckFashionFriday because my oldest friend in the world, Sofija Stefanovic (and she is very old), has written a BOOK! 💛📒💛Miss Ex-Yugoslavia is a collection of funny and sad stories about growing up in Australia while the country we were born in fell apart. Apparently, even though we are the oldest of friends, I didn't make it into the book, but there is a hilarious story about my mother and her unfortunate encounter with an Ozzie cop. The magnificent memoir is available in the US, Australia and on @amazon. Also, @electricliterature has started a very geeky competition - #DressLikeABook. Dress as your favorite book cover and tag them for a chance to win some lovely stuff. #Literacy #Yellow #ReadABook #MissExYugoslavia #Yugoslavia #Jugoslavija

Start the week right... #MuayThaiMonday with @eddiearrazola - knees still look like I’m doing a contemporary dance piece. Work to be done. *photobombed by awesome quotes in the background 🥊🤓

Sunday Funday! Who’s the best accessory for @mowgliwiththeunderbite - moi or uncle @baileysauce? ⛵️🐶💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♀️ (PS - on Bailey’s behalf - @instagram where’s the red head emoji please?)

#WCW @tamikadmallory... Every time I post a photo of a woman other than myself on my feed, it gets 5 times less likes than a photo of me. This baffles me because I post pics of women who are extraordinary and have done things I can only imagine doing... Last month some professionals-of-social-media brought my attention to this as “something to think about”... (it’s their job to do so - I’m not dissing them) Here’s my thought - if you’re here cause you’re interested in me, then it’s fair to think you might be interested in people who inspire me and who’s work I admire. If you’re here for selfies you’ll get those too... so... Tamika. Mallory. Relentless advocate for social and racial justice and gender equality. One of the organizers of The Women’s March. I recently saw an interview where she expressed how much she loves to argue and share her opinions (amen!) but that she’s done arguing with public officials who don’t like facts. And if public officials aren’t doing their jobs, she’s just gonna work on getting them voted out of office. Walk away. Surrender to win! #WarriorWoman

Another @schonmagazine reject. 👻 This is actually an in-camera effect. Can anyone guess how I did it? :) #selfportriat #selfie #LetTheFlowerBloom

Chateau Marmont

This is Susie Cave - designer, mother, creator, artist extraordinaire. #WCW has come a day early. #35mmfilm @susiecaveofficial @thevampireswife #SusieCave #VampiresWife

Start your week off with a #MusicalMonday... @emmace_ asked me why I stopped drinking 12 years ago. I told her the story of binging on brandy every day for three weeks and almost marrying a Serbian village boy while on holiday on my cousin’s farm, where we bleated songs on her father’s grave in the early hours of the morning. Mace then asked me to demonstrate the kind of songs we sang... sneaky little monkey... #WhenInSerbia #MusicalMondays

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