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When I grow up, I want to be like Stojka. 👵🏼💪🏼🔥

House where my dad grew up. New puppy on the farm. 📸: Djurdja (12) - artist and student.

This is Ostoja and Stojka, my great aunt and uncle. They live on the farm where my dad grew up. In this video, Ostoja tells us that the little puppy who the kids played with yesterday came back again today. Dragan asks me if he is allowed to roll on the grass on the hill. I tell him of course, to which Stojka tells him not to go on the hill across the way, but points to a flat area of grass with a patch of sun on it. She says to go there because it’s warm. We laugh at her and tell her that’s not how rolling in the grass works. Then we ask if she thinks the neighbors will be mad, since the “rolling” hill is on their property. She says she’s not sure. And I guess that’s all that Dragan needed. No sooner did I put my camera down, he was off across the road to roll down the hill. #villagelife #selo #heartisfull

Credit here goes to Dragan (9) who was the art director for this picture - he described exactly what he wanted to me - and then made me take the photo... 🌸

I gave the kids my cameras... 📸: Djurdja (12) Vlade, my cousin, took everyone on an 8K walk in the mountains where my dad grew up... and the path leads all the way to Turkey...

Mowgli, Dragan, Archie, Djurdja. Gajevi. Serbia.

Aunt Bojana and The Vagabonds - A Road Trip Adventure to the Heartland... Нађа. Могли. Драгомир. Арчи. Ђурђа. Бојана.


Ђурђа 👧🏼, Драгомир 👦🏻, Моугли 🐶, Вувица 🐶, Арчи 🐶. СЕЛО ГАЈЕВИ 🌳#EarthDay 🌏

Belgrade, Serbia

Mowgli, me, and the Shadow of My Future Self. 🐶💁🏼👵🏼 #shadows (the umbrella belonged to my grandmother's sister)

Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade, Serbia


Belgrade, Serbia

Mowgli meets the dog I rescued in Serbia 10 years ago... 20 years ago my family and I demonstrated in Belgrade against the rigged elections of the Milosevic government. 10 years ago I rescued a dog named Shara from the streets outside Belgrade and found her a home with our family friend, Ana. 2 years ago Shara gave birth to a little lady, Miga. At about the same time, Mowgli was born, but he lived on the streets of LA till I adopted him 6 months ago. Today, Mowgli met Shara and her baby for the first time. All of us hit the streets to protest the rigged elections, media back out and threat to democracy of the current Serbian government. Reality writes its own novels – I could not have dreamt this up. Not the tragedy, not the beauty. #FreeMedia #FreeElections #Democracy #HappyEaster #HristosVoskrse #Easter2017 #Belgrade #Serbia #Protest #Demonstrations

Belgrade, Serbia

This is Deda Koka. He was a journalist and un-witting feminist throughout his life. Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1923, he was 15 when he wrote a few stories for the leading Yugoslav paper, POLITIKA. Not knowing his age, they wanted him to work for them, but then realized he had to finish school and university first. After the war, he went to sign up for journalism school, however when they found out that he refused to be affiliated with the communist party, they refused him entry into the university. He went to study law instead. Following his graduation from law school, he decided again that he wanted to be a journalist. In 1947, while working for a wall-paper-newspaper, he realized there was no mention of female partisans in all the military related journalism. After gaining permission from the paper’s director to follow up on a female themed article, he sought to find works from the most famous poets of the time about female partisans. But no one, including Desanka Maksimovic, Mira Aleckovic (both females) or Branko Copic had written about women. So he took it upon himself to write a poem and got it published. He was my great uncles best friend. Of the 65 people in his graduating high school class, 63 are deceased. He's been living alone for 22 years, since the passing of his wife, who he had been married to for 50 years. He comes to my aunt’s house every year for Easter. And today we got to eat with him. Happy Easter. For those interested, this his poem – here are the first few lines, in Serbian: Tama kroz noc sama gazi bez suza Na njoj vojnicka bluza Vlazna od rose i mokre kose Pogledom luta, a nigde puta… #Easter2017 #uskrs #easter #belgrade #serbia #happyeaster #eastersunday

Belgrade, Serbia

Even @mowgliwiththeunderbite is happy to be out of his comfort zone and protesting a lying, cheating, corrupt government election. 20 years ago I was in Belgrade with my entire family protesting rigged elections against Milosevic. This can't keep happening... people were paid to vote, people who are dead or not citizens suddenly appeared on the voting ballots... lies and bribes do not a democracy make... #Serbia #Belgrade #Protest #FairElections

Belgrade, Serbia

We are about to walk in protest against the unfair, undemocratic election of Serbia's new president and premiere.... My protest badge reads "drogirana omladina" which translates to "drugged youth" a term that Vucic, the undemocratically elected right wing pimple has branded people who are protesting the legitimacy of this election. So we're owning it and sporting these fabulous yellow badges. More on the protests in he following posts. #DrogiranaOmladina #Serbia #Belgrade #FairElections 📸: @bratnaledu

The Underground Museum

#blacklivesmatter - not just a hash tag. Do something. @mattmcgorry thanks for saying it like it is. And DOING something.

Fave man. Fave book. Home bound... ✈️#MichelleAlexander

Bowery Hotel

📸: @mashineinc

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