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Happy 🇨🇦 birthday to my metaphysically conjoined brethren 🤜🏻🤛🏻🐴🐺

Granville Island

@remyhii vs Hasselblad 🤜🏻🤛🏻

Taupo, New Zealand

Kia Ora bros - happy birthday Huggy Bear - you showed Taupo how to be 32 🎉🎁🎯🇳🇿

Lake Taupo

I’ll be spending the night up here - watching down over Taupo airport because that runway will be receiving someone very special tomorrow morning 🎯

Taupo, New Zealand

Sunsets in Nu Zulland 😍😍. 📸: @sd_architects

Taupo, New Zealand

What do you do with the biggest rosemary bush in Taupo? Make a crusmus wreath!!

The face of a dingo about to be married. Also, the water was quite chilly.

❤️💜💝🧡💛💚💙 🦍🦍

Lynn Canyon Park

Bye bye guys. Had such a blast showing you around BC. See you on the sunny side in a few weeks. Fly safe. Xx

Droppin the crab pots down into the big open blue 🦀🦀

Stanley Park

I love it when tourists ask me to take their picture. These guys are particularly funny so I might follow them around.

Well...haawwwttt daawwwg ☀️🔥🐶

Gettin artsy up in here. Whose is who's? Feel free to correct my grammar.

Missing my bro today. Hope you're having fun out there DiMaggio 😎

This scene with @phoebejtonkin made me laugh so much. My friends made a hilarious series that's streaming now on Comedy Central Australia. It's called Theses New South Whales. It's about a band, @thesenewsouthwhaless - that had a dream. Chased that dream and it made it into a series - about a band living their dream. Link in bio 🤙🏻

Throwing it back to this time last week in wine country. A wine a day keeps the doctor away! Especially when the wine is resveratrol enhanced. @thewinedoctor.au 👌🏻🍷

Nelson, British Columbia

Getting artsy in Nelson

Kaslo, British Columbia

Sat on the floor for 4 days and still managed to travel to the moon and back 🌘🌿🍄 @thesentinelbc

Cool article in my hometowns paper @gcbulletin. Thanks for the support 👍👊🏻.

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