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Long shadows, sunset picnics and ice cream binges.

To my mum - happy birthday 💐💐. Wish I could be there with you but I am in the north and you are in south. I'll be having a Chardonnay for you in your honour. Love you x

Baseball vibes @rupertcossy @florencecos @blaircos

This is skipper. He taught me how to eat crabs. We have what you could call a bromance. It's a thing.

Caught crabs with @florencecos 🦀

Island lyfe 😍

Prospect Point

Photo bombed at prospect point

Keep in mind the guy that said this also shot himself with a revolver while sitting at his typewriter - the last word he typed was "counsellor"

Sun drenching with college mates. 👌🏻 @hannahsaurusrex @ildikosusany

Seems like, street lights...

Vancouver, British Columbia

Cherry blossom season in van city 😍

Mum explaining how the baby koala in their backyard was hanging on for dear life during a recent storm - she's very good at charades 😝🐨🐨🐨⛈

All of these things when your sick 👌🏻

Never too old to ride the carousel 🎪

Gaming in Sam Friends

San Francisco, California

Sam Fransisco @samhussey

Nirvana - a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth. So many fields of nothingness, but 33 acres of amazing beer. @33acresbrewing

Osteria Savio Volpe

Birthday dinner with the Vancouver family.

Hoges - 2016. The pants were pastel yellow 👌🏻

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