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Osteria Savio Volpe

Birthday dinner with the Vancouver family.

Hoges - 2016. The pants were pastel yellow 👌🏻

Hitting the slopes with @hannahsaurusrex - what an awesome day it was.

Riding bulls and drinking whiskey

My new hood is a little colder than my old hood ⛄️☃

Who's a gud boi?

8 Mile soundtrack playing 🎼🎧🎧🎬

Pizza Carano

First night in Vancouver gettin treated to pizza by the carano team

Good night bro. You had a good 18 years here, now on to the next. Travel safe DiMaggio xxxx

This is what standing on top of the world looks like. 📸 cred and a big HBD to @samhussey 🍾👍👊🏻💥

Me and DiMaggio watching the tennis

Merry Christmas xxx

My dad doing final checks on the puppets for Captain Scarlet, circa 1963.

Old Thunderbird toys from dads days on the show 👍

What's more masculine than a bottle of rose? A magnum of rose. Happy b day @shanedenman

Sunday multitasking 🍸🏡💦🌱🌳🌺

Post @iknowleopard gig - I'm on holidays with these guys 🎻🎸🎼🍕💦🌊. 📸 @rororeset

I can't understand him. He can't understand me. But something tells me he's lying 🤔

Talking to da animals

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