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What's more masculine than a bottle of rose? A magnum of rose. Happy b day @shanedenman

Sunday multitasking 🍸🏡💦🌱🌳🌺

Post @iknowleopard gig - I'm on holidays with these guys 🎻🎸🎼🍕💦🌊. 📸 @rororeset

I can't understand him. He can't understand me. But something tells me he's lying 🤔

Talking to da animals

The commander of tides. Our biggest mull foon since '45. What a sight. The next time this happens will be 18 years later - I might be a dad by then - who knows???

Burgen after dentist 😷

Can't sleep with this tooth ache so I'm thinking about this song. Thoughts that come to mind are: idealistic. Hopelessness. Self-destructive independence, which is what I think the song is mainly about. A pretty amazing song.

8th Ave Terrace

Family night out for the woodlands dinner at @8thaveterrace 🍴🍷

These two are ganging up on me

Home 👍🍾


Livin like the Sopranos

POV of the bad guys when I'm cuffin' em 👮🏻🕵🏻🚔🚨

Selling alibi's with @samhussey

Time to make history

I'll call this one "T-bones with Brian Burgess"

Oh hey there sound stage 5 - Good memories in that shed. #shedlife 🍾🎩⚔🐬🎞🎞🎞📽📽📽📽

Finger mouthing at a burger joint @lydiamocerino

Sunrise at my house looks like this

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