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@thelibratine Dealing with the seals

Arrogant campers (smug emoji face)

Gambier Island

Enjoying the warmest night on record

Happy Father's Day BB! Strike a pose with no sunnies on you boss 👊🏻😎

Miracle bulbs

Life is brief. Find someone who will wear a green wig to dinner with you 😍.

Watch it catch on @dohenyd

Long shadows, sunset picnics and ice cream binges.

To my mum - happy birthday 💐💐. Wish I could be there with you but I am in the north and you are in south. I'll be having a Chardonnay for you in your honour. Love you x

Baseball vibes @rupertcossy @florencecos @blaircos

This is skipper. He taught me how to eat crabs. We have what you could call a bromance. It's a thing.

Caught crabs with @florencecos 🦀

Island lyfe 😍

Prospect Point

Photo bombed at prospect point

Keep in mind the guy that said this also shot himself with a revolver while sitting at his typewriter - the last word he typed was "counsellor"

Sun drenching with college mates. 👌🏻 @hannahsaurusrex @ildikosusany

Seems like, street lights...

Vancouver, British Columbia

Cherry blossom season in van city 😍

Mum explaining how the baby koala in their backyard was hanging on for dear life during a recent storm - she's very good at charades 😝🐨🐨🐨⛈

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