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Trailer out now. Link in bio. 🤳

Eighth Grade. Trailer tomorrow. @a24👌

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The movie I’ve spent the last two years working on is coming out in July. Here is me and the film’s star, @elsiekfisher, before we rode the colossally disappointing Flight of the Hippogriff roller coaster at Harry Potter World. @a24


Honored to have been able to work with the genius, the icon - so far beyond having nothing left to prove and yet still working like his best work is yet to come, which I think it is. Tamborine out now on Netflix.

Tomorrow on Netflix. Chris Rock’s first special in 10 years. I got to direct it. 🦋

Incredible genius person @annahmeredith is doing her first tour of the US right now. Here she is composing the music for our movie EIGHTH GRADE — which sounds nothing like this because this is just hearing the shitty MIDI piano version— but still! If she’s playing in a city near you, GO GO GO. I was lucky enough to spend a week with her and watch her work. One of the most original, brilliant minds on the planet.

Park City, Utah


I wrote and directed a movie that is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this Friday. It’s called Eighth Grade.

THE BIG SICK is now in theaters everywhere. Here I am in it with my only true friend @aidybryant - go see it please!

I was lucky enough to have a small but breathtaking role in ROUGH NIGHT, out next Friday. It is a fun movie made by great people and you will enjoy it. Also, have I been cross-eyed my whole life and no one has told me?

❤️ PAT ❤️

#nationalsiblingday #bluegatorade

Tomorrow. HBO. 10pm.


pretty chill Saturday

I had just turned 18 when Barack Obama became President. As a young, desperate-to-be-interesting person, the stance I had held forever had been "The President is just a figure head. He doesn't do anything. He's just a symbol. It doesn't matter." But gradually, over these last 8 years, by watching him lead, I realized that I was wrong. Not that he isn't a figurehead, or that his main function isn't probably mostly cultural, but that it doesn't matter. It does matter. A symbol matters. Having a President that over and over again demonstrated a deep ability to feel and care mattered to me personally. Affirming empathy and patience and understanding at the highest level, even if it was just as a symbol, mattered to me. I know that his Presidency wasn't perfect, and I don't endorse (or more honestly know) everything that he and his administration did, but I do endorse and celebrate what I know he did do, and what I had earlier dismissed as peripheral and unimportant: be a public example of a good person. I had, for a long time, believed that any public display of kindness by a politician was a calculated move to obscure some hidden agenda or simplify a more complex issue. And I still believe it can and will be leveraged like that by some. But when I watched Obama speak, whether after Sandy Hook or at the funeral of Clementa Pickney, I saw a man expressing kindness because he was kind, sadness because he was saddened, feeling because he felt. It was impossible for me to be cynical watching him. I just believed him. I believed and do believe that he is a genuinely good person that thinks and feels very deeply. I am compelled to write this not from a want to assert anything, or from a need to change any minds (that's for more qualified people to attempt), but from a deep sense of personal gratitude I feel toward him. I believe the better parts of me have grown in part because I have spent the entirety of my adult life with him as my President. And so on this, his last full day in office, I will say into the void of whatever this internet thing is: Thank you.

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