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I wrote and directed a movie that is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this Friday. It’s called Eighth Grade.

THE BIG SICK is now in theaters everywhere. Here I am in it with my only true friend @aidybryant - go see it please!

I was lucky enough to have a small but breathtaking role in ROUGH NIGHT, out next Friday. It is a fun movie made by great people and you will enjoy it. Also, have I been cross-eyed my whole life and no one has told me?

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Tomorrow. HBO. 10pm.


pretty chill Saturday

I had just turned 18 when Barack Obama became President. As a young, desperate-to-be-interesting person, the stance I had held forever had been "The President is just a figure head. He doesn't do anything. He's just a symbol. It doesn't matter." But gradually, over these last 8 years, by watching him lead, I realized that I was wrong. Not that he isn't a figurehead, or that his main function isn't probably mostly cultural, but that it doesn't matter. It does matter. A symbol matters. Having a President that over and over again demonstrated a deep ability to feel and care mattered to me personally. Affirming empathy and patience and understanding at the highest level, even if it was just as a symbol, mattered to me. I know that his Presidency wasn't perfect, and I don't endorse (or more honestly know) everything that he and his administration did, but I do endorse and celebrate what I know he did do, and what I had earlier dismissed as peripheral and unimportant: be a public example of a good person. I had, for a long time, believed that any public display of kindness by a politician was a calculated move to obscure some hidden agenda or simplify a more complex issue. And I still believe it can and will be leveraged like that by some. But when I watched Obama speak, whether after Sandy Hook or at the funeral of Clementa Pickney, I saw a man expressing kindness because he was kind, sadness because he was saddened, feeling because he felt. It was impossible for me to be cynical watching him. I just believed him. I believed and do believe that he is a genuinely good person that thinks and feels very deeply. I am compelled to write this not from a want to assert anything, or from a need to change any minds (that's for more qualified people to attempt), but from a deep sense of personal gratitude I feel toward him. I believe the better parts of me have grown in part because I have spent the entirety of my adult life with him as my President. And so on this, his last full day in office, I will say into the void of whatever this internet thing is: Thank you.



10 years ago today, I posted a silly song I wrote on this new thing called YouTube. The song wasn't very good or subtle but I was 16 and when you're 16 you kind of suck at stuff. The song went #viral and that gave me the chance to write more stuff and try to get better and perform live and now I'm 26 and it's all very strange to think about. YouTube has changed a lot since then, and I worry that the platform I used to get noticed isn't available to normal people anymore. All the trending videos are tonight show clips or movie trailers or top 40 music videos or vlogs from YouTubers with millions of subscribers. What chance does a regular kid have? It's a bummer. But it can change. I think? And there are now dozens of competing outlets so that's probably good. ANYWAY. I'm just writing b/c ppl were tweeting at me to do something for this 10 year mark and for me there's nothing really to do other than to say thank you. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I've had over the last 10 years to express myself. It is a privilege I do not take lightly. And I'm excited for the next 10. -Bo

The Capitol Theatre

One year ago today in Port Chester, NY. The heroes @chrisstorer and @andrewwehde.

I'm lucky enough to be directing Jerrod Carmichael's new HBO special. Taping in NYC on 12/9. Tickets are FREE. Link in bio.


East Gloucester Elementary School PTO


watch @petedavidson 's one hour special SMD tonight at 11 on Comedy Central. he's hilarious and a good person and has a regular-sized head.

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