Бобби Рэй Симмонс-младший более известный под псевдонимом B.o.B — американский рэпер, продюсер и гитарист.
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EARTHQUAKE vid... link in bio produced by @artisticarielle

BRAND NEW VIDEO TODAY!!!! “Day 1” by B.o.B x Scotty ATL (Prod by Dj Burn One & Five Points Bakery) Premieres Tonight at 8pm EST !!!!

Shouts out to my big homie @fabbydavisjr1 !!! make sure y'all go cop that #Soap2 !!! #BackSeat 🔥🔥🔥

In Remembrance Of : Chief Di'wali Bowles a.k.a The Bowl; was one of the leaders of the Chickamauga Cherokee during the Cherokee–American wars, served as a Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation–West, and was a leader of the Texas Cherokees during the Cherokee-American Wars. I'm proud to be a 5th generation descendant of the Cherokee. Happy Memorial Day to all the fallen soldiers of the Natives. #NativePride

when you didn't go to the #STFU tour 🙄

follow my snap tho 👻 : LabelNoGenre

gotta love Denver #milehighbobby

what goes on back stage ... @shawtyslim on the 🎛💻🎛

Boise, Idaho

Noisy Boise tonight 💨

the pluuug #wcw

PoP Quiz !!! would you rather : a) vote for a leader to make decisions for you ? - OR - b.) vote for laws that are passed ... ALL laws, not some. 🤔

d a n g e r o u s t h i n K I N G 🎨 @uravgartist92

stop censorship

anyone who has ever worked at a grocery store or restaurant knows how much food (that is still good to eat) gets thrown away at the end of each work day or cycle. A new study from McGill University and University of Minnesota shows that hunger is caused by poverty and inequality and NOT scarcity... hmm. The world actually produces enough food to feed 1.5 times the people on the planet... of course the poor can't afford this food. Makes you wonder why cooperations need to own the patents to genetically modified super seeds. Support your local farmer and support local businesses. Evil Corp does not have our best interest in mind.

#MarchAgainstMonsanto #Seattle


Oakland, California


March Against Monsanto May 21st !!! Link in Bio!!!! #MarchAgainstMonsanto

one is considered "degrading" and one is considered "art" . why the double standard ? 🤔

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