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California is in the other direction, Lou.



Upper West Side

All of those windows have front row seats to me in my underwear, probably.


Keep those chins up today, pooches.

New York, New York

Mantra: I am a marvelous garbage person.

The Ordinary

Sally Eids, professional Ladybaby.

The Ordinary


Joshua Tree National Park

There is a desert I long to be walking, a wide emptiness: peace beyond any understanding of it. -Rumi

Los Angeles, California

the jaywalk bandits

Joshua Tree Desert

And NYC never saw him again.

Joshua Tree National Park

Yoshua Tree.

Los Angeles, California

got a habit of bringing the grey to LA.

World of McIntosh

“Heidi Klum used to live here,” said the publicist standing next to me.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Saw two little magic shows on their opening day with this little Hufflepuff. (Jk, we’re both shamelessly certain Gryffindors).

Manhattan, New York

He’ll be comin’ around the corner when he comes! Watch this week’s episode of @theloomingtower on @hulu to enjoy my clean shave and the warmth of Stuhlbarg’s everything.

Upper West Side

These flowers spoke to me. They said Love abounds, that we are miracles, and also once again, dude, you’ve been TRICKED by a medium case of seasonal depression.

New York, New York

Brains are wild. I can barely navigate my neighborhood hardware shop, but some other guy thought about making this thing here and was like, “Cool, yeah, let’s get started.”

Bridgehampton, New York

Probably singing Moana.

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