Жан-Люк Билодо


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям Джоша Трейгера в научно-фантастическом сериале «Кайл XY» и Бена Уиллера в ситкоме «Папочка».
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BC Place

Came out of my 20 year retirement from soccer to play with a group of celebs and @whitecapsfc legends for BC Children's Hospital @bcchf. I had an absolute unreal time. Such a blast. But unfortunately, I'm hanging up the cleets to stick to what I do best: not playing sports. Thank you 10x over @michaelcolemanofficial for the invite!!! :D 📸 @bobfridimages

Happy birthday to one of the loveliest, sunfloweriest, and beauteous people I know, my #rideordie @chelseakane. Hugging you from a far!

goodnight everybody

@mandisaphoto is a 📸 wizard

Squamish, British Columbia

I am all that is man.


Hi, I'll have a large advil-latte with low regret with room for improvement.


Happy days.


Live. Laugh. Love... .... ... ... . HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Granville Park Lawn Bowls Club

This was by far the whitest shit I've ever done. #lawnbowling #pastels #drinkingforcharity #conquestclubclassic

So today is the last time I go visit my parents at their place...

First time presenting and I didn't faint or piss myself so I guess it was a success. Thank you @teenchoicefox for trusting that I wouldn't use profanities on live television for 2.5 minutes!!! And a big congrats to @grantgust on the win!!

Boise, Idaho

"Look babe, they're having a sale!" *turns in*

Mamquam River

not one goddamn fish in this river

Corsair Distillery

Three sheets to the wind at @corsairdistillery Many thanks for hosting the band of Canadians. This tour & tasting is a Nashville must-do. Happy to add a bottle of Wildfire to my collection. #FERDA

Riga, Latvia

Happy birthday to you yesterday AND today @emilybett. #bestfriendawardgoesto #ritards #letsgotoparis

Feeling a little gassy.

Inis Mór

Some throwback happy times Irish inspo. Spending the morning scrolling thru these photos - taken in 2014 - my first backpacking adventure. A trip that completely rearranged my priorities, and opened my eyes to a wider reality. When I'm asked "JL, what should I do with my life" (which no one ever asks, but whatever) I always answer "Fuckin' travel, man." Do it cheap, do it wild, do it now. Especially young people -- spread your wings!! School, work, kids, mortgages, etc, they'll always be there. Live your life while you can.. Book a flight. And go to Ireland. cc: @chelseakane

Riga, Latvia

Surrey kids in Latvia.

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