Жан-Люк Билодо


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям Джоша Трейгера в научно-фантастическом сериале «Кайл XY» и Бена Уиллера в ситкоме «Папочка».
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The Best Tattoo Studio Chiangmai

Get a bamboo tattoo they said. It won't hurt they SAID. #bambootattoo #howaboutsomepainkillerspal #howaboutletsnotandsaywedid #chaingmai 🎵the christmas vibe - Phillip E Morris

Phuket Bangtao Beach

Suns gone, guns drawn. Say that 10 times fast.

Nok & Jo's Famous Restaurant Bangtao

Me in 2018. Me in 2048. Hopefully. Jo Canada is the man. Thanks for the Canadian refreshments ya hoser, I'll be back.

Phi Phi Islands

Friends who pee together stay together. #meetusinthewarmend #theboyz #ftb #thailand

Phi Phi Islands

What are you waiting for? Book that flight, that ferry, that bus. Wherever it is, go. Work your ass off, make the money, and go. Travel is the best medicine & the best teacher. My first backpacking adventure in 2014 changed my life. I was nervous as hell, after my wonderful travel companion left me and I was all on my own abroad. But that loneliness pushed me to make new friends out of strangers and learn a little more about life outside my bubble. Fuck bubbles man, bubbles are for babies. Learn some shit and see the world. #adviceyoudidntaskfor #travel #goodnight

Koh Phi Phi

It was the only catch of the day alright so its gets a fricken post. I don't care how small it is. Its on the BBQ now and I'm going to enjoy my fish. Followed by #imodium and #maybesomebeers

Haad Rinn

1 bucket, 2 bucket, 3 bucket, Phuket.

Fisherman's Village Bophut Beach

Singha & imodium all day long baby. #stayregularmyfriends #thailand

Vancouver, British Columbia

The man. The myth. The legend. Happy birthday to one of the greats - @alex.hooch

Clough Club

Probably mid debate, defending Android OS. #28 cc @emilybett

Happy birthday McConaughey, you make being a Nov 4th'er alright alright alright.

That feeling when your tinder date says she likes Rush

CBS Studio Center

There was a strong sexual tension between us this day. Derek at one point asked me for my number, I said "Derek it's me, Jean-Luc" and he said "shit I'm sorry bro I keep forgetting" It was a confusing day. Anyways, we still made love that afternoon and it was beautiful and wild. Here's to a wonderful birthday D, love ya buddy. #wheelerbros #babydaddy

Vancouver, British Columbia

Ophie's always got my six. #truelove

Saddle up. It's Scorpio season bitches.

Denver, Colorado

Forced candid photo with these jaBROnies. Wont say who, at least one of us (Ryan) is wearing a diaper for the haunted @13thfloordenver maze. #goodtimes Notice the herd of zombies behind us. Notice Hozier on the left.


That look you make when you find out that Canada just legalized recreational marijuana. #meanwhileinCanada

Cliffs of Moher

COUNTDOWN 30 DAYS 'til I board a plane to Southeast Asia for my third backpacking adventure. I cannot stress enough the importance of travel. If you're young & able, BOOK IT. Everytime I vagabond, I find another little piece of myself and return home a better human. Not to mention the memories that will last lifetimes. This photo was taken in my first week in Ireland, 2014. I still get lost looking thru this album. Such an unbelievable time.

Venice, California

All right, you win tonight Venice. #outforastrollwithMary #venice #canals

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