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Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям Джоша Трейгера в научно-фантастическом сериале «Кайл XY» и Бена Уиллера в ситкоме «Папочка».
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"Honey, I shrunk only one of the kids."

Bear Mountain Resort

It was $10 beer day up in Big Bear. Had to.

Surrey, British Columbia

Happy birthday to my sister who I'm so thankful that I got the tall gene in the family. Honestly though, she's the baddest bitch I know and I love her to death. Happy bday Dani B. Cheers to an amazing year. #fbf

Happy Valentines Day to this guy :) He always wakes me up with a snuggle, a smile, (sometimes a fart😂he's the silliest). He works almost as hard as the hardest working person in the room, because he doesn't want to steal their thunder. but is always on time, generally respectful, and happy to be alive. Two GREAT feet, like unreeeeal feet, his best feature really. and I love the way he opens bananas. Honestly, so happy with the guy you're becoming.

Neverland Ranch

It's time you guys knew the truth. Mj is my dad...I got his scruff. #whosyourdaddy #Mj

Downtown LA

Tag a friend whose always got your back zits. 📸📸@catherinepowell

Los Angeles, California

I only come out of retirement for @aishatyler. Stay tuned. I LOVED this experience. And do yourself a favour and get familiar with @minke - she is so kind, and her music is absolute GOLD #toolate #comingsoon #minke

RIP Tulip, you sweet girl. Thanks for the amazing 8.5 years you gave us. You will be missed by so many.

Hollywood/Vine station

You two... make the highly-offensive stench in the LA subway system completely vanish. #friendsandfamily

White Rock, British Columbia

Came for the superbowl, stayed for the snooze.

Vancouver, British Columbia

The face of a man who just got handed a beer on the street and it just happens to be his all time favourite beer and its free and night out with the boys is quickly shaping out to be a great one. #trevor

Rogers Arena

Da bayyyyz @nllwarriors

Weed, California

The only difference is that one of us is employed. Kyle XY vs Jean-Luc UI. #10yearchallenge #puberty #agingfasterthanexpected #hairline2009 #justwearafuckinhat2019

Rogers Arena

Viaduct nudes. @nudevodkasoda (now fill my fridge)


Do. Dope. Things. Always. Is my 2019 mantra. Thanks to all my friends, fam and fans for making my life so incredibly rich and rewarding. I am packing my bags to head home after an unforgettable 50 day journey through SE Asia & Indonesia. 2019 you've got some big shoes to fill. So back that truck up and start pouring!!!

Gili Trawangan

Happy holidays to you and yours!!! This daiquiri is for you. Cheers. #favachrissmas #santaclause #orphanchristmas #daiquirisforjesus #wwjd #whatwouldjesusdrink #hwdd #Hewoulddrinkdaiquiris cc: @dr.andrewbloomfield

Mote Surfstay

A photo of me 4 days ago when I could leave the bathroom. #balibelly #gunnaberipped #antibiotics #cantdrinkorgooutside #toastforbreakfastlunchdinner #STILLHERE #STILLLOVINGIT

Canggu, Badung, Bali

Endless beach cruises. #merrychristmas @malamadremotorcycles


Finally found someone who peels bananas the same way I do. Come home with me Mr. Monkey. I'll give you such a good life in Canada.

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