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Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по ролям Джоша Трейгера в научно-фантастическом сериале «Кайл XY» и Бена Уиллера в ситкоме «Папочка».
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CBS Studio Center

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Plymouth, Montserrat

Photo 1: My friend Freddie and I sitting on igneous rock so high, we're looking out a window of what used to be the top floor of a hotel in the now ghost town of Plymouth, Montserrat. Plymouth was fully evacuated after Soufrière Hills Volcano consumed the capital city in 1997. Freddie studied here, and still owns property on the Island, but hadn't been back to Plymouth in a long time... What a breathtaking yet eerie setting this was... I'll post some more photos of this trip eventually. PHOTO 2: my friend Freddie, or Dr. Fred Pescatore to you people, just released another diet recipe book called The A-List Diet - which is currently flying off the shelves. I take all of his health/diet related advice because he's a genius who knows his shit. He's also a really great friend & human to boot! Do yourself a favour, pick up his book and get healthy :)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Summer patio beers are always the best kind of beers.

Muldoons Irish Pub

We'll keep making movies, if you keep inviting us to hang @newportfilmfest

Baby Daddy dream team out for Eric's wedding. Beautiful ceremony. Great food. Open bar. You can't really go wrong with that. #tightpants #modestbulge

Newport Beach, California

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

@emilybett and her chachkies. It's like she owns a Korean variety store.

Coachella Valley

Spill lion

Coachella Valley

Deep Cove Quarry Rock Hike

Another beautiful day in British Columbia.

Happy National pooch day from my nephew dog Nixon. This is one of the last photos I took on my 7D before I sold it... Could be my favorite... #canon7d #beautifulbritishcolumbia #goldenretriever

Vancouver, British Columbia

What's crazy is that someday my kid is gunna see this clip and be like "Dad why tf were you so excited that shit is so lame you effing loser" but he'll be like a hologram projecting out of a Roomba so I can shut his little bitch ass up and not actually have a kid just only when I want one. #alexaisbae @amazon #echodot I'm beginning to feel like I don't ever need to leave my apartment. And thank you to ma man @derektheler for gifting me a new girlfriend!!!

Hey, @derektheler & I made a really funny sketch with @mistercotter & his hilarious team. And I have a mustache in it so eat your heart out ladies. LINK IN BIO

This is my closest biological relative playing the mop bucket like an absolute champion

Broken Art Tattoo

Baby Daddy tatties with @mister_swan for episode #100 with the crew.

Las Vegas, Nevada

dream team. #fbf to Vegas for #LifeisBeautiful2016 - a religious experience.

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