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Американский актёр, ставший широко известным после роли в квадрологии «Американский пирог».
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West Village

You know what they say- be sure to stop and squeeze your body through a fence and illegally rip the flowers from their stems and then smell them. Or something like that.

Long Island Express Way

Daaaaamn Gina.

Taken from the backyard of my parent's house in Jersey: Sid placing his hand exactly where I placed mine in the concrete some 35 years prior.

Well this is a first.. met another Jason Biggs tonight. And he's from Jersey. Minds were blown. @jwilliambiggs



Getting @jennyandteets2 flowers. Think she'll be mad if I got her a ChocoPie bouquet?

Hackensack Pastry Shop

Visited a childhood favorite yesterday. Home to my last meal dessert. As classic Jersey-Italian-American as it gets.


The William Vale

Second post this week of @jennyandteets2 with a carbohydrate. I LOVE pregnant Jenny. @dus_donuts

Newark Liberty International Airport

Traveling with a toddler is easy and fun! Just ask Elvie!

This event is going to be great. Come and support the animals! @animalhaven #animalhavenis50

I have seen Hayley's Comet more times than @jennyandteets2 has ordered her own bowl of pasta. As such, it must be properly documented. @santambroeus #astronomy #carbohydrates

Happy Birthday @jennyandteets2. We love you more than pizza.

Men at work.

Isla Guadalupe (Baja California)

#tbt That time @bradpenny @mollyuburke @alaroche17 @daralh and myself went all Shark Week in the Pacific.

Reason number 26,759 that NY >>> LA.

Another perk of parenting- instead of paying a professional for new headshots, just give your phone to your kid.

Thank you for my birthday sponge bath, @jennyandteets2 . For your Mother's Day present, I will let you give me another one.

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