Джейсон Биггз


Американский актёр, ставший широко известным после роли в квадрологии «Американский пирог».
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Rising up, back on the street. Did his time, took his chances.

Happy New Year from the handsomest couple in this powder room!

This week I got to hang with some of my old buds from growing up.

Walter Kerr Theatre

Took my boss to see the boss. #boss

Sid has added “6 foot candy cane” to his Christmas wish list.

West Village

The Horse. 🐴🍻

Chag Sameach!

West Village

Squad 18 goals.

So...it’s not fresh?

Sid is loving his new bunk bed!

So...it’s not soup?

Pour the ‘nog and light the fire cuz its holiday movie time people! Turn off the fake news and tune in to @Freeform tonight at 9 for the premiere of #AngryAngel.

Jenny’s charcuterie and cheese plate game on fleek.

This is Susan. She is from a farm upstate. I am going to eat Susan. Happy Thanksgiving.

So...it’s not good?

Everyone needs to stop making fun of my pants. #camo #stuffing #ad

Start em young! #feminist #courageiscontagious @nickkharamis

He’s obviously our second child.


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