Джейсон Биггз


Американский актёр, ставший широко известным после роли в квадрологии «Американский пирог».
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Those are feathers you sickos.

Yes please. @pizzeriabianco

Did I really ruin @busyphilipps high school reunion? Watch here: youtube.com/watch?v=a7KER42UAtY or link in bio. @MichaelsStores #MakeItWithMichaels #advertisement

Do YOU know how to work wire cutters? Watch me and @busyphilipps in our holiday Make Off partnering with @MichaelsStores #MakeItwithMichaels #advertisement https://youtu.be/a7KER42UAtY Or link in bio


Shabbat Shalom!

Happy Veteran's Day to my dad and everyone who has bravely served our country. Sid thinks you're all pretty damn cool.

#tbt Last week, when we still had hope that our advancements in protecting our planet from climate change and emissions were not going to be threatened, or worse, made obsolete.

Teaching him how to polish silverware tomorrow.

On our way to Heidi Klum's Halloween Bash.

I did a write-in and voted for Sid Biggs of the Paw Patrol Party.

Sid met another Elmo at the playground, and MINDS WERE BLOWN.

I told @jennyandteets2 not to put Gina on Paleo but did she listen?

Kandinsky Shmandinsky.

My little midnight marauder.

West Village ceiling porn.

I always love hearing from my fan club!


Sid saw his first movie tonight. Unfortunately he also saw his first concession stand.

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