Джейсон Биггз


Американский актёр, ставший широко известным после роли в квадрологии «Американский пирог».
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Calling all Tim The Tool Man Taylor's! I need your help- anyone know what kind of stain this could be? It looks like something was spilt on floor, then cleaned off, but left a stain behind. We've had painters, cleaners, etc come in. Wondering what kind of liquid would leave this stain behind????

Hudson Square bus ad with the sweet Trump burn.

Lower Manhattan

I mean, I'm gonna assume the basketball was an accident (there's a court right where I was standing), but for the rest of you turds- REALLY??

Finally saw Niagara Falls! Meh.

Toronto, Ontario

I call this one "Picking My Nose With The CN Tower"

I like to think that for this shot, his leg is weirdly spread cuz he's squeaking out a little fart. @johnthecho am I right?

Ran into my buddy @johnthecho on a flight to Toronto. He was oozing sex and shearling, just the way I like him.

I love it when old friends reach out.

Courtesy of @jennyandteets2. We are taking full advantage of having a dope minivan in the city. I don't think I've danced this much since Teets' quinceanera. #ad @chrysler #Pacifica #muthafuckinteets

Newark Liberty International Airport

There's a stash of dirty tissues wedged next to the seat in front me on this plane. Not sure what's more disgusting- this, or the vomit bag I'm about to fill up.

As a self-described unicorn fart lover, this message really means a lot. 🦄💨

Hey @markryden Sid and I are obsessed with our new animal plates! This one is his fave..

Montauk, New York

A family of 4, all our luggage, Gina, a bike, a scooter, 2 strollers, 5 bags of groceries, a sous-vide machine, a partridge AND a pear tree we stole from the yard of our rental house- all fit with room to spare in my pimp @chrysler #pacifica. #boom #ad #pears4life

Montauk, New York

I swear the t-shirt was a total coincidence.

.@empsummerhouse - the pop-up that makes all other pop-ups look like pop-ups. Thanks @danielhumm @wguidara

Temporary face tattoos: ✔️ Badass minivan:✔️ And my vacation is just getting started. Thanks @chrysler for being all about that #DilfLife #Pacifica #ad


Alright Sid you can pick out one piece of candy. Only ONE, ok?

Selfie from my Walking Dead audition. (Didn't get the part fml).

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