Джейсон Биггз


Американский актёр, ставший широко известным после роли в квадрологии «Американский пирог».
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Leprechaun-made oatmeal #fail. “Daddy, this is disgusting.” Stupid leprechauns.

I call this one the “denim sex stare”. You can’t book Crest and Cheerios commercials without it in the arsenal. #tbt

My gorgeous wife and kids grace the cover of this month’s @parents magazine. They kindly allowed me to be in an inside photo. Not bitter at all. Bonus- @jennyandteets2 wrote the brilliant and funny article that accompanies her beautiful pics. ♥️

On this, the 85th birthday of Sir @themichaelcaine, I ask you to check out this exclusive #DearDictator clip from that time he and @katieholmes212 milkboarded me (ft @odeyarush1). NBD. 🥛 In theaters and on @iTunes Friday, March 16th! https://apple.co/2Fvu9Vx

Twinkle Playspace

Once again @tribecatreats crushing the cake game. #NumNomSmellDelicious

Dear Internet, WHAT IS THIS

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan

The best Ivan since Drago.

Tune in TONIGHT to catch me in an all new #MatchGame at 10I9c on ABC!

Love waking up to a view.

“Please accept our son into your private school.”

Monday vibes.


Last meal in Lima. @gastonacurio changed the game in Peru. I could eat nothing but his uni pasta for the rest of my life. Also, my Peruvian doppelgänger was fun to chill with. @astrid_y_gaston @doronsilverman @theworlds50best

Maido Cocina Nikkei

If you like your guinea pig fried, your quail egg infused with ponzu, and your sweetbread sushi to rock your fucking world, then @mitsuharu_maido has you covered. #maido #nikkei @theworlds50best

Central Restaurante

Does @centralrest deserve to be number 5 on @theworlds50best restaurants list? Probably not. It should probably be higher. @virgiliocentral

Souvenir shopping.

Lima, Peru

New phone who dis? Photo cred: Mario Testino (@doronsilverman).

Laz’s first LOL. I couldn’t make him laugh, so I had to bring in the big guns.

Rising up, back on the street. Did his time, took his chances.

Happy New Year from the handsomest couple in this powder room!

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