Джейсон Биггз


Американский актёр, ставший широко известным после роли в квадрологии «Американский пирог».
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Isla Guadalupe (Baja California)

#tbt That time @bradpenny @mollyuburke @alaroche17 @daralh and myself went all Shark Week in the Pacific.

Reason number 26,759 that NY >>> LA.

Another perk of parenting- instead of paying a professional for new headshots, just give your camera to your kid.

Thank you for my birthday sponge bath, @jennyandteets2 . For your Mother's Day present, I will let you give me another one.

Thank you to the awesome doctors, PA's, nurses, and entire staff at Hospital for Special Surgery for my new wing! It better be able to throw 95+ mph, like you promised. #henryrowengartner

.@jennyandteets2 asking the important questions.

Ahhhhhh !! Fuck. Last time I'm gonna be able to move both arms for a while.

Monkey asked Sid for the window seat. Sid kindly gave it to him.

"Holy shit this sand would go for a fortune on the New York City playground sand pit underground black market." - Sid Biggs, San Diego, 2017

Oh for fuck's sake, LA.

"Hi, I'm here for my 11am massage. Thanks."

Even though I didn't make the cover, it was still such an honor to be shot for this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Thank you @montagekapalua @montagehotels for the spectacular setting!

.@jennyandteets2 and I get downright SILLY in #HongKong on @travelchannel 's #BestPlaceToBe. May 10th. Set your DVR's and forget about politics for an hour. Or think about politics, but ALSO watch. Either way. Don't care.

Guys, @jennyandteets2 doesn't think she looks pretty in this photo. Listen, being married to someone as gorgeous as myself must be hard, I'm sure. Near impossible maybe. But still. Please feel free to tell her she's fucking nuts in the comments below. And to those of you who see this simply as an opportunity to inflate my own ego by having you compliment how pretty my wife is, you're right.

.@jennyandteets2 and I get weird in #HongKong on @travelchannel - May 10th 12pm|11c #BestPlaceToBe Link in bio.

Greetings from some shithole in the Pacific.

Well it's official- Sid thinks the @chrysler #Pacifica is AWESOME. #dadlife #dadbod

Having the best time working with my wife! #mypartnerknowsbest

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