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Jacksonville, Florida

Ma Swallz can never be accused of taking my gifts for granted...she still has this calendar I made her for Christmas 1990. Any takers? #spiralperm #killerfrizz #dontbrushyourspiralpermdummy #spnjax

Hemming Park

Finally! I got to do my hometown con! #spnjax, thank you for a phenomenal weekend. My #hometowntour crew was the best I could have asked for- they even let me lure them into a giant mouth for a photo op...and I don’t think anyone had brushed those teeth in awhile... #stankybreath #spnfamily #duval #itsnotpaulsfault

New York, New York

These two are my favorites. #normajeanmeatballs #frenchton #frenchtonsofinstagram #mypupiscutebutmyhubsiscuter #thoseearstho

Nap or coffee? NAP OR COFFEE??? NAP OR - 💤 #normajeanmeatballs #frenchton #beingcuteistiring

New York, New York

Oh, hey guys. I’m Norma Jean Meatballs Kimball. You can call me Norma for short. I’m new to the family. But I already plan on providing tons of ridiculous photos and videos. I’m told I have lots of awesome uncles and aunties to meet. Bring it. I’ve got cuddles for days. 🐶 ♥️#puppylove #frenchton #frenchtonsofinstagram #cuddlesfordays #myauntiejenncameupwiththemeatballsthankyouauntiejennyougetextrakisses

Sheraton Offenbach Hotel

This was taken almost exactly a week ago at this hour...we finished the concert around 2am, but the night did not end...how could it, when we were on such a high from good music, open hearts, generous performances and AMAZING fans??? Thanks for an incredible 24 hours, @rockwoodevents. @jasonmannsmusic, I could hug you forever for inviting me along for the ride. Now...how long til the next one???

12 days left for @ruthie_connell ‘s #bewitch campaign to raise money for @myhopechest. Check out the fun gifties in her holiday shop over at @shopstands #becauseboobs

Manhattan, New York

First married Thanksgiving! My handsome hubs @chadkimball76 and our pal @eddiemcginty roasted a fine, fine bird. I improvised on my Grandma’s perfect recipe for #sweetpotatocasserole and brewed up a tasty batch of tomato basil cauliflower soup with some help from our @ninjakitchen blender, roasted some brussel sprouts with bacon and @captainryan74 supplied to-die-for pies from @littlepiecompany! We got to use the beautiful napkins @jillianmade embroidered for our wedding. Hope everyone got to be with people they love and that the joy continues on and on! #thanksgiving #friendsgiving

Missing my other home while I’m on the east coast. Please read below and consider helping if you can. ♥️🌴 #Repost @salted_spirit ・・・ As the holidays are only a few weeks away and Malibu continues to burn, please please consider a financial donation locally to the @lafdfoundation as we continue to support our first responders and the donations they give to residents, as so many people will have no home to go back to. Please also see my last post about fostering an animal and making more room at the shelters, this fire is still raging and we have a ways to go. Thanks to the firefighters and all those involved who continue to fight for our community. Link to donations in bio. #woolseyfire #malibu #fire #losangeles 📷@favoffspring and @ericacornwall

Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

My hubs @chadkimball76 works hard even on his nights off! So happy to be at the #SchoenfeldTheatre to watch him and other super talented folk celebrate @onlymakebelievenyc! #onlymakebelieve


I love a good discount as much as the next housewife, but if this is on your grocery list, do you really want the clearance option or the full price one with packaging intact? Just a thought. #ralphsdeals #ralphsclearance #youprobablyneedthisifyoualsoboughttheclearancerackcondoms

Los Angeles, California

Listening to some of Gil’s tracks from the last few days...he’s reluctant to listen to himself so he’s humoring me in playing them back, but every once in awhile he hears something he likes...can you tell? #christmasalbum #mannsapproved #spnfamily

Los Angeles, California

Left my heart in #NewYork but I’m excited to be in one of my other homes for work (can’t tell what, but I’m SO EXCITED) and to record a Christmas 🎄 ❄️ 🎁 ditty with @jasonmannsmusic and @gilmckinney. @Chadkimball76, don’t go too crazy with your @philipshue disco shows while I’m gone...but if you wanna build that roller rink in the living room, that’s cool. #crosscountryflight #bicoastal #lalaland #spnfamily

Central Park West & 72nd

You know when you see something you want to capture in a moment but then you get the camera out and realize you totally forgot what it was? Yeah. #subwaywallart

SUCH A FUN WEEKEND!!! Thanks for another spectacular con, #SPNNJ I’m still glowing from all the love. #saturdaynightspecial @creationent #spnfamily @loudenswainmusic 📸 by @chadkimball76

Thank you to everyone who has watched this film. I’m grateful that the @nueschsisters chose to make this beautiful and important film. They’ve given voice to those who feel voiceless, and I am honored to have been a part of it. Please watch! 📽Link in bio📽 #nueschsisters #womeninfilm #filmmaker #filmmaking #femalefilmmaker #femalefilmmakers #femaledirectors #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #shortfilm #forgetmenottheshort

This film was a joy and a challenge in the best possible way. We hope you’ll watch @forgetmenottheshort TODAY! 📽Link in bio. 📽 #shortfilm #premiere #femalefilmmakers #femaledirectors #womeninfilm #nueschsisters #forgetmenottheshort #filmmaking #directing #filmmaker #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #Repost @nueschsisters with @get_repost ・・・ Our film is online! We are so happy to finally share @forgetmenottheshort with you all. It was an at times exhausting, but beautiful journey to make this film that is such a personal project. Go watch it and let us know what you think! Link in Bio.

Rockwood Music Hall

You guys. Dreams come true. @officialbrianab and I have been wanting to duet forEVer and Wednesday night we’re gonna do it...she just got to New York and I spent all day moving but our rehearsal was mighty exciting. Come to the show at @rockwoodmusichall in #nyc on September 26 after you’ve watched @forgetmenottheshort on @vimeo!!! #spnfamily #songswithfriends #womeninfilm #womenonstage #forgetmenottheshort #premiere #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #femaledirector 📽(link to short will be in bio very soon)

Long Island City

Wore my new @jillianmade earrings (thanks, best husband ever) to bring me luck on set today...love being back to work in #newyork! #setlife #autumn 🍂 🎥 📺

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