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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по своей роли в ситкоме «Две девицы на мели».
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Break legs hosting the #soultrainawards today @tichinaarnold ! Lemme know if you need a last minute backup dancer 😍😍🕺🏻🕺🏻

What an honor today to accept an award on behalf of @tichinaarnold and #ZenayArnold and “Aunty” Gaynelle for all the INCREDIBLE WORK they are doing with their @wewinfoundation ! @lupusla thank you for an incredible day. My mom has had lupus for almost 30 years and it’s organizations like you and the @wewinfoundation that keep her healthy and strong! @tichinaarnold and Zenay you inspire me everyday with the incredible work you do for those fighting lupus and other autoimmune diseases. Also aunty gaynelle has Caroline Channing level pearls ! So gorg! #femalewarriors Glam: @hairbyaviva @kmannmakeup Styling: head to toe @chloe (and YES those are horses on my dress)

Have you ordered your “Herd” t-shirt to help survivors of sexual assault and abuse get free equine guided empowerment?? Link in my bio! @omazeworld @sheherdpower

I’m beyond proud to introduce my new limited edition t-shirt with @omazeworld! Every purchase will allow @SheHerdPower to help more survivors find their herd and find their voice through equine-guided empowerment. Shop it through the link in my bio or at omaze.com/herd #onlyatomaze @emilybehrs @peonyo

Finally Fall! 🍂🍂🍂

Head to @calabasassaddlery today - you can donate clothes for fire victims 🙏🏻 ! 🙌🏻💕

Sending love and prayers to everyone affected by the California wildfires. Please help where you can, by donating food money and time. Also please support the brave men and women of @losangelesfiredepartment at supportlafd.org @theneighborhood @tichinaarnold #theneighborhood @cbstv @cbstvstudios 🎥: @akilpugh

#Repost @tichinaarnold : When your white #Homegirl jumps in on your #Ghetto #Fabulous #moment at a #photoshoot. @bethbehrs Love this lady.

It’s so nice to be back with my @theneighborhood family on set today after a very sad and scary weekend. Hopefully we can bring you some laughs tonight at 8pm CBS. From our family to yours, sending everyone love and laughter today!

See previous post about my dear friend Lisa Brown who lost everything in the fires. This is me with her horse “Topper” who has been in countless film and tv roles. Please call “West Valley Feed” in Aguora Hills and donate a bail of hail to the “Lisa Brown account” for her animals who thank god are safe.

My dear friend and horse mentor Lisa Brown lost her home on Latigo in Malibu to the Woolsey fire with all of her possessions, furniture, antiques, personal items but is thankful her kid and horses survived. She is out right now selflessly evacuating other people’s horses and pets. Please donate what you can to help her get back on her feet. ♥️ link to her gofundme in bio!

we could all use a little laughter today. Tune into @theneighborhood tonight . 8pm @cbstv . It will make you smile. Especially if you’ve had a hard day. Sending love to all the firefighters, first responders who keep fighting this for us here in California.

I have to go back to work tomorrow and i am so grateful to my family, friends and the horse community who have helped and CONTINUE to help me and my barn mates take care of our babies. Forever forever grateful to all of you on here who helped us get them to safety. Sending love to all the people and animals out there who need it right now. 📸: @alishazalkin

Hug each other tight. Please please volunteer to help if you are able. We need ALL HANDS on deck.

Team save the horses. @whitneycummings flew home and was here til middle of the night and we’ve been making sure horseys are ok all day long. And lots and lots of mucking. We are so grateful our horses are safe but many aren’t. This is so rough . Send all the love you have to California right now.

My baby is safe thanks to the help of many. Whom I will properly thank ASAP. But many are not. PLEASE PLEASE volunteer today. We need your help.

Hopefully this brings a smile to your face today. We are so grateful and proud to be shooting @theneighborhood on the #MaryTylerMoore stage. Hope this makes you smile amidst all the darkness in our country right now. @tichinaarnold #Stage2 @cbstv

after the news of yet ANOTHER MASS shooting, and wanting to scream and cry and pull my hair out ...,all I kept thinking all day is “I wish, I WISH I could go be with the horses”. Because with horses, things are safe. things are calm. I am in my body. Present. Awake and completely in tune with all that is natural and pure. Sometimes I think technology has taken us so far away from our connection to the natural world and if we could only spend more time there, perhaps we could find more compassion, healing and love in our hearts. It’s almost the weekend. Go outside. Smell the roses.. literally. Breathe the air. Feel the sun. Snuggle a four legged friend. Sending those out there suffering all the love and hope I can muster . @sheherdpower #rescuehorse 📸: @palominocimino

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