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Американская актриса, наиболее известная по своей роли в ситкоме «Две девицы на мели».
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Super into plant medicine and healing thanks to @tobemagnetic podcast with @alexissmartflowerremedies . 🙌🏻🌼🌻🌸🌻🌹🌸 my dressing room vibe is 🌈🌟💫🌙🙌🏻 now.

Legend. Inspiration. Rest In Peace, Dolly, #carolchanning

#10YearChallenge #AmericanPie #7 to @theneighborhood . Thank god I stopped doing my own hair and makeup and could afford professionals. And yes I was in American Pie 7.

TONIGHT! @theneighborhood is back! Watch what happens when @cedtheentertainer gives my tv son @hank_greenspan a KNIFE for his birthday! 8pm @cbstv !

happy birthday to my world travel partner, who I introduced to goats and hiking boots. The best friend (and publicist🥰🥰) a gal could ask for! We’ve had so many adventures these past 8 years here’s to many more! Love you @lindseyludwigrahm

Sunday morning old photo scrolling- came across these amazing photographs my uber talented hubby took of @_garrettmorris when we surprised him for his 80th birthday! Miss you Garrett! Come be on @theneighborhood please!! 🥰🥰🥰

Saturday #mood. New fav home piece courtesy of @mscassiedaniels

Happy FriYAY! Hope your weekend is spent noshing with your “herd”. 🥰🥰🐴 📸: @stephi_b98

The government shutdown is bad news for animals! The temporary shutdown that began on December 22 has dragged into the new year without a clear end in sight. Not only does this lapse in federal funds affect government employees and curtail important services for people—it also directly impacts animals. This includes puppies suffering in puppy mills, at-risk show horses, farm animals heading to slaughter, and wild horses and burros. To learn more about how animals are affected by the shutdown, visit https://www.aspca.org/news/what-government-shutdown-means-animals LINK IN BIO

#Thursday 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻vibes. #tbt

So close. Yet so far. 🎥: @scottmiddough ps. I would never do this to a cow. Only a pole. Or a plastic cow.

Bonding with “Remi” @skydogsanctuary . She was saved from a kill pen as well. Please follow, support, repost @skydogsanctuary for more ways you can help these beautiful souls who thanks to Clare (@skydogsanctuary ) have been given a second chance at life. @thismustanglife

Snuggled up with this shaggy pup, trying to reboot this immune system 💪🏻🤞🏻

Just a normal #Sunday night over here trying to teach Betty to twerk after being inspired by this gem. I’ll keep you posted on her progress. 🤞🏻

Both Louisa and Star were saved from a killpen before they were shipped to slaughter in Mexico. we are going to work super hard this year to get the SAFE ACT to the floor to a vote. The SAFE act would prohibit the purchase, sale or transportation of horses across US borders for the purpose of slaughter and human consumption. Not only is horse slaughter horribly inhumane and cruel but horses are routinely given medications that are toxic to humans. Please call your representative and urge them to cosponsor the SAFE Act HR 113 and your senator to cosponsor the SAFE act S.1706. Follow @skydogsanctuary to learn mode about how to help us get this legislation passed!!! 📸: @skydogsanctuary

“Louisa” was starving in a kill pen on Christmas. @skydogsanctuary went to save her. She’s the most kind, gentle girl. 💔💔💔so happy you are safe now, beautiful “Louisa”. You’ll never have to worry again. 📸: @thismustanglife

Can’t stop thinking about sweet soul “Remi” @skydogsanctuary . BE A VOICE FOR OUR WILD HORSES AND BURROS AND LET THE GOVERNMENT KNOW YOU LOVE OUR WILD ANIMALS WILD AND MANAGED ON OUR PUBLIC LANDS.  LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU WILL VOTE TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY ARE AFFORDED THE PROTECTIONS THAT THEY DESERVE AND BEEN AFFORDED.  CONSTANT ROUNDUPS AND HOLDING ARE NOT THE SOLUTION....... Right now in Congress members are working on a 2019 APPROPRIATIONS bill that will directly affect the lives of thousands of mustangs and burros.  Call your elected representatives to ensure that protections against mass killing and slaughter of our wild horses are maintained.  Very sadly they voted in the house for language which gravely threatens our wild horses and we need to head this off in the senate now. Call your senator today 202-224-3121 and say "As your constituent I am calling to ask Senator.................. to work with leadership to oppose any amendment to the FY19 Interior Appropriations bill allowing BLM to kill  or sterilize wild horses and burros.  Please stand with 80 percent of Americans who oppose killing wild horses and burros and want them protected and humanely managed on our public lands.  Thank you. Take Action YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW Tell your senators that you: * Oppose any amendment to the FY19 Interior Appropriations bill allowing BLM to kill OR sterilize wild horses and burros; * Oppose any amendment allowing for the sterilization of wild horses and burros because it is dangerous, unproven, costly and could be devastating to the future of these federally protected animals; * Support the use of safe, proven fertility control vaccines for wild horses and burros; Head to @skydogsanctuary to find out more ways you can help save these glorious souls. Thanks to @thismustanglife for these gorg photos of Remi and I!

#2019 @tobemagnetic Prepping! Bring it on! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

This pregnant mare is named “Star”. She was saved from a kill pen in Texas on Christmas by the amazing @skydogsanctuary , after being seen in the back of a photo of another mare they were saving. She is so calm and warm and loving. She’s going to make a beautiful momma! 📸: @thismustanglife #Follow, repost, donate : @skydogsanctuary

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