Белла Торн


Американская актриса, певица и модель.
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She got a pretty face but she fuck me like a freaky lil bitch

😍 pussy mine count how many times I say wet in the song... how many?

Never break up but I fuck u like it’s makeup sex u gone run and tell all your friends my dick the best like a water fall the way I keep that pussy wet wettttt fuck yo ex

My beautiful girl you are strong you always have been ❤️❤️

MY FIRST EVER FESTIVAL PERFORMANCE IS AT @hot100fest !!! Are you ready for #festivalbella ?!

Peep❤️❤️ I never wanted my glasses back we just wanted you back


It’s ok to look in the mirror and like what you see. That doesn’t mean you’re “full of yourself” it means you’re at peace w yourself.

Pussy mine July 27th @ffrecords #pussymine

Also my boo in my panties 😍 link in bio

Tana in our Tana Tana Tana shirt😍 link in bio to get it

SEPTEMBER 21st. I hate the fucking internet 🎊🎊🎊 @anationmovie

She said “I love you more than chocolate..know your worth”

W the filthy fangs pallet finally 3 weeks away from coming out here’s a photo of great makeup a great joint oh and a great bestie

I love you


Twinning in our new filthy pants dropping Saturday link in my bio @ffrecords

Playful 😍 b

Happy 4th right

October 12th 😍😍 #istillseeyou

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