Белла Торн


Американская актриса, певица и модель.
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yo pull up the heli @flynyon

No wonder why I'm so vans are always untied hahaha

Fux it up


I have a real fear of elevators.. so what do you do? Face your damn fears and take a photo because or else it didn't happen;)

That's ma girlllll

I wonder what the people in the back of me are thinking... hmmmm




I feel like a princess ✨💍

Class for Friday let's go #nyfw

I f miss u


Rock star vibes for Monday ✌️

I used to be super embarrassed of my laugh..but at least it's like ma daddies!

👀happy Saturday 👀

-because she's dead !!

Let's take a dip 😍 beach or pool?

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