Беатрис Миллер


Американская певица, автор песен и актриса. Миллер заняла девятое место во втором сезоне американского The X Factor.
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would y’all stan if i still looked like this

wish i was still standing outside a castle in the dordogne region of france caught in a rainstorm

PLEASE GO VOTE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! i don’t know about you but the current state of this country both infuriates and depresses me. i was only 17 for the 2016 election, barely missing being able to vote by a few months, as i’m sure a lot of you were. but now i have the ability to make a change!!! if you are unhappy YOU have the power to CHANGE THE FUTURE. either way, educate yourself and GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! none of this “my vote doesn’t matter” bs. the polls are open until 7pm GO GO GO!!!!!!!!! #ivotedblue



i know everybody and their mom have bee tattoos now but I’M bea sooooo 🐝🐝🐝 thank you as always @generation8tattoo and @mimynnn for being the best #savethebees

i'll be at the topanga mall this sun at 3pm for the @americaneagle #AExME artist bus stop. check out my story for more details. meet u thereee


i haven’t had coffee yet today which i think subconsciously influenced me to put together an all black outfit while i mourn the loss of caffeine running through my veins



here’s me sitting in the sunshine a week ago happy as hell about to eat some good ass food followed by me rn still waiting for the holes where my wisdom teeth once were to heal enough for me to eat hot cheetos

California Science Center

we feel bad for fish in a tank but little do we know we’re just as trapped!

my hair is too healthy now to hold a curl for very long so here’s a picture before they flatten and i become depressed

i wasn’t old enough to vote for or against what was important to me two years ago and i’m sure a lot of you also hadn’t met the age requirement yet. it’s one thing for your opinion to have no ABILITY to be heard but entirely another when you have the OPTION for it to be heard and still don’t speak out. i can’t sit idly by and watch this country be run with so much hatred and lack of understanding or general consideration now that i am ABLE to choose otherwise. most of the time there still won’t be a candidate you wholeheartedly agree with 100% but you can always find someone who you feel best represents the country that you hope for, or is at least taking steps away from the one that you don’t. i personally am SICKENED by the decisions that have been made for us and hope you will join me in voting this november for a better future, for EVERYONE. because we are ALL equal and deserve for our home and everyone in it to be treated with respect. if you haven’t already, i’m begging you please please please register to vote!

here we have another addition of me failing to prop my phone up on something that won’t cause it to start sliding down in the middle of my recording but it’s fine we’ll just say it was on purpose for multiple angles and added effect. sick of losing soulmates by dodie 🖤

it’s been a year since chapter three yellow and all that means is we’re even closer to new music that’s even better

back in la and singinnnn a songggggg. u see my pinky? fun fact! i can’t do a full normal peace sign with my left hand because for some reason my ring and pinky fingers can’t move separately on that side

happy birthday to my three favorite people in da whole wide world ❤️


we had a day off in france and got to drive to this cute lil city and now i’m crying how is it already over also when the fuck will instagram stOP putting these black lines on all my photos ugshhfjdjdksjdjk

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