Беатрис Миллер


Американская певица, автор песен и актриса. Миллер заняла девятое место во втором сезоне американского The X Factor.
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happy birthday to my best friend and greatest partner in crime ❤️ i love you little ollie bug

Manhattan Beach Studios

filmed something very cool with some chapter three songs today 💫 can't wait for u to see


studio ft the wrong primary


3 ✨⚡️💛💫☀️


prepare yourself for much more of me being extra, yellow is upon us.

no matter where i am, my heart always stays in new york. keeping the strongest and most amazing city in my thoughts today, along with everyone we lost and everyone missing them.

Day N Night 2017

this would've been such a good picture if it wasn't for ethan honestly

idk i just like this picture


green apple lollipops and rose gold 🍏🎀 (these necklaces were handmade by @karenash_newyork and they're conflict free & beautiful) 😍

Griffith Observatory


got billie eilish songs stuck in my head but i'm omw to another concert lmao

the actual love of my life (and probably yours too). sza (who's from my hometown which i think is the coolest thing ever) writes music that doesn't sound like anything i've ever heard before about topics that i'm sure all women struggle with feeling but don't wanna admit to. i'm obsessed with her lack of structured melodies, most of her songs are a string of flowy and beautiful melodies that sometimes have no correlation but it's brilliant. i'm also obsessed with her lyrics because she admits how fragile she is without completely abandoning the attitude of a badass woman. she inspires me every day in the studio and in life ✨ on top of all that she faced so many struggles before getting to where she is now and i respect the fuck out of her. #onlygetstronger week 3

i'm BORED *u might hate the shirt but it's a fucking LOOK bitch i dare u to be this confident

Billboard Hot 100 Festival

thank you @billboard and thank you to all the beautiful people who came by to sing along with me ✨ photos by @catherinepowell styled by @becmgross

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