Беатрис Миллер


Американская певица, автор песен и актриса. Миллер заняла девятое место во втором сезоне американского The X Factor.
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a bunch of boys in middle school called me “A cup B” because of my lack of cleavage and eventually i got annoyed and told them i actually grew to a B cup. i was lying. i’m still an A. i’m a cup bea.

nipple queen’s nipples aren’t even out in these :( tragic

LOOK how cool i have dots on my face (including my pimples) thanks kelley (yes girl 2.0?)

real life babydoll vibes featuring a (dog?) licking my nipple. @1883magazine

New York, New York

a girl came out of a stall right as i took this (peep her arm on the left) and i was like “omg i’m so sorry this is so awkward” and she said “omg no girl!!! you get that selfie you look good!!!” and honestly i think i’m in love with her

San Francisco, California

“GUYS!!! I MATCH THE PLASTIC TAKE A PICTURE” - me before realizing nobody else cared that i matched with something on the ground. also does anybody know what to put on acne scars to make them fade faster? @henkeguztav took these

lmao @ me being visibly shook by leroy’s voice throughout the full video (it’s on his youtube page if you wanna check it out ☺️) here’s a version we did of i wanna know. if you make your own i’d love to watch it, you can tag #iwannaknowcover so i’ll know where to find it 💘 @iamleroysanchez

Golden Gate Bridge

the five seconds i had to take off my sweatshirt for this photo were the coldest five seconds of my life thus far and that isn’t even a slight exaggeration. hey san fran. you’re cute.

me when aurora dropped

fun fact : i made notd and henke come into the women’s restroom because how could u not capture that tile also look at my cute fluffy slides aren’t u shocked i’m not wearing the striped ones wow good job bea really switching it up 📸 = @henkeguztav

peep the fact that tobi and sam are still wearing cool outfits here but i had already changed back into comfy shit that doesn’t match. thanks henke 💘 @henkeguztav

i wore all red today in case i leaked lmao look how awkward this pose is i like it

look mom! i’m on tv!

the 7 is actually representative of how many feet taller tobi is than me, not the floor we’re on.

u already know what vibes these r 💫

the biggest work in progress you’ve ever met!!!!!!

peep the magical princess balcony behind me like the one in that barbie movie where they sing you’re just like me u know what i’m talking about?

me trying on sunglasses the other day in a store with no mirrors lmao

here’s me in rehearsal posing super casually which actually required a lot of non casual effort

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