Беатрис Миллер


Американская певица, автор песен и актриса. Миллер заняла девятое место во втором сезоне американского The X Factor.
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for the first real #onlygetstronger i feel i have to talk about lorde. i could probably write an entire book about why she inspires me but i'll try to keep this short and sweet. she fucking CHANGED pop music, my dudes. royals started out on alternative college radio and was so fucking good that it blew up and made its way to pop radio, and then everyone wanted to make music more like hers. i'm sure some people will argue that she wasn't the biggest influence in how a lot of pop music sounds today but i will always believe she was and still is. also lorde is a fucking badass who dances like a queen and writes her own music. yes!!!!!!

this isn't a lays ad i just needed more yellow so this flick could have all three primaries u feel me ? 🌊🥀🌙

extra ass pose (thank you @elvisduran i'm honored to have been on your show 💖 i've listened all my life)

New York, New York


tummy goals 💖

diamonds & lace #buymediamonds #tacorigirl #partnership

🌻☀️🍋🚕(last one, sorry) 💛

step up in this bitch like, i'm the one your bitch like

my boysssssss @prettymuch killing the outfit game and stealing all the hearts 😩🙌🏻

an addition to the living alone but wanting to show off the fit series

kung fu kenny

wanna start bringing more attention each week to people who inspire me or are intriguing to me in some way. i wanna start with myself. i'm not gonna go on and on about my sob story because we all have one, but i'm fucking proud of myself. i have never been the kind of person who wants people to pay attention to me because i don't know what i'm doing but i really feel like i have the potential to make a positive difference in someone's life and that's so insane to me. music is so POWERFUL and i've been working so hard on my shit but especially my lyrics because i CARE about communicating with and understanding people. i'm still here for you today, after all the bullshit, and for that i'm strong as fuck. #onlygetstronger week one 🙌🏻

so honored to be a little part of the @wonderthemovie, coming november 17 ❤ check out the brand new trailer, featuring brand new eyes 👁


feelin like a princess @tacoriofficial 💎#buymediamonds #tacorigirl #partnership

dont u wish ur gf wore five dollar fake yeezus from goodwill like me?

sometimes u gotta pause mid song for a photo

fuck w me i'll kick u with this foot

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