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Американская певица, автор песен и актриса. Миллер заняла девятое место во втором сезоне американского The X Factor.
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replacing your slides with heels is so taxing that i had to take a nap during this super serious iphone photoshoot (nap pictured above)

Getty Museum

i am the uncool mom who takes photos of u when u don’t want her to (wondering if my own mom will see this, she’s the biggest culprit of them all)



currently laying in bed looking grimy so here’s a throwback to non grimy times at the grammy museum! apparently i’m the only person so far whose fans stood up and sang along during a performance there bc u guys r cooler than everyone else

tell me that you love me once again cause sometimes you try to pull me closer and i think it might be pretend so if you wanna love me till the end i might need to hear it over and over cause i get lonely in my head, and i get lost in time and in the night without a friend and only you can help me through i’m scared to lose what we have so (very sad i can’t post the whole video here but if u wanna hear the beginning u can check my igtv)

currently listening to you should see me in a crown and reminiscing on a time that i had access to a vehicle (see picture above) because i’m at my mom’s house and she’s out with the car and i really want a ham egg and cheese on an everything bagel but i’m trapped here and bagelless 😤


i really made someone follow me around this weird abandoned building just to get a photo for instagram lmao how ridiculous is that

Seattle, Washington

i finally had time to visit the last place kurt cobain existed in his human form today. the people who moved in made it completely impossible to see the house so this bench is the closest we can get but i’m grateful.

da new youngblood 🐺 lmaooo it thinks my hand is another person bc i move it so much when i sing i’m dead y’all

a bunch of boys in middle school called me “A cup B” because of my lack of cleavage and eventually i got annoyed and told them i actually grew to a B cup. i was lying. i’m still an A. i’m a cup bea.

nipple queen’s nipples aren’t even out in these :( tragic

LOOK how cool i have dots on my face (including my pimples) thanks kelley (yes girl 2.0?)

real life babydoll vibes featuring a (dog?) licking my nipple. @1883magazine

New York, New York

a girl came out of a stall right as i took this (peep her arm on the left) and i was like “omg i’m so sorry this is so awkward” and she said “omg no girl!!! you get that selfie you look good!!!” and honestly i think i’m in love with her

San Francisco, California

“GUYS!!! I MATCH THE PLASTIC TAKE A PICTURE” - me before realizing nobody else cared that i matched with something on the ground. also does anybody know what to put on acne scars to make them fade faster? @henkeguztav took these

lmao @ me being visibly shook by leroy’s voice throughout the full video (it’s on his youtube page if you wanna check it out ☺️) here’s a version we did of i wanna know. if you make your own i’d love to watch it, you can tag #iwannaknowcover so i’ll know where to find it 💘 @iamleroysanchez

Golden Gate Bridge

the five seconds i had to take off my sweatshirt for this photo were the coldest five seconds of my life thus far and that isn’t even a slight exaggeration. hey san fran. you’re cute.

me when aurora dropped

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