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PLEASE WATCH THIS! It’s a pilot ep my friends and and I made for IMDb. I recreate stunts from movies. If it does well I’ll get a season and can recreate some of my all time favorite moments from Buster Keaton, Jim Carrey, Lucile Ball, Jackie Chan and a ton more. This first one is a stunt from Into The Spiderverse. Please check it out! And hopefully there will be many more. Thanks! Link in bio. #StuntBusted #IMDb @TheMachineLA

The Butt Does Las Vegas

I miss my girlfriends.


My Huckleberry friend @FrankieTooth

Pretty excited about this one! 🎥 @fullonlurker

Saying goodbye to my small square friend today. The star of my first real (IMO) short film Neutral. I’m not a car person but I absolutely love this car! It took me deep into the desert at least 15 times, went camping, drove up the coast, was in tons of my videos, appeared in my Going Ostrich photo book (buy at Kmart.com 😉) and took me on countless dates! Maybe even thousands of dates. Who knows? Could never count that high. But unfortunately it’s the only thing I own worth anything and I need extra cash to make my next short film so I must say goodbye. If you would like to help me make the Milford movie, I’m raising a few more thousand dollars. We already raised 31% in one day. Link in bio to donate. Thank you to everyone who watched Neutral or any of my videos with my car. If you enjoyed my car in some way then it helps me feel like I got my money’s worth. And if you’re in Houston on Dec 13th come watch Neutral with me at @secretgrouphtx and get a glass with me and my car on it!

🏕 🐺

Orphan Thanksgiving

A truly HAPPY Thanksgivings!

Dirtbag 🏍

Riding the lightning⚡️

My best friend @FrankieTooth

🥨 in the ⛅️

What you don’t realize is that from my POV I’m watching a dance video of Oliver and stealing all his moves. Thanks for sending this @miamosimmy

H💀ppy H💀llow👀n! (I had a broken foot here. I thought of it as my dead man’s bone)

Never saw these pictures. One of my favorite days of my life!

Milford, Massachusetts

I’m raising money for my 2nd short film! Based on my life in MA. Full test scene and all the info is on YT. We’re off to a really good start! This one is super personal. Please help if you can! #MilfordMovie

I’m making a new short film! I just launched a fundraiser for the budget so it can be as good as Neutral. Please help if you can. If not just watch the full teaser (character test) in my bio and maybe share?! Thank you!! Featuring @courtneypauroso 🎥@fullonlurker 🎵 @_shadrew_ #MilfordMovie

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