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We moved to LA 12 years ago this summer. My hair moved back the next year.

Brought the fury to the arcade! @LaserUnicorns @EleniYoung #KungFury

@paulbcummings never lets me be in pictures. So I put myself in this one.


New dance video for @Bag_Raiders "Shooting Stars" with @KeithApicary.

Neutral test shots at 300fps.

Want the wordless book I wrote? I almost broke my neck making it. Get it exclusively at Kmart.com.

He only listens to Frank Sinatra, Frank Ocean and Frank Zappa. @FrankieTooth.

Been a while since I made a mix tape! Got a double tape Walkman! #WmW800

The #GoingOstrich photo book is finally out! The first 1,000 orders come with a signed post card. Available exclusively at Kmart.com!

Happy birthday @ErikaRankin_ thanks for being my definite for sure no doubts about it real girlfriend and being in so much eternal love with me. Right?

Houston, Texas

We signed a TON of these #GoingOstrich books. It can be ordered on Kmart.com now! @BarnattPhoto

#TBT Wrestlemania, best weekend of my life!


Zuma Beach

At least one of us dressed for the cancerous weather. #LaidBackLuke

Woman + my bed = ❓🤔🤷‍♂️🤢🔫💥⚰️

Fun fact about @FrankieTooth: Sia used to be his foster Mom.

My friend @gmessak holding the Polaroid I took of him.

The short "Clown Service" by @TigNotaro that I was in is now online. Watch on Tig's Vimeo.

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