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Honestly my favorite thing in like ever! @KatieMalia forever! Full video link in bio.

Slipped on a 🍌

It's done!

That's a complete and total absolute final wrap on #NeutralMovie! I wish there were special words that you had to reserve and pay to use that meant more than just thank you cause I'd use them right now for everyone who funded, worked on, supported and helped make this movie happen! It's all done because of you! + @elbowgrease_ @muttachukn_higgins @vivi.vivivivi @stoneysharp @thecompletionist @egofaptor @mrhollywood76

My new pal @Mike__Dallas came to LA for the first time from Montreal and we ripped it up. He ripped it a little harder than me.

One of my favorite throwbacks! 📸 @liezlwashere

Developed some film 📸🎞 ➡️

Developed some film. Here's me and @KatieMalia back in 94'.

Cheffid's secret show.

Partying with my pal @AndrewWK today!

Slow motion test.

I would like to take a moment to appreciate my blender. It's from the 60's and works perfectly! I use it everyday, sometimes twice a day and is quieter than modern blenders. Thanks blender. #WaringFuturaSeries

Here's a first teaser of my movie. There's a 2 week fundraiser link in my bio to finish the final slow mo/stunt scenes. Almost done! Thanks for watching! #NeutralMovie 🎶 @_shadrew_

Seth and his band 🌠💫🌌 📷 @barnattphoto

If you have @PopTV or #ViaPlay you can see me on #SwedishDicks. I stretch my acting skills for a beefy role as a cult member.

"Rear end" the scenes! #NeutralMovie #76hilux

I FINALLY got to play Jeffrey Dahmer on @AdamRuinsEverything.

Spent 3 of my favorite days on earth filming the short. All thanks to so many great people. ➡️ 📷 @barnattphoto #NeutralMovie

Everyone is happy to be here. EVERYONE! #NeutralMovie 📷 @barnattphoto

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