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Zuma Beach

Good day.

Zuma Beach

At least one of us dressed for the cancerous weather. #LaidBackLuke

Woman + my bed = ❓🤔🤷‍♂️🤢🔫💥⚰️

Fun fact about @FrankieTooth: Sia used to be his foster Mom.

My friend @gmessak holding the Polaroid I took of him.

The short "Clown Service" by @TigNotaro that I was in is now online. Watch on Tig's Vimeo.

📷 @csiobhan

📷 @csiobhan

Ring side at a little wrestling show. #WrestleMania33

I miss taking pictures with my brother. @BarnattPhoto

Arcade upgrade.

I've been discovering a lot of Keith art. This is one of my favorites. By @AtariMonkey

I did it! I put my dang nose on my dang knees! I definitely did not think I would actually do it when I started stretching 4 weeks ago. Well, that's cool. My new goal is putting my chest flat on my legs.

One of my favorite videos! #ClassicGamingWiz @katmburns @laura_not_lauren_ @paulbcummings @fantomenk

My son. @FrankieTooth 📷 @csiobhan

We saw a mountain lion. So we left. @FrankieTooth

I had the best worst day of my life thanks to @igndotcom. I puked 4 times while playing a game in a fighter jet.

Happy #WorldBookDay! Next month my photo book #GoingOstrich will finally be released thanks to @Kmart. @BarnattPhoto and I have been working on it for a year and a half and we're beyond excited! Special thanks to @runwayroadkill

My oooown brothers.

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