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Полузащитник и вице-капитан мюнхенской «Баварии», а также капитан сборной Германии по футболу. Победитель, а также двукратный бронзовый призер чемпионата мира. Обладатель серебряной и бронзовой медалей чемпионата Европы.
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👊⚽️ #BS31 @chicagofire

Gestern hatte mein Bruder Geburtstag! Happy birthday Tobi 🎁! Ich wünsche dir nur das Beste. @tobias_schweinsteiger

Toyota Park

Thanks so much to all for your support! Wasn't the outcome we hoped for. We need to keep on working hard the rest of the season. @chicagofire @mls

Looking forward to our opening game tomorrow at home. Let's go Fire!👊⚽ #CHIvSKC #MLSisBack @chicagofire

Only 5 days until our first official match of the season.😆✌️#BS31 @chicagofire

Last night's dinner attire.😀What restaurants should I check out in Chicago?

Thank you for all your support.👊Win the new home jersey signed by me. Visit @chicagofire for more info. #BS31

Chicago, Illinois

It’s very very good to be back home in Chicago❤️ @anaivanovic

What a game today! We're going to the finals!!🇩🇪👍Congrats to the German ice hockey team👊 #winterolympics


Good morning from Florida. ⚽🌴

Control the ball.⚽️💪#BS31 #training @chicagofire


Give your smile to everyone, but give your love to only one. Happy Valentine's Day my love❤ @anaivanovic

Lake Michigan

Had a fun few days in Chicago with @anaivanovic.❄️😃Now back to Florida for pre-season.⚽️ #backtowork

Chicago, Illinois

Afternoon stroll with @anaivanovic.❄️❤️ #chicago #snowday

Toyota Park

😜⚽️👊#flashbackfriday #gooaaalll

Mood😜⚽️🔝#training #BS31 @chicagofire

Post your questions for me in the comments below.😄👇I will be answering your top questions tomorrow on my Instagram story.👊#BS31

Preparing for the upcoming season.💪⚽️ @chicagofire #training #BS31

2nd day of training in Florida☀️⚽️ @rafaelramos_27 @jkappelhof4 @chicagofire #mls #BS31

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