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For those of you who don’t know, I am a horror film fanatic. It all started when I was 6 years old. I was on a play date where my friend tied me up in his room, put on Child’s Play and left the room, forcing me to watch it alone... I remember shutting my eyes and feeling my heart thump against my chest as my hands were bound, so I couldn’t use my fingers as ear plugs.... I could have screamed to get my friend’s mother’s attention, but I chose not to. It was a real tug and pull - I was terrified, yet I loved the adrenaline rush. In that moment, my love affair with horror films was born. I then jumped into all of the classics like, The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, Psycho, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to name a few. Here’s a behind the scenes photo of Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson from one of my favorite’s, The Shining 🔪 What’s your favorite horror film?

Hudson Yards New York

LA meets Dubai meets Mars 🛸 Thank you for having us @hudsonyards ✨🏙 We were completely blown away. What an incredible endeavor 👏🏻 #HelloHudsonYards 📷: @dimitrioskphoto

New York, New York

Over a year ago I received a vaccination. The morning after, I woke up and my legs were sore, aching all over, almost as if I had ran a marathon. When I went back into my doctor’s office he got completely defensive and made me feel like I was imagining the whole thing... Several weeks later I got up one morning and I couldn’t get out of bed. It felt like pins and needles all up my leg and I didn’t have the strength to stand. I felt completely helpless. Over time and with the help of my osteopath my nerves began to subside and today I feel much better. Some days I still have slight discomfort here and there, but it’s nothing compared to what is was before which I am grateful for 🙏🏻 I was never aware of vaccination damage and after doing some research I was shocked to see how many people suffer from Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS). I’m not saying do not vaccinate, but the fact that all of these side effects are swept under the carpet is not right, so just please inform yourself 💉

Since we all had that nice breather from the gram a couple days ago, I didn’t get to post this one ✨ Happy Birthday mom! I’ve always loved this picture of you. I believe it not only captures your beauty, but the beautiful light that radiates around you ✨ We love you @kathyhilton 💖

Landmark Tavern

St. Patrick’s Day landed on one of the first dates Tessa and I had. Since then we’ve kept up the tradition - watching the parade on 5th then finding the oldest Irish pub we could come across where we’d indulge in our fair share of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes ☘️

Happy Birthday man ❣️ @antonyelchinphoto #LurkersForLife

New York, New York

This weekend was a real grounding one for Tessa and me. We really listened to our bodies and took the rest we needed. We also completed our move which we couldn’t be more stoked about! 😮 Stay golden everybody ✨💛✨

BTS photo of Tim Curry and cast from Stephen King’s It (1990.) 🖤

My partner in everything ✨

When I look into your eyes nothing else matters 🌬✨ 📷: @frederic.monceau

New York, New York

We’re back where it all started and there’s no place I’d rather be... I cannot wait to start this new chapter of our lives together... 💙 🌬❄️

🖤 @boss 📷: @zefashioninsider

Bali, Indonesia

Your kiss, those eyes, that laugh... There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t realize how lucky I am... I am so grateful for your existence and the love and light that you bring to everything around you 💡 Happy Birthday my love 💘 02/20/19 ✨ Over our honeymoon I surprised Tessa with a bubble tent on the beach in Bali. We trekked through a jungle that lead us to our private oasis. Seeing the look on her face when we got there is something I’ll never forget. Everything was perfectly aligned... Here’s some raw footage from that special day ✨

Thank you for having us @boss #BossCurated #ThisIsBoss

When you accidentally match accordingly 🌹🌹🌹

Amongst all the chaos you always stay true to yourself. I’ve always admired that... thought this picture pretty much sums that up. Happy Birthday Portis! ✨ Love you #IDontSmokeAnymore 🚭

Spring Studios

Always a good time @theblondsny ⚡️

Without self love you cannot truly love another. I spent many years of my life in self-doubt and insecurity and it wasn’t until I learned to sit with myself that I saw change. This morning I recounted all of the obstacles I have overcome and I know I wouldn’t be here today without the support of my beautiful, loving and caring wife @tessahiltonofficial. You have changed my whole perspective on life and have brought me a clarity to the universe that I will forever cherish. I love you more than words can define, feelings can express and thought can imagine. 🐣💡🦊 Happy Valentines Day my love 02/14/19 💘

New York, New York

✨@enews x #nyfw✨

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