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Saint Barthélemy

Suiting up 💍 #TessaBarron2018 @belluccinapoli

Saint Barthélemy

#TessaBarron2018 💐🐣💍

Saint Barthélemy

One month later and still in awe by all of the love and incredible energy this weekend... Happy one month my love 🐣💘 #TessaBarron2018

សៀម រាប Siem Reap, Cambodia

My muse 🔷

Woke up to the best news on the last day of our honeymoon! My best friend/best “man” @alanashlenker got engaged to the love of her life @michaeldavidov! So happy to keep the festivities going! Love you both, we couldn’t be happier 😭 #DavidovTheMarket

Song Saa Private Island

Song Saa is composed of two islands, Koh Ouen, meaning ‘woman’, and Koh Bong, meaning ‘man’. They sit together side by side and so earned the local name ‘Song Saa’, meaning ‘The Sweethearts’ in Khmer. Right next door to our villa is Koh Bong which is kept as a natural preserve and is home to one of my favorite animals, the flying fox 🦊

Song Saa Collective

🌅🌴 #TheAsianExcursion

Koh Rong, Kaoh Kong, Cambodia

The Song Saa Foundation is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 to protect the habitats of the Koh Rong Archipelago and improve the welfare of it’s communities. Today they have launched a broad range of conservation and humanitarian initiatives that go well beyond the borders of the archipelago. From establishing the kingdom’s first marine reserve they have grown to become a preeminent coastal marine NGO, helping improve the lives of local people and promoting the protection of the environment wherever their work takes them ♻️ Today Mr. P showed us their outstanding contributions to the local village 🌎 @songsaacollective @songsaafnd #TheAsianExcursion

Song Saa Collective

🛁➕🌊 = 😌 #TheAsianExcursion

Song Saa Collective

Double vanity ✔️ Insane view ✔️ #TheAsianExcursion

Song Saa Collective

About ten years ago an Australian couple came to Cambodia for their honeymoon and came across an island that was completely ridden with trash. What they learned was that the trash was not coming from the local village, but from Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. They decided to stay for a week and completely cleaned up the island. They said then and there if the island was ever up for sale they would love to buy it. Three weeks later, the island was theirs and with the permission of the local village, Song Saa was born through local materials, by local hands, keeping sustainability as the foundation ♻️🌎 Over these past couple of weeks, Tessa and I have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world and were completely heartbroken to see the amount of pollution covering the bays, beaches and cities. A lot of this has to do with the government, lack of laws, and poor education. This has really inspired us to help put a stop to this horrible atrocity and Song Saa is a leading example of what we strive to accomplish... @songsaacollective @songsaafnd #TrueCambodian #TheAsianExcursion

Song Saa Collective

Four countries later and we’ve made it to the seed that planted it all 🇰🇭 @songsaacollective #TheAsianExcursion

Halong Bay, Vietnam

👾 #TheAsianExcursion

Halong Bay, Vietnam


Halong Bay, Vietnam

⛰💚🛶 #TheAsianExcursion

Đảo Ti Tốp, Hạ Long

Always home when I’m with you... 🌅 #TheAsianExcursion

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Sails up ⛵️ #TheAsianExcursion

Cát Bà, Hải Phòng, Vietnam

Yesterday we missed our bus to Cat Ba and had to navigate our way through the city of Hanoi where practically nobody speaks English. After four busses and two ferries we finally made it... I love getting lost with you my love 🌀💙 #TheAsianExcursion

The Chai Lai Orchid

My girls 🐣💘🐘 #ChaiLaiOrchid #TheAsianExcursion

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