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Tel Aviv, Israel

This is MY body. I chose how it is displayed. I chose who touches it. 📸: @ran_all_over

Steigenberger Wiltcher's Hotel

No one is going to stop us from continuing to live out of rockstar fantasies, travel the world, and be the bad asses that we are. Thank you @steigenbergerwiltchers and @topsecretcommunication for making the fantasy a reality. #steigenbergerwiltchers #belgium #liveyourbestlife

Gent, Belgium

Taking a knee for all of us who have been held back from living our best lives because someone thought they had the right to tell us who we should be, what we should do, and how we should do it. The games over. New rules are being made. #Belgium #Gent #BoyBye

When we release the shame we hold onto because of other’s words, actions, or behaviors, we allow ourselves time to heal and then rise above. Tag someone who needs to hear this. Thrive my darlings. #freedom

TRIGGER WARNING. Please note this is from when I was 19, and when I first encountered the man who would leave me with my own #metoo experience. It’s not a picture I want to hear compliments about, but start a conversation with. The statement I’ve written attached to this picture is now linked in my bio. I please ask you to take a few minutes and read the entire thing before leaving any comment or question. This conversation is a very long one, and will continue for a long time. This is bigger than me, and as more people come forward it grows bigger and bigger. Again, I can’t thank you enough for your patience and support.

The ultimate WHY. #metoo

Coming forward with this story was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do. However, the past 24 hours have been the most emotional reminder of why I chose to come forward. The amount of people who have messaged me sharing their similar stories has been gut wrenching and heartbreaking. This isn’t about me, this is about an industry that preys on men and women who are made to feel like they are disposable. This is just the beginning, and I plan on continuing to use my platform to push for real change. Furthermore, I hope this sparks a larger conversation within the gay community because there are countless stories within our community that have been pushed aside because our sexuality somehow makes it less of a big deal. For everyone who still has questions, I ask you to please take the time and read the article - the link is in my bio. Lastly, the amount of love and support that I’ve received has left me both speechless and emotionally drained because it’s been overwhelmingly kind, compassionate, and loving. I was so scared that when I came forward people wouldn’t believe me, or understand how this could happen, but you’ve all quieted that voice, and helped heal the 19 year old boy who thought he’d have to carry this secret forever. Thank you. I am so deeply humbled and honored. #metoo

New York, New York

I thank you for your compassion, your understanding, and your support. This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. #metoo - full article linked in my bio.

Crema, Italy

You guys we totally fell in love just like in #CallMeByYourName while in Crema, Italy! JK, this fine human, @teraj08 is happily taken, but has been a great partner in crime as we explore all over Italy with @quiikytravel + @q_magazine. It’s been so amazing to connect with so many great new people, share our stories, and learn about ourselves and #Italia. Many of the iconic shots from Call Me By Your Name we’re shot in Crema, and it was impossible to not feel like we were thrown right into the movie. Everything felt so cinematic and romantic. When I have a lover, I’ll definitely have to come back and live out all those 🍑 fantasies. Any takers?! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Till then I’m going to continue to romance the shit out of myself. 📸: @g.kuks #cmbyntour #lgbttravel #enit #crema

Ristorante Villa Fabrizia

Living my Italian Fairytale dreams with @quiikytravel. What do we think Disney would name this adventure? Swipe to zoom in 🙈 #italia #dreams #cmbyntour #enit #lgbttravel


I’m trying really hard to get the vibes for this #CallMeByYourName tour with @quiikytravel right. Found vintage in Berlin at @picknweight that felt super on point, and it’s impossible to not feel like you’re in the movie when you are literally where they filmed. How do you guys think I’m doing?! Call Me By Your Name was highly emotional for me as I think it was for a lot of us, so to be experiencing anything close to the movie is giving me all the feels. Italian holidays should be a requirement to live life, and everyone should have to live abroad in one of the Romance language countries because they just know how to passionately live life. Ugh, so obsessed! 📸: @g.kuks #sirmione #sirmionedelgarda #italia #italy #vintage

Ristorante Villa Fabrizia

Rise and shine darlings. It’s another beautiful day, and while we may be miles apart I’m bringing you along every step of the way while I explore #Italy and venture to all the places they films #CallMeByYourName. Tag a friend who you’d take with you to do this epic tour, and follow @quiikytravel. I’m going to post 10 of you who do this in my stories! P.S. This was totally natural and I had no idea someone was taking my picture - not 🤪. #quiiky #cmbyntour #italia #blessedaf #iwokeuplikethis

Cucina Maddalena

Not the biggest wino but when you end up on a local winery in Italy you go for it. @Cascinamaddalena continued to make me feel all the #CallMeByYourName vibes as this family ran establishment served up some of the most delizioso food and drink I’ve had. And yes, yes I did end up drunk after the first glass because I am such a lightweight. 🤦🏻‍♂️ @quiikytravel 📸: @g.kuks

Lake Garda, Italy

To say Italy has been a dream would be an understatement. Arriving at Sirmione and seeing beautiful old castles, swimming in Lake Garda, and exploring the spot where they found the ancient relic in Call Me By Your Name was incredible. I’m so excited to show you guys more and more of Italy and how amazing it is to be #LGBTQ abroad. Who else was/is obsessed with #CallMeByYourName, and would be so down to do this Italian tour of where they filmed the movies with @quiikytravel and q_magazine? #LGBTtravel #CMBYNtour #ENIT #italy

Madrid, Spain

Obsessed with grandma vintage shirts, Madrid vibes, and white vans with high socks. What are you cruising hard in right now? 📸: @ran_all_over #vibes #españa

Hielo y Carbon

I’m forever going to be daydreaming about this weekend in Madrid. I can’t get over how magical everything was. From my stay @hyattcentricmadrid, to eating @hieloycarbon and looking out into the Spanish streets of people loving life, to the overwhelming love and welcoming feelings I felt the entire time. I’ve traveled a decent amount, but coming back to Madrid my heart always feels so incredibly alive. I want to bring out the Spaniard in me, and I think it’s finally time I made this move. Any suggestions to make it a real thing are beyond welcome. P.S. I may have indulged in the 10% of me that isn’t fully vegan yet, and I think it’s important to share this because no one is perfect, and we all are on a journey to be better but experience as much life as possible. Sending all the vibes out to you guys today! #hieloycarbon #hyattcentricmadrid #Madrid #Pride #hearthappy #travelmore

Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid

Living my best fake rockstar life here in Madrid @hyattcentricmadrid and I’m not angry about it all. Obsessed with everything about life right now. Life is full of choices, and it’s up to you how you want to tackle those choices. Say yes more, say hello more, consciously breathe life in more. I promise it’s that simple. P.S. How dope is this vintage grandma shirt I found in Berlin?! Much love to everyone right now! Big thanks to @ran_all_over for helping me get this shot, and for reminding me strangers can become friends in the matter of minutes. #hyattcentricmadrid #madrid #pride #travelmore #grateful

Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid

I’ve landed safe and sound in Madrid for what has already been an epic #Pride. Feeling blessed af while hanging out on the rooftop of the @hyattcentricmadrid and soaking in all the Spanish vibes I can. I’ve always said Spain is such a sexy country, and it knows how to bring out that side of you, which I personally am so ok with. I couldn’t feel more grateful to be in this incredible country/city, meeting all the incredible people I have, and staying in the heart of this incredible cuidad. Hiking my own hike never felt so good! Who has been? Who hasn’t? And who thinks I should move here?! 📸: @rudolfazzi #Madrid #Spain #Espana #hyattcentricmadrid #eurotrip #lgbtq

Berlin, Germany

This is @biancagochuico. Some of you may have seen here on my @instagram before. She was the King to my Artisan, and because of her my life truly is better than I could’ve ever imagined personally and professionally. She is a someone I go to for inspiration, when I’m feeling down, and just to feel sublimely happy with. This whole #eurotrip started with her, and today we broke off as I head to Madrid and she heads to Crete to finish off her epic #friendsmoon (a giant group of us went on her and her husband’s honeymoon). I just want to say thank you to Bianca for loving and accepting me, for being a shoulder to cry and Lena on, and for giving me the honor of being her #manofhonor! I love you B! Tag a friend that makes you feel this way. #soulmate #grateful

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