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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Celebrated Earth Day a day late, but it was so worth it. Seeing the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was so beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful. It's been proven in scientific research that if you spend more time in nature you will have lower levels of stress. Enjoy the beauty that this planet gifts us, and remember to fight to protect it. This is all of our planet, and we can't let a few greedy people destroy this magnificent creation. Leave a 🌸 below if you feel the same way. Happy Sunday my loves. #nature #cherryblossom #nycweekend #canadiantuxedo #mindfulness

New York, New York

FITNESS FRIDAY is back! TAG & CHALLENGE a friend to today's full body bodyweight HIIT CHALLENGE. 10 jump ropes - 10 high knees - 10 jumping jacks - 10 squat | push up combos. Go hard for 1 minute. Rest 30 seconds. Repeat 5 -10 more sets depending on your fitness level. Remember 5 minutes is better than 0, and we all need a day one to start back up. Good luck! #hiit #hiitworkout #fitspiration #fitguys #fitfreak

New York, New York

TAG your workout fit friends. Let's bring it back to the basics. Stretching is vital to keeping your body warmed up and safe everyday. Make sure to stretch for at least 15 minutes everyday, especially before you workout! Happy Humpday! #stretch #stretching #humpday #fitspiration #hairspiration #nike

New York, New York

Spring is actually here! Can I get a hallelujah! #menstyle #hairspiration #fashioninspo #springstyle #newyork

Christopher Street Pier

Big Happy Birthday to @teddytiddles. As we get older it's harder to find people that we just click with, and Teddy was one of those people right off the bat when we first met. You're a gem Ted! P.S New video up on YouTube, HOW TO BE A MODEL. Click the link on my bio to watch. #birthday #birthdayboy #chicago #newyork

Salon SCK

Feeling the #Coachella vibes from the east coast this weekend. Gotta give a big shoutout to @salonsck for hooking my flow up with the summer vibes. Tap photo to find out who the gurus behind this sunkissed and cropped masterpiece are. P.S honestly had the best manicure and pedicure I've ever had there. Dudes it's important to maintain once in a while. 🙌🏼 #hairspiration #summervibes #menshair #nochella


Desert vibes from the outback. #FBF #desertvibes #notcoachella #uluru #seeaustralia

New York, New York

I'm posting this picture, which was originally created to support gay marriage as my support for what is going on in Chechnya. Right now, in 2017, concentration camps have been set up to round up gay men and women because of their braveness to live as their authentic selves. We cannot let this continue for one more second. This goes against basic humanity, and people have already been killed. Fuck this. We can't sit idly by while horrific acts like this continue. Please head over to the link in my bio to find out different ways you can start to help. Get loud now! Put pressure on your representatives no matter what country you live in. To my other influencer friends now is not the time to sit quietly by because you're worried about brands, followers, likes. Use your platforms for something bigger than yourself. #gay #lgbt #gayisok #dumptrump #chechnya #prayforchechnya

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

New SYDNEY VLOG now up! Australia was incredible, and I'm excited to share with you guys what I saw. Click the link on my bio to watch! P.S. I honestly don't know if I've ever smiled so big. #sydney #currumbin #australia #seeaustralia #koala

Orange Beach, Alabama

These two might not realize it, but everything I do is for them, because of them, and in honor of them. @zachpall and @hunterbrooklyn9 are my two favorite people in the world, and they just happen to be my younger siblings. We've been through a lot as a family, and no one will ever truly understand everything the way the three of us do. I'm honored to be their big brother, and grateful to have them as my younger siblings. Check out my instastory for a special tribute to them, and Happy National Siblings Day. Love you Z + H. #bigbrother #nationalsiblingsday #brotherbear #family #mybabes

New York, New York

Embracing my new found Aussie style, and clay tones for spring. I actually went to an Aussie cafe for brunch, and a table asked if they could order with me thinking I worked there because I blended in so well. Killing it. Haha. Happy Sunday everyone! #barrettlust #aussie #springstyle #mensfashion #menshair #springvibes

New York, New York

Let's have a serious talk for a minute @who. Today is WORLD HEALTH DAY. It's an extremely important and under discussed day when we look at our communities and check in around the world. This year's main topic is DEPRESSION. As a behavior change specialist, life coach, and personal trainer I know first hand too many people deal with depression, but it's an avoided conversation. It's real. It needs to be discussed. Not all depression looks, acts, and feels the same. Remember mental health is health. You need to work your mind out the same way you work your body out. You shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed if you're dealing with this. It's ok. You can work your way out of this, and you're amazing. Ask the people In your life how they're doing. Sometimes it just takes a simple question to start a conversation. Be open. Be brave. Be bold. I wrote a piece a while ago called 11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Happy that addresses some important mental health issues. Feel free to check it out by clicking the link on my main bio. And if you're feeling down then reach out to a trained professional, a friend, or family member. People want to be there for you. I'm here for you. Stand up to stigmas, fight hard to make your life what you want it to be, and remember you can change whatever you want in your own world. #worldhealthday #depression #mentalhealth #letstalk #mentalhealthawareness #united

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

This one time in Australia I got kissed by a kangaroo. It was magical, and completely unexpected. 😍#bucketlist #seeaustralia #barrettlust #barrettlust

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Missing this. 🏄🏽 It's been a doozy since I got back to New York, but I'm finally settled in my new place and I can't wait to share all the exciting things that are happening in my life! What's new with you guys?! #australia #barrettlust #byronbay #seeaustralia #bucketlist

New York, New York

So I'm not normally a fan of dating apps, but when you're single and something new pops up, I figure sometimes it's fun to throw caution to the wind. @mamba_dating is one of the latest crazes for dating apps internationally, and you can download it by clicking on the link on my bio. Who knows we might even just be a match?! #thisismamba #mamba #bestdatingapp #bestmatch #ad

One&Only Hayman Island

My "Treat-Yourself" Weekend @oohaymanisland now up on the blog! Read all about this epic weekend, my final few days being 28, and the amazing people I met. Click the link on my bio to check it all out! Sending so much love to everyone there now as the weather is being extremely temperamental. 🙌🏼 #bucketlist #barrettlust #grateful #seeaustralia #haymanisland


I've been wanting to use this emoji so badly. 🐪🐪🐪 #uluru #seeaustralia #grateful #barrettlust #bucketlist

Skydive Uluru

Nothing but pure happiness while crossing off another #bucketlist item off! I got to see @exploreuluru from literally every angle thanks to @skydiveuluru! #exploreuluru #uluru #barrettlust #seeaustralia #grateful #thanksSam

Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park

Feeling mind, body, and soul strong. This trip to Australia didn't come about by accident, it didn't happen how it was planned, and I'm grateful for all of it. My final exploration in Australia @exploreuluru has been the perfect reminder to follow the flow of my soul, dance to the beat of my heart, and let my body be used for adventure, not just lifting weights at the gym. Get out of your stuffy, suffocating, boring job and educate yourself with the knowledge of the world and the people who live on it. We were all made to do this. #bucketlist #barrettlust #seeaustralia #grateful #exploreuluru #knowledge

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