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Madrid, Spain

I see you. I feel you. I am you. New blog now up - click the link on my bio to read and understand how you are more than you realize. 📸: @papagnimeca #borntotravel #españa #madrid

Madrid, Spain

Thinking on trains across Europe. New Blog - Why Experiencing The Internal Inferno Of Heartbreak Will Lead You To Your Greatest Creation - click the link on my bio to read. Let me know what you think. XO #borntotravel #selflove #espana

Madrid, Spain

NEW BLOG - WHY EXPERIENCING THE INTERNAL INFERNO OF HEARTBREAK WILL LEAD YOU TO YOUR GREATEST CREATION - click the link on my profile to read. It’s been a while, but I’ve finally found my voice again on the topic of love. As I sit back and reflect a new maturity is present, and a deeper understanding has arrived. I hope you take a few minutes to read this piece as I’m so proud of the message it sends. Anddddd if you feel something move inside of you, I hope you share this piece with someone who you knows needs to hear these words. (Photo by - @papagnimeca) #borntotravel #love #relationshipadvice #espana


This is a pool! I saw this incredible compound while in Monaco, and was in awe of such beauty. Could you imagine swimming here? How cool would that view be?! 🤗 #borntotravel #monaco #cotedazur

Segovia, Spain

Peace + Love from this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site - The Aqueduct of Segovia. Hope you babes had a fantastic weekend! Did you guys also get up to some fun? (Love sweater from @anclademar) #segovia #espana #borntotravel

Segovia, Spain

The adventure continues. Today I headed out of Madrid with my boo to Segovia. It’s a quick 45 minute train ride that costs 20€ round trip, and is super charming. If you’re looking for a cheap and cute day outside of Madrid I highly recommend getting lost in this classically Spanish town. P.S. Check out my instastory for more shots from today! #segovia #borntotravel #espana

Sydney, Australia

I was #borntotravel. Will you come with me? I can’t thank you all enough for your loving kind words, support, and sharing your hearts with me as I continue to explore my own journey. As I like to say my journey is OUR journey. Sending you all love. #fbf #australia

Berlin, Germany


Madrid, Spain

Rooftops #borntotravel

Brugge, Belgium

If you haven’t been to Brugge in Belgium then you must go! I was so impressed with the charm, beauty, and socially aware artwork throughout the city. This whale is made entirely out of plastic found in the ocean, and the social commentary around things like this are something I find extremely powerful and important as I travel. #borntotravel #barrettlust #protectouroceans

Madrid, Spain

Help your fellow bros and grow a mo. Just a little reminder that it’s @Movember this month, which means we should all be encouraging the guys in our lives to take care of themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. There is no shame admitting you need help, don’t feel well, or just need a breather. Click the link on my bio to support this important cause. #movember #moustache


Dreaming about adventures. Sometimes you just need to take the jump and go. See the world! #MonteCarlo #Monaco #BarrettLust #borntotravel

Madrid, Spain

I’ve been on a huge thrift store shopping kick as I travel, and I’ve found the coolest pieces. This shirt was 2€ and yup, I found it in the ladies section. I cut out the shoulder pads, and bam had a shirt I know no one else will be walking around in. Have you guys been wandering through the opposite gender sections? It’s totally worth just exploring to see what you might find. 📸: @heyrocco #redusereuserecycle #borntotravel #fuckgendernorms #españa #barrettlust

COAM - Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid

Madrid School Of Architecture. Graphic, glassy, and grassy. I dig it. #borntotravel #madrid #españa #architectureporn

Museo Reina Sofía

Museo Reina Sofía - a cultural experience that after 7 PM becomes free, but beware of the long lines. Inside you’ll find contemporary masters decorating the walls: Picasso, Dali, Miro, and many more. My suggestion go a little earlier, get lost with the greats, and enjoy a mellow stroll through time and history. P.S. The jacket is @zara womens. I stopped following gender norms and now wander through all stores sections to find what I really want. I hope this encourages more of you to do the same. #madrid #espana #reinasofia #borntotravel #fluidity

United States

Now this is an accurate image of what America looks like! Wow so #hearthappy! Today I want to dedicate my @Instagram to all the incredible women who are continuing to make #HERSTORY across the United States. Whether it be through flipping red seats blue, making history as the first (black, muslin, Native American, LGBTQ, Somali-American, etc) woman to be elected to a specific seat in the United States government, or for holding their seat strong - you all have shown ALL of humanity what we can do when we don’t listen to an old narrative, and that is powerful. LEAVE A ❤️ TO LET THESE AMAZING HUMANS KNOW YOU STABD WITH THEM! @elizabethwarren @ocasio2018 @shariceforcongress @tishjames2018 @rashidatlaib @ilhanmn @realjahanahayes @ayannapressley @staceyabrams #midterms #politics #thefutureisfemale #americanhistory

Today is the day we breathe, relax, and feel the change occur. Today we use our voices, our hearts, our power to make the world better. Today we unite, we fight, we love. Today is the day. Sending everyone positive vibes today, especially all my fellow Americans, who have been waiting for today with patience and anxiety, stress and excitement, nerves and anticipation. No matter what happens we will not stop the journey for truth, love, and humanity. Make sure you find some time today to reflect and just breathe, so that your peace is centered and your mind is at ease regardless of the outcomes. Much love to you all. P.S. I rarely ask things of you guys, but please share the #ohm in my insta-story. Let’s create a peaceful powerful reminder of resistance vibrationally as well as politically today. #vote #centeryourself #onlylove #resist #peaceofmind

YOUR FREEDOM IS BULLSHIT - now up on the blog. Click the link to read and feel free to answer below. *Please read before responding to the title. 🙏🏼🙌🏼❤️ #vote #freedom

New York, New York

It’s @movember, which means it’s time to get serious and talk about men’s health both physically and mentally. Culturally we’ve made it taboo to talk about these things which is crazy. One of my biggest passions is creating spaces for all men to feel like they can express themselves in all ways. I believe once we get more men less afraid to express themselves, we’ll be able to truly make the changes we need to for all the incredible women in our world who are being held back. Again, what this all comes down to is humanity, so let’s all come together to make everyone’s lives better. I hope you take this month as a jump start to have conversations about these things with the guys in your life, and get your body checked out. Also if you’d like to support #Movember and men’s health then click the link on my profile to donate and learn a little more. #menshealth #mentalhealth #mindbodysoul #womensrights #humanity

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