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DUMBO, Brooklyn

GIVEAWAY CONTEST! I'm pumped to partner with @Kiehls to bring you the chance to win some awesome prizes including: a Kiehl's Facial Fuel Swag Bag, a @GoPro HERO camera, a GoPro Shorty Mount, an SD card and @RayBan. I'm constantly motivated and inspired by pushing my body, mind, and soul to new limits, so that I can inspire you guys to do the same. What we think we can do is only limited by what we tell ourselves, so I want to see you guys get creative to show and tell me how you #FindYourFuel. For your chance to win one of the prize packs make sure to enter from 5/21 - 5/27, comment on this picture, and tell me how you #FindYourFuel. Remember creativity and quality matter, so get to it my gorgeous human beings! #KiehlsPartner For official rules click the link on my bio.

New York, New York

Sunday Naked Confessions have been on a long hiatus, but I’m happy to bring back the naked so that you may catch the confession part. I’ve been thinking a lot about the lack of control we have over our own bodies. How they can break out in rashes, we can have vision loses, and how we can lose our hair. Out of nowhere we can be diagnosed with a virus or disease, and all we can do is accept this. Our bodies truly are a vessel for our souls experience while we are here. We must treat them well, fuel them with things that are good for us, and listen to them as they age with aches and pains. We must be grateful for all that they let’s us do, and we must remember that even as they start to look different, they are still an incredible gift that we’ve been given the privilege of having. We all age, and we all will have a moment when we look back and think, “I should’ve been kinder to myself then. I didn’t realize how young, lucky, beautiful, incredible, and healthy I was.” So in this moment take stock for how incredible your body is, no matter it’s shape, size, color, or age. It’s perfect because it is the one you are in right now, and being anything but kind to it is doing yourself a disservice. Lastly, we must remember to enjoy our bodies as much as we can while they do somewhat as we ask of them. Happy Sunday you gorgeous human beings. May your week start with so much gratitude that Monday feels like a Friday. #sundaynakedconfessions #bodypositive #selflove #paradigmshift

DUMBO, Brooklyn

Dear You, Yesterday. Yesterday was one of the roughest days I’ve had in a very long time. I had to deal with some very real family issues, my body has been fighting me, and my heart was challenged with a past love. Today. Today however is a new day, and all that happened yesterday is in the past, so I choose to find the gratitude and light that can shift everything. We all have a choice everyday to be happy, peaceful, and joyful. Too many of us get stuck in a narrative that life is one way because we are addicted to that narrative. Today we chose to end that narrative and leave that unhealthy narrative in the yesterday. Remember no one’s life is all sunshine and roses, and there are very real issues happening all over. However, when we decide (because it is a choice) to create the change we need, only then will we see that our life is “perfect” because it is ours, and we’ve been learning lessons the entire time. The shift you want is not waiting for you, it is you. Today is our day! Much love. - B #today #change #shift #perfect

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

#TBT to welcoming another family tribe member to the dirty 30 club. It’s been an honor to more recently share more and more of the people that mean so much to me with all of you here on @Instagram. After all this is what Instagram is all about, sharing. Kristin or @kwill28 is an incredible person who has devoted her life to working with kids and underprivileged families to help make their situations better. She has never asked for praise, and does it because she knows it’s her life’s purpose. Throughout our 12 year friendship Kris has been a safe place for me to find solid advice, and it truly has been a blessing to share my deepest thoughts and feelings with her as our journeys continue. I want to continue to encourage you guys to share the love and gratitude you have for the special people in your life here and everywhere else. #happybirthday #dirty30 #tribe

Pensacola, Florida

This is my tribe. These are my greatest sources of inspiration. This is my kin. It’s so wild and beautiful to see someone’s whole life, and as the oldest, I’ve watched @zachpall and @hunterbrooklyn9 grow and evolve into these incredible beings. Its taken us all a few bumps in the road to finally just start to feel like we can breathe, so for everyone out there who feels like things will never get easier financially, personally, professionally, romantically, family wise or whatever, know it will, you just have to work really hard everyday in some small or big way to find your own peace of mind. Once you do that endless opportunities of growth and love will make themselves present in the present for you. Much love and happy Wisdom Wednesday. #family #tribe #itgetsbetter

New York, New York

As everyone obsesses over the same exact pair of kicks and brands, I've been hunting for something that not everyone has, but should. Standing out in a crowd is way more fun! This is why I’m pumped to let you guys know about the collaboration between @zappos + @pikolinos_shoes. Click the link on my bio to check out my latest blog and these awesome summer sneakers! #ad #zappos #summerstyle #getcomfy

Pensacola, Florida

I couldn’t be more obsessed with you if I tried. I’ve traveled all over the world, met incredible people, but @hunterbrooklyn9 you are one of the coolest, smartest, most amazing people out there. I don’t talk about my family dynamic a lot out of respect for my siblings and our parents, but my siblings and I don’t have the best relationship with our mom and dad. Since we were young we’ve dealt with unhealthy family dynamics, and in many ways I helped raised Hunter. To see the gorgeous being Hunter has evolved into brings so much joy to my heart because in many ways I see so much of myself. Hearing her say that I helped raise her at her graduation to her boyfriend meant so much to me because I wasn’t sure if she saw it that way because we were so young, and when she was only 12 I went off to university. I don’t have children, and I’m not sure I will, but to know that I in some small ways had anything to do with who Hunter is is one of the biggest #hearthappy experiences of my life. I imagine this is what parents feel, but more than anything I’m honored to look her with admiration, love, and friendship. Remember that families come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and aren’t necessarily created through blood bonds, so continue to search for the people who just fundamentally get you, and don’t forget sometimes you don’t have to look too far. I love you Hunter more than I can express, and seeing you rock out in the car ride home from the beach and seeing so much of myself will be a moment I cherish forever. Tag someone below who has become family to you, and let’s kick this weekend off right! ❤️ #fridayfeelgood #familygoals #gulfcoast


We all deserve to have the biggest and brightest smile! Andddd because of that I’m super pumped to introduce you guys to the @glogoodfoundation! This amazing foundation is helping people all over get their smiles back, and you can help! I’ve teamed up with the dentists at @jblnewyorkcity, and for every person who gets a whitening at their office they will donate $50 to the Glo Good Foundation! I had never had my teeth whitened, and we know instagram is full of whitening promos, but this isn’t one of those. I honestly had the best experience, my teeth weren’t sensitive at all, which is something I was super vocal about not wanting to experience, and the technology these dentists use is top of the line. Being able to feel a little brighter, and add some goodness to the world are two things that make me smile! #WhatMakesYouSmile?! #getgoing #cheesinghard

Mobile, Alabama

Dear #InstaFam it is with the greatest of honor that I introduce to you, @hunterbrooklyn9, my incredibly amazing, intelligent, double major, newly graduated from Spring Hill College little sister! Hunter I couldn’t be prouder of you. You have faced and overcome obstacles in your 23 years that many people will never have to deal with in their lifetime. You’ve worked hard, done it with grace, and maintained your inner and outer beauty along the way. I may be biased because you are my sister, but I couldn’t be prouder of you in every single way. You truly are one of the biggest inspirations in my life to do better, be better, and lead by example. You have blossomed into one of the most incredible people I know, and spending this magical day with you has been a gift I will cherish forever. May the world be your oyster, and may you continue to make it a better place. Congratulations to all the newly graduated seniors across the globe, but specifically congrats baby girl, you did it! #graduation #classof2018 #family #myeverythings #hearthappy


I think this is going to be my new go to pose. I feel like modeling taught me to always look serious, and try to make my face as “angry” and “perfect” as possible. This just feels way more like me. You guys feeling it? P.S. the #lewk is 2 pieces. Tap for style details / these are paper flowers! #birdofparadise #romphim #springhassprung

Mexico City, Mexico

Can you see me? Can you really see me? What do you see when you look at me? Is it a reflection of yourself in some way? Is it a quick momentary thought that dances through your subconscious? Is it a reminder of who you are, who you want to be, who we both are? This is a thought I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember. I’ve felt the need to explain myself, my intellect, my passion, my hard work, my drive for as long as I can remember because for a long time all I thought people saw was my “avatar.” As I grow deeper into myself, and challenge myself to not rely on the person I thought so many people wanted me to be, I feel like I start to recognize who I am more and more, and not only in the mirror, but in my soul. So rather than ask if you can see me, I ask can you see the love, the compassion, the kindness that we all are connected through, and beyond seeing it, can you feel it? Leave one of these 🙌🏼🙏🏼❤️ if you feel it. #gratitude

Plaza de la Constitución (Ciudad de Guatemala)

What is one place you’ve been to that changed you as a human being? 21.2 million people live in the metropolitan area of Mexico City, which makes #CDMX the most populated city in the Western Hemisphere. I don’t know what I expected to see as I traveled through Mexico City and saw the historical structures, or met the warm people, but it far exceeded anything I had constructed in my mind based of some past travels to beach areas in Mexico, and one-sided narratives coming from the USA. Right now in America, our current administration has painted Mexico as an enemy. A country full of people that are dying to get into the United States of America by any means possible, and take our jobs and culture, but after having the privilege to be welcomed into our sister country, which I think many of us forget is technically part of North America (making Mexicans Americans too), this couldn’t be farther from the truth. I can’t stress enough how thriving Mexico is, and how the media here in the USA has allowed a narrative of the USA needing an enemy to paint this country as our poor poor sister. Yes there are problems in Mexico, but there are problems in every country, and it was very eye opening to meet people from all walks of life, who had all different opinions about their own country and ours. The amount of Mexicans I met that have traveled to Europe, and skip over the US was amazing to me, but because of who we paint ourselves as to the world, a lot of these amazing people just don’t have interest in coming to our country. The more we physically and metaphorically build walls the more damage we are doing to not only ourselves, but the world. I can’t stress how important it is to remove yourself from the comforts of your own life and explore other cities and countries because you very quickly learn how similar we all are, and fundamentally how we all want the same things: love, community, a chance to make the world better. The world is changing fast, so get stop holding yourself back and start exploring. You’ll never want to stop, and it truly makes you a better person! 📷: @manumanuti #Mexico #MexicoCity #TravelMore #ComfortZone #ChallengeYourself

Envy Club

#TBT to my incredible time in Mexico City and teaming up with @smirnoffmx to launch their new Tamarindo flavor. I couldn’t have asked for a better first time in Mexico City, or a better brand to team up with to enjoy this incredible place. I truly felt a sense of joy from the second I landed, and that feeling was carried through my whole trip. I kept saying, “I’m not sure why I’m leaving,” but all I know is I have so many reasons to go back now. Thank you to Smirnoff Mexico, everyone who blessed me with their kindness, and to all the people that came out to support this launch and dance the night away with me. So grateful! Have you guys tried this flavor yet? Have you guys been to #CDMX? Let me know below! 📷: @manumanuti #MexicoCity #SmirnoffMX #SmirnoffTamarindo #Spicy #LGBTQ

Centro Histórico De La Ciudad De México. Cdmx.

Getting lost in Mexico City has been incredible. Downtown took my breath away as I wondered through so much history with some of the best tour guides. #CDMX is so under represented in our media as a booming developed city, and I’m so grateful to finally get to see the magic this city has to offer. The architecture reminds me so much of Europe, the culture’s roots are so ancient and rich, and the hospitality of everyone I’ve met has been next level. If you haven’t visited Mexico City yet than you must add this incredible city to your travel list ASAP! Big thanks to @manumanuti for snapping some pics for me, and @ggerardooooo and @davidfelixm for making this trip incredible. Lastly, the more you travel, the more you realize how amazing our earth is. We must do our part to protect her, love her, and care for her. Happy Earth Day babes! #MexicoCity #TravelMore #Mexico #Obsessed #EarthDay

Blanco Colima

Finding magic all over Mexico City. Blanco Colima in Roma is beyond gorgeous in terms of space and food. Truly a must when coming to visit. I think I may have to live in #CDMX at some point soon. Reason 1: People are beyond friendly and hospitable. Reason 2: The weather is PERFECT. Reason 3: There is so much history. Reason 4: It’s not that far from home and merges many things I love. Reason 5: I can finally learn Spanish properly. #MexicoCity #Roma #travelmore

Mexico City, Mexico

Hola Mexico City! It’s time to explore another world, another city, another part of myself. It’s only been a little over 24 hours and I’m loving it here! The warmth, the culture, the history...I’m a fan! Any recs - help your boy out below! P.S LA traffic is child’s play compared to this! #mexicocity #cdmx #travelmore 📷: @davidfelixm

New York, New York

Stop trying. Just be. Just do. It’s that simple. What is something you’ve been trying to be forever? What is something you’ve been trying to do forever? Stop. Right now, if you truly reflect on everything you are, chances are that you aren’t trying to be this, or that you’ve been trying to do that, but rather you are this, and you’ve been doing that. The problem arises when we constantly compare ourselves to other people. As long as we compare ourselves, we will never fully appreciate the hard work we’ve done, and who we’ve become. I know in the moments I compare myself to other influencers, people in the health and wellness space, or anyone else, I automatically start to discredit my own victories, my own strength, my own power, my own journey. The same goes for looks, body shapes, where we live, etc. Let’s say you want to be an influencer, and you keep comparing yourself to someone who has 1 million followers. Chances are you will never feel like you’ve done what you set out to do. However, if you stop and appreciate the fact that you have even 5 followers that truly appreciate your work then you are in fact an influencer. It all comes down to the specifics. We constantly forget to be as specific as possible, and loosely say what we want, or even worse, what we don’t want. I promise you, if you truly sat and thought about everything in your life, the things you’ve asked for, you’ve gotten, you just haven’t been as specific as possible, and so you feel like all your past victories aren’t fulfilling. Crazy, right?! Let it go right now and give yourself some fucking credit! You deserve it. Now start making things a bit more specific, continue to work hard, and let the universe know what you truly and specifically want. It will answer all of this, so be careful what you wish for. Much Love & Light! #reflect #grateful #theuniverse #justbe #justdo

Mondays are another opportunity to start the man made work week off how you want to. If you dread Mondays then stop, take a second, and adjust at least one part of your day to be better. List 5 things you’re grateful for below. 1. Waking up in a warm and dry space while it’s raining in NYC. 2. Having natural light all over my apartment because it shifts my mood. 3. This past weekend was the perfect mixture of friend time and me time. 4. Books - they offer knowledge in so many ways. 5. Dogs - they just always make me happy. #gratitude #perspective #yogi #mondaymotivation


#FBF to one of the most amazing opportunities to be a part of the @escollectionofficial 2018 Summer Campaign. Not only was Formentera one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever gotten to visit, but the vibe of all the people on this shoot was truly magic. This experience reminded me why I originally got into modeling, and it felt like such a gift to welcome these gorgeous humans into my #hearthappy family and leave them with my yellow butterfly. Make sure to check out the whole campaign and the suits are lit! #escollection #formentera #spain #gratitude

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