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New York, New York

It's time for another adventure! Today I fulfill one of my top bucket list items and head to Australia for a month. I'm so excited, nervous, and a mix of so many other emotions. I can't wait to share this journey with you guys, and to learn even more about myself through this adventure. Because that's what this thing life is all about, learning who we really are, and spreading as much love as possible along the way. #australia #explorer #wanderlust #bucketlist #herewego

New York, New York

"40 Reasons Why I Will Always Love My Exes" now up on the blog. Click the link on my bio to read. What have your exes taught you? #exes #love #loveislove #inspo #boyfriends

New York, New York

I wrote An Open Thank You Letter To Milo Yiannopoulos. Click the link on my bio to read. I'm curious what you guys will think. P.S Thank you @vp44 for starting the conversation about legalizing gay marriage. You're a true ally. #gayrights #gay #lgbt #thankyou #inspo

Can someone please get me here asap! Australia I'll see you in 4 days! 10 Reasons Why Gay Dating is so hard now up on the blog. #australia #inspo #pools #travel #gaydating

New York, New York

Thinking this would best honor today. #resist #notmypresident #impeach #trollthetroll

New York, New York

10 Reasons Why Gay Dating Is So Hard now up on the blog. Click the link on my bio to read. I'm sure many of my straight friends can relate to many of these points, especially my girl friends, but I have to admit being gay and properly dating is hard. As someone who has been open about their love life to some extent, it is quite apparent that I'm a fan of love. However, as I find myself at these moments of reflection, I often question why is it still hard? What do you think? Please feel free to share this piece. #dating #gaylife #gaydating #love #sex

New York, New York

Soooooo...someone reported my last picture 3 times, and had it removed not only from my account twice, but my instastory as well. I'm not one to dwell, but my butt is a lot less offensive than a lot of what is up on here. It may have been the blog piece DEAR STRAIGHT WHITE DUDES WHO SUPPORT TRUMP that may have also caused some dude who is insecure with his masculinity to report the picture. Either way 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏼🖕🏽🖕🏾🖕🏿it. Click the link on my bio to read the piece that apparently some dude couldn't handle. Thoughts? #kissmy #butt #tbt #itsart #sorrynotsorry

Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

AUSTRALIA! In just about a week I'll be posting a lot of pictures like this because I'm heading to @australia for a month! So excited and can't wait to see this country that I've been dying to explore since I was a kid. Photogs and cool peps hit me up! First stop is Sydney Feb 26 - March 5! #australia #bondibeach #travel #explore #soexcited

New York, New York

Totally subtle plea for a valentine. 🤗 #singlesawarenessday

New York, New York

New BLOG NOW UP! "Why Gays Are Programmed To Gossip." Click the link on my bio to read. Additionally, I'm wearing this white bandana during #NYFW to support @bof. It signifies that we're all #tiedtogether no matter what our race, religion, or sexuality. 📷: @kevinmcdnyc #makechange #dobetter #notmypresident

New York, New York

How was your weekend?! I had the lady herself, @emcarsch staying with me in NYC. Emily is currently getting ready to go and get her MBA, and she has totally sparked a curiosity in me to do this. We shall see. Much Love Em! Have a great week everyone! #travelbuddy #lovewall #friendtime #bagels #smartypants

New York, New York

CHECK IN! How are you doing? Let me know in the comment section. Let's have a positive talk today. And as a general note to all the misogynists, racists, homophobes, and any other backwards thinking person I want you to know we're coming for you. Metaphorical guns blazing, and by that I mean with our educated minds, our unbeatable spirits, and unstoppable drive. Remember things happen one day at a time. 📷: @kevinmcdnyc #checkin #nothavingit #onedayatatime #fight #notmypresident

Central Park

Whats your pop of color choice? Spring today, snow tomorrow! Climate change totally isn't real. 🙈 #ootd #mensstyle #springvibes #hairspiration #nyfw #red

New York, New York

It's Transformation Tuesday, and I've teamed up with @huaweideviceUSA to bring you a full body 25 minute CHALLENGE workout! Being able to track my progress with my #HuaweiFit motivates me to push harder. And, remember the harder the workout, the harder the body. Good luck and let me know how it goes! You've got this! #huaweipartner #fitlife #sponsored #workoutchallenge #bodygoals The CHALLENGE: 1 minute hard MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS X 30 seconds rest X REPEAT TWO MORE TIMES. 1 minute explosive SQUATS X 30 seconds rest X REPEAT TWO MORE TIMES. 2.5 minutes fast JUMPING JACKS X 30 seconds rest. 1 minute HAMMER CURLS X 30 seconds rest X REPEAT. 30 seconds fast HIGH KNEES X 30 seconds rest X REPEAT TWO MORE TIMES. 30 seconds DIAMOND or REGULAR PUSH UPS X 30 seconds rest X REPEAT TWO MORE TIMES. 2 minutes AB ROWS X 1 minute rest X REPEAT.

The Butcher's Daughter

GIVEAWAY! Super pumped to team up with @Kombrewcha to give away $100 gift card to The Butchers Daughter! You guys know I'm all about healthy living, and I'm excited to help one of you live a little healthier. Enter into this giveaway by liking this photo, tagging 2 friends, and following @Kombrewcha and my account. You must be over 21 to enter, and live in NYC! Good luck you gorgeous humans! #giveaway #kombrewchapartner #healthyliving #fitlife #contest #veggie

New York, New York

Happy Sunday gorgeous! Having a garage sale of some of my favorite clothes and accessories on the blog right now! 30% of all sales will be donated to the @aclu_nationwide. Excited to get you guys some of my favorites for a fraction of the cost and donate to an amazing cause. Only one of each item so you better hurry! Click the link on my bio to check it out! #aclu #mensfashion #garagesale #ootd #dumptrump

Stonewall Inn

We rallied today. 🌈 The LGBT community is being challenged along with many other communities and people. Today we came together to say we stand with ALL people, and that we do not stand with the current political climate, and the "leadership" behind it. #dumptrump #rally #stonewall #lgbtq #bornthisgay

New York, New York

Keeping it classic. 📷: @anthonydeeying #nymfw #mensstyle #mensfashion #ootd #classic

Meatpacking District, Manhattan

Ready Set #NYMFW 📷: @motiankari #mensfashion #jumpsuit #matiere #mensstyle

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