Бар Рафаэли


Израильская топ-модель. Самая сексуальная женщина 2012 и 2013 года по версии журнала Maxim.
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Wear sunscreen ☀️


Madrid, Spain

If I would tell you what we are watching, you would never believe me...🤫 @voguespain #vogue30aniversario

Celebrating @voguespain 30th anniversary with the best @irinashayk @karliekloss

Tomer's Studio

I’m addicted to you @tomertenzer_studio 💪🏼

Happiness is 🍷+☀️+ @valemicchetti

“work” @carolinalemkeberlin by @izsak @jmeeksofficial

Sun’s out.. 🍑

@carolinalemkeberlin taking over America 🇺🇸

#IntrenationalBikiniDay calls for a #tb 👙

Air taxi 🚁

Beverly Hills, California

Made it out of Rodeo with ZERO shopping. ✌🏼


That @michaelkors glow ✨

✈️ Bye Madrid


Cambridge corner of Tel-Aviv #OffToGreetPrinceWilliam

How come every time we take a picture it seems like I’m super in love and he pushes me away?!? 💕

Things you can’t do on the weekends after you become a parent.

Congratulations @angelcandices for your 2nd baby! & congratulations for @tropicofc - amazing bathing suits ! 💕

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