Бэм Марджера


Профессиональный скейтбордист, каскадёр, теле- и радиозвезда.
  • Все 1922
  • Фото 1776
  • Видео 146

With cky and killer kind in claymont Delaware

What a rad pic shot by gaberman

Hannafin west Chester painting today!

Glasgow Delaware

Skating Glasgow Delaware Park with @nickbarba

Frontside flip!

Hosted a new show coming soon from @etn with @twinkstpk as my trusty co-host. #atv

skankiee lower bobs. Filmed ! @twinkstpk @thrashermag #pstoneforever

Lower bobs Oakland goin off!

Rolling to sf, parallel driving with the girl team!

Bloody shinner crew!

Pheonix on the dance floor

Skating with element in sandy eggo!

Nice elevator!

In addition to getting 50% off all rings through Monday, I added the new 4Moon Bat collection on BamMerch.com! What do you think of the new design?

Woodward west mini ramp s-k-a-t-e contest!

Don’t Feed Phil V.2 Shirt! Because cartoon Phil is just plain funny! @bammargeramerchandise

Off to Woodward west!

My collection is back in stock on the @elementbrand site 🦇Grab a deck or hoodie at the link in my bio!

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