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Профессиональный скейтбордист, каскадёр, теле- и радиозвезда.
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Winner of ugly dog competition at petaluma fair!

Simple minded.


First 3D printed ring before polishing, what color crystal should we use?

You know, it's these sweet velcro sneakers of this pic I admire!

@hagarnaut painting of me, for me! Thanks dawg.

@nickbarba trying to get a 411vm opener at Westside community center😆

Dunn birthday today

Ghost in philly!

A new quarter pipe in west chester got us sweating balls in the summer heat!

Sk8 fdr today!

Me and @arvil_prewitt filming at fdr with the new RED epic camera

Cool photo with cky taken by? I dig it.

Fdr sesh with arvil s new Red cam!

Nappi putting in his 10,000 hours. I'm proud.

At 6am Novak goes into surgery for his blown out asshole hemorrhoids. Wish him luck. His asshole looks like a ravioli shitting spinach!

I doubt it!

@buckylasek and Novak in dundalk, MD 1992

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