Бэм Марджера


Профессиональный скейтбордист, каскадёр, теле- и радиозвезда.
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Nikki taking skatephotos.....shitgoose better watch his ass!

Tre flip #wuwes spot in grand canary island!

Now i know why wes kramer got a thrasher cover here. Hard as hell to skate this!

Who... me?

Bringing back the coffin hill bomb on some 80s powell peraltas!

@bammargeramerchandise giving last touches

Found some skateable banks to dick around on off the coast of morocco😊

Skate church. Aviles spain! @churchbrigade

Javier sarmento!


I am in spain. I prefer to skate more. Dont wanna go home yet.

And the bamgram was born @bammargeramerchandise

2016 was a hell of a year... #bestnine2016 #newyear

Merry Christmas from all the dudes. Repost from @brandon__novak 📸 @ryangee_photo

Shooting in Tallinn old town #throwback

New pendants available at bammerch.com

3D prints from silver coming soon at bammerch.com @bammargeramerchandise

@bammargeramerchandise Evesdroppers pendants with different finishes


Bam taking pictures of his new designs #throwback #bammerch #startup #3dprinted #pendants

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