Бэм Марджера


Профессиональный скейтбордист, каскадёр, теле- и радиозвезда.
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Flash sale! Snake ring v2 only 35$ at BamMerch.com! @bammargeramerchandise

Jewel dip santana

Fat loser that steals everything Tyler Oakley

Last night

Naaaam saying

Daddy long

Shit goin down at castle Bam

I think we broke a record of quickest party, thank you west Chester police for being rad!

No I don’t like snakes – but this pendant is kick ass! Available in stock! www.BamMerch.com @bammargeramerchandise



@freddygall we raised enough for the bowl. Thank you to police and everyone

Herbie valient

Valient Thor and Danny way

I’m beating him up tonight!

Missy Margera babysits Danny ways daughter lumi with Tony hawks kids. How rad is that!

DM your photos to @bammargeramerchandise for a shoutout today!


We raised quadruple what we thought! Now we all can skate!

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