Бэйли Мэдисон


Американская актриса. Наиболее известна по роли Мэй-Белль Ааронс, в фильме «Мост в Терабитию», а также исполняя роль Салли в фильме ужасов «Не бойся темноты». Появилась в фильме Адама Сэндлера «Притворись моей женой» в роли Мэгги.
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There’s nothing like @wemovement 💙 and there’s nothing like seeing and feeling the energy of 18,000 youth coming together determined to learn more & make this world a better place!! The future is yours. Xoxo B

Tacoma Dome

#WEDAY I will see you TOMORROW!!!! @wemovement

Seattle think you can help me recreate this video on Thursday?! Excited to see you and co-host @wemovement #WEDAY ❤️❤️

My heart right now.... Il ny a pas de mots. 💔 this feels like a huge loss for me, and so I can’t imagine how you must feel Paris, I’m thinking and praying for you #notredame


daydream ☁️

sister sister 👭 new @justbtweenus is out today !! Be sure to listen or catch up on episodes you might have missed.. comment below your fave one so far I’ll be responding! we have loved every moment of this journey with you guys, & are so happy to be continuing it💗💗💗

little thoughts tonight 💕

Was catching up with @stefnemiller and it got me reminiscing about our baby that we put out into the world over a year ago (!!) #LosingBrave 💗 we still see all of your reactions from the book and our hearts are forever grateful!! (I love the second pic in this slide so much) If you haven’t read it yet, it’s at your local bookstore or online!!

2 days ago it was @tessabrooks birthday💗💗 and man am I grateful for her!!!!! My always down to go to church and pray with me, my lets drive around the neighborhood and blast t-swizzle , my okay I’ll amuse bailee and let her have this performance at a gas station, my always positive, always radiant always loving.... friend. May this year be the best yet for you and may it be filled with so many more dance parties and movie marathons ❤️ I love you!!

It’s this shining lights birthday today @peytonlist ❤️💗 to my burger eating at events, late night dancing sessions, 2am crepe orders, random road trips and more wife: I am so thankful to have you in my life and so excited for the year ahead for you.. I’ll always be your biggest fan!! #wifeyforlifey #dontdivorceme

mid lunch break when I was able to get that pony outtttt💋

My friend told me to caption this “wassup”

Excited to get back to New York tomorrow 💗 also comment below if you live in NY seeing if I have time to plan a little something something ;)

📷 #thisishowialwayssitonstools

look who came to visit me in the studio today 🐒❤️ #littlemonkey

🎶There’s something about your attitude....🎶 🦌 Love when a friend releases a new song that I can have a dance party to, @aaroncarpenter congrats!! Ps. Hi @danivitale ily

thinking back to this, has me so excited for the next #collegesigning day 💕💗❤️ also helloooo ladies!!! My #wcw ‘s ! Tag some ladies in your life below!

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