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Fairfax District, Los Angeles

What are you grateful for? Me 💭 This kimono, coffee ☕️, some rowdy friends that won't let me sleep in, magic, authenticity, love, resiliency, and this big ass smile. Can't photoshop your attitude ya'll. ✨❤️🏹 📸 @rusty_ry_ry #Magic #Hunter

Los Angeles, California

Am going to try & labor as little as possible for a couple days! Been a bit tough on myself lately, need to rework some of that programming this weekend. So ... Long weekend plans begin now ☀️⛱🥂 (after I memorize some lines real quick;) #RabbitRabbit 🐰 Happy #September✨

Los Angeles, California

Captured moving hair stuck to my lipstick & that shit looks boss 🤷🏻‍♀️. All Grown up 📸 magic created by ✨ @kathrynahancock 👗@layton_style💄@michalmakeup 💇🏻@karinavegahair 💋💋 #BeTheArchitectOfYourLipstick 😊 #photoshoot

It was december 2009 & I got the opportunity of lifetime. A cable tv show with a number of talented actors, but it was one that was an actual dream for me, Sam Shepard. As a young actor you read all of Sam’s plays. Getting to work with him was a great indicator that maybe I was making the right choices. Sam was an old school actor and an old school cowboy.  In the van rides home he would tell stories about blue grass music from the early 1900s, how he didn’t like to fly, so he'd drive in from his place. I asked him if he was a rancher, he taught me that anything east of the mississippi is a farm and anything west is a ranch.  He told me how they wrote plays for themselves and didn’t really think anyone would come see. There were so many stories, but one particular moment stood out for me, he and I were filming a scene where he was eating peanuts, he was suppose to intimidate me, but there was a gentle ease between the two of us, he wasn't intimidating me. I found myself being charmed by him - (young actress) the director ran in to give me notes, then the creator, then an ep, all very different notes … we went again, and it was just two actors learning each other in the scene again the creatives came in to address me … he asked them to back off "I like what she's doing just fine, so if you could let us play the scene out that would be great.” The creatives were right ultimately, (and I'd never make the same choices in the scene now that I did back then), but damn, how could I not be enamored? Any way, I’m just one of 100s of actors that have been lucky enough to hear his stories. I don’t normally overshare personal experiences and he was immensely private - but I feel so lucky to have briefly met this indomitable, tender, complicated charming artist. #legend #cowboy #samshepard

Stevenson Ranch, California

#TBT w/ magical #Afghan fairy @arianadelawari playing Dari singing She Kings & making music for @ilovedicktv. Our arc got ✂️✂️✂️✂️ but the song lived on #ZanHastam 🎼

📸 #BTS hottest day of the year #photoshoot w/ @kathrynahancock @layton_style @michalmakeup @karinavegahair 💕

Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Found a magical secret garden 🎋🌱🌿#HiddenGems #LA 🐛🦋🙏🏽

Pasadena Golf & Yacht Club, Saint Petersburg

Thanks for all the sunshine Florida! ☀️The crew is grateful, my hair however was not grateful for your intense humidity. Until next time 🎥 #KillroyWasHere

Longboat Key, Florida

This gem of a human/director/all around groovy bad ass has been a joy beyond measure. He leads the entire crew in applause to give cheer after great takes, when scripty saves a shot or camera nails focus! This isn't Hollywood ya'll it's the Kevin Smith Universe & I'll gladly stay here for a while. Give it up for @thatkevinsmith 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #KillroyWasHere 🎥

Sarasota, Florida

This earth of ours sure is pretty 🌎🌤☁️💙#Sarasota #Sunsets #KillroyWasHere

Paul Smith Limited

Hate my outfit 🎀 but this wall gets crazy good light 💕 being a #tourist in my own city! #latergram - #ootd SUCKS bc I rushed out the door in 3 minutes 💓. Should've been late. Always better late than ugly 😉

Point Dume

Oh man. The ocean makes me happy. 🐬💙🦋🐟

Who else would sacrifice a goat in your name? Moms, only moms!!! Or at least my mom cause she's a tribal gangster parading around town like it's an episode of Dynasty. Love you Mom. #HappyMothersDay to all 💕

Beautiful space, beautiful day, beautiful mama-to-be @heatherdorak 💙👶🏻🍼🌸

Kohn Gallery

#LastNight w/ @jillyhendrix @amazonstudios premiere for #IloveDick 🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️ {ps. SPF 30 is apparently nothing against my outdoor runs. 🤦🏽‍♀️Haven't been this tan since the 90s}

Venice City Beach

Been a bit of a hermit lately. Feels good to break free of that & appreciate your city. She's a real beauty 🦋🌴💙 #LosAngeles #myfirst #swipeable #instagram 🤳🏼😉


Every day, all day. Every woman, in every country, every race, every religion. Supporting one another amplifies our lives. Harness that grace and together we could truly change the world. Extra 🌹❤❤🌹 to my special group of girls. #internationalwomensday #iwd artist @jennakutcher

Dis Bitch & her Rainbow chasing 🌈🍀❤️

'My heart is so small it's almost invisible. How can You place such big sorrows in it? "Look," He answered, "your eyes are even smaller, yet they behold the world." 💕 - Rumi More love, Less cynics More poets, Less critics #HappyValentines

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