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Summerland, California

1st time on a horse as an adult yesterday Brick was an old timer, but we ended up getting along just fine in the end. (Thanks to some snacks 🍪). That’s 1800 pounds of magic. 🐎✨. • • What a day with my p-n-a 💙

Zion National Park

Z I O N ⛰ • What a weekend with my partner-n-adventuring ♥️ • #FindTheSheep 🤓. Last video shows scale

It’s already been 🖤 2 0 1 9 🖤 Ready

Highway 1 - Carmel / Big Sur

Top of the morning to ya 💙🙏🏽🌤#tbt to Saturday 😊 🏔🌊 • #California #Nature

Hurricane Point

Hot damn California you take my breath away! And my hat, you almost took my hat away 🌬🌧 🧢 • Always Prettier than I remember it #BigSur #CarmelByTheSea #2019 🥰

Erewhon Market

Objects in this photo are furrier than expected. Will cause massive amounts of happiness and make you question the pitch of your voice 😛🐶♥️ #WhyAmIEvenInThePic #William 📸 @rusty_ry_ry

Alice and Olivia

‘Tis the season to #GIVEBACK. Thanks to @angeliquecabral for uniting us to shop and give for the @goodplusfdn and my darling @angelparkerla for bringing me to spread some cheer, provide toys for some amazing kids and eat gingerbread cookies. 🎅🏼🎄♥️ #goodfoundation #holiday2018

Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel)

Santa and I discussed it and it’s 4 🎄🎄🎄🎄 review for 2018! ♥️🎅🏼 Apparently 2019 is my year 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Thank you for the loveliest of events benefiting @stjude #BrooksBrothers200

Kent Cliffs, New York

Another lap around the sun ☀️ this time in much colder weather than normal ❄️ Lessons learned! Well the big one, love #generously. 💡♥️ Really, we need it! And so many of us weren’t taught how to love, (big ups to those who were), but most of us were taught to assign condition, idealize or romanticize loving. But #LOVE is an unconditional #source vibrating through us that no one can take away from us, no one. This year was about big love, giving it, learning to receive it and not being afraid of it. Even if it’s not returned 😮. All I can do is show up and love in the purest way I know how, the rest will reveal itself as needed #Surrender 🔑 Lesson 2018 learned ✅ of course there were so many more, but I’m not here to bore you with all my musings on life. I’ll save it for Next year 😁🤗. As always, thanks for your wishes and for being a friend on the journey ♥️ 🛶 Azi 📸 @travisvanwinkle

Manhattan, New York

Thanks for the endless supply of imagination, play, childhood loves and all the heroines and heroes our world needed. Rest well sir #StanLee ♥️

Walt Disney Studios

oh hey 👋🏽 here @ Disney going over tomorrow nights @csacasting #CastingSocietyOfAmerica & #MENASA (Middle East, North African & South Asian) Townhall @sagaftrafound - 7pm - live stream on the CSAs inclusion and diversity Facebook page for tonight’s NYC event & tomorrow’s LA event. One heck of an LA packed stage with President of the CSA @oastrussell08f1 @shihabidina @pejvahdat @mkraish @usmanally #JuliaKim @venuskanani #JennyJue @karinawalterscasting Tune in! Let’s inspire and erase some unconscious biases while we’re @ it. see you tomorrow 🎥🧡🎭

🏹♥️ “No one else, Love, will sleep in my dreams. You will go, we will go together, over the water of time. No one else will travel through the shadows with me, only you, evergreen, ever sun, ever moon.” 🍃🌞🌛. #goodnight #Sonnet LXXXI #neruda 📸 @snap_jacks

✂️✂️✂️ ➡️ 🙌🏽🙏🏽💫✌🏽

New York, New York

Toe-day feels like I’m getting back to my center and toe-morrow I’ll be ready toe take it on & manifest toe-tal health. 😩😉🤓. Okay last time I mention anything about this injury, felt indulgent to post on it & hope I didn’t gross anyone out in my stories. But on the real. The left big toe represents and holds Sorrow in spiritual realms - all feels very connected to the last week. 🐶 The universe guides us and as hard as it can be at times, I abide. 🙏🏽♥️ (hope this isn’t toe much )👣

Central Park

Today I sadly share the devastating news of the passing of Travis’s most beloved pup, Nina. 🐶🙏🏽 A sudden, distressing loss that has shattered our hearts. Nina was such a gift to everyone, she gave the BEST puppa kisses in all the cosmos.💫 Lived a life filled with purpose and in the few days since she left us, her purpose continues to reveal itself. Life comes fast and this moment in time will have a deep impact on us. If my time with her taught me anything, it was to play a lot, give unconditional love, (especially to her daddy), & give everyone I meet a rousing hello filled with kisses. Okay Nina, I’ll try my best. Heaven got a new puppa & they lucked out because you were everything ♥️ Thank you puppa, love you, miss you ♥️#NinaVanWinkle #ForeverinOurHearts

Fox 11 Los Angeles

Thank you @GDLA @foxla for having me on this am to discuss the #MENAonTV (Middle Eastern, North African) study that was led by Nancy Yuen, presented by my coalition MAAC, and all of MAACs work supported by Assaf Cohen, Amir Talai & Amin El Gamal --> link to full video in my bio! Watch, like, comment, support. Thanks guys 💙 📸 by @joshkaplan123 #RepresentationMatters #MenaOnTV

Los Angeles, California

Oh hey 👋🏽 thanks to the Washington Post, Deadline, The AP, ThinkProgress & all other allies, collaborators and friends for helping blast the study we’re presenting today. Please check out my site in the link above and the links to the news articles in my IG stories 🙏🏽♥️ love to all ♥️🙏🏽 #SoMuchPostingInOneDay 😭 but #Important #RepresentationMatters #MENAonTV

Good morning!! 🌞 Today my coalition MAAC, along with several PHDs & researchers, led by Nancy Yuen, are presenting the 1st ever study on Middle Eastern North African (#MENA) performers on #PrimeTime #TV: Terrorists & Tyrants. 🔺 As much as I’ve experienced it, it’s still hard to see the data - we makeup 1% of regulars on TV and 67% of the time we are tokenized. 78 % of the time when a character is MENA on TV they are playing a stereotype, a threat of some sort. 🔺 For me personally after Alphas was cancelled, I tested for several TV pilots and was consistently not getting it as I got down the line. I was bashing my head up against the wall trying to figuring out why? In 2015, I booked a new network pilot (yay) and I was asked at the table read if I was ethnic? Huh? I learned that day I was not counted as a diverse hire. My cultural makeup as a Middle Eastern North African South Asian performer was counted as Caucasian by studios and networks. So it wasn’t beneficial to hire MENA performers. My long ass name not ethnic? 🧐 I could’ve changed it years ago - but I’ve always been proud of where I’m from. That day I began the journey to change, fight, advocate and disrupt on behalf of a large but somehow invisible group of people in the inclusion space. I built a tiny lobby, called MAAC and called on a couple friends (Assaf Cohen, Amir Talai, Amin El Gamal) and we began to lobby our actors Union. 🔺 In 2017, MAACs work was recognized with the historic win of adding a new casting diversity category, MENA, into the TV and Theatrical contracts. Creating an entire new language in Hollywood for the first time in 37 years and shining a light on something that’s devolved into a dangerous rhetoric across the globe. 🔺 Full report and everything MAAC has been up to is in the link in my bio. Your support in this, sharing this, means everything to me. 🔺 Thank you thank you thank you. 🔺 #MENAonTV #Inclusion #Diversity #RepresentationMatters #PrimeTV

McConnell's Fine Ice Creams

Smells like waffles, ice cream cones & chocolate syrup in #SantaBarbara 🍨🍦🍫

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