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The Grove

Never not fanny-ing ♥️😽(or smiling) 😸 📸 by @angelparkerla

CBS Television City

From kote-sangi Kabul to the mean street murals of LA! ♥️🌞😽 #HappyMothersDay

This woman right here made all of her own rules from day 1. To think that top left photo is 1981. An asylum seeking woman with two baby girls, speaks 5 languages but not English well, works full time at manpower because she wants her own money and to learn new skills. She wore what she wanted (always modest though) fought hard for what she believed in, prayed 5x a day, taught me about the pillars of charity and prayer before I could even speak. . . . It is a complicated love story though. We don’t share the same language, she often pushes my boundaries. We fight, we do, we’ve separated, we’ve cried, we’ve healed, we’ve laughed. I water this relationship now more than ever - because she was and will always be my first home. Without her, without all the mothers who create and heal and try their hardest given all their circumstances, we simply wouldn’t be. #HappyMothersDay ♥️

Montage Beverly Hills

These ladies INSPIRE all the cells in me. Powerful, kind, supportive. I hope you all get afternoons surrounded by such forces of nature ✨ #bewellbykelly #montagememory @kcbruno @hillarykerr @jessraiter @sara_riff @staceykubasak @rachaelmaytaylor 💞💘

The Howey Mansion

Week 2 in the can & a wrap on the Howey Mansion that doubled beautifully as 1930s British occupied Quetta. 1 more week to go for Masumi 🙌🏽💘📽 #DraupadiUnleashed #Making #Movies

Disneyland, Los Angeles, California

It’s this ladies birthday all day today 💖 * * Celebrating 10 years of friendship, sisterhood, The ups & downs, heartbreaks, heart thumps, all the losses & wins, romantic vacations for 2 girls in different cities. * * She is a master listener, a great chef, gamer, 🤓comic booker, person that has passes to Disneyland without kids 😛 & a cat lady with a mighty fine heart. * *Happiest birthday @nikki_griffin May this next chapter bring the most love, the most adventure the biggest surprises, & be the most rewarding yet. 💞🙌🏽. (& yes, I’m not looking at the camera - but she looks pretty here!). #HappyBirthday

Howey in the Hills, Florida

These beautiful Gujarati women helped me put on 8 different Saris today. Each one felt incredibly special. Love getting into Masumi’s skin. Can’t wait to share. #Fittings #DraupadiUnleashed #Making a #Movie 🎥♥️‼️🌴

Central Park

Thank you to ALL the women in my life for celebrating, uplifting, challenging, shaping, healing, protecting & loving me. I honor the feminine warrior spirit in all of you. 🙏🏽💋♥️💫✊🏽”empowered women, empower women!” #spread #love #light and #shine #GirlsRule #internationalwomensday

Lincoln Center

#LastNight - Celebrating this stunner @rachaelmaytaylor 🐯 @marvelsjessicajones 👊🏽premiere!! TODAY on @netflix with our ♥️ @chrishuvane !! Right now!!!! 📺 #JessicaJones on #internationalwomensday #FightLikeAWoman 💪🏽💋

New York, New York

Found a hat & the sun & bought a sweater for $6 in Soho. Winning 💋♥️❄️ #Selfie

NBC Universal

#TBT Working with this comedy legend. #UpAllNight I mean Maya’s face 😂🤗👌🏽♥️#Legend

CBS Studio Center

This day, these ladies ♥️ 📸 @kathrynahancock 💋 @michalmakeup 💇🏻‍♀️ @karinavegahair 👗@layton_style Big ol open heart 🙋🏻‍♀️ #FBF #POTD

20th Century Fox

Who’s been watching #911onFox - this was more fun than I’d like to admit. Tossing some improvised lines with Shannon while he was rigged. Getting scolded by the talented, handsome Peter & saved by swoon worthy Oliver. A girl can only handle so much ☺️! Great cast, great set! Congrats on season 2 pickup. 👏🏽 Thanks for letting me play on one! ⭐️ @911onfox @bradfalchuk @mrrpmurphy #UDKCasting

The Beverly Hilton

In solidarity with those creating awareness today. Not like this though, in 🖤 pjs at home, rooting my sister soldiers on. ☑️ #TimesUp 🖤💋 #goldenglobes a few years ago

Beverly Hills, California

Claim it! Let’s go 2018 🎆 ___ I tend to spend this day setting goals and creating a vision for the year ahead. Some yearly commitments -> Live with intention. Keep yourself surrounded by like minded & like hearted individuals. Learn, dear god, please learn and grow. Don’t be afraid to show your wounds. There is so much light in you. Look for it & vibrate from that place. The best you, the growing you, the you you were before you learned to be afraid. Be kind (even when it’s hardest). Live in service. Live to inspire. Keep your standards high. Give 💯 or don’t bother. — You are who you are when no one’s looking. So impress yourself. 🥂✨ — #newyear #resolutions #intention #integrity #purpose #ambition #truth #love #consciousness #service #2018


Apparently, it’s the happiest place on Earth. First timer ♥️ #disneyland 🎄✨

Los Angeles, California

Currently an 80 degree December day ☀️🎄 in #southerncalifornia

#TBT to when we were a Jeopardy question 💙 ➡️ swipe cc: @malikyoba @rycart1 @laura_mennell #DavidStrathairn #ErinWay #WarrenChristie & every dope person who worked on this little gem #Alphas

LACC Theatre Academy

#Saturday: I don't really wake up everyday & want to discuss identity politics, inclusion, and defeating Hollywood stereotypes. But it became clear to me that I have to & the only way to change people's ideas is with #storytelling #love & #education. Truth is, what marginalizes you, is actually your super power. So we keep on ✊🏽 Wonderful panel discussion w/ these Colorful, brazen, bright & inspiring women. ♥️✨ #womencreatingchange #MENA #SouthAsian #womeninfilm #tv

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