Азилия Бэнкс


Американская певица, рэпер и автор песен. Бэнкс прославилась в 2011 году, когда возглавила «Список крутых» в журнале New Musical Express.
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Just had oysters for the first time - hated it

"I know what boys like , boys like me" 🎵

Ok no I'm sorry but Melania ate the FUCK out of this outfit. This is First Lady coverage cunt as miss samantha James would say - she looks amazing.



He knows lol

I like to see myself smile

Jazz cats

This is my cat lucifer- the actual author of 212. He's an evil genius who puts hexes on me all the time. If you hold the phone to your ear you will hear him growling. My cat is an evil genius. We can actually communicate

Thanks @pitchfork !

This is good. Admit it

Samples of my latest magic spell. If you guys already sent an inquiry to volunteer check ur inbox in the next few hours! 😜🤗

This was my VERY first photo shoot ever. I was 18 and remember being soooooo nervous. This was one of my press shots for that "youthful offender" ep I was working on for XL recordings... aaaaaah the days

Love, popularity, and power.

Love this set. Thanks

Being extra wearing some @hoodbyair

This jacket is everything ! #outtake @_gabrielaostolaza


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