Азилия Бэнкс


Американская певица, рэпер и автор песен. Бэнкс прославилась в 2011 году, когда возглавила «Список крутых» в журнале New Musical Express.
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💁🏾‍♀️ my Dominican baby sitters used to cook all types of meals all the time but this pairing was my favvoooorrrite. I order this everytime i go to the Dominican restaurant and tonight I’ve finally aced this meal! Baked chicken , black beans and yellow rice ! Next time I make this I’ll make the pink potato salad !!

Feeling like myself again

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Why do they want to fuck with Monique tho? Monique is the MOTHER. But what she’s saying about BLACK DIRECTORS leading you onto the slave ship is correct !!! The same shit happened with me! I’m so sorry but due to my experience with love beats rhymes I am SOOOOOO SKEPTICAL ABOUT BLACK MEN IN HOLLYWOOD. They will 100% pull wool over a black womans eyes for their own benefit in Hollywood and it’s SO FUCKKNG SAD because no one wants to ever be able to say or admit that they don’t trust their own when it comes to business. But after EVERYTHING I went through, I’m so so so apprehensive about working with anyone of the black male Hollywood vanguard because it REALLY is a big fucking boys club where they get in positions to dole out low wages and maltreatment to the black women they cast in their films then go take a big payday for themselves. And it’s not healthy to have resentments so I’ve forgiven a lot of people for the things that happened but when I say NEVER THE FUCK AGAIN.... I mean it !!! At this point you can’t even blame the white folk. These white folk elect these black men and put them in position to curate black film and they just do some fake ass slave master shit , fuck all their black collaborators over just to go back to their white investors pretending that everything went well and pretending that everyone is happy. This is depressing @therealmoworldwide you have my support . From @theblackmedia


She looks like coin

lil better

I don’t really like this blue. I’m on my way to a photoshoot so hopefully the stylist turns it into something cute. The quality of the hair is what’s bugging me the most 😬. It’s so hard to get blue onto raw hair so I usually opt for a less nice type of hair to do blue. I feel like an ooompa loompa with these brows

What do you buy at the bodega? I get sandwich, chips, soda, raw papers, and a Twix or some now and laters or blowpops. I really miss those onion and garlic rolets pork rinds as well hot cheese popcorn 😯. Does anyone else remember the coconut chocolate chip cookies by Roberts that came in the blue sleeve ????? Those were my whole ages 2-12 swag then they were suddenly gone !

Here’s my dumpling recipe from last night. If you haven’t made ur own meat broth you can use a box broth and add a bit of melted butter , salt and pepper to it . -1 egg plus one egg yolk -1 cup of flour - broth or jus to be added half a ladle at a time. Put the flour on top of the eggs and stir with a fork, be sure to press it down to break up the clumps. Once it looks kind of loose and raggedy, add in your jus little by little and make a ball. If it gets too sticky add more flour, and if it gets too dry add more jus. Then roll flat and cut. You can use this dumpling recipe to make dumplings you can fill like a pocket and close - this is a good dough for fried dumplings and steamed dumplings 💁🏽

Rest In Power Yams. I still remember the day you rode me home on the D train to kingsbridge to make sure I got home safe . I was 15 and you were 17 and always the coolest dude in ASAP. You still are the coolest dude in ASAP. I miss you and hope you are proud of us Harlemites. Love. - AB

Green chicken and dumpling soup. See story for recipe

Who remembers this ?? @drinktoppop !! Thanks a bunch for the care package this tastes like after school!! I used to eat two side breast with fries chicken box and a berry blue top pop EVERYDAY after school from 5-8 grade. #nostalgia #drinktoppop

Finally ......... honey this wig was all kinds of mint green, and I dyed my eyebrows mint green too (like a dumbass) which is why I have been hiding out 😂😂😂. Mermaid will resurface today without her mint green eyebrows.. I’m actually quite good at doing hair and makeup

The kuntbrigade is so smart @freddaayyee

Generally Speaking

Had no clue there were this many photos from this shoot 😅

The trace regions are Great Britain 6% and Iberian peninsula 1%. Im still a bit baffled that my older maternal ancestor is “European”. I assumed that surely my grandmother got the color she is from from her father being mulatto, but it looks more like there’s a straight up white lady 4-5 grandmothers back. The u6a1 got into my lineage most likely from a union between a white woman and a black man sometime in the mid 1700’s ?? Does that sound correct? There’s a chance that it got in during the Barbary slave trade as well. 🧐🤔

So I got my African ancestry results back, and I know my mothers side of the family has some European in it, but these right here are my grandmothers genes. She comes from a line of mulattoes and is super light skinned. But what exactly does this mean? Does it mean my oldest mother was a white lady ? Seems to me that whatever the six-7 percent European blood that’s in me comes from a woman and not a man. 🧐🤔 I thought this would say something African . I’m a little confused here

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