Азилия Бэнкс


Американская певица, рэпер и автор песен. Бэнкс прославилась в 2011 году, когда возглавила «Список крутых» в журнале New Musical Express.
  • Все 1898
  • Фото 1680
  • Видео 218

Cheapy’s Back! @cheapyxostore


This is how I’m gonna be showing up for work at my cheapyxo office next week. Lol just kidding I don’t have an actual office yet just a finished basement in my house ... lol I’m showing up in the basement like this to give rick james corporate kunt !! 😂😂😂😂

CheapyXO is an American company started in 2017 by Azealia Banks. Based in New York City, CheapyXO seeks to provide fun, quality, and inexpensive beauty products for the hip, budget conscious consumer who is Broke With Expensive Taste. CHEAPYXO’s main products are specialty bars of soap which target a number of different skin concerns like acne, stretchmarks, wrinkles, and discoloration. The company’s branding is heavily influenced by the names of Azealia’s songs. The Multi-Talented soap purveyor chose to brand the toiletries with her song titles because, “Azealia got bars....” Cheapyxo seeks to become the black girl’s Answer to the K-Beauty trend dubbing herself the CEO of the very first BG-Beauty Brand (black girl beauty). other products include facial masks, moisturizers and other miscellaneous music related merch items. The online shop re-opens to fans and customers on March 19th, 2018. Follow our Instagram account for updates! @cheapyxostore

OFFICIAL COVER. - April 3rd, 2018 via @eone_music . Pre-Order Link Coming Soon! #annawintour

I’m sorry but this BBO track by migos is like my song BBD’s ugly friend who goes behind her back to secretly sleep with every guy she’s ever dealt with for a personal sense of revenge for BBD’s being the much sexier attractive friend who always steals the attention. Lol BBO is cute but BBD ate it .. I’m really light years ahead of these rap niggas LOL. Azealia Banks is high key your favorite rappers favorite rapper.

The Vision Complete: Photo: @artcrooks beauty: @muse_mua Hair: stylist - @iam_whatshername_ , wig by: @ebanksx Style: custom look: @weslah , additional styling by: @i_am_devi_ Art direction : @azealiabanks Set design: @azealiabanks *********3/12/2018

Custom 💙 by @weslah

GOD’s PLAN PT 2 .. y’all have to rip from my instagram because I don’t have permission to stream this!

ICYMI: Azealia Banks God’s Plan Remix. Congrats to @champagnepapi for having the #1 record seven weeks straight! I love this joint


An update on my denim tapestry project... does it look like art 💁🏽👩🏽‍🎨? LOL I’m still adding to it.. and wondering how to get the wrinkles out without melting the glue

Lol remember this Escapades video? Haha.. I remember being in a place where I was unsure if anyone was paying attention to my music and unsure if I would ever make anymore money off of music as the industry was not fucking with Azealia Banks.... I was having a bit of a drinking problem during this time as I remember being swamped with cheapyxo and was depressed about not having any musical support... this wig was the first wig I bought after a glam drought. I spent some of my soap coins on this wig and some gold paint and here I am on a night off from my soap factory living my best, broke, carefree NYC life. I just slathered myself in gold paint, drank some vodka and went running around tribeca butt naked... this is what I call “BROKE WITH EXPENSIVE TITS” 😂😂😂😂

Movin on Up is Moving up the ranks! A third playlisting courtesy of the beats by Dre playlist on @applemusic !! Thank you so much to Apple for the constant support with my music. I’m very grateful for this 💙💙💙

Movin’ On Up is also on @applemusic’s Hot Tracks playlist in the New Music section !! Thank you so much 💙

Big Thanks to @applemusic for putting Movin’ On Up in their best of the week playlist !! 💙

On a random night in NYC , at the age of 18 I met @owwwls. I had just performed a flop of a set at one of @cxntmafia’s Parties after @malucamala And was sitting on a bench after my show sulking. I was amazed by Maluca and felt super insecure about performing after her. Of course ... Everyone left the party during my set so I ended it ten minutes early and set to the side in a corner and sulked. I was feeling really down. Owwwls noticed this from far away and walked over to pat me on the back and say, “hey I loved your show” .... We immediately fell in love and I moved into his space. We lived in a room inside of an apartment in bushwick bk, full of other young folks who’d also moved to nyc in search of a dream. It was during this summer of Love and bodega sandwiches that I would talk to him loads about wanting longer weaves. I spent most of my days smoking low quality weed and arguing with my mother during this time and was usually asleep by ten pm. Every night when I was asleep owwwls would stay up and make beats. The beat for this was originally called rapunzel... and that working title inspired me to call myself yung rapunxel. Owwwls and I have a lot of history together and he’s honestly still one of my best friends in the world. He’s got ALOT of production on f2 as we are seriously musical soulmates. I’m blessed to have him on my side.

We’re live !! - this song was originally intended to be CoCo’s big finale in Love Beats Rhymes... there was a scene where after she got her big record deal she became a big star and had a number one hit on billboard.. the scene started with a montage of the Coco Ford has a #1 on billboard press and went to her getting her makeup done in a chair on set for her new video for movin on up. I wanted the credits to roll during bloopers and behind the video style scenes of her on set. And to have the dvd have the actual video in the extras section. And have this be the lead single from the soundtrack. Too bad RZA didn’t listen to me. Instead of bringing to LA to sleep with Russell crowe he should have been putting me on studio to finish this soundtrack. This is legit the song I thought I was coming to LA to finish the night I ended up at Crowe’s crib. This would have sold the movie soooooo much harder. I’m still down to shoot an additional ending and finally give this movie a soundtrack. Coco deserves it she’s such a sweet girl. Have no clue how rza couldn’t forge a soundtrack whilst having myself common AND jill Scott in cast. Legendary producer MY ASS! Im better than the veterans. A dope soundtrack would have had this movie in the SKY.

So for my next cover single I was super inspired by the Say My Name video and wanted to have a set of sorts. I have another sickening custom look from @weslah and am about to make a patchwork denim couch cover to turn this love seat into a really cool set for my outfit. I’m shooting the cover for treasure island :).

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