Азилия Бэнкс


Американская певица, рэпер и автор песен. Бэнкс прославилась в 2011 году, когда возглавила «Список крутых» в журнале New Musical Express.
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Brand new interview up on @xxl


And on this Day.. Chaos & Glory Recordings was born :) . Chi chi will be back up in the channels shortly. And The Escapades EP will be Chaos & Glory's Next release :) .

Hey guys! Today is the five year anniversary of the Fantasea Mixtape! I'm in the home stretch with finishing Fantasea Two the Second wave and will need to close the shop next Thursday for a month and a half to finish tying up all the loose ends! to celebrate F1 and in anticipation for f2 we're having a sale!! The store will relaunch with new F2 merch and the entire album IN FULL. Take advantage of this sale now because HENNNYYYYY... I'm shuttering my windows and dead bolting the door!! Thank you for everyone's support with making cheapyxo a success!! Mama needs to finish her album and hire some employees for this! The orders have been coming in so quickly and I honestly can't do this and finish my music!' ALL GREAT PROBLEMS!! Im so grateful for everyone who patronized !! WE WILL RETURN WITH NEW MUSIC AND NEW PRODUCTS !!! 💁🏽

This cat is literally my favorite person in the entire world . I like to keep so many animals because they create an energy field around you that is loving and protecting. The more you work to strengthen your bond with an animal , the more you are able to understand its mind and know what they are trying to communicate. Lucifer even reminds me to feed and walk the dogs ! Every artist should have a familiar or two in their lives !

Yesterday @limpbizkitfan69420 and @owwwlsss working on "Escapades"

@gypjaq on the attack 💁🏽

These ears are so cute. I've clearly been sleeping on the thot filters !!!

I found my harp ! S/o to @limpbizkitfan69420 for pulling thru !!!

Waiting for my Caaaaab. Live streaming soon !


What true Freedom Looks Like

I've been unbelievably patriotic at times. Most of the times I hate what America represents. But at the end of the Day, it's the country I call home. It's what I know, it's who I am.. and simply for that reason - God Bless The USA 🇺🇸

Me at the podium giving my inauguration speech. I'm bringing this hot dog with me

It's Happening 💁🏽

@tidal #jayz #slayz


Reparation bat is here to save the day. Watch my insta story for more 🤣

I've learned and unlearned so much in the past five years. Not dwelling in the past, but there were some key Missteps and mistakes I made just truly and honestly .. not having a clue of what my young ass was talking about. I'm sure many of you will think it insincere, but I really do regret ever saying anything to malign black men publicly. And I apologize from the bottom of my heart. You guys didn't deserve that. 😞 if u want to read the rest of the thoughts go here: https://twitter.com/xocheapy/status/881376811342548992

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