Азилия Бэнкс


Американская певица, рэпер и автор песен. Бэнкс прославилась в 2011 году, когда возглавила «Список крутых» в журнале New Musical Express.
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Despite whatever jokes or rude things I've said about yeezy in the past I think about this man for AT LEAST an hour EVERY SINGLE DAY. We love the fuck out of you Kanye ! You've inspired so many of us and after getting past my own stupid ass grudge I was holding against you, I reaaaaaaaaaaaallllly hope and pray you get to get out all of your dreams because you've been one of if not the Main reason I felt confident in exploring all sorts of music genres. You helped me find my voice. You saved my life. I'm sorry for everything. And me and the rest of the world are waiting patiently for you to blow our minds again. I love you. -AB (Talent is hitting the mark that others can't reach, but genius is hitting the mark that others can't see)

I got some coins for the gig. Post below to inquire !

So I'm doing something I've never done before- which is allow the public to actually experience me create my music from start to finish :) . "ESCAPADES" is the first official single from Fantasea Two: The Second Wave, the kuntbrigade have been reviewing my demo and leaving their thoughts, comments , suggestions, etc. tonight I will be live streaming from my Facebook page while I complete the rest of the track. I would love the public to see me in action :) check out this very rough/raw demo at https://soundcloud.com/azealia-banks/escapades-48k-monitor-mix and leave any thoughts, questions, love, complaints, requests in the comments and come to my Facebook page tonight at 11pm! 💁🏽

I'm getting my life right now 😂 #Escapades

Tryna keep my cool yeah boy I think imma lose it

As Above, So Below: this is a visual representation of the two earthly realms. This does not represent dark and night so much as it represents the VISIBLE WORLD and the INVISIBLE WORLD. Heaven and hell do not exist. Our reality consists of the living AND the dead. The dead (invisible realm) can be described almost as a huge database with all of the coding/software/information that makes the computer (earth/living/life/visible living world) work. The invisible world can exist without the visible world but the visible world CANNOT exist without the invisible world.

I'm going to need 121 strong red roosters to make this happen. (A girl can dream though 🤣)

From the desk of @thenewclassic ❤️🦋

Me singing over some beat Kanye gave Theo. Theo doesn't know I'm stealing this from him yet. 😈

Last thing I'll post on it.



Lunch 🍴

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Chichi is on Spotify!

#chichi is on iTunes now!

Damn, black American women having been singing songs like this and "liquorice" since forever. The sentiment is the same.....


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