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Американская актриса и танцовщица.
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Playing dress up for a living. 👩🏼‍🎤 Huge shout out to @rodanandfields for giving me the clean canvas to work on. I used to use makeup to hide behind, but now it’s just fun to play with when I feel like it (or need to for auditions)! If you have ever felt the same way, hit me up!

Let’s talk STRONG WOMEN. The set of this movie was filled with amazing ladies. The story centers around strong women going through trials in their lives and how the only way to solve them is stick together and help each other. This felt like the perfect #internationalwomensday post. My life is full of great women and I’m so thankful for each and every one of my ladies. #pizzaandwhine

Animal Restaurant

Happy birthday to my man! No matter the beard, you are the always the best. @realsterling I love you and can’t wait to spend the next 30 years with you. #thisis30 #advilforbreakfast

Shaping light 🌓

Everyday Valentine. 💕 💋👫

1 year till you’re stuck with me forever 👫 📷: @jimmy2skus

My #PizzaandWhine sisters 🍕❤️🍷🎥 #bts

Cloak & Petal

2018 🔜 2019

Final touches and ADR on #VoyeurMovie today 🎥

Julian, California

It is that time of the year again and @danielwellington is having their amazing Holiday sale! Head over to their website for 50% off selected items, a free gift wrap/shipping and additional 15% with my code: AYLAK #danielwellington #DWForEveryone #ad

We can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving! Thankfully @danielwellington is saving you from going out on Black Friday with 50% off selected items, a free strap with any watch and additional 15% with my code: AYLAK #danielwellington #DWForEveryone #ad

Drinking sunshine #itswhiskey #friday

Herb & Wood

This happens every year... #28

I said to him: “We are starting a jam session that will end when one of us dies.” Little did I know he was going to propose. ❤️💍🍾 #WEREGETTINGMARRIED

Los Angeles, California

Oh, hey. 😏 #photobooth

We clean up okay 😏 Last month this group did our annual reunion at the Spirit of Courage event to help the Jennie Edmundson Foundation. Please come join us next year! Or you can donate now at the website: jehfoundation.org


Rooftop vibes in Italy #35mm #foreverago I’ve been finding tons of photos during the move, things I thought were lost forever. Photos are so much more than selfies or evidence you went somewhere, they capture a moment and make you feel it again when you look at it. They hold a piece of my life in a still frame. So when everyone asks why I take pictures of everything all the time, it means that I would regret not being able to hold this moment later. I will forever find myself saying “I wish I had my camera.”

The Woods

He’s my forever photographer 📸:@realsterling

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