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Американский певец и автор песен, ставший известным в 2011 году благодаря своим роликам на видеосервисе YouTube.
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Been working really hard on this one. Can't wait for you guys to hear it just in time for the new year!! 12/30 🎉🔑🙏🏼

The sky is starting to look bluer 🚀@frorojas

Malibu 🌴🌴

💸 📷: @frorojas

Had to step out in the reebok sweatsuit one time 👟

Do you get brains? Did you make the honor roll Don't worry about your man baby, he ain't gotta know 👀

Making my way downtown... 🚶🏽📷: @frorojas

In the studio mixing this project 🔥📀 and let me tell you.. it sounds outstanding🌡

The fire was perfect last night 🔥

I'm challenging @acehood @hassanwhiteside @cameronballl and everyone else reading this to step up & make your own vid!! Breathe through a straw while doing something you love to do and feel what its like for the 30 million Americans who are struggling with COPD (the 3rd leading killer of adults in the US). Join me ,@Philips, and the @COPDFoundation1 to raise awareness for this serious lung disease and help empower those with COPD to Breathe Boldly. #BreatheBoldly for #COPD! #sponsored

We lost Anthony today 😓 he was a strong cat. I've had him since I was 5 years old. I remember the day when he ran into my house as a stray and I took him in. We've watched each other grow up over the years, but today it was his time. Anthony we love you and we will miss you ❤️

I'm shooting for the moon 🌙


HAD TO BREAK OUT THE WELDING EQUIPMENT 1 TIME! 💥 Exclusively by @metrowrapz X @zachonthat Video by @Dela_vossen @vossen #rustedi8 #ourwrapzcreatehype

ITS NOT A WRAP!!! 🔥🔥 Next level oxidizable "RUST" Exclusively by @metrowrapz X @zachonthat @vossen #rustedi8 #ourwrapzcreatehype

Good morning! Happy Saturday 🙂

#TINTA livestream tomorrow 7pm EST! Go to gatherwith.us and set up your own listening party and i’ll shout you out on stream. Also join my list - link in bio #gatherwithus @gatherwith.us

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