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Flowers and weeds and a threadbare velvet chair.

Ramp dressing from @miyas_sushi #newhaven

Beautiful light in NYC tonight

Gunther and Wiley. #rhodesianridgeback #italiangreyhound #Southbury

Southbury, Connecticut


Summer ends...

Dogs hanging around outside kitchen

Stunning blue jadeite from Guatemala transformed into the most stunning artwork by Ryan Spangler. See his work at https://www.californiajadecarvings.com/

Here my ignorance and utter lack of skill paid off because I wanted a carved Guatemalan blue jadeite ring but couldn't find one. These days Jade is frequently carved on a mass scale by machines. I wanted a ring that looked primitive and didn't have too hard of a shine so I bought a little rough material and carved it myself and now my hands are so destroyed I can't type but it was worth it because this is the ring I wanted but couldn't find. I have no clue why it fits. A real Jade carving artist would be horrified of course but look at that color, that glow.

Some paintings get hung, some lean. She's leaner for sure.

Our garden kind of hates us this year. I mean, this is pretty much it.

Found these while digging in the yard. How does a rock get a hole in it?

Building Stone stairs

@crsripley: I love that I can go outside in my workbooks and underwear because, who's gonna see?

#rhodesianridgeback #saturday

When I worked in advertising 100 years ago one of my first accounts was Hunt's tomato things. I learned tomatoes were once called Wolf Peaches and were believed to be evil, eaten by witches. They are still eaten by witches but they aren't evil

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