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Say where & let’s go...✌🏼

YoYo Mats

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Thank you for having us @nbccalive Had a great morning with these two! @jessicavilchis & @thednottingham 👏🏼 What better place to show off the #CaliRoll & #MalibuRoll YoYo Mats then on #CaliforniaLive 👍🏻 #HowDoYouRoll

• S U N D A Y • Shot by @christianrios ⚡️

“Luck Is when preparation meets opportunity” BE READY because it’s coming... 👌🏼 📸 @jonathanmiskevich

🚲 Hope EVERYBODY had a great WEEKEND 🤟🏼 This week I’am looking forward to early workouts and long work days 👏🏼 @yoyo_mats

JUST GETTING STARTED | I am proud of this one simply because If you knew me when I was a kid I was never the stereotypical guy you thought would grow up and end up on Magazine covers...let alone shirtless... or want any attention drawn to him at all... But at one point I made a decision to change many things about myself. My fears, my insecurities, my body etc.. I decided I was no longer going to give in to the “inner voice” created by those close around us that secretly want to hold us back. That doesn’t mean I’m not scared to take leaps anymore, it just means I turned that FEAR into FUEL and it still pushes me to pursue the “unconventional” paths in life that are often harder but more rewarding. I have to still remind myself we are what we think we are, those thoughts are powerful and when focused on can fully re-shape our lives, good and bad. @mensjournal | @wilhelminamodels | @christianrios | @yoyo_mats |

Honored to be on the cover of @mensjournal MARCH Spring Gear Issue | Shot by @jessicasample | @wilhelminamodels | #mensjournal #gear #Yoyomats

A few of my many expressions while chatting about all things #YoYoMats In the new @yoyo_mats Video content coming soon! leave a comment if you want to see more video content! 🤔 #howdoyouroll #letsrolltogether #startup

Don’t mess with us 👊🏼 #Nephew #ZombieHunters

Malibu Creek

Thinking of you....🤟🏼

I spy something Grey that Rolls Itself up.... 😉🤟🏼

• S M I L E • 😬


Muir Woods National Monument

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the Mind” -Caroline Myss

Phyllis' Giant Burgers

HUNGRY? | I am not kidding when I say I found my all time favorite burger & fries at #PhyllisGiantBurgers in Mill Valley! Who knew?! The company & conversation wasn’t bad either @nickialacci 😉

Back in LA 🤟🏼 Had a great time in the Bay Area this weekend. So many great views and hikes. #yoyomats


TIME IS THE MOST VALUABLE CURRENCY, PLEASE START SAVING SOME FOR YOURSELF 🤟🏼 So many people tell me they don’t have time to workout... please stop telling yourself this lie. There is always time. You will thank yourself in the future 👏🏼 #yoyomats

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