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Американский актер и спортсмен.
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Next stop?.... #LA 🤟🏼 BRB #China ✌🏼


The journey is long, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🤟🏼 Missing you here big guy @oldpanman


• C o M i N g S o O n • #YoYoMats

“Zane, I know this is more fun but we gotta actually sell some @yoyo_mats too....” 🤟🏼

No one makes me laugh quite like you 💙 | @wilhelminamodels | by @christianrios 📷

Joshua Tree National Park

My adventure buddy all day everyday 🌵#joshuatree

Road trip?... Where we goin? 🤟🏻

Malibu Creek

The Family that masks together.......? 😆

Ever sit in the grass and stare at the ocean? 🌾| I am truly lucky that one of the most important people in my life is also the most talented photographer I know @christianrios 🖤 @wilhelminamodels

Just getting started | @christianrios

Malibu Creek

If your wondering if I always carry a #YoYoMat the answer is...Yes...Yes I do 🤨 #Love

Malibu Creek

My face when I see someone still using a regular yoga mat 🤮 GET A @yoyo_mats 🤟🏻 use code athor13 💙

Thx @ilariaurbinati & @nordstrom 💡


Malibu Creek

Who knew someone so small could teach me so much 👦🏼 #BigZ 💙

Swim with me? 💙 | @christianrios

Malibu Creek

• S u N d A y • Bike ride with my lil buddy 🚲

Skybar at Mondrian

Another successful Event! @skybarla | @theinfluence | @yoyo_mats | As an inventor there is no better feeling then watching people light up and fall in love with something you have created 👌🏼 Always makes the long hours & nights worth it 🤟🏻 #Grateful #yoyomats Thankful to have the support from all my amazing Friends & family as well. They truly make it happen!

“Wait....did you just say you still use a regular yoga mat?” @yoyo_mats 🤨

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