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Итальянская актриса, кинорежиссёр, сценарист, писатель и певица.
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“He taught me to love him and promised to love, and to cherish me over all others above. How my heart now is wond'ring misery can tell. He’s left me no warning, no words of farewell. Oh, he taught me to love him and called me his flow'r that was blooming to cheer him through life's dreary hour. Oh, I'm longing to see him through life's dark hour. He's gone and neglected this pale wildwood flower.”

A position of submission, of repentance & petition

Total look by @antoniogrimaldi ❣️ no make up and bed hair by me

Antonio Grimaldi Haute Couture #Paris Arianna cerca ancora il suo Teseo @antoniogrimaldi ♾ rings by @bernarddelettrezofficial #IWalkAlone #labyrinth #AntonioGrimaldi #HauteCouture #PARIS

Tunnel Club

Venerdì 1 Febbraio 2019 al Tunnel Club di Milano lanciamo il nuovo progetto Rock’n’Roll Suicide, fra pochi giorni apriremo una pagina Instagram con più informazioni #StayTuned @redbricksfoundation @romanoalfieri @goranize @tunnelclubmilan

PURPLE PARTY last night in Milan with @aniyeby 💜

I am on the cover of @dedicatemagazine out today in France 💥🚀

Mad props @lebonwski #20k #PXM

I guess I make it too much shit Someday we'll look back and laugh Talk your shit, but don't fuck with this foto di @fabio_lovino_ @maxim_italia, styling @stefaniasciortino, makeup and hair @manola_spaziani_mua, abito di @antoniomarrasofficial #OneDayAtAFuckingTime #MinorThreat

What else could I write? I don't have the right. What else should I be? All apologies 🙏🏼 #fuck2018 #worstyearever #SerenityNow photos by @enricodeluigi God Help Me

Rock’n’roll gang @redbricksfoundation - foto di @lucagiorietto - grazie Cervia per il tutto esaurito 💣💥 #SoldOut @bob_c.e

COHO Apartment

Music makes me high! Grazie @redbricksfoundation @romanoalfieri e tutti quelli che sono venuti a fare headbanging ieri notte al @cohoapartment - Rock’n’roll is back in town! - styling by @stefaniasciortino, video by @luigischettini #MrsDJ #VinylJunkie

Oggi in edicola sulla cover di @maxim_italia IO BALLO DA SOLA - foto di @fabio_lovino_, styling by @stefaniasciortino, makeup and hair by @manola_spaziani_mua, anelli di @bernarddelettrezofficial 🖤


Grazie @lebonwski 🔥 #PXM dress by @aniyeby

Paris, France

Soulmates forever 🌑 #blacksun 🖤 #blackeverything 🗡 @matttskiba

Complesso Del Vittoriano - Botero

Living art for Marco Manzo show #complessodelvittoriano #DioramaDAria 🌒photo by @artur____hd #tattooforever @marcomanzotattoo @francescabonidesign

« And big up to my french vanillas... Parlez-vous francais, mon amour, merci, oui oui, bon bons, and all that good stuff » - video editing by @luigischettini

New hair by @le_poise_parrucchieri 💜😈☔️ grazie Simone! #PurpleRain #PurpleHaze

Papà #DarioArgento ricorda il suo grande amico #BernardoBertolucci 💔 compagno di avventure, di viaggio e co-sceneggiatore di C’era Una Volta Il West di #SergioLeone (1968) - il più grande regista della sua generazione insieme a te, papo - grazie @antonio_luisi_official #archivegenius

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