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Американская фигуристка, выступающая в одиночном катании.
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One week ago marked the end of tour. My Stars experience was one that I was really nervous for heading into. I didn’t know how I would feel traveling with the Olympic team after my heartbreak. I didn’t know how I’d feel performing every night considering where my head was at. After two months of touring, @starsonice showed me that while we all may be competitors from time to time, we are truly family first. Thank you to the incredible cast and crew for making this year a magical one, I learned to love this sport again and find happiness in the moment!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

When @reedjamesk forces you to buy a rain jacket against your will, you turn around and force him to take moody travel pics of you.

Latourell Falls

You guys know I’ve been road tripping my way across the US. Currently up here in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t be loving it more! Happy to help my friends at @bridgestonetires remind everyone that tires play a critical role in driving safety. Just like I take care of my skates, be sure to take care of your tires to keep them performing at their best! #KnowYourRoll #NationalTireSafetyWeek #TeamBridgestone

You came into my life less than a year ago, but since I met you everything changed. Thank you for turning a year that was incredibly hard into the year that I laughed more than ever and learned to live my best life. You amaze me more and more every day. Happy birthday Jimmy ❤️

Every night we belt out @karebearsk8 number backstage. So glad to have finally been able to create the cinematic moment we have been craving. @splashmadison has the voice of an 👼🏻

Here’s to the ones who dream ✨

26 was the most trying year of my life. Some would say it was a character building year, and some would just call it for what it was- downright terrible. I’ve decided that 26 was the year that I learned how to actively make myself happy and full, I gained confidence in living my own life the way I wanted to because I simply could, and I stopped questioning and just started doing. In honor of 26, here is a picture of me shamelessly feeling my lewk. A bold brow, a middle part and my Mona Lisa smile. 27, I’m ready for you!

Last day of 26 is pretty neat ☀️

Take what you want from this, just thought I’d share 💁🏼‍♀️

You raised me to be no different than anyone else, and that was what was so special. You raised my brother and I to have the same vivacious nature and ferocity for life, you never tried to tame me, you never tried to force any ideas of what it means to be “feminine” on me. You taught me to speak my mind as long as it was intelligently put, and you made sure quitting was never an option for me. I have this amazing life because of you. Thank you Mom. #mothersday

La La Land in La La Land tonight ✨

Ok ladies now let’s get in @reformation 🔥

Sketchiest triple loop of my life. Ever.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Cougar Status 🐯

Looking at my imaginary piano and realizing I have no idea how to play ✨

I think all too often strong minded and independent women are pitted against each other because people don’t think there is enough space in that realm for multiple dominant personalities. This show has such a powerful group of women, and we are all so alike and incredibly different, I love each and every one of them for the unique approach they bring to the show. Cherish your fellow badass lady friends, laugh with them, you can come together and create something incredible!

Chelsea Piers Sky Rink

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What an inspiring way to start off my day in the city! Feeling very empowered and inspired after listening to the incredible stories of the women speaking today! #embraceambition

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