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Happy Saturday. And Happy Irish Day... 🍀🍀 😘


#FBF circa 1981? I’d wear those jeans now if I could. #jordache #texasgirl

NeueHouse Hollywood

I was hoping if I stood next to Molly Shannon long enough, some of her funny might rub off on me. @Katieaselton and @theofficialsuperstar are fabulous and lovely. ♥️❤️#FunMomDinner was FUN. Check stories for more. 📸: @day.artist / @ographr

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, California

Great night with amazing friends supporting @pawworks! Thanks to @normancook @bradgoreski and everyone behind the scenes at #pawworks. @Joelhenricks and I didn’t bring another dog home this time, but loved watching those that did adopt a new family member. #adoptdontshop @pwchad 😘 ps- check my stories for more from the night. @katharinemcphee sang one of my favorite songs like an angel.

Los Angeles, California

Ladies Man! Hayden’s #wcw @bricuoco and @normancook —this was your 💍💍day ❤️😘 Little man has changed so much in just a couple months. #haydenjh #bricuoco #kaleycuoco

Gorgeous sunny day after a weekend of rain. Sending good vibes this Monday. Also, new post is up. Who watched the Oscars last night? Inspiring on several levels— especially a specific fashion taboo! Link in bio;) 📸: @ographr 😘

Warner Bros. Entertainment

I’m at capacity on my computer so cleaning off photos. #TBT to sitting in a makeup chair for a good amount of time getting my “scratches” for #Daphne. #Trueblood @truebloodhbo #shapeshifter

Los Angeles, California

Good thing this little man has my whole heart- even at 3:30am. The last couple nights he's been waking up. He goes back to sleep eventually after rounds of Jesus Loves Me and Twinkle, Twinkle... but I am then left wide awake. Ugh. At least I did a bit of online sale surfing. Some affordable, great finds... up in the new post on the blog. Xx Question: what do you guys do if you can't sleep? Ps- thx @jlove_____ for 📸

Houston, Texas

Tonight Joel and I are going to a screening of #GoodAfterBad at a LA film festival. Enjoyed every minute of shooting in my hometown, Houston, Texas, (can't wait to do it again) with @maddiehassonofficial and #BillyBurke, @jeremyjohnwells @chelsea_ricketts and working with the very talented director @annemariehessla & producer @mattleut on this unique coming-of-age movie. Thanks to those that have asked about seeing the film. Looking forward to letting you know soon! #staytuned 😉@goodafterbad #houstontexas #nfmla #comingofage #indiefilm

The Big Bang Theory

My sister had to go back to Texas; I'm left scrolling through memories of the past week. This was a good one! Thx @normancook!! 😘So fun hanging with @linzkraft & @iamrodiamond ❤️ @bigbangtheory_cbs @jlove_____ #comebacksoon #bigbangtheory #lindseykraft #kaleycuoco

Hayden: She said yes! Molly: Whoa, buddy, it's just a first date. 😂 But, really, the Olympic theme song came on and this was the reaction. #musiclover Thanks for catching this @jlove_____ . #toddlers #bestbuds #haydenjh @mollymanno

Los Angeles, California

It’s that season, right? The dreaded cough that keeps us up at night- especially the kiddos. Joel’s dad and stepmom shared some of their tried and true remedies with us like Vapo Rub--they even travel with it! Huck’s lingering cough has been keeping him from sleeping well, so my father-in-law reminded us to rub Vicks on his chest. Grateful for the tip again, today, Marvin! What tried and true remedies are passed down in your family? Wanna hear! #VicksVapoRub #ad #vicks #vaporub

Santa Monica Pier

My little sister is in town. A few things have changed in 20 years (notice the pay phones)! But some stay the same. She was the cooler one back then (notice the glasses and jellys) and still is. @jlove_____ we need new pictures this trip. 🌴❤️✨#sistertime 💃#20yearsago

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

Scroll ➡️for the real #RascalRebelRabbits. Oh the chaos and joy of taking kids anywhere! This day many of us juggled work & kids & getting the family ready for this #PeterRabbit tea party/screening (I picked up Huck from school and dressed him in the car😂). Thx again @themillennialmamas for the fun! Grateful that I get to commiserate about motherhood and go through this journey with my friends. And to my peeps that don't have babies- so grateful for your patience with me and mad love for my kiddos. Big hug to you all-- our village! #feelingthankful ps- if this isn't flowery enough for you... I continue on the blog. New post up;) #linkinbio

The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills

Peter's ears didn't make the cut here, but the rest of the event was a success! Hayden sat through his first full movie! Thank you @themillennialmamas for the fun tea party and #PeterRabbitMovie 🐰#huckandhayden #brotherbond

Laugh it off. Happy Friday. 😜 Took until February, but I got a new blog post up finally about some intentions for the year. Starting with letting more go... attempting to laugh more off. We'll see how it goes! Link in bio for more. 📸: @ographr 😍

The Beverly Hilton

#SisterSister This is my little sister! I posted a throwback pic a few weeks ago with some cast members from Trueblood. I mentioned I was with my sister at the event; some of you asked about her. Flashing back to that night and here we are all spray tanned and everything! Scroll for another with one of my besties. Fun looking back on these memories, @jlove_____ ❤️😘maybe you'll let me post more soon😜? (we got a lot of good ones!) #sistertime Can't wait to see you very soon ❤️ #Kaleycuoco

Happy Birthday to my husband♥️Let's make this next decade the best one yet! I love you. 😘 #welcometotheclub #40thbirthday ps- thank you to everyone who helped make this a special birthday!😘 Pps- I'm late posting this, but just maybe @joelhenricks won't mind the lingering celebration😉

I love this picture. It doesn't look like anything terribly special, but I keep thinking about it. Yesterday, Hayden finished his first day of Sunday School at church. He's staring at the sticker he got on his way out of class. Huck was telling his brother how proud he was of him. I snapped this and then interrupted the moment by asking them to look at me for a picture. This was the #realmoment, though. #myBoys #brothers #iJustLoveThem #huckandhayden

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