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Huck and I wanna say happy national #loveyourpetday. Huck has TWO pugs! 🐶 @oscarthehappy with us and Truman at his mom’s house. #doublethelove #pugsandkisses oh I almost forgot! One more pet—- we have CookieFishy! Our beautiful fish! I bet CookieFishy is a boy, too. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m surrounded by #boysboysboys #boymom 💙💙💚 #huckandhayden #blendedfamily @joelhenricks

You know that question: if you could invite anyone to your dinner party, who? My list includes Sammy Davis, Jr. #sponsored TOMORROW @PBSAmericanMasters, one of the longest running arts programs, (and best shows – if you aren’t watching, you should!) airs a documentary on Sammy Davis, Jr. Leave a ❤️ if you’ll be watching with me! What a life! He broke down doors for all of humanity. You would be hard pressed not to see a part of yourself in him. From serving our country, to serving as an entertainer, he wore many hats. As an actor, I’ve tried to develop a thick skin for rejection. I cannot begin to imagine overcoming all the obstacles he faced, at the level he faced them, while achieving world-wide success. You name it, he did it. But, it came at a price. A huge activist in the civil rights movement (#NoMore), he embodied the sentiment, “the kind of harmony we wished for and imagined in those early days was just over the horizon.” It’s nearly impossible to watch this documentary and not make comparisons to the movements currently happening today. We’ve come a long way, Mr. Davis, Jr., but we’re not done. How much do you know about this legendary trailblazer? If you’re anything like me, you might need tissues. I can’t be right for somebody else if I’m not right for me. I gotta be free. Dare to try to do it or die. I’ve gotta be me. Feb 19th 9p ET. SAMMY DAVIS, JR: I’VE GOTTA BE ME. Are you watching #AmericanMastersPBS? #ilovepbs #sammydavis #sammydavisjr #PBS #goldenboy #documentary #awardwinning #docuseries #bojangles #igottabeme #dinnerinvitation #iconstatus

#SundayFunday but I’m ready for a nap. . . . . #familyselfie #familytime❤️ #blendedfamily

Venice, California

If only one person reads the blog post today and makes a change, that will be enough. It’s about being good to our future selves, preventing cancer as much as possible. February is National Cancer Prevention month. Although it’s not usually a happy topic, I am happy to partner with @AmericanCancerSociety to keep the conversation going about prevention and screening. My hope is we encourage each other to be as diligent as possible. I followed the hashtag #worldcancerday recently and through my tears, was also inspired by the strength and courage of many. So, sharing my small story today on the blog and prevention tips I’ve learned from experts. Link in bio. What are you doing to be good to your future self? #AttackingCancer, #CancerPrevention #sponsored #selfcare #wellnessseries #cancersucks #earlydetection

Happy LOVE day from my little man and me💋🥰AT THE TOUCH OF LOVE, EVERYONE BECOMES A POET. -Plato. ❤️What’s your favorite quote about love? Leave in comments -(Sharing some on stories while we’re currently staying inside cause it is FLOODING here in LA!!😳) #HappyValentinesDay2019 #justLOVE 📸: @ographr

Whatever the kids eat, I take bites. It adds up. Suddenly, I’ve had too many grilled cheeses and don’t fit in my jeans.😳 Better choices, people! Teaching the kids they have choices all the time, so let’s try make good ones. Like yogurt. We’ve loved @FAGE for a long time. Their #30PercentLessSugar Total Split Cups make it guilt free. Have you tried them? Soooo good. So many flavors. ONLY 120 CALORIES with 12g protein! 🙌🏻 If you follow my blog, come chime in today!! link in profile! I’d love to know what #recipes you could share that use yogurt. I’m making my (easy this time😜) go-to dinner tonight with a yogurt twist, plus sharing some other recipes. #betterdaywithfage #sponsored #onthego #haydenjh

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Post #flashmob @bigbangtheory_cbs. So impressed with you @kaleycuoco and @bricuoco. #epic. Love all the guys are wearing their new hat😜 #thefinalseason 😭 #largerthanlife #flashmob2019 ⭐️⭐️check stories⭐️#bigbangtheory


He’s already asking to go back. #Disneyland @disneyland #haydenjh . . . #MamaNeedsAbreak #untilnexttime #adventure #mommyandme #heymickey #disneymagic #toddlerboy #boymomlife

💋💋 Happy Sunday. Have a great one🙌🏻💚

Rubba dub dub, two boys in a tub. What did y’all do last night? I tried to make a new dish for dinner. The difficulty level on the recipe was “medium to hard.” I should stick to “easy.” Thanks to Joel for helping me turn it into a completely new idea with only a few jabs at my cooking abilities. 😩🙈I’m a great multitasker, but homework, toddler and a stove? Something’s gonna give. #haydenjh #huckandhayden

I love my son more than anything. And I love traveling. Traveling with my son?? Alone!? (Actually he was very good, but still 🙉!) Last night, we got back from our trip and I took a quick moment of self care. Hot bath. 🙌🏻 {sponsored} Then applied @beautycounter overnight Resurfacing Peel. Got all the good tingle feels. Now, I’m using the face oil (you ONLY need a tiny drop prior to foundation) for that dewy makeup look. Have you tried #Beautycounter? #GiftYourself ❤️ #ValentinesDay (ps- dying to try the makeup line…so stay tuned!) #betterbeauty #GiftfromBC 📷: @ographr

New York, New York

Many of us have heavy hearts, very few words and left flooded with great memories. I echo what others have said today: he was a light on Earth who can rest in the arms of the Almighty now. Much love to his family. #kristoffstjohn #youngandtherestless #cbsfamily

Houston, Texas

Side by side or miles apart, we are family connected by the heart;) Tag a loved one this Monday ❤️ love YOU @jordynschatte #sisterbond —we found an Instagram wall in #htown (evidently there are lots)! Ps- miss you, Zach.

Los Angeles, California

#tbt to tank top weather. ☀️Flash flood warnings in Los Angeles today. Wish I could stay home! Drive safely, y’all.⛈☔️

When you give your best pal since day one (like literally day one of life) a PALentine’s card, it’s nothing short of bromance. And the LEWKS these two give! Hayden loves you, Lennox. We all do. ❤️ Y’all, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Surprise your loved ones with personalized @mixbook cards. (Or get personalized cards to hand out to your kid’s classmates.) You know I love @mixbook! They are showing YOU some love w $25 off your first order. 🤩 No minimum! Try them out for Vday or thank yous or any other card!! Link in stories...or use code ASHLEY25...so... go! Your order arrives in a jiffy- you literally won’t believe it! Captured by the best 📸: @ographr ❤️ #mixbookpartner

We may have different reactions to events in life (see exhibit B: swipe left for concert above), but that’s what makes our life adventures complete and balanced. Here’s to many, many more adventures together. Till we’re old and grey... I’m so grateful God brought us together. I’m proud of our family. And so proud of you. Happy Anniversary! I LOVE you😘😘 @joelhenricks

My little angel resting. Thanks for the get-well wishes. We are on the mend after a few bad days. 🙏🏻💙🤧😷😵🤒 enjoy your weekend! #sickbaby #sickmommy #tistheseason #staywell #haydenjh

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

When you live with four boys (Oscar counts, y’all), you end at @supercrosslive and start to seriously get into it. Thx @marquecomm. You made the boys’ year so far! 😘 @feldentertainment @feldstudios @monsterenergy #cantwaitfornextone

That @cosobeauty event I posted about yesterday...about to scare Hayden with the mask from gift bag today. 👻😜 #cbdoilmask More info in my stories rn with a swipe up link for 20%off. Who’s as curious as I am about #cbdoil and proclaimed health (and vanity!) benefits? (hydration, relaxation, repairing skin damage, helps with fine lines..!) Who’s used it? Link to copy and paste: https://cosobeauty.com/discount/Ashley20 or use code Ashley20 #ashleyjones

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