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I’m a bit vulnerable on the blog today, revealing a few things I deplore about myself (but working on). Wondering if some of you can relate? 🙈🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ (Sponsored) Are any of you taking advantage of the December deals and looking at cars for Christmas? Please save yourself some serious time and accelerate the buying process with @autotrader_com’s accelerate program online. On the blog (link in bio), I go into the many reasons how #Accelerate is helping me do all of the preliminary work finding the perfect vehicle for my needs. Then, I can go to my audition this morning, Huck’s holiday performance, take the kids to meet Santa, get ready for my in-laws, finish up year end work stuff…. basically, #AccelerateWithAutotrader is making multitasking MERRY. #MerryMultitasking Ps- curious how many years you guys keep your car? I tell you my number on the blog😆 you probably wouldn’t guess it! AshleyAJones.com . . . #carbuying #holidayshopping #timesaver #multitasking #workingmom #busymom #familycar #safetyfirst

Los Angeles, California

Merry + Bright this cold Monday morning. 🎄🎄Thanks for being part of our lives this year. And letting us be part of yours. Getting cards out today. (Each year I’m getting a little bit better about sending them out earlier…I never seem to get my act together soon enough.) But, @mixbook has the best service. I ordered these last week and got them in three days. I’ve been happy with everything from @mixbook this year, so I asked them if I could share my discount with you all: use code AUBRA50 for 50% cards and books, no minimum. 😍🎄😍I’m working on my books now for family gifts;) #mixbookholiday Do y’all send cards every year? Who hasn’t mailed them out yet like me?! 🤷🏼‍♀️Lol 📸: @ographr 😘

Good Saturday Morning! Huck helped me pick out fun gift ideas for kids. He has awesome ideas (for kids of ALL ages;) up on the blog right now and he is very excited to hear your thoughts! 😉 I should probably end the post right there, but there have been questions in comments recently that caught my attention. I usually don’t let comments bother me, but ones about my kids do. One comment yesterday asked why I don’t post as many pictures of Huck as I do Hayden, with a sad face. No malice intended, just voicing her thought. I have wrongly assumed many people understand the complexities of a blended family. So, for those that do not know (and think I favor one son over the other), Huck has two families. I love my precious stepson. He is not always with us. And there are also times where other dynamics are at play and it’s inappropriate for me to post. Custody issues are delicate and very, very difficult. I am a stepmother and learning more every day of what all this means. It’s a balance between loving and raising Huck as my own child and understanding he has a completely separate family with his own mother. I don’t mean to lament about anything here, but I have not been as vocal about this very sensitive topic as I am about others. You just never know what is going on in people’s lives. Instagram only shows one selected version. So much more life is happening to all of us. I applaud all the stepparents out there navigating this territory and am open to learning how to be the best mom and stepmom I can be to both my boys. 💙💙 #Huckandhayden

#TBT Two years ago today. My little Santa. We got to play hooky together this morning and snuggle in bed watching Winnie the Pooh and listening to the rain. I have so much on the to-do list, but NOTHING BETTER than this. Happy Thursday, folks.

It’s beginning to look a lot like...my favorite bouquet is back in stock at our local market. 🌺🎄🌺#christmastime #wednesdaypickmeup What are y’all up to today? Who is watching the beautiful tribute to President Bush?

CBS Interactive

It’s almost the 8000th episode of @boldandbeautifulcbs!! We recapped our first episodes of the show, had some good laughs at (younger & skinnier for me) memories and chatted about YOU, our awesome fans that keep it going. Thank you. Anybody catch it live?? As you can see, we really have no fun together! 😜 Check it out with the link in my bio. #boldandbeautiful @cbsdaytime #bold8000 #LoganWomen

Y’all, Hayden has serious ideas lately! He wanted to decorate Huck’s cactus and surprise him when he gets home. Just waiting to hear what today’s bright idea is! 🎄🌵🌵 . . I’m clearly liking this color and sweater lately.🤷🏼‍♀️ more details of this stuff and kids’ gift ideas on the blog right now. #fauxcactus is FUN and on sale half off under $100. AshleyAJones.com AND for so many of you asking about Hayden’s reindeer Rudolph boots my mom gave him, they are linked on blog now. 😍🎄🎄 You can also check out the LIKEtoKNOW.it. App or screenshot this photo for your app. @worldmarket http://liketk.it/2yC6W

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Thank you @katherinekellylang for being the best tv mom! Oh and all the work you and @dom472522 do for @breakawaycancer is inspiring. Love, your girls! @annikanoelle #boldandbeautiful #nomakeupselfie @boldandbeautifulcbs #tvfamily #bold8000

Just trying to keep up with these cool cats. Made it to my home state... layover in H-town on our way to @thelittlebigcup in Louisiana for @breakawaycancer. Hi mom & dad and @jordynschatte & @codyschatte❤️ #goTexas @boldandbeautifulcbs #boldandbeautiful #logangirls #breakawayfromcancer

Happy Birthday, my girl. Too special for words. Love you much much much. May we be silly together till we’re 100. To the moon and back, ❤️❤️ @kaleycuoco.

Just us staring down your bright future like....😜 I love you & Happy Birthday @bricuoco WELCOME to your 30s. The best is yet to come. 😘

Suddenly, you’re half my size. I love watching you grow, but you’ll always be my baby. #haydenjh 💙 . . . Thank you @ographr for capturing this moment.


Fancy meeting you here! #club33 🐶+🦆+ 🧚‍♀️ @disneyland #shareyourears

Excited to share the new blog post up today about purchasing with a purpose! **GIVEAWAY** Most gifts have meaning behind them; what if the impact went further than the recipient? Many companies are out there doing good, let’s support them. To promote #SmallBusinesSaturday and kick off the season of meaningful gifting, @makersandgoods is GIVING AWAY three of the candles we created together that benefit @lafdfoundation. #shopsmall Make sure you’re following both of us and comment on the candle you would like on the latest post at @makersandgoods (descriptions are there and on my blog). For extra entries tag a friend below and leave a comment on the blog post! Ps- Hayden peeked in to say hi and happy gifting! #AshleyJonesXMakersGoods #AshleyAJones.com

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Sending love and blessings from our house of chaos to yours! 🧡🧡🧡 Ps- A little note of gratitude is up on the blog. . . #huckandhayden #haydenjh #familyphoto

CBS Television City

Y’all!! We are inviting you to come hang with ALL OF US Dec 1st for @katherinekellylang’s Breakaway from Cancer fundraiser in Louisiana!! Plus swipe to see who else will be there from @boldandbeautifulcbs and check out @thelittlebigcup’s page for more info & tickets or call (337)754- 7147 ❤️ TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE TODAY! We can’t wait to meet you👋🏼 @jennifergareis @annikanoelle #AlleyMills @caseykas @cbsdaytime . . . #breakawayfromcancer #boldandbeautiful #soapstars #katherinekellylang #ashleyjones #daytimetv #meetandgreet #trueblood #trubies #truebloodhbo #behindthescenes

Los Angeles, California

Yay!!! Thrilled I get to share my new exclusive collection of soy candles made right here in Hollywood. ♥️ It’s a little labor of love I developed with @makersandgoods that benefits @supportLAFD. “GET COZY” fills our house this morning with scents of evergreen + mistletoe + fir. I cannot get enough! And I can’t wait to hear what you think! Check out all three candles (BRIGHTEN and HOME are the other two) with the link in my bio or —-> https://makersandgoods.com/collections/celebrity-curations/products/ashley-jones #purchasewithpurpose #boldandbeautiful #madeinusa #AshleyJonesXMakersGoods 📸: @ographr

Baby, it’s cold outside! ❄️ Well, in LA, the low 60s qualifies as sweater weather😜 Have a great day. I’m currently home nursing a cold. Couldn’t sleep last night, so answered some DMs - up on the blog!! And asking you some q’s;) 💜 AshleyAJones.com Outfit details on blog, too or —> http://liketk.it/2yjrm #boldandbeautiful #gh photo: @ographr

#fbf If you missed it last year -or if you’re just looking for a feel good movie about doing good that the WHOLE family can watch, you’re in luck;) starting THIS SUNDAY NOV 18th, #12DAYSOFGIVING airs again! Swipe for dates and times. 🎄 #christmasSpirit #familyfilms #Uptv @christineconradt @david_blue @prestonhillier @jaxconnolly @Uptv

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