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West Virginia

#fbf to a still shot from a film called ANGEL’S PERCH. The film covers a meaty slice of life, but specifically #alzheimersawareness. I’m proud to be a part of it. The more life I live, the more I’m understanding the disease and all that comes with it. How amazing it would be to find a cure in our lifetime. @jtarbogast @kdiltsoblast @allywalker1 @charleshaine #angelsperch And ps- I still love those boots and denim top. And pps- film is available via amazon prime and iTunes, I think ♥️

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Love Tuesday tape nights in Penny’s room. I won’t get sappy... yet. #BigBangTheory #lastseason @bigbangtheory_cbs 😘⭐️ @normancook @iamrodiamond

Los Angeles, California

Hi y’all. Happy beginning of a new week! Hoping to make this one great and productive. Working on house stuff, business stuff and squeezing in me stuff (about to go workout). What positive things are you doing today? Forgive me sounding like I’m an elementary school teacher. I’ve been watching Sesame Street. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #pumpkinpatchkids #pumpkinpatch Ps- to all my Canadian friends #HappyThanksgiving 🇨🇦🇨🇦

Ottawa, Ontario

Not doing an interview with @AndreaCanning for @datelinenbc (probably a good thing!), but I am working with her!! Loving every minute. She and @lynnkeller3 wrote #HomeKillingQueen and we can’t wait for you to see it! #dontwatchalone Just like #Dateline #tvmovie

California dreamin’ on such a winter’s (rainy) day. 💜 Maybe some of this Canadian chill will follow me when I head home. . . . 📸: @ographr

The Bold And The Beautiful Studio @ CBS TV City

Watch tomorrow as my Aunt Katie becomes my sister-in-law! 😉 All gathering here watching a Logan become a Forrester. #weddingbells #boldandbeautiful @boldandbeautifulcbs @cbsdaytime #bridgetisback visiting😍 #onlyondaytime #goodsoap

Ottawa, Ontario

Los Angeles fall. 2017. Days might be long, but the years... well, you know. So short. Here we are again with fall. Oh how I MISS this angel boy. 👼🏻Not only figuratively as he grows so big so fast, but quite literally, as I am far away from him. Asking about your experiences on the blog in a new post about my last couple days filming in Canada. I am grateful for my job, but #tornados #fires #nojoke #workingmom #momguilt #separationanxiety #thatface 😍#ashleyAjones.com #tvmovie #okImDone 😳 📸: @ographr

Thank you @metrosotherwoman for the pantry makeover and closet “facelift” (and Hayden helped, too)! It has made a world of difference in our lives. New blog is up now with the all the details—their top three ideas for organizing plus the best repurposing of a lid organizer I’ve ever seen! (purse holder!) visit AshleyAJones.com. Thx to @goodcarmastudio for making this happen❤️ . . . Ps- items used for the pantry are linked on the LIKEtoKNOW.it app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s easy to use! Find me under “ashleyaubra.”

#trueblood10thanniversary Before becoming a mom, I was a bad waitress and a pretty good #shapeshifter. #memorylane #daphne @truebloodhbo #trueblood

So much joy⭐️Making memories in their new favorite spot. ❤️#huckandhayden . . . Day 2 on location for this film and I’m missing these nuggets so much. We set up this little @deltachildren table and chairs for the boys recently (who am I kidding? Joel set it up- but easily and quickly)! My only regret is I didn’t get this for them sooner. link in stories if you wanna check it out for your kiddos💫

Santa Ynez, California

Cheers! September is #CaliforniaWineMonth. 🍷And it’s almost the weekend... If you’re in here in California, hope you get to enjoy the festivals, special tastings & outdoor concerts throughout the state. We recently did. I could walk through the beautiful vineyards every day. Anyone else agree? 😉 @California.wines #LoveCalifornia #CAGrown #californiaWines #sponsored

Santa Monica, California

Big week ahead. Sorry in advance for rambling in this post. 🤦🏼‍♀️Work here in LA, then flying to Texas with Hayden. My parents and @jlove_____ are generously offering to smother him with love while I head to Canada to shoot a TV movie. My go-to to feel more in shape (quickly) & less anxious is always a mix of yoga, cardio and drinking more water (@daybottle helps with that- see stories). I don’t have the best yoga form, but I’m trying. I hate knee kicks, but they work. I’m very anxious about missing Hayden (it won’t be THAT long, but still). May sound silly, but I’m being honest. Packing, leaving the house organized and clean, not forgetting obligations... it all adds up! Thank you @joelhenricks for dealing! Ps- this picture was not taken today... but it’s in a prettier location than where I’m currently working out in the valley😉 so... what are you up to this lovely Sunday? 😜Xo, A 📸: @ographr

Bold & The Beautiful

#TbT when I brought my selfie stick to set! Seeing these guys soon;) @boldandbeautifulcbs @cbsdaytime #boldandbeautiful #bridgetforrester #logangirls

We are on the verge of potty training! But not there yet. The one thing that will be going with us on that “great adventure” 😜 🙄is @triple.paste_summers.labs. For now, it’s in all our changing kits for those unexpected blowouts. #sponsored Search #triplepaste or #blowoutblues for the whole story on the blog;) What age were your kids potty trained? Are you going through it now? Advice, please!? #AshleyAJones.com #protection #prevention #diaperrash #haydenjh

Westlake Village Inn

Y’all... just sitting down to look at messages/DMs from yesterday. Thx for the birthday wishes. ❤️🎂Hope you all were able to recharge over Labor Day 🤗Started off the weekend right at @westlakevillageinn... and we’re ready to go back! 😜 Thx for the love @themariamethod and my ❤️s at @goodcarmastudio. Now, back to real life!

Hugs for this little man...I’m a proud step-mom! I ran across the second picture recently (swipe) from three years ago. Be still my heart! ♥️⭐️♥️ Who is officially in back-to-school mode? Relief or stressful? Just restocked our @gooddaychocolate (let’s be honest-main reason Huck is so happy in this picture). Note to parents: these vitamin “treats” make great rewards post homework or chores. Check out today’s blog post on combating back-to-school stress and streamlining life;) Not that I’m remotely great at it, just sharing what I’m learning. 😉 #backtoschool #kidsvitamins

Westlake Village Inn

Yesterday, I watched my husband and baby laughing in the pool while I read a magazine in a chaise on the terrace with a cool drink in hand. HOW DO I PUSH REPEAT? 😜Thank you @joelhenricks💜❤️ @westlakevillageinn is a little paradise. #birthdayweekendgetaway #happymama

Happy Early #LaborDay birthday to me! It’s a family affair. Thanks for BBQing my favorite meal, love! Slow smoked organic chicken with #CaliforniaGrown veggies! This is just the pre-party for Labor Day. Who’s getting excited to grill? (Love the smell;) I’m picky about my chicken, but you smoked it perfectly, honey!! Follow stories for his secret ingredient my mom gave him;) #LoveCalifornia #CaliforniaDreaming with down home southern twist #CAGrown #sponsored

G’night. 💫To those just waking...good day!! ☀️

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