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#luv..... Remember to ALWAYS appreciate the #luv ❤


Atlantic City, New Jersey

🎤🎼 #WrittenEntertainment styling @wilfordlenov fit @angelbrinks @quayaustralia

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Happy Memorial Day Weekend 😜


Mood for the weekend 😚😜

Los Angeles, California

Much love to my family & big bro @lthutton.. so many people don't understand the hard work & politics of what really goes on behind the scenes... Super happy for u my neezy! #AlleyesOnme #June16 #Soundtrack #Lity

Los Angeles, California

Soooo excited for this!!! 🙌🏾 s/o to my family @lthutton & @bennyboom #Alleyesonme #History #June16 #Soundtrack #Lity

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible attack.. having recently performed in Manchester..receiving so much love it's so hard to see this happen. Praying for Peace and Love. #PrayingforManchester


Summer nights in Cali 😜

Catch LA

When it gets a lil blurry but you're focused...

Melrose Avenue


Melrose Avenue


Melrose Avenue

When you're not in the mood to cook or go out to eat... 😩 hit @postmates 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I just ordered the best Veggie Burger EVER use code ASHANTI & get $100 in deliveries 😘

Dublin, Ireland

Sometimes you have to stand up & walk into a new situation... and leave the past in the past...

Dublin, Ireland

#Mood @ottdubai @noelle_mccrorymakeup_

Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Saint Patrick's Cathedral... built in 1191 the tallest & largest Church Ireland 🇮🇪

Dublin, Ireland


Words just aren't enough... Mom you are the epitome of selfless, unconditional love... I've never met anyone that embodies or defines the bond of mother & child like you..thru the sacrifices, heartache, disappointments, obstacles & struggles you have been my back bone throughout it all.. I've seen u basically split yourself in two for me & bink & be right there for dad too.. all at once... my best friend.. I love u more than me.. Happy Mothers Day!!! THE ORIGINAL MOMANGER 😜 @theoriginalmomanger Hit that swipe ➡️

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