Эйса Баттерфилд


Английский актёр. Наиболее известен по участию в фильмах «Мальчик в полосатой пижаме», «Хранитель времени» и «Игра Эндера».
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Hands down one of my favourite shoots. Big up @mitchellmccormack for @daman_magazine coming soon

When worlds collide. #tb

Shoutout to all the mums about, you're not as good as mine.

War. War never changes. #JourneysEnd #behindthemagic

What a BOSS!

"The earths poisoned Sir. Gas..." #JourneysEnd

Kenzo #press #thespacebetweenus

#JourneysEnd #RememberanceDay


Do you want to make action movies, but can't spend £300 on a camera. My good friend, one of the founders of @onocam has you covered, top notch value and you get everything you need in the box. Check them out!!

@rubyjune and I for @roguemagazine

When you come home and your sister is reading a 650 page book. What?

Wasp House

@heromag back in New York

@i_d fall issue.

Sleeping cats are the most adorable thing in the world.

#COLBERT Late show tomorrow night

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