Эриель Винтер


Американская актриса,актриса озвучивания и певица, известная по сериалу «Американская семейка».
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🌇 @star_lashextensions

Happy place 💕 We only get a tiny sliver of the bed when the dogs are allowed to sleep with us! Chloe is a blanket thief! 🤯

Can’t believe @breakinginmovie finally opens in theaters tomorrow!!! @gabunion kicks ass & @levi_meaden is absolutely amazing along with the rest of the cast! Proud of you my love ❤️ #paybackisamother #breakinginmovie @willpackerproductions @wretchedmonkey

i said “bae it’s a snack” he said it’s an entree 🤷🏻‍♀️

👑 @star_lashextensions @ash_kholm @clydehairgod

👻 #oldheadshotday

spicy mami hot tamale 🌶🙃

So excited to start season 10 soon with my other fam 💕 #modernfamily

NOW PLAYING IN THEATERS!!!! Wow 😍 So grateful to have worked with the amazing cast and crew on this film, and of course, the incredible Burt Reynolds!!! I am so proud of our film and couldn’t be more grateful to the wonderful people that cast me to play Lil. ❤️ www.lastmoviestar.com 💕 @last_moviestar @adam_rifkin @whitenerentertainmentgroup @a24 @gordonwhitener @briancavallaro @brettthomason @neilmandt @mandtmedia ❤️❤️

🌸🌺 @star_lashextensions 🌺🌸


I got them to the Greek (church)!!!!! Χριστός Ανέστη!!!!! ❤️🙂

🧞‍♀️in a 🍼

I would’ve taken a pic from today but honestly... I was in a fuzzy bear suit (my bunny onesie was missing- not kidding I do have one), the dogs were being rowdy, and Levi and I have just been watching horror films all day and the college bowling championship...soooo... Happy Easter from our actual Easter Bunny! #BabsBunBun #thisisus #nottheshow #iliterallymeanthisisus @levi_meaden

v candid, v casual

💋@papermagazine 😈

Happy #nationalpuppyday from our little furry family ☺️❤️ @levi_meaden

Only 2 days until @pacificrimmovie is in theaters😮!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you @levi_meaden and so, so proud. I love you more than anything and can’t wait to see the movie❤️Get your tickets y’all!!!!!!😍 #pacificrim #pacificrimuprising

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