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#Repost @projectmermaids I LOVED this photo shoot! I LOVED letting my inner mermaid out and I LOVED this tree! We took pictures under water and on land, focussing on protecting and honoring Mother Nature. Our oceans are sacred. This land is sacred. Mother Nature takes care of us. We must take care of her. For more info on #projectmermaids go to www.projectmermaids.com They're a great org dedicated to keeping our oceans and beaches clean. 🙏🌎🌊 ・・・ our amazing #mermaid @ariellekebbel For @projectmermaids #saveourbeach Photography by @angelinaventurellaphoto Hair and make up by @crystallize hair extensions By @jewellclip tail by @mertailor Location #Malibu #saveourbeach #projectmermaids #siren #mermaid #dosomething #help #makeadifference #mermaid #oceanconservation #love #mermaids #savethetrees #siren #inthewoods #fairytail #littlemermaid

"May I be an instrument of peace where there is hatred. " My neighbor and her husband hand built a chapel in their back yard in New Mexico. This piece of art is hanging inside. Now, more than ever, these words inspired me. #happysaturday #foodforthesoul ❤️🙏

Definition of HONOR. (N) 1) high respect or esteem. A privilege. (V) Regard with high respect. 2) Fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement) 3) THE OBAMA's!!!! Thank you #potus for leading our country with grace. Thank you #flotus for being an inspiration to women around the world. We have grown as a country under your leadership and I've grown as a person under your leadership. It's been a privilege and an HONOR Mr. President. Thank you. 🙏#yeswecan #yeswedid #yeswewill #repost @michelleobama "So proud of POTUS and all that we've accomplished together. What an incredible journey filled with remarkable people. I love you Barack." - mo‎‎

#Repost @midnight_texas #happyholidays from the cowgurlllsss of @nbcmidnighttexas 🎄🐴@parisafitzhenley @saraheramos @kstew222 #nbc #midnighttexas

🎅 is comin' to town... #merrychristmukkah #merrykwanzaa and #happyunicorning ❤️

"We're gonna need a bigger light." @nbcmidnighttexas @parisafitzhenley @dylanthebruce

So much love for you @shiriappleby !!! Have a beautiful birthday. ❤️🎉🎈💃🏾ps- 📸 cred: the 1 & only #davidsoloman ( he just found this pic last night;) #unrealtv

#Repost @xoxohadas Thank you water protectors. Through mediation, prayer and peaceful protest, you stood to protect Mother Nature, you stood for Standing Rock, you stood to create a new way. And now... it's possible. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for being teachers to us all. ❤️🌎💧 #waterislife ・・・ Imagine a better world. Ive been speaking with the youth here at Standing Rock and theyve been telling me they dont want to just imagine it-and that theyll do anything to stand for whats right..and the better world? Its already here. It looks like people from all over the world, coming together in peace, to raise their voices for what is right. It looks like people who wont give up. Today, the Army Corps denied the easement necessary for the pipeline to be completed at its current location, citing a need for a full assessment. The fight is not over but this is an amazing step. Peaceful action and community can change the world. Never give up, friends. #standingrock #mniwiconi #waterislife (feel free to share)

"I love you, Mom." May this be a lesson for all of us. May we greet every wall we meet with love. Thank you to these water protectors for standing for our collective mother, Mother Nature. Thank you @xoxohadas for this video. Pls share if you feel called. #istandwithstandingrock #nodapl #waterislife ❤️💧🌎

#Repost @conniebritton thank you for posting. Pls take the time to sit quietly and pray for healing. We must stand for our brothers and sisters. We must protect our loved ones and our water. #standwithstandingrock #waterislife ・・・ FYI...in case you'd like to join in protest through prayer today. There is great power in unified, focused thought and meditation. This is at 2CT. #standwithstandingrock #NoDAPL

LET'S DO THIS. Be active in this election! We can either elect our first FEMALE PRESIDENT. Or, we can elect a REALITY SHOW HOST as our next American President. It's really that simple. And that scary. Let's commit to breaking the glass ceiling today! I want every girl, taking an American history class, to read that on NOV.8th 2016, the term "MRS. PRESIDENT" became normal. Talk to me about your questions/concerns. I'm here for you. Use your voice, VOTE. #imwithher #rockthevote #useyourvoice @hbo @rockthevote

I'm asking you to get LOUD America! Today's the day. VOTE. The folks at @coloradostateuniversity get it. I'm with the candidate that will stand for Women's rights, embrace Diversity, acknowledge Climate Change as a pressing issue and welcome what we have to do to protect Mother Earth. @hillaryclinton I'm shoutin' for you! Y'all heard?!? #imwithher #strongertogether #vote

I believe we must bring down our gun violence mortality rate. We must focus on diversity training programs in the work place as well as devote more time and attention to those struggling w/ mental health disorders. We can create change immediately by getting AK-47's off our streets and demanding more background checks. Today's the day to create change. VOTE for unity. @hbo @rockthevote #lovewins #useyourvote #useyourvoice

Because everyone that votes deserves a high five! 👋Loving the passion here @coloradostateuniversity This young man just voted! He said it felt good to know he used his voice. Have you voted yet? What issues are you passionate about? Are you ready to vote for them tomorrow? #GoGreenVoteBlue and Ps- @tberry456 keep up the awesome work! 🙏🏾 Thank you for all that you're doing to motivate the #csuforher students!

One more day! Make it count. How many people can you inspire today, to vote tomorrow?!? Let's encourage and support one another to stand for what we believe in. #useyourvoice #vote

Period. ❤️

Students supporting Trump built a WALL @cuboulder . This is the ripple effect he has had on America. Students that support Hillary wrote positive messages on that wall. We must take responsibility for our words and our actions. On Nov. 8th, VOTE! Stand for opportunity. Stand for unity. We are # #imwithher @hillaryforco @michellewkwan @neema_nodoust

The energy at @cuboulder #hillorado @hillaryforco is beautiful! Thanks for all that you're doing to inspire people to vote @neema_nodoust 🙏

#laracroft meets #oliviacharity 😈 #happyhalloween from me and my punkin'🔮 📸: @parisafitzhenley

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