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I am amazed by the power of love. Thank you Mom and Dad for bringing me into this world on Feb 19th. Thank you to my family and friends for being people I can both laugh and cry with. Thank you to you amazing fans for all of your love and support the past few weeks. And thank you @marinadelreyhotel @saltmdr for the birthday R&R. Just what my heart needed... a little time outdoors enjoying the sun + water w/ my loved ones. 💖✨🙏🌳

It’s a new day... And it is with great joy and relief that I share the wonderful news that my sister, Julia, and her dog, Cindy, have been found safe! While we do ask for privacy at this time, my family and I want to thank everyone for all of your love and support over the past two weeks. We are so grateful to every single person who helped spread the word and joined us in our search. We would also like to thank the Los Angeles Police Department, KlaasKIDS, SERT Ministries and Anonymity Rescue for their efforts in bringing Julia home.

I saw this on my search for you yesterday. I stopped and I prayed. I love you. And I will continue to send love to you. I pray for protection all around you and I pray that wherever you are, you know you are loved. #bringjuliahome

Touched to see this in my newsfeed. Thank you to all those searching and supporting Julia. 🙏✨ #bringjuliahome

🚨 ALERT 🚨 my sister Julia is still missing. Updated flyer w/ new contact numbers to call if you know anything about my sister. Pls read, repost print & distribute. She was last seen Wed night in Silver Lake. Thank you all so much for your support. We are so grateful. #bringjuliahome

🚨 ALERT 🚨 My SiSTER JULIA KEBBEL is MISSING. Pls REPOST. She was last seen in silver lake, walking her chocolate lab, Cindy, at 11 pm wed night. 1/31/18 She is 5’3 . Weighs about 105 pounds. Fair skin. Bleach blonde short hair. She has tattoos on both fore arms. She has a spiritual symbol w/ a key and the words promise on one fore arm and a blue Phoenix rising on the other. Pls scroll through pictures to see details. Her chocolate lab is named Cindy Crawford. She is chipped. If anyone finds the dog or has seen her, pls let us know. Julia’s Instagram and Twitter is @jkebbz pls go there to see more pictures of her. If you have seen her or know anything about her, pls DM me and call 911.

All about this fringe for the @fiftyshadesmovie LA premiere last night! Thank you @taraswennen @sally_lapointe @stuartweitzman @emmkuony @annasheffield and the fabulous @sunniebrook for both my Hair and Makeup. #fiftyshadesfreed #giamatteo 💙🦋

Ladeeeeeez night 💋❤️💄 @fiftyshadesmovie @erikaljames @eloise.mumford @robinnelee @ashleighlathrop #fiftyshadesfreed

Happy Thursday. Fifty Shades Freed LA premiere is tonight! I’ll be doing an Instagram Live at 4 pm while getting ready for tonight’s festivities. Get your #fiftyshades + #glam questions ready and see y’all soon! @fiftyshadesmovie #fsf #fiftyshades #giamatteo #happythursday 💋✨

In awe of Mother Nature. Taking the time to pause and honor how magnificent she is, helps remind me to stay humble and grateful for all that life offers us. We are one small part of this great big, beautiful universe. Still feeling so much from our Super Blue Blood Moon this week. What about you?! #superbluebloodmoon #mothernature #stillness #saythankyou #release #letgo #letitflow 💙🌕🦋 And... thank you @clayellisphoto @mint19mint @sallyxsy for these stunning photos. I don’t know you... but I love what you see. 🙏

Big cheers for a big night benefiting #foodonfootla 🙌 Food on Foot is a nonprofit providing the poor & homeless of La with meals, clothing & assistance in the transition to employment. Check out their insta @foodonfootla & thanks @wallysbeverlyhills for the great wine for a great cause!

Staples Center

@bradpaisley @dustinlynchmusic got me 💃🤠💃

Having a heart to heart w/ Donnie ❤️✨🐴 #fbf #bts #photoshoot #donnie #horses #healing #connection @catielaffoon @kimbermakeup @ashlee_meeusbond

Keep shining bright ✊🙌✊#timesup #togetherwerise #womensrightsarehumanrights #useyourvoice #womensmarch2018 #utafoundation

THIS. 👆👆👆 Sharing my beautiful friend @flowintuit_movement new moon mantra: “I Am. My mantra, Listen-in Listen-in, it’s not what you think. You know how to Trust, it’s how you got here... to this one precious, magical life. “ Flow~ . #newmoonfeels #journeyin #listen #intuitiveupgrades #embodiment #truth #divinefeminine #magic #intentionsetting 🌕✨ photo cred : @rebeccacasciano

Ana...・・・@fiftyshadesmovie #repost You may call her Mrs. Grey. #FiftyShadesFreed in theaters February 9.

Shine on. Thank you MLK, Jr . ❤️ #mlkjrday #today #everyday

Oh Gia. @fiftyshadesmovie #repost @fiftyshadesworld #fiftyshades #fsf #giamatteo

I most definitely did not wake up like this 🤷‍♀️🙋THANK YOU: @taraswennen = stylist who slaysssss @fabianamilazzo.la = This dress is everything 🙌 And...I love your #incomeforwomen project that supports women in Brazil learning about embroidery & entrepreneurship. @sunniebrook = new hair cut + style + fresh faced makeup ✂️👄 @kacey_welch = new blonde locks 💁‍♀️ @tinakskin = your all natural facials are 😊 @dena_kemp = 🐍ickkkk cuff earring. I’m fascinated by snakes & well, lets face it, diamonds too💎 The snake represents transformation & rebirth...& Sunday night felt like the perfect time to embrace that energy. 🐍🖤✨ #goldenglobes #afterparty #instyle #timesup

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