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My last night in NYC, I went on a walk & found myself staring at The Statue of Liberty ( I know she’s far away, but she’s there;) I was moved by the power this monument had over me. I thought to myself, “This statue is meant to inspire people around the world to stand up for freedom and justice for all. How ironic that she’s a she. Or maybe it’s not ironic at all.” Shine on Lady Liberty. You give me hope. And you inspire me to keep going, to keep shining light on what’s been kept in the dark for so long. #nyc #statueofliberty #freedom #equality #womensrights #standup #shinebright

It’s cat week on @theellenshow & as you all know, anything #ellen says, goes. So here’s my cat @buddiekebbel being, well, her. And that’s me, well, laughing at her. The ending gets me every time. 😂 #horriblemom to the #bestcatever #catweek #ellen #❤️ubuddie #buddiekebbel

To my brothers and sisters in the #LGBTQ community - happy #spiritday 💜 I’m against bullying and I stand w/ you today and always. The post below is from one of my dearest pals, @sterlingjonesy . He sends his love to all sides. I’m proud to call him my friend. 🌈 #Repost @sterlingjonesy ・・・ Getting called a faggot at school was a daily occurrence. I never told my parents or teachers because I felt ashamed and embarrassed and besides, what good would telling on the bullies do, it would only bring attention to my secret I struggled so hard to conceal. There was a commonality between the people who bullied me, a certain sadness that even at a young age I was able to see. I began to feel bad for those who pushed me and called me names, I could see they had it way worse than I ever did. Everyday at 3:15pm I had parents who would pick me up from school and shower me with unconditional love and affection, unknowingly healing my wounds from the painful school day that just occurred. I’m lucky, my parents taught me love and I was able to see the lack of love in the eyes of those who bullied me. While my heart goes out to those that are being bullied right now, I also send love to those that are doing the bullying. 💜 #spiritday

These women were two of the first I met “in the biz” when I moved to LA. Mannnny yrs later 😉, they may be New Yorkers now, but we’re still the closest of friends. There’s a lot of people you can be friendly with. The ones that you dare be vulnerable in front of... share your dreams, your fears, your heartache, your accomplishments... those are the friends that will have a special place in your heart, forever. To everyone who’s been a dear friend to someone in a time of need, lots of love and respect to you ❤️ And @lsprla @lavieannrose loads of love to you both! 🌞

So much love for this gal @tommeemay & the charity closest to her heart, @youngstorytellers ❤️ Their mission is to inspire young people to discover the power of their voice. They’re in 1,200 schools in LA & NYC & tonight’s their big fundraiser! If you’re in LA- come support her & this org. It’s a night full of fun, celebration & most importantly- kids! Visit their website at youngstorytellers.com for more info about tickets, donations, mentoring programs, etc. 🌈#youngstorytellers #thefutureisbright #yourvoicematters

• SWIPE pics 1-5 • I got into this business at 14, moved to LA at 17 & have been proud of how I’ve managed to “dodge tricky situations” ever since. So proud, that I’m sad to say, I actually forgot to remember that “dodging harassment” isn’t something to be proud of... It’s something that should never happen in the first place. This week woke me up. To the women who have been abused & are brave enough to speak up & lead the way, thank you. To the men who are supporting women, thank you. To the abusers, I pray you get the help you need. Silence won’t protect you anymore. 📸: @witchoria @huffpostwomen @elinamckinney #jacksonkatz #metoo #enough

Say what?!? There’s a party on my arm every 10k steps?!? Okkkkk. Lets do this NYC. @fitbit @lsprla #friendswhofitbittogether #motivationmonday #nyc #behealthy #behappy 💪

A little throw back to the day I rescued my little one, @buddiekebbel ( thank you @iamlindsayflores 🙌) I can honestly say that when you rescue an animal, it enriches your life as much as your pets. And now...I’m thrilled to share... ALL PET STORES ARE REQUIRED TO SELL CATS, DOGS & RABBITS FROM PUBLIC ANIMALS CONTROL AGENCIES, SHELTERS OR RESCUE GROUPS! 🐶🐱🐰The pet stores must keep records for up to one year showing where they get the animals they sell. This is also good for taxpayers, as it will help reduce the 250 million Californians have been spending to house and euathanize animals in shelters. Thank you @jerry_brown_gov for passing this bill & thank you to every rescue organization that spends 24-7 fighting for these little ones to stay alive, get off the streets & get into good homes. Happy to share that AB-485 will help save animal lives as well as tax payers $. Everyone wins❤️#happycaturday #AdoptDontShop

Pont Alexandre III

⭐️Last night in P A R I S ⭐️ #repost @lpchief @alicebraccini #paris #mercimerci

This is how happy using @tinakskin products in Paris makes me! 😀 This is not an ad. This is a post to share my gratitude for Tina K, aka my “skin coach.” Before I started using #tinak my face was breaking out & scarring and I was getting sun spots. I wasn’t sure what to do. Tina helped me come up w/ a plan on how to take care of my skin, both at home and on the road. This #antioxidantcream is a must have. It’s a brightener, moisturizer & sunscreen all in one. And... 💯ALL natural and cruelty free. As much as I love these products, I love Tina’s love of skin care even more 😍 Check her out y’all! #tinak #skincare #skincoach

DIOR, you’re so dreamy ✨ @dior @lesartsdecoratifs #paris #christiandior #diorexhibition

Thank you @flowintuit_movement for the sisterhood, my heart literally smiles when I’m with you. ❤️🌈🙌 Traveling for work or pleasure, I surround myself w/ people know the real me. People that love, support & believe in me. This kind of unconditional support allows me to let go of any fears or doubts I may have & inspires me to be the highest version of myself, wherever I go. Do you have someone in your life that is a positive influence? Someone that builds you up, believes in you, is always there for you? If so- pls take a moment today to let them know how awesome they are & how grateful you are to have them in your life. #mondaymotivation ・・・ #repost @flowintuit_movement So proud of this one @ariellekebbel . Love being a part of your magical journey, may we Keep creating new dreams and share them with those who dare not. . #parisdreams💫 #gardengazing #maraisparis #thisplaceisgolden #flowintuit #healingthehealer #divinesistersmanylives #lifestyle

We went a wandering... & discovered this secret garden along the way. Let yourself get lost & enjoy it. #paris #youhavemyheart #nofilter 💕🌎🌷

Oh @gasbijoux Merci, merci beaucoup 💋😍

Found my happy place #paris 🌹💯😍

This night & this light... ✨ Thank you @nbcmidnighttexas @syfyfr @taraswennen @j_mendel @lkbennettlondon @margo_holder @stephanebodin @hotelcostes #paris #reflections #nofilter

L❤️ve traveling w/ you @flowintuit_movement & these crystal jewels from @gina_carey_les_nyc 💎 Fun fact: Gina hand made my #oliviacharity jewlery for #midnighttexas 🙌

My heart is w/ everyone in Vegas right now. I grew up riding horses & listened to country music everyday at the barn. It made me happy. I’m horrified that that collective “happy place” was attacked this week. We all want the same thing- TO FEEL SAFE wherever we go. Those who want new gun control laws...want to feel safe. Those who want the right to bear arms...want to feel safe. If we want the same thing, we have to stop shoving our “right ideas” in each others faces, start listening to one another (even if it scares us) & be willing to compromise...knowing the end goal is to create a safer America. If you haven’t already, pls educate yourself on what the gun laws are now. Educate yourself on how many shootings have or have not been linked to mental health. Educate yourself on other countries gun violence stats vs our own. Knowledge is power. Now is the time to research and be open to new possibility. Now is the time to create change. #fearless #love #bethechange

A little self care goes a long way. While traveling, I challenge myself to take down time. I meditate, or do yoga, or swim. Sometimes it’s 5 mins sometimes it’s an hour. I take time away from the world so that when I step back into it... I’m stronger. There’s so much happening right now- it’s important to recharge so that we’re ready to help others however we can, whenever we can. Be kind. Be strong. Be light. ☀️✨

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