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" You'll be safe in Midnight..." @nbcmidnighttexas @nbc #midnighttexas

Day to night w/ @nbc promoting @nbcmidnighttexas . July 25th, we get weird. And I'm excited about it. 😈 #midnighttexas #nbcusummer

@atxfestival is tv camp for grown ups! Get your festival badges at www.atxfestival.com and get this rad t-shirt at www.atxfestivalshop.com I'll see you there! I'll even whistle for you. #areyoucomingtocamp #atx #atxtvfest @abigailspencer @mattlauria @_derekphillips

#tvd #162candles was EPIC. Thank you @julieplec & @kevwilliamson for trusting me to bring Lexi to life. I died in season 1 and you kept me alive through season 8. 🙏 I never knew how much Lexi would teach me about friendship and love and I'll carry her with me forever. ✨ps- shout out to your parents @julieplec ... I'm so in love w/ their Lexi love! ❤

Truth seeker. Light warrior. Protector of all things love, Bon Jovi included. 😈 We said goodbye to this chapter and hello to the next. It's been an epic ride. #tvdforever #iwasfeelingepic

#bffs in #tvd life... #bffs in #tvd after life. @paulvedere @thecwtvd #tvdforever

The day #lexi crossed over to the other side... Because love is all there is. Thank you to this beautiful #tvd cast- I will be forever grateful for the journey. @cwthevampirediaries #tvdforever

Cue "Don't say goodbye..." it's that time y'all. Tomorrow night is @thecwtvd SERIES FINALE!!! But first, a special #tvd love fest on FB live. Pls join us! Www.facebook.com/thevampirediaries #tvdforever

1.) self care. 2) solidarity. 3)support. I started today w/ mediation & candles... Honoring all women who came before me, who are here now and who will be here after me. I wore red because wherever I go- I stand for equality. And I took time to support women, both that I knew and that were total strangers, because honoring the differences in one another, makes us stronger. I would love to hear if you were called to do anything today to support #internationalwomensday and how that affected you and those around you? Were you met with kindness? Were you met with anger? If you want to see change, what's most important to you? For me... it's balance. I respect both men and women, as equals. I believe that when it comes to our laws, our jobs and our bodies... we should have the same choices and opportunities that men have. If not- we are not in balance. #istrikefor #balance #internationalwomensday #equality ❤🌈🙏

#mondaymotivation A few ways you can support women this Wednesday on #internationalwomensday : 1) no paid or unpaid work 2) wear red in solidarity 3) social media blackout 4) avoid spending money aside from small women owned businesses. I'll be showing my support this wed. To all women and men out there- pls share with me how/ if you feel called to show your support. I would love to encourage and support you... we are all on this journey together! #repost @hannahskvarla Imagine a day without women. March 8 is International Women's Day, an opportunity to celebrate women and realize how much work we still need to do to be considered equal all around the world. We can honor and recognize the efforts of the women who have fought for us to have equal rights. Each of us can find a way to participate. 💕

"It's not about bathrooms... as it was never about water fountains." To the transgender community- I see you. I support you. I love you. #protecttranskids #humanrights 🌈🙏❤

Cheeky birthday vibes 🎉☀️️#happybirthdaytome #gratefultobealive 🙏 #thankyounewzealand ❤️

Look who I ran into working in #abq ?!? 😀 Lots of love to the Fifty Shades family on opening weekend! #maxmartini #fiftyshades

#FBF The day we met #Lexi. #TVD wrapped this week and I'm feeling all sorts of love for the cast and crew! Thank you @julieplec for trusting me to keep #stefansalvatore in check... and thank you to the fans for keeping Lexi's light alive, long after she crossed over to the other side. Over 350 years of gratitude from me to you. 🙏❤️

And... we out. 💤💤💤 To our incredible producers, our talented cast and our hard working crew... THANK YOU. I love our #midnight family with all my heart. And I can't wait for y'all to meet #oliviacharity soon! @nbcmidnighttexas 🙏❤️😈

These #midnighters got me...💃🏾 @nbcmidnighttexas #wrapparty #oliviacharity 📸 cred: @parisafitzhenley

"This girl is on fire..." 🔥@nbcmidnighttexas #oliviacharity

It's been quite the week in the White House. Sat we marched for #humanrights ... It may have started there, but it does not end there. This video inspires me to continue fighting the good fight. We began the march as strangers...and left the march as neighbors. Now we must use that momentum and connection we created (around the world) to keep going! • • • Here's a great way to continue to take action and have your voice be heard! Go to www.womensmarch.com ( link in bio) The same people that organized the march, have a new campaign. It's called "10 actions for the first 100 days." Sign up! Get involved. The first action is to write a post card to your senators about what matters to YOU. Pour your heart out on any issue that you care about, whether it's ending gender based violence, reproductive rights, women's health, LGBTQ rights, worker's rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, religious freedom, environmental justice or anything else that you are passionate about! If you need some inspiration go to www.womensmarchunityprinciples & the hashtag #whyimarch ! • • • Ladies, gentleman and children around the world... We are all neighbors. We are all connected. And we are all only as strong as our weakest link. Lets stand up for one another and help one another rise up,together. Onward march... ❤️🙏. #womensrights #humanrights #whyimarch #riseup #itsamovementnotamoment @panda_denise @aileenmileen @lindsay_heatley @monicaowusubreen @parisafitzhenley @alseptien1 #garza

"Take your broken heart, make it into art." I'm not the greatest puffy paint artist... but I am loud. I am committed to creating change. And I am ready to move forward, together. Onward march... #womensmarch #newmexico #equalityforall #itsamovementnotamoment #riseup

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