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With my fanny pack and his man bun... we’ll save you @sydykid ... Ish?! Eh, tune in and find out. ••• An all new @nbcmidnighttexas starts tonight 9pm. See you on Twitter for some live tweeterooo action during the show. ✨ @jasonleelewis #midnighttexas #nbc #oliviacharity

The Henry

Homage to Marilyn 💋✨ Last night @vanityfair x @nbc

Albuquerque Studios

You gotta be shittin’ me. A teenager... in Olivia’s lair?!? Fri. night on @nbcmidnighttexas @sydykid #midnighttexas #nbc #oliviacharity

Malibu, California

Reunited w/ Rocco! Happy to share that @chefgeraldineg and all the pups from @chiquitasfriends in Malibu are safe, in temp housing and doing well! They’re rescue ranch in Cornell, however, completely burned down. ( last pic) If you feel called to donate, pls check out www.chiquitasfriends.org for more info or check my stories. I’ll be sharing updates. ••• In 2015, I was going through a tough break up and wanted to spend time in nature. So I went to Malibu. Welllll, next thing I knew I was living on a dog rescue ranch! That’s where I met Rocco. This dude is so big, so heavy, thinks he’s a lap dog, has a huge heart and seriously loves passing gas. I’m obsessed w/ him. 😂🐶 ••• Spending time w/ these rescue pups and absorbing their love, nurtured my heart. I want to help nurture them now. (Second half of pics is us in 2015) ••• Although the animals are safe, it’s going to be quite a process re-building the Cornell sanctuary. Pls consider doing what you can to help. 🙏💖

Directors Guild of America

A night full of love and tears. Thank you @mptf for all that you do for our community. You’ve helped Jon Huntley continue to make film using a dynavox to communicate and you’ve brought Frances and Norma together, two strangers that became best friends through your daily sheet call program. ••• My mom @sheri.kebbel made a documentary on a family friend who developed ALS a few years ago called “Dan Behind His Eyes.” It’s so true, our eyes say so much. They’re the gateway to the soul. Which is part of why I felt so called to spend time w/ Jon and his family. They’re kind and positive and Jon may not be able to speak using words... but we had an entire conversation through our eyes. His eyes are powerful and so is his spirit. ••• As for Norma and Frances... they gave me advice. They said, “ It’s amazing how much you learn when you take the time to listen to someone else.” 💕🙏✨#reelstories #reallives #mptf

Fall-ing into Winter 🍁 #Reelstories #Reallives @mptf @antoniomarrasofficial


Love your loved ones hard. Or, in this case, borrow @madfit_inc furry friend Hogan and love him hard. #animalsmakeeverythingbetter 🐶 💕

Malibu, California

“To witness a birth among such tragedy was pure magic and amazing survival.” ••• Because the foal was born in the fire, they decided to name him Spark. ••• You three are my heroes. Thank you for your love and bravery. ••• These people risked their lives to rescue stranded horses caught in the Malibu fires. To their surprise... they also helped birth a foal! Full story featured in Pic 2. ••• This story is one of many heroic stories today. Tag someone you know that’s being a super hero to so many right now. And tag me, too. Let’s help spread the love. #mondaymotivation #heroes #woosleyfire #spreadthelove

Venice, California

UPDATE: Drivers needed! Thank you to everyone who’s graciously donated supplies for those in need during these SoCal fires. If you’re in LA and wondering how you can help- check you’re local shelters and help drive supplies to designated drop off locations. Also, @onelovemalibu is doing a big fundraiser wed. You can drop off supplies at their warehouse located at 5757 Venice Blvd tomorrow. Pls DM them if you can help drive, they need volunteers with large cars/ trucks. Check their insta for updates. You can also donate to @we.love.malibu my Gf’s in Malibu started this IG and they’re accepting auction items as well as supplies/ clothes. Lastly, @losangelesfiredepartment needs financial aid. Pls donate whatever you can and tag a friend who can help too. Lots of love to you all. ❤️

Malibu, California

My gf’s @lilybleuandrew and @clairebryettandrew live in Malibu. I asked if they were ok and they sent me this picture. ••• IT. IS. EVERYTHING. ••• Both heartwarming and heart breaking, as it represents what we’ve been faced w/ this week: The opportunity to rise up and take care of one another during the most challenging of times. California has really felt it this week. From the tragedy in Thousand Oaks to the wild fires in both northern and Southern California, now is a time to expand our hearts, surrender our thoughts and take action wherever we can help. ••• Pls Swipe through, I’ve shared ways you can help. I’ve also included pics of animals as I feel sometimes when we are confused as a society... animals can show us so much. And of course the power of prayer. @mariannewilliamson posted a beautiful one, that I will repeat often today. I’ll also need to scream into a pillow from time to time to get out all this emotion. So don’t be afraid to do the same! But then, get back to work. To all of our of our first responders, thank you for your tireless efforts. We need your strength and bravery leading the way. @Los angelesfiredepartment Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Ps- in the days ahead @we.love.malibu will be fundraising for all those affects by the fires. Go to their insta for ways to donate/ help.

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Tonight’s episode of @nbcmidnighttexas is a fun one. Who’s watching w/ us ?!? 9pm on @nbc #midnighttexas #nbc #oliviacharity

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Thank you to everyone who tuned into the @facebook live q&a today. From @nbcmidnighttexas to #johntuckermustdie I am so grateful for your love, support and hilarious questions ;) ••• If you missed it, I shared a few ways we can take action and help those involved in the Thousand Oaks tragedy: ••• BLOOD DRIVES: A donation site is open at Best Western/Thousand Oaks Inn at 75 West Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks. It’s important to register online before going to any location to donate. PLEASE visit and register at http://www.vitalant.org for information regarding where you may go to donate blood Thursday and Friday. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE / MONETARY DONATIONS: Please direct all donations to The Ventura County Community Foundation at http://vccf.org to ensure that they go directly to the families. For the latest updates, visit their Facebook page @VenturaCountyCommunityFoundation LEGAL ACTION: Follow @everytown on social media for the latest. Their digital team will be doing more this afternoon, tying together policies, the election results, and this shooting. - Visit everytown.org to join the fight to end gun violence and to donate ••• Today is a day to take action and send a lotttttttaaaaaa love. Our job is to speak up for those who need our help and to do so w/ love. ❤️

I hate these videos... but I love talking to you! Pls join me today on my @facebook page: officialariellekebbel from 2:15-3:15 PST for a live chat. I’ll discuss all things me, work and most importantly... I’ll be sharing diff ways we can help those involved w/ the tragedy in Thousand Oaks today. ❤️🙏

Polls are still open west coast! Are you planning on voting? Have you already? Take pics and tag me and tell me about your experience. #votethechangeyouwanttosee #vote

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Voting is a powerful experience. I share this interview w/ you to share how emotional voting makes me. I vote for myself, for my family, for my friends, for America. Shout out to Shane , I hope we helped inspire your Dad to go vote today. If not, props to you for trying and for sharing w/ me! And Ashley, I hope your first voting experience today was a beautiful one. And to everyone watching this, pls share w/ me why you voted today. What issues did you feel most passionate about? How do you feel now? Ps- You can go to @thehill fb page and see live streaming from today as well as more interviews from last night. Thanks again #thehill @telethonforamerica

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Last night w/ @telethonforamerica @xqamerica @whenweallvote was inspiring. I felt so connected to each and every person I spoke to on the phone. It was a true example of how voting both unites us and empowers us. We are all in this together. Last night I left feeling hopeful that so many Americans were excited to use their voice today. So, if I talked to you last night, thank you for taking the time to share w/ me and pledge your vote! And to everyone that could vote today and did - Thank you! #vote #midterms #telethonforamerica


I am a voter. I didn’t really understand how powerful that would feel until my first vote. I had just moved to L.A., turned 18, and I was filming American Pie Presents: Band Camp. I made sure that I could get off work early to vote. I wore my blue and red sweater to be very patriotic! My heart was pounding because I realized this isn't a school test; this is my life and the country I live in, and I’m a part of the decision making. I was emotional. I was standing up for my rights, standing up for what I believe in, standing up for the people I love. I will always remember that feeling. Having the privilege to vote is an honor, and as Americans, we can’t take it for granted, especially this time, this election, this moment in our history. Everyone’s voice matters, and I feel like if everyone could feel what I felt that day, everyone would vote. • • • Link to full article and more info about voting in bio. Thank you to everyone out there who’s voting tomorrow or voted early! And a very special thank you to @violetgrey @iamavoter @mandanadayani @diegouchitel @cassandragrey @apriluchitel @missjkantor @chloebartoli @tedgibson @carolagmakeup 🙏✨🇺🇸 #votethechangeyouwanttosee #nov6 #midterms #iamavoter

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Olivia gets dowwwwnn tonight on an all new @nbcmidnighttexas 9pm on @nbc 🤠 Ps-shout out to our amazing costume designer @daniela415 and glam team on mtx @taylorroberts35 makeup and @tuccan hair ✨ #midnighttexas #oliviacharity


I’ll keep this short and simple: Do you think it’s cool to vote? We do. @iamavoter @violetgrey #iamavoter #votethechangeyouwanttosee

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