Ариана Гранде


Американская актриса и певица, более известная по роли Кэт Валентайн в сериале «Виктория-победительница» на Nickelodeon.
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Thank you, Salt Lake City !!! I love you @alfredoflores @dangerouswomantour

just in case you're wondering what I'm thinking about when I see @iamskot on stage .... it's this and only this #isayyestheysaynoisayfine

Kansas City, you were so beautiful tonight !! Thank you so much. I love youuuu. @alfredoflores @dangerouswomantour @brilovelife @iamboyboi

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hi 👋🏼 Just wanted to say I'm grateful for your love and support every day of my life, not just when I reach an unbelievably large amount of followers. 👀🙈 I don't see you as numbers. to be able to do what I love with y'all by my side is very beautiful and I will never take it for granted. thank you. ♡ 🙏🏼💡🌑

I'm...... jus..... thinkin bout you... Love you, Saint Paul 💒 Thank you so much #reallytho #thinkinboutyou #2sleeps 💘🙏🏼

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just taking my dentures out

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brian i'm busy

One day I dream we'll do a whole project together and it'll be so tight. Love you forever, JRB. ♩ ♪ #AlrightBabydollUReady #JasonsSong


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