Ариана Гранде


Американская актриса и певица, более известная по роли Кэт Валентайн в сериале «Виктория-победительница» на Nickelodeon.
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can't believe we made it to the second to last show without me slipping on that slippery ass stool honestly I'll take it 🙏🏼🙈😂 @max__pham

in the name of all that is extra

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, thank you so much for your love n energy ✨ we had so much fun and love you very very much ♡

my whole heart

crying crying crying. loveeee youuu more than words can express. my heart ain't ready to go home yet (my body might be lol) but my heart no.... that.... just please have it forever and take good care of it.



thank you F1 for having us!! that was so so exciting. Singapore, I love you and can't wait to come back. 🌩 ♡ 🌙



day ones 🌱 grateful 🍴

Confidence, self belief and self expression 💡♡🌙 I am proud to partner with @Reebok who has the same ideals and beliefs as me & that I hope to instill in my babes 🌩#BeMoreHuman #ArianaxReebok

issa family

and the plastics @iamboyboi @mattypcock @brilovelife obviously i love you w all my heart #m00d thank u mom @alfredoflores

the role of regina george's mom will be played by @alfredoflores

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, I love youuuuuu so much. Australia has been so amazing, I'm so grateful. I'll miss you. 🐨 ♡ 💡

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

four more ☁️ see you tonight, Brisbane ⚡️

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