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Американская актриса и модель, наиболее известная по роли Киры Юкимуры в сериале «Волчонок».
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Happy 15th birthday Tonia... 19 years ago! 😂 How did we survive these #awkward years? #babies #old #throwback

Waiting for a call... hopefully with good news🤞🏼

Emily got some shocking news... tune in tonight to see what happens next on @nbcchicagomed hopefully big brother Ethan cools off a bit 😅 #OneChicago

Hugs!! Missed you kyoooties! #selfie

Westfield Century City

Hey loves come hang with me this Saturday! In collaboration & support of #GirlsBuild I’m having a Meet & Greet + Q&A on Oct 20th, 5PM at The Live New Experience by CJ! The Live New Experience brings a collective CJ lifestyle to Los Angeles, offering a one-of-a-kind opportunity to navigate through new discoveries. For every social post with #LiveNewCJ $1 (up to $10K) will be donated to @girls_build, which challenges girls in LA County & beyond to use STEM & 21st Century skills to effect social change.. Hope to see you this weekend at Westfield Century City (Atrium), make sure to RSVP to my time slot (5pm) & check out more information at https://www.livenewcj.com/ (clickable link in story)

Surfing? Fighting stance? Or just me? 🤓 #dork

Midori Matcha & Cafe

I ate two bowls of ice cream today & I don’t care.. double chin ftw!!

Can I live in hoodies? #saturdayvibes #weekend #ootd 📷 @beyond1000words

Catching the last bit of summer before it gets chilly in LA ☀️ Thanks for this adorable jumpsuit @imjennim love your @eggieshop collection! 📷 @beyond1000words

The first time you see your inner demons... 🔥🦊🔥

Lost my phone, or it was stolen, who knows... irritating but just wasted my entire morning. Current mood. 📷 @Robertjohnkley 💄@Beautybysarah

What do y’all know about that kimchi squat? I always thought it was normal to sit like this... found out recently, not everyone can do it. Can you? #asiansquat #resting 📷@rmarq_

In need of some enlightenment 💡

Chicago, Illinois

So fun seeing @csleeinsta & @lannyjoon in Chicago while filming @nbcchicagomed @nbcchicagofire! Known these two talented actors for over 10 years! Crazy to finally work together after all this time! #OneChicago #actors


😬 two hours until the @nbcchicagomed premiere! Who’s watching tonight?? 7pm if you’re in Chicago or 8pm if you’re in LA! #selfie #OneChicago #ChicagoMed

Chicago, Illinois

Y’all ready for the #OneChicago ride tonight?? I doubt Emily is going to be volunteering in the hospital anymore... what do you think she’ll be up to this season? Watch the premiere tonight! 7/8 c @nbcchicagomed #ChicagoMed

Chicago, Illinois

April & Emily are friends 😉 y’all remember this from Season 3? #bts #chicagomed #party

Chicago, Illinois

So did Emily steal the drugs? If y’all watched season 3 of @nbcchicagomed then you know the answer. 😉 Don’t miss this Wednesday’s season premiere at 7pm central time! See you in 2 days! #OneChicago #ChicagoMed

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