Арден Чо


Американская актриса и модель, наиболее известная по роли Киры Юкимуры в сериале «Волчонок».
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Peek a boo

Not a bad day at work when you get to lay by the pool @meghanrienks @honoredmovie #honoredmovie

Growing up I was always sad I didn't get to bring cupcakes to school on my birthday because it was during summer break. So I thought I'd bring @coolhaus to set today for the cast/crew! Anyone else with summer birthdays relate? #bigkid #allsmiles

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! First time getting "ARDEN" birthday balloons, thanks for making me feel special!

Happy birthday to my LEO girls @andiimonsterr @eunibugg my pretty little sisters! 🦁🦁🦁

Happy birthday dearest @eunibugg 🥂you're like the little sister I never had that I always wanted. Always full of life, joy & excitement. Never a dull moment with you my dear. Cheers to many more happy memories!

"Follow me auntie arden"... This cutie taking me out for an early birthday lunch 😍 how'd I get so lucky?

My favorite @xxxibgdrgn song. Full cover link on my profile!

Hello Monday, not ready for you. Still sick, almost 2 weeks and I can't kick this bug 😷

Best first week working with these beautiful, amazing & talented girls! 👯👯 @honoredmovie #honoredmovie

C'mon @chewy_cho lets go! Momma's gotta go to work!

My first time EVER on pointe shoes!! Ah! It's happening @honoredmovie 🙊 can't breathe, trying to be graceful... #honoredmovie #rehearsal

Headed to set... late call times are my favorite! Gives me time to work out, take Chewy on an extra long walk and take pictures for the gram. 😅 Tanks for the 📸 @chewy_cho #ootd #blackonblack

Two new videos on the channel! Link in bio 🐶

Wrapped so early I feel like I'm on vacation! #monday #setlife

Day 1 of filming my new movie! Here we go! Can't wait to tell you guys about it.. sorry I've been so mia, still getting over this deathly cold.

Momma's too sick to play @chewy_cho 🤢 #ifeellikedeath


I'll just pretend it's the weekend.

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