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Американская актриса и модель, наиболее известная по роли Киры Юкимуры в сериале «Волчонок».
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Always capturing our greatest moments @alexshibutani #nyc #soho #ontheblog

When you're with good company, even subway rides are fun! 📸@alexshibutani #nyc

Smiles all night in New York with my favorite pair @maiashibutani @alexshibutani #lastnight

It's rainy and gloomy in New York this week. 📸 @justfeng

Shakin it on set with @kaitlynmikayla @hillpeoplevintage @hairbygoldy @michellemeowz @eunibugg #brooklyn #ny #vintage #love

Starting to miss sunny ☀️ LA... 📸 @rmarq_

This photo almost reminds me of something but I can't put my finger on it... what do you think? #ontheblog 📸 @felixmack 💄@mua_illynemichel

Link in bio for my new post. Relevant today, nobody tomorrow.

My happy place. Food makes me smile 😋 First official sit down meal in NYC!

Oh bummer... still at the airport and my flight is delayed another 2 hours. I hope I make it to NY. On the bright side I posted 2 videos today & a blog post! Guess I didn't need to wake up early to do it... wish I could have foreseen all these delays 🤣 I feel like I live here!

That time I stole this hoodie from my girl @street__mama

I feel so exposed from my newest blog post. It's my first post with no photos, just my thoughts and I'm already doubting myself for sharing it. But it's too late. It's out there. (Link in bio)

When you're stranded and trying to call for a ride. 📸 @rmarq_

Blending in.

Too much fun! #EasterSunday

Celebrating Easter Sunday at church & my girl made this love flower wall! We had a surprise photobomb. Ruined it or made it better? 👯👯 @smokyg @hanabyhannah @cooksux

Happy Resurrection Sunday, Happy Easter Sunday. Thank you Jesus. #heisrisen

Call me goldilocks, I'm stealing baby bear 🐻

Check out my new video "Favorite layers all year round" on my channel!

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