Арден Чо


Американская актриса и модель, наиболее известная по роли Киры Юкимуры в сериале «Волчонок».
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Happy FriYAY! ✌🏼Be happy you didn’t have to wake up & go to work at 430am like I did today 😘 #setlife

It’s happening! Honored to announce that @honorlistmovie directed by @elissa_down will be released on May 11th! #honorlistmovie

#LiptonPartner Matching pjs ✔️ Bedtime Bliss ✔️ ready to catch some 💤 y’all know how much I used to struggle with sleeping with my crazy shooting schedule! But this yummy @Lipton chamomile mint & orange peel herbal infusion always does the trick. #selfcare #sleep

I had planned to go to Korea this year for the Olympics but my filming schedule for Chicago Med ended up keeping me in Chicago. I was really looking forward to it & super bummed out but you gotta do what you gotta do.. Luckily all my #teamUSA gear has come in handy since it’s just as cold here in Chicago. Even though things didn’t work out as planned, I’m still having a lot of fun cheering for my friends & have never been so invested in the #Olympics! Free Dance skate is tonight! Who’s watching with me? #pyeongchang2018 📷 @kenny_kim

Oh you know, just flipping to find the pictures. #BigKid Loving these snaps by @kenny_kim! Fun fact: I was his first model photoshoot about 15 years ago at UIUC when he picked up a camera & became a photographer! Now he’s traveling the world shooting the fanciest weddings. I should try to find one of those oldies... Man we are OLD. 😅 Can you believe we’re still shooting 15 years later??

Hope everyone had a Happy Lunar New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요~ I’m over here just trying to stay warm ☃️ 📷 @kenny_kim

I was in LA for a hot second. It’s been crazy, feels like I’ve been on an airplane every other day but I’m excited for you guys to see the new stuff I’m working on! Will try to film a new updates vlog for you soon!! 😘

Getting ready to feed some @bibigoUSA mini-wontons to my friends as we get ready to cheer on our friends in Pyeongchang!! Share what Korean Food you’re eating while watching, post using #BibigoForTheGold #bibigopartner #cooking #korean #dumplings #homesweethome

Will you be my Valentine? 😉 #valentinesday #valentine #kisses #love #ootd

Snow fight anyone? 📷 @kenny_kim

I’m stuck in a foot of snow! Help meeee before I turn into a ⛄️ 📷 @kenny_kim #ootd #snow #winter #monday

Alright guys @maiashibutani & @alexshibutani are skating again tonight for the team event at 720pm pst on @nbc. Also realized I have very few pictures with Alex because most of our pictures are Maia & I thanks to Alex’s awesome photography skills 😅 here’s us last summer attempting to take pictures of eachother.. we are so very serious about these angles. #olympics #pyeongchang2018 #teamUSA #figureskating

So proud of you guys! ❤️ I was jumping up & down in my hotel room watching your beautiful performance! Incase I haven’t said it enough, go follow @maiashibutani & @alexshibutani! They skate again tonight & also on the 19th/20th!!! #pyeongchang2018 #olympics #figureskating #shibsibs

Everyone turn on your TVs! It’s game time! Cheering for you @maiashibutani @alexshibutani y’all GOT this! #shibsibs #pyeongchang2018 #olympics #figureskating

This is what a day off from filming looks like. Work never stops. I have 60+ pages to memorize 😳 #friday #actor #prep #helpme

Apparently we’re gonna get 14 inches of snow tonight. I’m ready. ✌🏼 #Chicago #snow #ootd

Oh mah gah it’s so cold in Chicago!!! I wish I was back where the sun shines. 📷 @rmarq_

Just shooing away life’s problem. Also in love with this @astrthelabel shirt because it’s a bodysuit! It’ll always have the perfect tuck & it won’t untuck lol!!! I love bodysuits & rompers... basically onsies I’m like a big baby #random #ootd #monday #casual #denim

Took a ballet class today & it made me think of filming @honorlistmovie #ballet #filming #bts

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