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Atlanta, Georgia

#tbt 10 years ago we moved to Atlanta to start the journey. @boydercam picked me up in his #Accord and we broke down almost immediately! Turns out we taped it...more to come. *link to #AITBA 10 year bundle in bio* 🍞✨

one month til we celebrate 10 years of #AITBA and it going gold 📀✨ *tix in bio* 🎟

Bimbo Bakeries USA

10 years of Bread 🍞✨ 10 shows. Celebrating 10 years of #AITBA & beyond *link in bio*

Lower Merion High School


North Philadelphia

raps over @khruangbin for christmas 🎄 *link in bio*

Morrisville, Pennsylvania

“Mommydog” (Official Video) is out now! Dir. by @obecuatro prod. by @robdevious & feat. @yoitscj. *full vid in bio*

are we there yet?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


PPL Park - Philadelphia Union

When all else fails, sports step in.  These days there is a divisive tone in communication ringing out on all sides.  Big media has been fragmented into smaller outlets. These outlets cater to specific points of view that are amplified by everyone’s personal page on the internet.  The combination has surfaced the differences in our society.  This summer I found solace in the city of Philadelphia.  Specifically, the @philaunion fan base.  A group embodying passion and perseverance but leaving the prejudice behind.  I sometimes question my attraction to sport.  But then I’m reminded of community.  Whether it’s 90 minutes or 9 innings, 4 quarters or 2 halves nothing else seems to matter except the team.  The appropriately named #Union have the special ability to bring people together.  Strangers become family.  And while our country sensationalizes our differences, there’s never been a better time to #unite.  This video was created by @gabrielncoffey and myself in an effort to celebrate the city of Philadelphia represented by the @sonsofben.  Practice love, practice unity.  Go #Union. (1/2)

Morrisville, Pennsylvania

score one for the home team. #mommydog *out now* @yoitscj @robdevious @beats1official

North Philadelphia

shouts to @sunflowerphilly making its debut in the new @alexandercharlesmusic video 🌻🌻🌻

Morrisville, Pennsylvania

new song #Mommydog out now ft @yoitscj prod. @robdevious 🏡 *full song in bio*

Lincoln Financial Field

for #Week35 of @alexandercharlesmusic’s #52Week campaign, we discuss our upcoming #fantasyfootball #draft on Sept. 4th. I have the 8th overall pick. Who should I select? @obj? @deandrehopkins? @bigreem_3?@leonardfournette?

Atlantic City, New Jersey

nucky thompson or jimmy darmody?

Beach Haven, New Jersey

this really the jam tho! i remember talking to surfer friends like @michaelrossgeorge, @kopecsteve, @brockymarciano about how #surfing is an ill metaphor for life in general - balance, patience, humility. @yoitscj was working on a melody while getting tatted & @robdevious was able to bring it to life. A great tune about “learning to find a better place.” Be sure to check out the whole @besphrenz #beachhaven ep in the bio! 🏄‍♂️

Beach Haven, New Jersey

contributed to @besphrenz new ep recorded upstairs outside. due out friday 8/10 🏖

North Philadelphia

i love collage

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

illegal chips keep my celly on

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

bong rips are a constitutional right

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