Аманда Пембертон


Американская актриса, модель и фильммейкер.
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@stoya's cats don't want to miss my shower show! 😬

I'm on vacation! 🌈 @cottedemailles @drivenbyboredom

@karolinalaskowskalingerie 💡@tmronin

@drivenbyboredom bought me a waffle last night. I ended up sneaking into a dark hallway at Bossa Nova around 4am and eating part of the leftovers so I wouldn't get sick from drinking too much tequila 🤷‍♀️💃🏼

Gothic prom 😂 @tommychaselucas

Damascus, Pennsylvania

um pretty sure I'm staying with a cult right now in the middle of nowhere pennsylvania. Went floating today. Found a doll in the river lol

instant film // @tmronin

Today 🖤 photo by my friend @tmronin styling by my love @stoya

Fractured Desire 🖤 clip from #undertheskin

Booking shoots in nyc // email apneatic@gmail.com for scheduling. photo by @halfanese

I'm going to eat her 👽👽@xo.bear (polaroid and black&white images @bilbrown)


How dare this voice, this thing interrupt my solitude

Los Angeles :: I have a last minute opening tomorrow to shoot-- contact apneatic@gmail.com for booking

the fundamentals..some of my old notecards



I'm still alive 🌈

Light reflection and refraction. Photos taken in my physics lab

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