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Американская актриса, модель и фильммейкер.
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Hey Portland I gotta go back to classes next Monday 😭so who wants to get weird with me this week?! 🌈🔥🦄🔥💰💰💰🔪🍭

the best part of a fantasy is someone to share it with 🔪call now, we're waiting 💋@ohthumbelina @raulgonzo

Update: found him!

South Beach, Miami

South Beach today 🏝Recently, my hometown was devastated by Harvey, the city where I currently live is pretty much on fire right now, and I'm flying out of Miami right before Irma hits.

Bye nyc, I love you! 🖤omw to Miami now for Labor Day weekend, then over to California, then back to Portland.

Illustration by @stuntkid


Shooting with @christiansaintphoto today, here's a photo from our last shoot together 🍇

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

@stoya took photos of me. this is a scan of one of them 🔪

Los Angeles, California

love @xo.bear forever 🖤

Nyack, New York

painting by mark bryan. new favorite hobby: smoking weed and looking at @underthesatellites' art and crystal collection

Damascus, Pennsylvania

molly percocets 🎭 photo by River Clark



instant film photograph shot by @stoya

Nyack, New York

Took the sweatpants off

Nyack, New York

late night swim meet 🌙

Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

Instant film photograph shot by @tmronin

Nyack, New York

sweatpants selfie 💜


Employee of the month 💫@alumni_ny


I like video more than stills. Wearing @creepyyeha the other night

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