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The three most powerful Italian-Americans in DC! Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and @whitehouse Comms Dir Anthony Scaramucci @realdonaldtrump #maga #americafirst 🇺🇸 🇮🇹

Today is a very sad day in our home in our lives , my boy Schumy a Labrador a friend a best in everything had to go to heaven . I miss you pal , not only you stayed with us and made all everyone who ever met you so happy for almost 15 years but you are the ultimate dog friend everything , man we miss you we adore you . You have been a gift 🎁 in every single way . I know you are with God now and all taken care of and in peace my brother . Watching you go was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do , my heart ❤️ with you always all our hearts , thank you for everything thank you 😊. We love you till eternity and back . 🙏

Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday . Enjoy today & everyday . ☀️✌️🇺🇸 @miradry @asandramd @shoyoroll @overallbjj @facesbydrt

I am feeling great and better everyday thanks to @NumaleMedical @asandraMD , running a campaign training hard , hitting the #jiujitsu @overallbjj every week takes hard work and dedication but also a body that can deal with the pain and bitting up . Never giving up and always push✌️ @miradry @piratadellastrada @shoyoroll .

Love training every single day , but to train with the right gear is ever better . Thank you @shoyoroll for bringing it to another level , the best in the business . Let's do it even harder and with more passion , only at @overallbjj with the one and only @nicollasbjj . 🥋#jiujitsu 4 life .. 🤙✌️

Here we go .. @ VoteAntonio.com . Let's do it together . I will not stop working hard for you the American people . Please help donate to my campaign 😉

Amazing man , class act & mentor , one of the nicest people ever , you will be missed . @therealadamwest #batman

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Conditioning only @overallbjj @nicollasbjj #jiujitsu 🇺🇸✌️

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