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Американский актёр и фотомодель.
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SimCenter TampaBay

In Tampa supporting my dear friend Congressman @gusbilirakis & found this cool little spot #simcentertampabay, started warming up then I was picking up the pace . I always loved racing never stopped racing and one of my most proudest moments was when I turned Pro and started racing for Porsche, raced at Indy twice and loved every minute, my point is never stop believing in yourself, always follow your dreams . Now I am racing again but this time is for America and the American people. ✌️🇺🇸

Thank you @asandramd @numalemedical for taking care of me 😀 🙏.

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Sending my Thoughts Prayers and Safety to All the First Responders the Amazing Firefighters, Police , Sheriff , the Locals, all the Animals as well, it’s been and it is still tough Winds and conditions, but we have to stay in Positive and Know we will Make it Through . Love ❤️ you Guys . #miraDryIsConfidence miraDry.com #miraDry #Ad 🇺🇸

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Oxnard Police are doing an Amazing Job . God Bless all the officers that Risk their Lives Every Single Day . Thank you Oxnard Police & Thank you to All our Officers Across the USA . 🇺🇸🙏 www.VoteAntonio.com #VoteAntonio

Volunteering with Shop with a Cop in Ventura County. 🇺🇸 VoteAntonio.com #Volunteering #VoteAntonio #MAGA

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