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Today was yet another day of sadness and sorrow , Schumy's bro Blacky left us and went to be with his bother . Blackie was an amazing kind beautiful rottie , he was the sweetest and yet strong he was the best the two of them are and always will be my boys my bros my left and right and up and down . Now I miss you guys I always do but now I know for certain you are together in heaven . 14 years 14 amazing incredible years my boy ... miss u and love you , we all do . My heart 💔💔💔💔. I can see you two running and playing together . Man 😞

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Today is a very sad day in our home in our lives , my boy Schumy a Labrador a friend a best in everything had to go to heaven . I miss you pal , not only you stayed with us and made all everyone who ever met you so happy for almost 15 years but you are the ultimate dog friend everything , man we miss you we adore you . You have been a gift 🎁 in every single way . I know you are with God now and all taken care of and in peace my brother . Watching you go was the hardest thing I'd ever had to do , my heart ❤️ with you always all our hearts , thank you for everything thank you 😊. We love you till eternity and back . 🙏

Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday . Enjoy today & everyday . ☀️✌️🇺🇸 @miradry @asandramd @shoyoroll @overallbjj @facesbydrt

I am feeling great and better everyday thanks to @NumaleMedical @asandraMD , running a campaign training hard , hitting the #jiujitsu @overallbjj every week takes hard work and dedication but also a body that can deal with the pain and bitting up . Never giving up and always push✌️ @miradry @piratadellastrada @shoyoroll .

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