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Американский актер, резжиссер, сценарист, продюсер и монтажер.
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Times Square, New York City

I would be nothing without ALL the extraordinary women I have been blessed to know and all the gifts their talents and heart and love have brought to my life. ❤️🙏🏼

Times Square, New York City

“Tell them about the dream, Martin! Tell them about the dream.” ~ #mahaliajackson

#newyork #actors ! I’m here all week teaching at our inspiring @amawnewyork studio. Come check out any of these classes - it’s FREE to observe. Monday and Tuesday at 6:00 PM Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 11:00 AM Prepare to have creative lightbulb explosions (I will not be having a margarita while teaching! Lol) Email jason@anthonymeindl.com

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan

But in order to do that you need to develop it, work on it and evolve it. @amawnewyork

Therapy NYC

#birthday #danceparty

Times Square, New York City

Reflections on my #40s


NYPL The New York Public Library

Cheers to #50 ! (Minus the #shadesofgrey )

Rockefeller Center

I guess I’m the wimp here. These ladies be strong.

Rockefeller Center

Stop carrying the world on your shoulders. Reminders. #atlas

Rockefeller Center


We’re freezing. Can you tell?

Central Park Manhatan


What else is there?

New York, New York

#nyc #gymday #nysportsclub The stunned look on my face as I realize this is the last day in my #40s 😱🙈 This is #50

@cdelacruz01 @renegranado @jennidema8 @robinschultzzz #nerd convention

Amakhala Game Reserve

Oh yes, I forgot. This is one of those “shit-hole countries” our #president must have been referring to. Funny that all of humanity originated here and not in “Norway.” #merika continues to no longer lead the way. And his comments are #racist , #xenophobic and completely #dehumanizing

Holy #tbt - that time I was flirting with Will on @nbcwillandgrace - and got denied! Bye.... 👋🏻 Repost from @amawstudios Major #throwbackthrusday alert! 20 years ago, @anthonymeindl guest starred as 'Cute Guy' on NBC's Will and Grace! - - #tbt @nbcwillandgrace @therealdebramessing @eric_mccormack @nbc #throwback

Faux fur hats and wine

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