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Американский актер, резжиссер, сценарист, продюсер и монтажер.
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#worldtour begins

Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

#tribe ❤️These peeps @amawstudios #amaw #amawstudios

Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

#international #book #love #atleftbrainturnright #btfj #amaw #amawstudios

Mama Shelter Los Angeles

Look at #hollywood getting all European! #getit

When your niece applies eye shadow and I’m like “Yeah!” #ziggystardust


I don't need to keep consuming more data. What I really need is soul food. Connection. #london #actors - so excited to celebrate with you all again. See you this week!

Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

#art #muse I don’t want my art to be a stepping stone to get me somewhere. Once that happens the purpose of art is lost. The purpose of art is to get me more here. In this moment. Now. That’s it. At the intersection of the physical and the cosmic.

Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop

The beginning and ending and everything we teach at @amawstudios - #thepoweroflettinggo #robertdeniro #Repost @__nitch (@get_repost) ・・・ Robert De Niro // "Be in the moment. Period. Just be there. Because if you get all like, 'Oh I got to do this big thing.' It just never works. It just doesn't work. You've just got to let go. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Whatever you do is ok, just be truthful, honest, real, and that's all you can ask for."

When will the ignorance of this administration end? You can’t allow “conservation hunting” to occur in a country that’s undergoing a coupe! That means the country Zimbabwe has no operational government! What’s wrong with people? #Repost @jennadewan (@get_repost) ・・・ I’m beyond angry but I’m also taking action. Join me #Repost @humanesociety ・・・ We cannot let this reckless and cruel decision stand! Sign your name, spread the word, and tell the @usinterior that you do NOT support the lifting of the ban on trophy imports. Sign the pledge now in the #linkinbio ‼️⠀ #SaveTheElephants #FightForAllAnimals #stoptrophyhunting


Everyone’s looking for something that they believe, once they get it, will make them happier. The greatest lie is believing we are currently missing something in our lives that we need in order to be happy.

Thanks @feiginphoto ! 🙈🙏🏼👍

Gold's Gym SoCal

@amawstudios love - so many people doing so many great things! ❤️🙏🏼💪🏼👍like this guy @chrissalvatore #amaw #amawstudios

Victoria and Albert Museum

#london #actors ! I’m back next week teaching at our inspiring @amawlondon studio! Come experience the wildness and freedom of giving #zerofucks ! #amaw #amawstudios

Thank you #lilytomlin

Electric Dusk Drive-In

Awkward #prom #picture @amawstudios #drivein #filmfestival

Hollywood Dell, Los Angeles

With so many beautiful things in the world...let us celebrate those. Contemplate those. Focus on those. #upliftment It’s easy to #crowdsource for fear.

Electric Dusk Drive-In

These two = ❤️💪🏼⭐️ @amawstudios #drivein #filmfestival

Ziva Meditation

Oh and this happened yesterday too. Working with the radiant @zivameditation to teach a group of meditators the power of creativity and putting #meditation into a living practice. 🙏🏼

Verdugo Bar

@amawstudios #tribe

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