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Американский актёр. Родился 14 марта 1994 года в Нью-Йорке.
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Brooklyn, New York

Snow day w bae 😀!!! ❄️❄️❄️

Yo @nyknicks lemme get that 10 day contract 💪🏽😤 @cbrickley603

Was honored to present as the Oscars a couple weeks ago. ❤️

Kobe year

New York, New York

3 piece

Beatles are my fav group of all time. This is early Beatles but my fav album is probs Sargent pepper or Abby road but they are all good. I like listening to albums. Please give them a listen (the album start to finish if you haven’t already) you’ll be happy u did.

Opposite of my mood Sunday night

90th Academy Awards Ceremony


My dream is to get out in front of you and sing this whole album I have coming for you.

More mirror selfies you’re only young once.

Already a proud uncle 😭🍼👼🌈

Snowy Saturday photos by Violetta



#918spyder #porsche

Violetta put a glitter mask on me lol

Finally done using that shitty fake ID I love you alex happy birthday

So awesome working with @ragandbone on this mind-bending film. Much love @katemara Directed by @Benjaminmillepied. Go to rag-bone.com to find out more #ragandbonefilms

Unlock the behind the scenes footage from the Supernova video shoot by adding it to your collection on Spotify. Link in Bio! Thanks to @Lyft for sponsoring the music video! #Ad http://unlock.digster.fm/supernova

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