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Throwback to when I was In Glacier National Park with my buds and coffee trying to thaw from jumping in the lake.

Buffalo Bill's

F is for frolic through all the flowers U is for ukulele N is for nose picking, sharing gum, and sand licking , here with my best buddy

Whitefish, Montana

what would my city be without these two? im glad I don’t have to know.

Ice cold last minute dips in Glacier Nation Park.

//Honest awkward moments// I pretty much always arrive somewhere 30 minutes early. You don’t know this because I park streets away and sit in my car before pulling up and parking. So if you’re driving around and see me AND I’m supposed to be meeting you, don’t say ANYTHING. Please. Don’t expose me.


Stella Adler Academy of Acting & Theatre - Los Angeles

Y O U ‘ R E N O T J U S T I N T H E G L O R Y, Y O U M E E T U S O N T H E G R O U N D. • • • • • I start the second term of my acting school today. This is one thing I never had planned for myself. I really wanted to get my bachelors in business. But during the pursuit of my bachelors, I realized how focused I was on my plan B and how little I was on my plan A. I feared the unknown (and still do.) But I want my fears on earth to be minimal. So, I put school on hold and waited for acceptance from the acting academy which is where I am now. I still struggle with the lack of control I have over my future but that just comes in the package of faith and trust. So I’m choosing to focus on what is good and what is important in my life and continuing to dropkick fear and doubt. 💃🏻😬

Los Angeles, California

//honest captions// I cried & prayed over my finances after this.

Piedra Blanca

So this past weekend I went back packing for the first time with my boyfriend and his parents. I learned that carrying everything you need on your back is insanely gratifying and freeze dried food truly is weightless & delicious. This weekend reminded how much I love the silence and the songs sung by numerous nocturnal bugs. As well as how mesmerizing campfires are when they are burned 3 miles from all civilization and all cellphone signal. Camping will now never be the same.

Big Sur, California

Squished a banana a few days ago. Pictured above. Last night our neighborhood power went out because the temperature outside reached an all time high [117]. This morning, after a wretched night of sleep found out that there is still no power. With my car stranded in the electric garage, A/C and power down, I called out of work. I then sought refuge at a coffee shop walking distance to my house to charge my phone and receive some liquid energy. To my surprise, they too had no A/C. Oh and the high is also 108 today. Escaping the heat and securing what sanity I had left, I preceded to call a friend who then came and rescued me. It’s been an interesting one today. How was your Saturday?

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Heyyyaaa. Do me a favor humans. Go do stuff. Go observe, participate and play. Movie dates with your bestie or significant other are great, but it’s really healthy for us and our communities to interact. Walk somewhere with someone, bike or simply sit and watch people around you. PSA: Bowling is fun. So is roller skating. Playing DDR Max at an arcade, mini golf, walking through a city, playing sports or tossing a frisbee. Have a game night with your buddies. Go and do! I promise you won’t regret it. That way when the movie time comes, it feels as a reward. Don’t get me wrong, we do need to rest. Just not seclusion. ⚡️💃🏼


||may we never lose our wonder wide eyed and mystified may we be just like a child staring at the beauty of our King.||. Glacier National Park//October 2017🏔

Annie goes to the observatory all snug. She then returns home. Shen begins to feel ill so she bakes brownies. She eats brownies. Lots of brownies. ⛈

Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve


Los Angeles, California

Easter basket & Sabbath Sunday joy. 🐰💛

Los Angeles, California

• • • • • • Rain moisturizes my skin, washes away my burdens & cleanses my mind. It rolls in clouds in all shades of grey shadowing the mountains, defining the natural lines & dousing everything under a glorious glow. The heaviness of the sky looms over the valley reminding me who is in charge & how much the earth needs nurturing, restoration & regeneration. It washes away the unwanted dirt & grime formed by the millions walking/driving/biking & running attempting to get place to place in this busy little city. He does this without being asked. He doesn’t demand acknowledgement or even expect it. He does it out of love & compassion for His people & His creation.. So you ask, “why do you like the rain?” • • • • • •

Help Me Heal

I messed up the date for an appointment for today. Disturbed my deeply needed nap to put makeup on, get ready, drive 40 minutes into the pits of hell (Hollywood), held my breath as I parallel parked in a spot meant for a smart car and died a little when I looked at my email in more depth. Came home and filled my stomach with Cadbury Eggs and ate a PB&J. Life in LA is really exciting. scheduling sucks. I wanna be 14 again.

Los Angeles, California

topanga table saturdaze.

Wow. Jennah moves out to LA today. I could not be any more excited to start this journey with her this year & see what God has in store for the three of us. Jennah & I have been friends for 16 years and she is actually the one who introduced me to Priscilla last January. I’m so honored to get to spend this next year with these two and.. actually, I am just incapable of putting into words how I am feeling so instead...I’ll leave this here. //Ecclesiastes 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”// 📷: @bryantbural

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