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Frederick, Maryland

The @pierzbarry everyone. 🙌🏼

Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Exponentially missing my little brothers. (,:

Drive in Movie Theater

Drive in movies with the best people out there. 🚗

\\my worthiness is not found in what i accomplish. my worthiness is found in what He already has. \\ Megan Marshman

Thank you for visiting your favorite barista today. I had an absurd amount of energy for starting work at 4:45am this morning. You accepted me as I was and now you're welcome back anytime. Love you my freckle friend P. Recharge time. 📖🙏🏼☕️

Sycamore Cove Beach- Malibu, Ca

I am the Frisbee champ. Undefeated. Even in strong winds.

Los Angeles, California

perspective. ☁️🗻

Mulholland Drive

I still have a foam mattress cover and blankets in my car from when I went camping last month. I'm not normally this lazy I just enjoy having a makeshift bed everywhere I go for epic naps.

My little Pb I love her inside and out even though her fearlessness frightens the life out of me. She continually helps me grow in my faith and is solely responsible for bringing me out of my little introverted box of solitude. May the Lord bless her abundantly because I couldn't live in LA without her. Also, next time you visit Montana..take me with you. Cheers mate.🍻

Ojai, California

California is absolutely stunning. It's such a blessing to be in this area in this stage of my life. "These are the good years" -@pbaad (a reminder we have to remember EVERY day) Also, I love it when my friends meet. Something I picked up from from my friend of 15 years, @jennahwavee . So when my other long term bestie @madiberg96 met my California bestie all was right with the world. I love all of you. I am so blessed. 😭

Rose Valley Campground

Impromptu camping trips

Stough Canyon Nature Center

On route to Nashville for a week. Until then Los Angeles, take care of yourself. 🌲🐿

This is my dog and her frog friend.

Venice, California

7pm Venice Beach. Wind was no joke. Stinging sand is a real thing. I had taken shelter beside the life guard stand while Madison embraced it.

Narrows Of The Harpeth

Gravity. I still climb trees daily like I'm 11.

Los Angeles, California

A glipse into my Sunday's with @pbaad • • • Friends, do yourselves a favor and set aside one day of the week to fill with nature, peace, friendships and Jesus. Read a book. Explore. Praise the Lord. Stay present and thankful. It's marvelous.

Happy Easter. This is me being me in 2010. Miss this dog. @spacedogsophie



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