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12th South

Bought some pretty flowers today. 😊#flowertruck

There’s a storm coming, Harry. ⚯͛

Country Cove Christmas Tree Farm

Trusted my brother with a saw and Christmas.

Harpeth River State Park

Walking off yesterday's perfection with the wolf.

Nashville Municipal Auditorium

post concert depression

The 1975

You look famous, let's be friends and portray we possess something important. And do the things we'd like. 🕶

Los Angeles, California

✨For in the hour of our darkest day, we will not tremble, we won’t be afraid. Hope is rising like the light of dawn. Our God is for us He has overcome. All those against Him will fall. For our God is stronger, He can do all things. No higher name we can call for Jesus is greater. We can do all things... We will not be shaken. ✨ After a long disgusting year of watching people tear each other apart because of opposing views it finally gets settled tonight. But the disgrace we established in our nation over the year will never be forgotten. Let's fill tonight with love no matter who wins. We cannot forget that we are all part of a larger plan and that what we do down here, doesn't effect what the Lord did for us up there. Find it in yourself to be respectful and loving no matter what the outcome may be tonight. •For we trust in our god. And though his unfailing love. We will not be shaken. ❤️🙏🏻

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

It's actually really hard to climb on the light exhibit at LACMA. Also, a trashcan beat me up today and left a nice bruise and rash on my face. ✌🏼️

LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art

At dawn, we ride. I don't even know what this is.

The Forum

//I, I wanna marry you Said I, I adore you And that's all I have to say bye-bye And you opiate this hazy head of mine// @trumanblack @the1975 #the1975

Goldengate Brigde

Fact: I am never ready for a photo. Even when I am the one taking it. This is one of dozens that look like this. It's alright though, because I've accepted it.

Japanese Tea Garden

Los Angeles, you need these trees.

Marin Headlands Golden Gate Bridge

Never thought I'd fall in love with a city so fast. • • • PC: @masonthurman

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

Currently enrolled with a season pass. ϟ 9¾ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘

Nashville, Tennessee

I miss this city. And the people in it. It's so hard to believe that two years ago I was taking my senior pictures and graduating from high school. It's been such an incredible two years. Thank you to everyone who made them so special. (,: • • • PC: @allypxrker

Rare GoPro photo that turned out because I have no skill in the photography department.✌🏼️

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Thank you Sequoia for the immense driving thrills you provided me with yesterday. And for your trees. I greatly enjoyed your trees.⛰🏞

Walked around Hogsmead today with Two Gryffindors and one fellow Slytherin.ϟ 9¾ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘

Wayfarer Chapel

"I have found a desire within myself that no experience in this world can satisfy; the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world." ~ C. S. Lewis

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