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Annie goes to the observatory all snug. She then returns home. Shen begins to feel ill so she bakes brownies. She eats brownies. Lots of brownies. ⛈

Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve


Los Angeles, California

Easter basket & Sabbath Sunday joy. 🐰💛

Appreciating the past & how it brought me to where I am now. Keeping Peace & Faith no matter how hard the trial looks in the moment. That is how I know Gods plan for me is greater than my own. He turns Pain & Suffering into the building blocks of Joy & Health. Into a region where Fear & Worry have no place in my life. I am so thankful for times of trial. Thankful for the Peace He instills in the midst. The knowledge that His promise will prevail & that the Joy that follows will be doubled. With every trial I become Stronger more Willing & Trusting. Scared out of my mind but Full of Faith. So here I am, continuously walking into the wilderness to test myself & to experience the unknown.

Los Angeles, California

• • • • • • Rain moisturizes my skin, washes away my burdens & cleanses my mind. It rolls in clouds in all shades of grey shadowing the mountains, defining the natural lines & dousing everything under a glorious glow. The heaviness of the sky looms over the valley reminding me who is in charge & how much the earth needs nurturing, restoration & regeneration. It washes away the unwanted dirt & grime formed by the millions walking/driving/biking & running attempting to get place to place in this busy little city. He does this without being asked. He doesn’t demand acknowledgement or even expect it. He does it out of love & compassion for His people & His creation.. So you ask, “why do you like the rain?” • • • • • •

Help Me Heal

I messed up the date for an appointment for today. Disturbed my deeply needed nap to put makeup on, get ready, drive 40 minutes into the pits of hell (Hollywood), held my breath as I parallel parked in a spot meant for a smart car and died a little when I looked at my email in more depth. Came home and filled my stomach with Cadbury Eggs and ate a PB&J. Life in LA is really exciting. scheduling sucks. I wanna be 14 again.

Los Angeles, California

topanga table saturdaze.

Wow. Jennah moves out to LA today. I could not be any more excited to start this journey with her this year & see what God has in store for the three of us. Jennah & I have been friends for 16 years and she is actually the one who introduced me to Priscilla last January. I’m so honored to get to spend this next year with these two and.. actually, I am just incapable of putting into words how I am feeling so instead...I’ll leave this here. //Ecclesiastes 4:12 “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”// 📷: @bryantbural

Sherman Oaks, California

/ /J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 8 / / with my bestie & roommate @priscillabadion

Topanga, California

House/apartment hunting. Perks: sick backyard full of boulders & rocks to leap around on. Cons: Custom designed sinkhole in the living room.

Narrows Of The Harpeth

You are looking at two human icebergs contemplating whether or not to jump would even hurt or if we would be too numb to feel it. Pc: @quarter.roy


Happy New Year from me and me brother. \\2018\\

Get you a friend who locks you both out of the apartment at 6am, in Montana, wearing PJs, barefoot and in 29 degrees. Or don’t. UP2U

Cold hands. Fog. Finals.

after: we were locked out at 6am barefoot in pj’s. before: huckleberry pastries from a national park that made me cry.

Afternoon strolls.


Hello. Hi. Yes, I am back in Nashville now. For a little while at least. Tomorrow I leave for Ireland, which is a DREAM. As you can imagine I am pretty ecstatic about it. I get to spend 10 days exploring castles, seeing sheep and green pastures and standing on the edges of cliffs like the scenes from Pride and Prejudice and weeping, I am sure. I also get to travel with my two older siblings (2019 Sam, it’ll be great) and celebrate my 21 birthday with them. I am very excited. I miss LA deeply already and won’t be back until January but! I have the bestest of friends who will be visiting me in December back here at the Thurman compound. I am so thankful for these humans and so blessed that God has provided me with such incredible friends and community that has made LA not only bearable but enjoyable. Life is so special. Shoutout to my friends in this picture who are all basically instagramless as life is busy for them. Love you PB,Matt and Royal. You guys are pure gold. ✨

It’s cold-ish and dreary today in LA & I have two consecutive days next week of thunderstorms waiting for me in Nashville. What is life. (,:

This is me, actively running from my responsibilities these next few weeks. Moving is exhausting & I hate being an adult. 📦🔪

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