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Seasons and Fall trees. The biggest things I miss when I am in Los Angeles. (,:

Afternoon strolls.


Hello. Hi. Yes, I am back in Nashville now. For a little while at least. Tomorrow I leave for Ireland, which is a DREAM. As you can imagine I am pretty ecstatic about it. I get to spend 10 days exploring castles, seeing sheep and green pastures and standing on the edges of cliffs like the scenes from Pride and Prejudice and weeping, I am sure. I also get to travel with my two older siblings (2019 Sam, it’ll be great) and celebrate my 21 birthday with them. I am very excited. I miss LA deeply already and won’t be back until January but! I have the bestest of friends who will be visiting me in December back here at the Thurman compound. I am so thankful for these humans and so blessed that God has provided me with such incredible friends and community that has made LA not only bearable but enjoyable. Life is so special. Shoutout to my friends in this picture who are all basically instagramless as life is busy for them. Love you PB,Matt and Royal. You guys are pure gold. ✨

It’s cold-ish and dreary today in LA & I have two consecutive days next week of thunderstorms waiting for me in Nashville. What is life. (,:

This is me, actively running from my responsibilities these next few weeks. Moving is exhausting & I hate being an adult. 📦🔪

Such a nice place.. (,:

Glacier National Park

When you pay $6.00 for a gallon of gas because your gas light comes on in the middle of Glacier National Park, 30 miles from the nearest gas station. pc// peebs 🌩

Glacier National Park

Morning swim. 🌬

Vasquez Rocks

When I almost got mauled by a car in June, 2016// photo by Brandon Moreno. ✨

Frederick, Maryland

The @pierzbarry everyone. 🙌🏼

Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge

Exponentially missing my little brothers. (,:

Drive in Movie Theater

Drive in movies with the best people out there. 🚗

\\my worthiness is not found in what i accomplish. my worthiness is found in what He already has. \\ Megan Marshman

Thank you for visiting your favorite barista today. I had an absurd amount of energy for starting work at 4:45am this morning. You accepted me as I was and now you're welcome back anytime. Love you my freckle friend P. Recharge time. 📖🙏🏼☕️

Sycamore Cove Beach- Malibu, Ca

I am the Frisbee champ. Undefeated. Even in strong winds.

Los Angeles, California

perspective. ☁️🗻

Mulholland Drive

I still have a foam mattress cover and blankets in my car from when I went camping last month. I'm not normally this lazy I just enjoy having a makeshift bed everywhere I go for epic naps.

My little Pb I love her inside and out even though her fearlessness frightens the life out of me. She continually helps me grow in my faith and is solely responsible for bringing me out of my little introverted box of solitude. May the Lord bless her abundantly because I couldn't live in LA without her. Also, next time you visit Montana..take me with you. Cheers mate.🍻

Rose Valley Campground

Impromptu camping trips

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