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aww I totally missed this Valentine’s card 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thanks @diddlysketch ❣️ #TheAmericans

roses are red, walls are blue, so are me and you #saturdayvibes

Hudson Loft

‘You must never fear your level of darkness as though it’s something that defines you as a person. If you are to grow, it’s important that you acknowledge and embrace your sharp edges too. What you see in you as ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections’, to the trained eye are unplanned brush strokes, where the creator got caught up in the moment because the moment made them feel alive. When people fall in love, they are captivated by the details. Your details are your broken pieces. You were once whole, and life broke you and yet here you are, a living, breathing, masterpiece. A work of art.’ @millsmc07

#happyvalentinesday Be In Love. @gladysmagazine

What a fun day visiting the fabulous drama students at Garden Grove HS! May creativity soar wherever you are on your journey~ Big thank you to principal Todd Nirk for reaching out and so wonderfully supporting your young artists!

I ALWAYS wanted to be a redhead! thanks for the grassroots 🕷campaign @pietrolicious #blackwidow

20th Century Fox


thanks @pastemagazine 🔥

Chado Tea Room

one day I’ll make it to India 🙂

Cora's Coffee Shoppe


Bed Bath & Beyond



Lax Airport

#handsfree @breastfeedla


💁🏻‍♀️ inspired by last night’s marble of a moon #lunareclipse #newknobs #inmykitchen #sale @anthropologie

when you are sick on vacation



this mama just locking up the casa @kodak

🤯 I just, I just wanted water

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