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Need dis throne

@akrisofficial what a lovely night! Thank you Albert and Linda ❤️#powersuit Shameless selfie Channeling Marlene Dietrich

Moms always know best.

Blessed beyond measure to have ^ as my mamma. Young at heart, forever encouraging others, the life of the party, my comforter and best critic. You make me strong and hold my heart. I hope I grow up to love life and people like you 💗 #happymothersday Captured by @cocokimelman post #womensmarch - a highlight in my life

I love people Don't love cats. But I like this cat. Yes, I'm procrastinating writing my last final of the semester. 👾

@grimmgavin you are a rockstar 💥Holy cow, thank you for standing up for equality with a humbly courageous and compassionate voice. Your charm is contagious, what a gift to chill w ya yesterday at the #glaadmediaawards I pray your day in court will end with celebration and that you may feel safe, free, respected, appreciated and represented in our country! #listenfirst #istandwithgavin #risingseniors

So honored to be part of last night's #glaadmediaawards Inspired by the strength, grace, and resilience of the many folks I met last night Also, enjoyed the saging of the room 🔥 Tap for lewk details

...Because it's Wednesday and I like a good chuckle on a Wednesday

Happy #earthday !🌏 Walked through Central Park today- living in a city I find I need to be in nature AT LEAST once a week to feel sane and take a deep breath. It's no Colorado, no Rocky Mountains, but while walking today we stumbled upon one of my favorite flowers... Bleeding Hearts. My Nana used to have them in her garden. I loved looking at them as a little girl and I love looking at them today. Bleeding Hearts. They're romantic and sad at the same time. Let's take care of our Mother Earth and all her people. We only have one! Hope you can Enjoy some nature today, even if you're surrounded by steel and concrete. 💗

BEYOND PROUD!!! Miss @lnicholson 's film @lifeboat premiered at the @tribecafilmfestival last night 🙌🙌🙌 A helluvah film- Incredibly directed, performed, and shot. Can't wait to see what you create next 🔥#womeninfilm Oh and another killer lady superhero is in the film @chloebridges who is heartbreakingly good.

Hellllloooo Spring! Thank you NYC for the warm weather PRAISE 🙌🙌🙌

#Repost @huffpostwomen ・・・ It's #EqualPayDay! Today's date represents how far into this year women would have to work to earn what their male counterparts were paid last year, in 2016. It's a reminder that American women are paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men on average -- even when, in many cases, they are more educated. And it’s an especially painful reminder for black and latina women, whom the wage gap disproportionately effects. Be angry today... and every day that our work continues to be undervalued. (🎨: @isabella.carapella

Last night's #tribecaball was 🔥 Saw beautiful work and got my aura read to boot. @nyacademyofart @creaturesofthewind

Lurvin life

It's good day to study

You may get into my laundry every chance you get, but I still love ya a whole bunch Ferg 💗 and yes- I DO SEE YOU #nationalpuppyday appropriately falls on Sir Fergusson's birthday the big 3 🙌🏆🏆🏆

Found this crazy flower whilst walking/ flower snooping in someone's yard. Happiest of Springs huzzah for flowers/plants/nature/ and cute hatching animals

Pointing zee way 🍊

Important information: the Teletubbies are in fact 11 ft tall. Who knew?! Not me. Mind blowwwwn.

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