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#Repost @iwillharness ・・・ Jeff Sessions' record has proven - that if confirmed as Attorney General - he will reverse decades of civil rights progress made for women, our LGBTQ, black, and immigrant communities, and more! Call, email, or contact your senators online now to demand they vote 'No' tomorrow! Link in bio. #IWillHarness @IWillHarness #30DaysofAction

#Repost @womensmarch ・・・ Today would have been Sandra Bland's 30th birthday. She was an activist who used social media as a platform to talk about the racial issues that plague her community. In her videos, Sandra reflected on being a black woman, loving her natural hair, police brutality and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Three months before her death, she posted a tweet that spoke out against racial violence: "AT FIRST THEY USED A NOOSE, NOW ALL THEY DO IS SHOOT" . On July 15th, 2015, Sandra was found hanging in a Texas jail cell after being arrested over a minor traffic transgression. #BlackHistoryMonth

The #alicegreen mood board for @mercystreetpbs Episode 3 is on tonight! You can watch all episodes on #pbs (online) or on #amazonprime It's been a true honor working on the show and learning all about this extremely divisive time in American History. .. and history always has a way of repeating itself doesn't it? I love working on the show not just because of our phenomenal cast and crew and the layered stories and characters we share, but also because I've learned so much about our country and the structure on which it's built. We are a vast nation from a bunch of ideologies. We come from a dark place of inequality (which still exists) and I think it's important to recognize our diversity as a nation. It makes us who we are. It's why so many of us are up in arms about boarder control (international and along our southern states) it's why we refuse to return to an America that does not see people of color or of a different religion or women as equal to, a buncha white guys. We cannot appreciate our progress or understand how much further we have to go without understanding the complexity of our past! That's why I love playing a character who's values are VERY different from mine. Acting allows me to try and understand an opposite perspective from my own. It's an exercise in empathy. Now, I stand strong in my beliefs, but I'll share my mind with compassion and curiosity. #mercystreetpbs #nobannowall #pussygrabsback

@girlshbo premiere the other night (wearing a hand painted tee by my friend @stormritter 💥) After the first 2 episodes I just wanna binge the whole rest of the season. It's crazy remembering when it first started- I was in high school! @lenadunham @jennikonner and their team have tackled multiple issues and done it in a humorous, brave, and real way. Don't care whether you like the show or not, these ladies have made strides for women in film/TV and I'm grateful for their boldness and artistry (and providing delicious episodes to curl up w friends and watch) 💗


1) Call your senator! Google it- very easy friends. The government should be working FOR the people, not against us. 2)Use social media! Spread ❤️ 3) Attend a rally/protest in support of freedom and justice for all! 4) show kindness to people who are struggling and who are directly impacted by the ban in order- (it effects all of us directly but show some special love and sensitivity ) 5) donate to @aclu_nationwide 6) work on healthy discussions about progress. Talk w friends about what you can do in your community. It's important that we stand up for what we believe is just and it's also important to stimulate productive dialogues with people who think differently. #Repost @theunidlecollective ・・・ This month we were lucky enough to have Josie from @helprefugeesuk attend our first Un-Idle meeting and talk to us about actions we can all take to help the ongoing refugee crisis. Today she's helped us compile 3 actions to take this week to help what's happening at the moment. This is a very scary time for everyone but there ARE things we can all do to take action and make positive change. Even if all you do today is share this picture and encourage someone else to take action. Stay strong. Stay safe. Stay active. 💕✊🏾💕✊🏻💕✊🏽💕 #nobannowall #activism #unidle

Guess things haven't changed much, hmmm Dissenters unite THE APOLOGY OF SOCRATES

@femalecollective This is what what America looks like #strongertogether #nobannowall #resist

Stay is granted!!! No need to go to #JFK or #cadmanplaza crowds are dissipating because #stayisgranted check out marches/prostest near YOU for more info @aclu_nationwide and DONATE if ya can: NYC peeps, TOMORROW come to #batterypark at 2PM. @maketheroadny #nyic #nobannowall #immigrantsmakeamericagreat


I'm headed to #cadmanplaza in BK to protest- JOIN US!! Stay active, let's take action. Share love with our neighbors. We're a country of immigrants- I don't want to live in a country ruled by fear and hate- if you comment, please be loving and kind- this is about JUSTICE- about standing up for the oppressed. Don't be ignorant, get informed. There's so much to learn so let's keep our ears and hearts open. #Repost @theunidlecollective ・・・ HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: protests at JFK arrivals terminal 4 against the horrific #muslimban placed on America today. Check our Insta story for live updates. If you can make it: go. If you can't: stay active, stay tuned and stay on the look out for ways you can help. We're posting actions created by @helprefugeesuk all next week to help refugees across the world. Stay tuned and get ready to get organised. #activism #refugeeswelcome #unidle 💕✊🏻💕✊🏾💕✊🏽💕

#HBD #angeladavis trail blazer for the unheard. Thanks for devoting your life for leading by example to make a more just and tolerant world Repost @words_of_women ・・・ Today is Angela Davis' 73rd birthday. A counterculture activist, she is a symbol of women, black and human rights. Davis was awarded a scholarship to Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, where she was one of three black students in her freshman class. Davis became a supporter of the Soledad Brothers, three inmates accused of killing a prison guard at Soledad Prison.Davis was found to have been corresponding with one of the inmates involved. Because of this, she was tried and and issued a warrant for her arrest. Across the nation, thousands of people began organizing a movement to gain her release. In New York City, black writers formed a committee called the Black People in Defense of Angela Davis. By February 1971 more than 200 local committees in the United States, and 67 in foreign countries, worked to free Davis from prison. John Lennon and Yoko Ono contributed to this campaign with the song: "Angela" In 1972, after a sixteen-month incarceration, the state allowed her release on bail from county jail. A defense motion for a change of venue was granted and the trial was moved to Santa Clara County. On June 4, 1972, after three days of deliberations, the all-white jury returned a verdict of not guilty. She recently spoke at the Women's March. Read the transcript and story behind her speech. Link in bio 👉

#NoBanNoWall #resist Check out @cairnewyork and the amazing work they're doing!! #countryofimmigrants

Season 2 of #mercystreetpbs is on TONIGHT at 8/7c on @pbs !! Continue the journey with us 💗 it'll also be on pbs.com so y'all can stream in the 21st century @mewins @hannahjames @bradkoed @jackfalahee @norbert_leo_butz @tarasummers @suzannebertish @mckinleybcubed @mercystreetpbs @christophrwood @thebrycecapades @officialdonnamurphy

💗 today was historic. So proud to be part of this movement of strength, love, and justice. #yeswecan #whyimarch #mercystreetladypowerweekend @womensmarch #befocused

Marching with Mama (and over 500k others)!!! Day of 1 of the future. So inspired by all these beautiful people using their voices to stand for equality, justice, and compassion. Ok ladies, we are now in formation- what's our POA? Figure out what you want to change in your community, GET INVOLVED, RUN FOR OFFICE and talk to your state representatives! We need more ladies in office. Let's get our congress to represent our 51%

Word. 👊🏿👊🏾👊🏽👊🏻👊 @womensmarch



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