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Just a little message of ❤️ love on this #valentinesday Repost @donte.colley ・・・ From: Me 💙⁣⁣⁣ To: YOU 💖😍🤗💚⁣⁣⁣ #HappyValentinesDay!!!! ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Here’s an E-Card!! - #YouAreTheBomb 💣♥️✨and have accomplished so many incredible things. #KeepItUp, #StayStrong, #KeepBeingYou and #DontBeatYourselfUp ! 🤗 #YouGotThis Don’t change for anyone else. It’s #CoolToBeKind ✨ Big love to you all!!!⁣

Power suiting

Loved every minute working with these phenomenally talent, brilliant, golden hearted women. @joeyking @patriciaarquette @chloessevigny So excited for our show #theact on @hulu

Are you my mutha? @chloessevigny

Pretty freaking stoked!!! #theact on @hulu premieres March 20. Extremely proud of this show and the beautiful work of our cast and crew!!!

Iz been a real good time. I love this lil southern town with so much of my ❤️ Thanks #savannah

“On this day 2016” CUBA 🇨🇺

Thanks @estherhouston, may have peed my pants a little. Wait for the end

Love working with this lil lady 💕 @joeyking #theacthulu premiers March 20 on @hulu

My boyfriend just sent this to me (JAJAJA) and I’m taking it and owning it as... in this hallowed year of 2019 I shall be young, free, empowered, and will work to empower others! Alsooo pulling out allll my winter whites and giving myself full permission to sing at the top of my lungs as much as possible- alone, and with friends. Love a man who loves chick flicks, strong ladies, and musicals. Thanks for the reminder darlin. #Repost @thiswashollywood ・・・ Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, and Bette Midler performing “You Don’t Own Me” in The First Wives Club (1996). Director Hugh Wilson later said, “We never had an ending! If we had never come up with that song, we’d probably still be sitting in the Lower East Side trying to figure it out... Goldie was coming down with the flu. And I think Bette broke two heels while shooting that scene.”

Blue skies 🧢

💕 welcome 2019 💕

Truly honored. @cardsagainsthumanity DED

Annual cousin sleepover, highlight of my year! The greatest ladies in the land and my best friends since day 0- till forever. Nana, the chicest matriarch around, thank you for beginning this tradition and loving us so very much ❤️.

The most wonderful time of the year 🎵💕

Having a subway moment in @rachelantonoff ☔️ coat. The only bright side to this cold, rainy holiday weather. i 💗 #mtasubway (sometimes, only when it’s running)

When it’s finals season but you’re out of school... and it’s 12 days till Christmas Eve @sainthoax

My brilliant buddy @joosjeduk just released her new adorable & insightful short film - link in highlights 💗💚 If you are Dutch, this film is for you, if you are not, this film is also especially for you! Enjoy!

The Water Tower

Ah! A tremendous way to ring in 25! 💗 Dress up party for this ol’ ladayyy Thank you @wburghotel @nicolasscaicedo @raelpetit @tylerburrownyc for making it all so special. Much love! 📷@victorchungphotography

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