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Talking @theactonhulu with @playboy ..... The Act explores the role perception plays in the story through opposing female gazes that heighten the desperation of Gypsy’s final retaliation... “Men inform so much of the story and the decision-making, like Gypsy’s obsession with a fairy tale,”Robb says. “Gypsy and Lacey bond over not having a dad and feeling unwanted. It’s why Lacey always has a boyfriend, and she’s always talking about boys. It’s something that Gypsy wants so badly, but they’re not real. They’re Prince Charming figures... The show is the antithesis of what a fairy tale looks like,” Robb explains. “We have these very active female characters who are not waiting to be rescued. But the dichotomy of Gypsy is that she wants to be a princess. She wears princess dresses and very sexual costumes. It’s empowering her. The fantasy is giving her an escape. It’s the same for Lacey: She doesn’t like her situation at home, so she moves out. She gets an apartment and a job. She dreams of this role she wants to play and this glamorous life she’s envisioned. She frees herself.” Check our the full article on @playboy Original images from the lovelies at @lofficielusa

Witch Shade ? Come see us May 7-June 2nd Tix link in bio #macbeth ... no... #thescottishplay @redbulltheater

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!! Photos from my trip to #guatemala with one of my favorite ethical fashion brands @tribealive ... I asked the founder @carlyburson about some of most ethically friendly ways to dispose of old clothing (especially if you are into that @mariekondo kind of life) TIPS: 1. Clothing swaps- ya got the goods? Share with your friends and spread the love. 2. Give stuff away to friends and family!!! 3. Partner with clothing recycling programs! 4. Try and avoid donating to Good Will/ Salvation Army and the like. I know- surprised me too, BUT when Goodwill etc doesn’t sell the clothes you donate, they are sold to other countries which a) kills the local economies & local artisans b) cuts out traditional dress with more basic/cheaper clothing c) often the clothes end up in landfills- so rather than US landfills, the clothes land in Guatemalan etc landfills! Posting a full video on my story and saving to highlights for further explanation.

For anyone doubting themselves... you are beautifully and wonderfully made! (ps 139) This is my new phone background, because sometimes (most times) I need to remind myself: “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” ‭‭2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ #happyeaster @dosomething

La ligne on me!!! 🎶 Bad puns ensue. Love these ladies and this brand. All my fav pieces. @lalignenyc

Rough day? @redbulltheater #macbeth

Gahhhh what a crew! We look so happy and squeaky clean. ❣️ Just wait... #Macbeth opens May 7th at @redbulltheater tickets in link!

You said it @tyferg ・・・ how I’m feeling now that the days are longer and the weather’s getting warmer AnnaSophia in Malibu last year Styling: @_labyrinth_ @bareandgolden

I see you @joeyking and raise you a cupcake. @theactonhulu new episode tomorrow

One ; Two: Why, then ‘tis time to do’t. Our all female MACBETH - thrilled to work with these riveting ladies. ❣️✒️🔪 @redbulltheater we open May 7!!! Come see us! Link in bio

The more buttah the bettah Build me up buttercup I can’t believe it’s not buttah Butter me up Buttah all ova I like my outfit. It is yellow. 💛

I had the privilege of shadowing for the first time with our remarkable director of episode 1, 2 & 6 @lauredct on @theactonhulu . It’s an experience I’ll never forget and one I learned much from - I loved watching from the other side of the camera, observing the ways in which the DP and director formulate the visual narrative and construct the story from a completely different perspective than one I hold as an actor. It was also a special experience spending time with the crew, getting to know the intricacies of their jobs, and watching the filmmaking process unfold from new angles - some pre and post production included! I love what I do and can’t wait to find my own story to tell. @lauredct our show runners @nickantosca & @erinmichelledean , DP @zachary_galler , directors @hannahfidell & @stevenpiet , & the entire crew were so generous in welcoming me to “the other side” and including me in in their processes. Forever grateful. Love this bunch. Proud of their work. Also thanks for the photos @brownieharrisphoto

Bossin up @paigexrage

Holy smokes. Brilliant production of King Lear lead by the sublime Gloria Jackson, “ay,” she is “every inch a King!” If you’re a Shakespeare fan- this is a must see. If you aren’t, also a must see because this production will probably change your mind. Do yourself a soul-favor, there is absolutely nothing like live theater! If you’re looking for discount tickets- go to the @tkts booth in Time Square. It’s still in previews!

The most delicious shoot with @lofficielusa the other day. Feeling sassy @cameronpostforoosh @yaelquint @cristinarmstrong @ktmell @_abebaby @minaerkli @katelynbeko

TOMORROW’S THE DAY!!!!! Find @theactonhulu on your local subways, billboards, bus stops, and even better... full episodes of these talented humans @patriciaarquette @joeyking @chloessevigny @calumworthy @juliettelewis on @hulu

Absolute legends #fleetwoodmac ✨✨✨✨✨ Danced & sang our hearts out w my sis 🌈 @stefanialavieowen

Hopped in an Uber on my way to church this Sunday & was faced with this poignant sign made by Ali (our very delightful Uber driver). Ali said he’s originally from Bangladesh and has lived in the city since 2007. He shared some wise words. He believes we are all children of God, no matter our religion or where we come from. The boarders between us, nationalities & all that, is man made, not God made. We are all on this earth together, to live in peace and take care of it. “Human first”. Thank you Ali, for this friendly reminder to your passengers.

One more for good measure bc I don’t often wear a headband crown 🤷‍♀️

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