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🔊Iz Sunday and I’m feeling GOOOOD! @jayversace I stalked you and then found this gem and boogied this morning. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THE WORLD JOY with your moves and your 👌 taste in music. On a different note!... It’s big week bc it’s the last time to register to vote in....🗳 10/22 #alabama #california #nebraska #southdakota #wyoming 10/27 #iowa

JOIN US! #walkforfreedom Find a walk near you! There are hundreds around the globe. I’ll be walking in #savannahgeorgia this Saturday- go to a21.org/walk to register! #Repost @a21 ・・・ Phrases like ‘slavery’ and ‘human trafficking’ can feel ambiguous. This is the reality: slavery is violence. It’s physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. It’s forced prostitution. It’s barbaric working conditions. And it's more stoppable than ever, and that’s why we’re here, rallying around the world and doing the work together. Join us: A21.org/Donate

Fall Foliage 🍁 Proud pumpkin carvers

It’s voter registration deadline in #NewYork #oklahoma and #northcarolina TODAY !! Link in bio. ❤️ 🗳❤️

Proudly rockin my @nyandcompany collab by @gabunion & @thomaschristos 🙌💙🙌

My cousins are my women. They’ve been by my side from the beginning & always feel close even when we are far apart. We’ve become women together. I’m so grateful I get to laugh, dance, feast, learn & grow with them! They make me feel connected & loved no matter what. Who are your women?! Tag below @calvinklein #ad #IAMWOMEN @macys

Sound on 🔊 @mouthbreather__ Looking forward to the #midterms like... it’s #saturdaynight wyd? Get LIT 🔥 by registering to vote!!! Vote.org It’s what all them cool kids are doing. How about a voter registration partayyyy???? Registering is more fun together 👍

If you have experienced sexual violence, @rainn is the nation’s largest hotline- reach out! You aren’t alone! No shame, No fear, You are beautifully and wonderfully made ❤️

LINK IN BIO- I love @equalitynoworg and the work they do for women around the globe. if you’d like to stand for justice and equality, they are an excellent resource and force! #Repost @equalitynoworg ・・・ Today is an important day for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. At Equality Now, we respect the voices of survivors. That’s why we brought together 80+ human rights organizations who believe the same, to sign a full page statement in today’s @washingtonpost. Link in bio for more information #whyididntreport

#RESIST this patriarchy !! 😭 its a dark day. #ibelievechristineblaseyford and so do MANY others, guess it doesn’t matter much to the Republican senators. However, I am so grateful for #christineblaseyford, her bravery and service to this country. I can’t imagine re-living this trauma and compounding it with all the press and pressure. Can’t wait till midterms. #Repost @falside ・・・ 🍻@elarapictures

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere Grandma 🍸 Dirty Gin Girls

This is extremely important- please read. I’ll add links in my story. This is a bi-partisan issue to better our country and seriously address sexual assault. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/18/opinion/anita-hill-brett-kavanaugh-clarence-thomas.html

Thrilled to announce my involvement in #theact with some tremendous women! @chloessevigny @joeyking @patriciaarquette Link 👆

YAS! Get out and #vote tomorrow New Yorkers! I 💗 you @bejohnce #Repost @bejohnce ・・・ NEW YORKERS: TOMORROW 9/13 VOTE FOR CYNTHIA ITS URGENT thanks @everyoutfitonsatc & @sarahjessicaparker

Feeling empowered & sassy w MY WOMAN, friend, and constant inspiration @joosjeduk - I’ll vogue on a pink carpet with ya any day. Celebrating @CalvinKlein WOMEN fragrance launch. @macys #IAMWOMEN #ad

#eldritchhorror has some new (and old) fans. AND YES ONE SHOULD ALWAYS PLAY IN COSTUME IF POSSIBLE. Board games are more fun than bars 🤷‍♀️ did we spend 8 hours playing? Yes. And did we win? HELL YES WE DID! HUZZZZAH 🎶

PREACH! Thank you @barackobama Have you registered to vote? Link in bio- If you haven’t or get overwhelmed, bc sometimes it can be confusing if you’ve moved etc, call a friend or ask a teacher, co-worker or go online - there are TONS of resources and no excuses. You count. It’s your right and a huge privilege-don’t take it for granted ✌️

Looking at this #SupremeCourt nom like... 📷 @tyferg Styled @_labyrinth_ 💄 @marybrennanreich

If you care about your body rights... and the lives of future Americans and the precedent of a division btw Church and State ・・・ Urge your senator to oppose Kavanaugh by calling 1-844-515-2798 via @prochoiceamerica. Call Susan Collins (R-Maine) and remind her that she said she would oppose any nominee who shows "hostility" towards Roe v. Wade. She said Kavanaugh told her he considers it "settled law," but in an email released yesterday, Kavanaugh was quoted as saying: “I am not sure that all legal scholars refer to Roe as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since Court can always overrule its precedent, and three current Justices on the Court would do so.” 🚨🚨🚨 Reposting @tavitulle

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