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Friends who feast together stay together. #downadarkhall

I see your mouth moving but all I hear is blah blah blah @thenoahsilver

Last sunrise in #Barcelona #downadarkhall

It's the little things 👌 @fuckjerry.tv

Never forget

I WANT YOU BACK 1974 Cher, Jackson 5 💗💗💗 me gusta That jumpsuit 🔥 #repost @ppennylane

Best door I've ever met

Dad came for a visit 💗 Top of the ol #sagradafamilia Breathtaking!

Palau de la Música Catalana #bach

#Repost @tavitulle with @repostapp ・・・ Via @_sightunseen_: causes that work to support and protect people who will be especially under attack in this administration. Donating is a good place to start. Hope you are feeling okay today, considering. ETA: see comments for more! #designforprogress #lovetrumpshate

Dressing room reflections with the talented @thenoahsilver Missing home Happy #veteransday - thankful for all the men and women sacrificing their lives to try and secure a more wonderful world that places value on difference and establishes freedom for all. #nextfouryears #uptous #lovetrumpshate

I'm believing in the next 4 years we will have even more incredible female leaders rise up. Look at the map of millennial voters! Revolutionary women have been paving the way... @hillaryclinton, thank you for your unwavering dedication to the values of this country. - it's up to us, to keep on fighting with our intellect, wisdom, and strength, and golden 😼s. Still crying tonight- but tomorrow we rise and rally. If you choose to comment- don't hate on your neighbor, take the high road- life is too short and this world is too fragile and full of unkindness.

We don't lose hope! We work for the future and towards having representation who represent all americas of all races, religions, and sexual orientation. Be the change. Let's make The best of the next 4 years 👊👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿

Shedding big sloppy tears. But I will continue to have hope. I hope the shocking events of this election will awaken a new generation who will spur change, new young leaders who will listen, speak authentically, intelligently, and respectfully and who reflect the desires of the American people. #lovetrumpshate America, "we hold these truths to be self evident that all men (and women) are created equal." We live in a nation where tolerance SHOULD be a given and where diversity is celebrated. If we want to "make America great" let's start loving our neighbor and listen and speak with empathy. #nowalls AND LETS GET OUR KIDS EDUCATED- WTF AMERICA???

TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Get out and #vote America! If you have any questions about where to go and what to do- go to rockthevote.com- (link in bio) Our future hangs in the balance! We have the privilege to express our values and opinions with our ballot, as for me, #imwithher because I believe in a strong, intelligent, resourceful, and hopeful America. We've got more than 99 problems and she ain't one. If you want to leave nasty comments- only do so after getting yer butt to the polling station. Actions are more powerful then words my friends.

#setlife so glam #hideandgopep #downadarkhall

Getting ready for #Halloween like... Missing our Ginger Spice 😭@rosiejaneday


Kicking a$$ and making a$$ With @isabellefur and @nikewomen #nastywomen We work out not to look good- but to strengthen our spirit, willpower, bodies and hearts! Exercise gives me energy and empowers me throughout my week. Go out and exercise your mind,body, spirit and power to #VOTE !!! Check out if there is early voting near you!!! #rockthevote

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