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#neverforget #nyiloveyou

(SOUND ON) With all that's going down in the world, I'm over the moon that I live in a generation of gif builders. Endless can of chuckles 🍊

#Repost @womensmarch ・・・ We need ALL hands on deck to keep fighting for DACA. Do these 5 things NOW: 1. Tweet at the 9 AGs from Texas, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, South Carolina, West Virginia and Arkansas who are threatening to sue the federal government to end DACA. 2. Call and tweet at key members of Congress and demand that they publicly defend DACA. 3. Allies: share a story of how a DACA recipient has positively contributed to this country. Use the hashtag #DefendDACA. 4. On Tuesday morning, call the 9 AGs en masse. Ken Paxton (TX): 512-463-2100 Steve Marshall (AL): 334-242-7300 Leslie Rutledge (AR): 501-682-2007 Lawrence Wasden (ID): 208-334-2400 Derek Schmidt (KS): 785-296-2215 Jeff Landry (LA): 225-326-6079 Doug Peterson (NE): 402-471-2683 Alan Wilson (SC): 803-734-3970 Patrick Morrisey (WV): 304-558-2021 5. For the most up-to-date info on defending DACA, follow our friends @unitedwedream and sign up for alerts on defenddaca.com.

Summer's almost at an end. Almost, but not quite yet.

Why shop when you can eat?

I don't equate posting as action. social media does offer the chance to begin HEALTHY dialogue and an opportunity to see other perspectives and lives different and valuable beyond our own. See people as equals! See other lives just as valuable if not more than your own. @cleowade preaches equality and uses her gifts as a poet and freedom fighter to spread love. Keep spreading love and listening. #Repost @cleowade ・・・ #MLK said it best when he said: "We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people." Racism & bigotry does not merely exist on the faces of the terrorists marching in #charlottesville We all know people who have said or done something that is wrong while we remained silent or tried to justify it because of the other person's background, age or by saying "well they aren't THAT racist" Enough is Enough. Start with you. Let your voice be the one that changes the people around you. Start today. Be a truth teller. Speak truth to power. Be a freedom fighter. Fight the good fight. I love you.

💙 Paris

A Sunday afternoon @thesurflodge #loveyourselfie

Whenever I see chocolate 🍫 @ppennylane 🍊

Also luuuurved my @hannahkristinametz seventies lewk. Embroidered smiling 🌸?! Commmonnnn

Last night was INSPIRING! 💥What a force of female power. Thanks @gucci and @equalitynoworg for hosting an informative, encouraging, and velvet-doused panel. I love these gatherings bc I usually enter feeling intimidated and like I have no business being there, but walk out feeling a)fully embraced b)connected with women who see each other as sisters, not as competition c) hope- filled @cleowade shared wisdom on activism... its not about the grand gestures, it begins (and continues) as small gestures and shifting one's mindset to live with kindness- embracing the space you take up and therefore recognizing space for others. (She's much more eloquent and succinct than myself so just follow her bc she preaches and teaches 🔥) Sue Kroll, Ivy McGregor, @cleowade , Lela Goren, Susan Chokachi, and @_yasmeen.hassan #gamechangers

Feeling like we are in a time warp. 😪 what happened to progress and seeing all people as equals? #sad Why prevent citizens from serving their own country? #notadisruption #aclu #cantwaitformidterms

📸 today with my miniature partner in crime @jacqharriet 💛 and gazing at dustballs

A true treasure 💗 ... 3/5 spice girls move to NYC plz

J'adore my @strathberry backpack for strolling round the citayyy ❤️

God's gift Luv dem pups @_theblessedone

Looks beautiful @mirandaharcourt Excited to watch #thechangeovermovie in full 👏👏 Keep ya 👁s out people

Chuck town 🇺🇸 USA Whaddda gift Byeeee ✌️ going to sailing school now.

Join us! October 14th #Repost @a21 ・・・ We’re on the move.⠀ We’re taking ground.⠀ Can you hear it?⠀ The sound of thousands of footsteps. The new abolitionists are here.⠀ ⠀ Register now: A21.org/Walk #WalkForFreedom

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