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🌸⭐️💗✨ Monday thoughts ✨💗🌟🌸 Thanks @nathanfinochio

Preparing for the real world... graduating in May. Going nowhere FAST 💨 WATCH OUUUT #2018 #mondays

Holy moley. Didn’t want to take off my boss b*tch skirt from Monday night’s #makeequalityreality gala. So honored to celebrate @equalitynoworg 25 years of dedication to equality and justice. THANK YOU ❤️

Taking an #awkward selfie to let y’all know ... follow @equalitynoworg and @scarcurtis tonight for our live insta take over #makeequalityreality. Celebrating 25 years of incredible work ensuring women and girls equality and protection around the world!

#Reposting my buddy @scarcurtis ! Follow @equalitynoworg as we’ll be live streaming etc for them tonight!! ・・・ Incredibly honoured to be taking over the @equalitynoworg Insta-Story TODAY for their 2017 MAKE EQUALITY A REALITY GALA. Equality Now are one of the organisations I care most about - they've been working across the world since 1992 to get into governments and actually change laws to protect and promote the human rights of women and girls across the world. When we all feel hopeless and a bit sick of “awareness” - Equality Now GET’S SHIT DONE. Also did I mentioned @gloriasteinem is on their board? Follow their instagram @equalitynoworg and tune in for me and @annasophiarobb bombarding their insta-story tomorrow night ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 #equalitynow #makeequalityreality #equalitynow25

My middle children 💛❤️💛

Go Ames go! #woke Shout out to #amesmayfield for holding our representatives accountable. Keep asking the questions they don’t want us to ask little man! Repost @time ・・・ On Oct. 9, 2017, Ames Mayfield, an 11-year-old Cub Scout, and his peers gathered for an event with Colorado State Senator Vicki Marble. During the event, which occurred in the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Ames pressed Marble about her record on guns. In an exchange recorded by his mother, Lori, Ames asked "why on earth" Marble would want "somebody who beats their wife to have access to a gun" and recalled controversial comments she made in 2013 about black Americans' health. Lori Mayfield told @nytimes that a local Cub Scouts leader told her that Ames was not welcome back to his pack. In a statement sent to TIME, the Scouts said they "worked closely with the family to find a den that meets his and his family's needs." Former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head at a political event in 2011, commended Ames, saying he represents "the kind of courage we need in Congress. Ames, call me in 14 years." Video source: Lori Mayfield

Who’s excited for the #walkforfreedom tomorrow? If you haven’t signed up, check out the link in my bio! This is a cause close to my heart- human trafficking is one of the fastest spreading crimes in the world. We walk tomorrow to raise awareness and march in solidarity for those who do not have a Voice. For more info check out @a21 #Repost @a21 ・・・ The time has come. Every 5 minutes, for the next 24 hours a walk will be taking place across the globe. Where will you be walking? #WalkForFreedom 💥🌎🚶🏻👟👇🏼

Oh my gawwwd @marthastewart has me giddy for #halloween Werk Martha weeeeerk!

Hands off 🙌 Repost @usowomen ・・・ You heard if from @sophiabush, birth control is about more than *just* contraception. It’s about controlling menstrual pain, regulating the flow of your period, and yes, choosing when to get pregnant. Tell the Trump Administration #HandsOffMyBC with us! ➡️Link In bio 🇺🇸🎉

Senior year- The adventure begins Love these lasses 📸@thefakecoralpena


#neverforget #nyiloveyou

(SOUND ON) With all that's going down in the world, I'm over the moon that I live in a generation of gif builders. Endless can of chuckles 🍊

#Repost @womensmarch ・・・ We need ALL hands on deck to keep fighting for DACA. Do these 5 things NOW: 1. Tweet at the 9 AGs from Texas, Alabama, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nevada, South Carolina, West Virginia and Arkansas who are threatening to sue the federal government to end DACA. 2. Call and tweet at key members of Congress and demand that they publicly defend DACA. 3. Allies: share a story of how a DACA recipient has positively contributed to this country. Use the hashtag #DefendDACA. 4. On Tuesday morning, call the 9 AGs en masse. Ken Paxton (TX): 512-463-2100 Steve Marshall (AL): 334-242-7300 Leslie Rutledge (AR): 501-682-2007 Lawrence Wasden (ID): 208-334-2400 Derek Schmidt (KS): 785-296-2215 Jeff Landry (LA): 225-326-6079 Doug Peterson (NE): 402-471-2683 Alan Wilson (SC): 803-734-3970 Patrick Morrisey (WV): 304-558-2021 5. For the most up-to-date info on defending DACA, follow our friends @unitedwedream and sign up for alerts on defenddaca.com.

Summer's almost at an end. Almost, but not quite yet.

Why shop when you can eat?

I don't equate posting as action. social media does offer the chance to begin HEALTHY dialogue and an opportunity to see other perspectives and lives different and valuable beyond our own. See people as equals! See other lives just as valuable if not more than your own. @cleowade preaches equality and uses her gifts as a poet and freedom fighter to spread love. Keep spreading love and listening. #Repost @cleowade ・・・ #MLK said it best when he said: "We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people but for the appalling silence of the good people." Racism & bigotry does not merely exist on the faces of the terrorists marching in #charlottesville We all know people who have said or done something that is wrong while we remained silent or tried to justify it because of the other person's background, age or by saying "well they aren't THAT racist" Enough is Enough. Start with you. Let your voice be the one that changes the people around you. Start today. Be a truth teller. Speak truth to power. Be a freedom fighter. Fight the good fight. I love you.

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