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When it’s finals season but you’re out of school... and it’s 12 days till Christmas Eve @sainthoax

My brilliant buddy @joosjeduk just released her new adorable & insightful short film - link in highlights 💗💚 If you are Dutch, this film is for you, if you are not, this film is also especially for you! Enjoy!

The Water Tower

Ah! A tremendous way to ring in 25! 💗 Dress up party for this ol’ ladayyy Thank you @wburghotel @nicolasscaicedo @raelpetit @tylerburrownyc for making it all so special. Much love! 📷@victorchungphotography

Me. Today. (Sans coiffed hair and switch out the dress for a plushy robe) Thanks for making yesterday so special. @thiswashollywood Grace Kelly High Society (1956).

25 and very happy to be alive, doing what I love, in a city I love, surrounded by people I love (even if they’re far away)! Thank you for all the love and magic - 25 more years and then 50. That’ll be my PRIME! Have a happy day loved ones! I’m thinking of you❣️

Determined to be this excited about life in 34 years. Love you mom ❤️. Also, now I know where I get my grocery dance grooves. Also, I ❤️ pickles.

St Louis Art Museum

It’s not 💩 it’s Matisse! And it has a very interesting history. The Nazis confiscated this artwork from the Folkwang Museum in Germany, 1937. Later the painting was purchased at an auction (through Matisse’s son!) by the Pulitzer’s in 1939. They donated it to the St. Louis Art Museum in 1964, and the ladies and turtle continue to live there to this day. I also love it because if you look close, you can see Matisse moved all the figures to the left and re-painted. I like seeing the artist re-work his canvas, nobody’s perfect- even the masters. 💙 “Three nude women on a featureless green beach congregate awkwardly around a brown turtle. The bathers' attentions, both to the diminutive creature on the ground and to each other, are compromised by their self-absorbed postures and lack of eye contact. Simple and abstract, this monumental composition is a radical reworking of Three Bathers, a smaller painting that Matisse completed during the previous year. The details present in the earlier work-the sailboats, the bathers' towels, and the radiant hues of Mediterranean summer- have been replaced by three strips of muted color, which represent land, water, and sky.” http://emuseum.slam.org/objects/5335

Missing the Midwest

...Daydreaming about all that turkey and stuffing... 🦃🦃🦃 📷 @jacqharriet

🍊 📷 @jacqharriet

They call it glam crunches 🤷‍♀️ 📷 @jacqharriet 👘 @hannahkristinametz & @more_red_than_you 💅🏾 @carolinebaribeau @andrita

My mom has always bought me scents throughout my life; my very first smelled of honeysuckle and came in an iridescent glass bottle with a slender golden cap, I LOVED it and felt like a fairy princess with every spritz. As I matured, so did the scents, the next was rose scented, then came that Britney Spears bottle with that funny little puffer (remember that one?). Once I moved out and started off in the big old world I started buying my mom perfumes and even now, wear her scent whenever I miss her. This holiday season is especially unique because we are sharing a scent that not only smells intoxicating, but represents the strength, grace, and playfulness fully embodied in my mother. I haven’t “scent” it (waiting to slip it in her stocking), but I wanted to show her the beautiful packaging ... we appreciate a good bottle 💫. Who are your women? #IAMWOMEN @calvinklein @macys #ad

1st holiday party. 🎁 (thank you @hulu)! Missed all the snow at every other place I call home. Let’s get ready to paaaaarteeeyyy ( Kristen Wiig voice- please)

Post Roma... pre Gravity

VOTE❗️💙❤️🇺🇸 Thank you @bejohnce for your patriotism. GET ❗️OUT❗️& ❗️VOTE Tap for tags... all those orgs can help you find out more info on your ballot - GET INFORMED, it takes a little bit of time, but isn’t your future worth it?! Go to vote.org to find your polling place! #Repost @bejohnce ・・・ TODAY IS THE MOTHER F*ING DAY my edit sorry) DAY 1) vote 2) you can STILL canvass and phone bank all day long today swingleft.org/CanvassingIsBae DO IT 3) Text everyone in your contacts to vote, especially the ones who live in or are from swing districts or states with competitive gubernatorial or senate races. 4) find progressive voter guides you trust and share them widely. Do everything you can. It’s an emergency.

❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️ #vote @rockthevote @chimeforchange @whenweallvote @headcountorg @votesaveamerica @podsaveamerica

#fbf #ivoted Oompa- Loompa doo-pah-dee -doo, I just voted and so CAN YOU 🇺🇸 Text “CHANGE” to 788683 for voting info! Your vote matters! Check out my voting highlight if you need more voting information re candidates & issues in your voting district. Love me some @votesaveamerica and @ballotpedia @headcountorg

Harold and Maude circa 2018 Happy Halloweenie! 🎃💀

Pennywise visited our set... BEWARE #happyhalloween

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