Аня Рубик


Польская топ-модель. В настоящее время живёт в Нью-Йорке. Аня занимает 18 место в списке самых высокооплачиваемых моделей. В 2009—2011 и 2014 годах принимала участие в показах Victoria’s Secret.
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Gratuluje mojej przyjaciółce Wendy Rowe! Polecam gorąco ! #eatbeautiful is in #polish now! #jedzibadzpiekna #jedzibądźpiękna📚 😊

Repost from @brinkleydavies Yesterday in Exmouth, WA, Ningaloo Reef , annual “ sport “ fishing competition GAMEX took place. Sport fishing , is an absolute joke, and has always made my blood boil. This is a 4m female Tiger Shark which was hauled out of the water, and left to die in the sun, then deemed “ too big” to be released. Eventually this beautiful girl was hung up, still not completely dead yet before dying eventually. These photos were captured by some good friends of mine, who attended the weigh in, in disgust, and were then abused for capturing these photos. We live in a world where its okay to do this to an animal, and speaking up against what is wrong, means getting abused. The fact is that, the people who consider catching GAME fish for a sport, holding them up for photos while they suffocate, only to be weighed and celebrated, are no different to the people who pay huge money to go and shoot elephants, giraffes and rhinos in Africa so they can get a photo. It is simply disgusting, heartless and absolutely mindless. 😡 Ningaloo Reef, is a place very close to my heart, it is home to a huge variety of species, including these wonderful animals. Last year in exmouth we swam with Tiger Sharks almost every day, the whole industry has such a respect and love for this whole reef system, and this should not happen. The fact that it is “legal” to do this to an animal, it just so aggravating. 😞What a waste, of a beautiful, breeding animal, in a place which is one of few pristine environments left in the world. Tiger sharks are so vital to the eco-system there, as a scavenger and predator, they keep the eco system in balance. 🦈 Please understand that killing animals for “ SPORT “ is a sad, heartless past time which should not be continued, with any species. 💙Im sorry for my friends who dive with these animals everyday, that had to witness this. #FuckSportFishing #FindSomethingBetterToDo #GAMEX #TigerShark #NoSharkFinSoup #Respect Wildlife #RespectTheLocals #RespectTheReef.

Male, Maldives

"The sea, the great unifier, is man's only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat." Jacques Cousteau 🌊#parleyoceanschool

Huvadhu Atoll

Station one #maldives

With legend Greg Long and Vava. Moments to be remembered for life, thanks @parley.tv for bringing us all together. #surf #maldives #parley

Learning about planet water and trying to understand how we can all connect and understand that we need to change our way. It's all so possible ! @parley.tv

#nofilter so sad to see the bleaching of the corals and small habitats disappear.

Huvadhu Atoll


Huvadhu Atoll

What a morning to wake up to! Thank you @parley.tv for bringing us all here to connect and clean the oceans from plastic. No ocean, no oxygen, no life.


Half way @selfservicemagazine

Warsaw, Poland

Bardzo dziękuje za zaproszenie do mojego ulubionego programu o polityce Moniki Olejnik "kropka nad i" . Nie mogłabym mieć lepszego towarzystwa do rozmowy ! Dziękuje Robert !! @robertbiedron #dzieńkobiet

Solidarity is female ! Speaking tonight at the Warsaw manifestation for Women Rights ! Thank you @dziewuchy_dziewuchom for standing up for Us ! #dzieńkobiet #womansday #womansmarch #freedomofspeech #equality

"Women's rights are human rights." @BellaHadid, @CarolynMurphy, #PierpaoloPiccioli and more of fashion's biggest names stand together on #InternationalWomensDay. From W's Creative and Fashion Director @Edward_Enninful, directed by @CarolinedeMaigret and @Kelly.Bales. Special thanks to: @amandaharlech, @anja_rubik, #bellahadid, @carineroitfeld, #carolynmurphy, @catherinebaba, @edgarramirez25, @jamespscully, @micarganaraz, @wmag @virginiafsmith.


On the 8th of March women from 40 countries hit the streets. We want to have the right to decide on our own life. We demand a country free of superstitions and manipulation. We demand that the home violence law protecting women be brought back! Stand up for our rights with me in Warsaw 🇵🇱 8 marca z kobietami z 40 krajów wychodzimy na ulicę. Chcemy być zdrowe, bezpieczne i móc same decydować o swoim życiu. Żądamy pełni praw reprodukcyjnych. Żądamy państwa wolnego od zabobonów. Żądamy wdrożenia i stosowania Konwencji Antyprzemocowej. Bądźcie ze mną w Warszawie. #8M #MSK #dziewuchydziewuchom

LA sunset

Long Parisian Nights .. @jeffersonhack @marykomasa

Stripes on the go @selfservicemagazine #stripes

In bed with Theo @selfservicemagazine @theo123456

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