Аня Рубик


Польская топ-модель. В настоящее время живёт в Нью-Йорке. Аня занимает 18 место в списке самых высокооплачиваемых моделей. В 2009—2011 и 2014 годах принимала участие в показах Victoria’s Secret.
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🌏 HAPPY EARTH DAY! Thank you to everyone who came out this morning to march alongside concerned citizens at the March For Science. We must defend the vital role science plays in our health, safety, economies, and governments. It's time to get off the sidelines and make a difference! #EarthDay #RacingExtinction @racingextinction

Kyoto Station Shinkansen(Bullet Train) To Tokyo

The best green tea Ice cream, ever ! #kyoto

Mette Lampcov @mettelampcov for @everydayclimatechange Earth day April 22 - Today is a day to take the chance to look around ourselves and really see the nature and the world surrounding us, shapes, colors, sounds and smells . The ocean, lakes, forests and mountains and land we live on. We are part of this earth, we can not live without its atmosphere, water, animals and plants, to that we must protect it, care about our surroundings and that of others. We are one, what happens in one place affects another, we hold the world in our hands !! #earthday #nature #oceans #climatechnageisreal #waterislife #naturphotography #lookaround #planetearth #pacificocean #climate #globalwarming

JR 名古屋駅 新幹線16・17番ホーム

Japan express

Kinkakuji Temple, Kyoto, Japan

I am enjoying this incredible and zen place while knowing ,in the back of my head , that so close, just across the Japanese Sea the tensions with North Korea are growing rapidly. So worrying. #Kyoto

Last Night at the YSL dinner in Tokyo wearing @ysl @anthonyvaccarello ph. @saskialawaks

Cherry Blossom at night #Tokyo

Driving around Tokyo

Golden Gai

Tokyo nights at Le Jetée with Tomoyo

Morning Tokyo !

Our beautiful polish forests are drastically disappearing due to the new ignorant laws pushed by the New government ! So sad to see our national heritage being destroyed. 🇵🇱Piekne polskie lasy, których niestety jest z dnia na dzień coraz mniej a wraz z nimi ginął polskie ptaki. Nasz rząd nie dba o to by chronić narodowego dziedzictwa! 1ego marca rozpoczął się sezon lęgowy. W polskich lasach ptaki zakładają gniazda. Niestety, ten okres nie będzie dla nich spokojny dlatego, ze zmiany jakie naniósł Nasz nowy rząd pozwala na wycinkę drzew w tym czasie! To krytyczny okres dla Polskiej Natury, która jest tak piękna i z której powinnismy być dumni i ją chronić ! Wejdzie na akcja.przyrodnicze.org i podpiszcie petycje NIE WYCINAJ PTAKOM DRZEW! #polskielasy


Easter Morning #charlie

Excited to share with you Fall17 campaign #SaintLaurent by @anthonyvaccarello @collierschorrstudio @ysl

Warsaw, Poland

Charlie blues xxx

Can't believe it's been already two years since I launched @originalbyanjarubik in New York City. Huge thanks to everyone who made this possible! @paolakudacki @juliengallico @wendyrowe @gvsgvs @sarahxchavez @originalbyanjarubik

Tbt Thursday morning #vogue

United with the force 📷@vavaribeiro @parley.tv

awesome Polish female artists x erotic graphic novel. If you want this to become reality support them on kickstarter - link in bio #istotakomiks #eroticcomics #graphicnovel #erotica #femalecomics #comicsart #femaleartist

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