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Польская топ-модель. В настоящее время живёт в Нью-Йорке. Аня занимает 18 место в списке самых высокооплачиваемых моделей. В 2009—2011 и 2014 годах принимала участие в показах Victoria’s Secret.
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Can't really call this work ..

Happy Father's Day Tatuś! Kocham Cię bardzo ! #dzienojca

Joshua Tree, California

Flash back to my birthday 🎈 thank you again for all your wishes! Made my day!

Japan , Tokyo

When in Tokyo #ysl @anthonyvaccarello by @ncanguilhem

Rome, Italy

From #Rome with love

Mirage @dougaitkenworkshop

Palm Springs, California

Visiting @dougaitkenworkshop #mirage

Desert Center, California

Dessert #siesta

OUTAKE @thelovemagazine #Repost @studio_jackson

Desert Center, California

On the road in Cali xx

Happy World Oceans Day! On this day - when the world celebrates the magnificence of Earth’s oceans - I urge you to think about the need for conservation of our water planet. Approximately 98% of Earth’s biosphere - where life can exist on the planet - is ocean, and yet only about 3% is protected. Science tells us that, for a healthy planet, at least 30% of the oceans must be protected. We have a lot more work to do. Every other breath we takes comes from the sea, with more than 50% of the oxygen needed to survive generated by the ocean. If for no other reason than our own survival, ocean ecosystems must be conserved. The oceans give us so many riches, and taking care of the sea means a healthy future for all. #worldoceansday #oceans #climatechange #protect #sea

Happy #WorldOceansDay .The peace talks for our life support system continue today at the @UN Ocean Conference. . Wherever you are on this blue planet, join us in showing the oceans some love: 🌊Take the Parley AIR Pledge at the parley bio link 🌊Share your AIR badge and your reason using #ParleyAIR @parley.tv #saveourocean ph. @vavaribeiro

"The sound of one wave is enough to remind us that the ocean doesn't just give us life, it gives us a life worth living." #WorldOceansDay, June 8, is a time to celebrate and honor the ecosystem that makes this planet not only beautiful, but habitable. More importantly, it's a call to action to protect it. Now more than ever, we must work together to safeguard the future of our oceans. . @DiegoLuna_, @parley.tv @ChrisHemsworth, @SurfNavarro, and @NashlaBogareat join our shared mission for #100islandsprotected by 2020.

Union Square Park

"With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you're connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live." Dr. Sylvia Earle 🌎 Seven tenths is blue. It's not Planet Earth. It's Planet Ocean. #WorldOceansDay #saveourocean

New York, New York

Last night with one of my heroes Paul Watson. Thanks to Cyril for bringing us all together to brainstorm, connect and create. Count down to Oceans Day 8th of June. #seashepherd #parley

French president Emmanuel Macron has invited American researchers and engineers working to combat climate change to come to France after U.S. President Donald Trump announced it was pulling out of the landmark Paris Agreement. "We all share the same responsibility," he said, "to make our planet great again." Video source: Associated Press. #parisagreement #trump #climatechange #macron

New York, New York

Back in my beloved New York City !

When I had a black eye, wore Anthony's jacket and Collier photographed it.

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