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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Sidebar: Morning Magic 🌅☕️🔮 . Hey Coven! Looking for some simple ways to incorporate some magic into your daily routine? Here's the morning edition :) . 🎴 Daily Tarot- the way I learned to read Tarot was by drawing a single card every morning, asking as I shuffle, "what do I need to know today?" Look up the meaning online or in a book and then wait for the card to appear in the events of your day. Soon, you'll know the cards well and can use the daily card for guidance. I like a real deck but there are many apps for Tarot and other oracle decks (the Druid Plant and Animal Oracle app is awesome). 📓Dream Journal- magic is about activating the subconscious, which talks back to us in our dreams. Keep a journal by your bed and immediately upon waking, write down everything you remember about your dream. Seek a reference on dreaming to interpret the symbolism of the images and decode the messages you're getting. 💎Pocket Stone- if you collect small crystals, select one with the properties you think you'll need and carry it with you. You could base this on the card you draw. ☕️Tea- select morning tea for corresponding intent- black to clear negativity, green for clarity and focus, oolong for intuition and meditation, white for protection. With an a little knowledge of herbalism, you could get very specific about what herbs to include and blend specific teas for specific intentions. Stir clockwise for a little mini spell. 🛁 Salt Scrub- combine a cup of sea salt, 1/4 cup avocado oil, 1/4 cup coconut oil, and a few drops of essential oils which correspond to your intent (Juniper for prosperity, for example) to make a magic salt scrub for your shower. 🥚Cascarilla- a clearing and cleansing powder from west African traditions, is simply crushed egg shells. Wash and dry your breakfast shells on the windowsill for a few days, then grind into a fine powder in a mortar and pestle. Sprinkle the powder across doorways and windowsills to seal a space from bad vibes or add a pinch to your bath. 😌Meditate- I like the apps Headspace and Aura for short guided meditations to start my day. . Hopefully a magical morning will make a magical day! 🔮🖤

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Lesson 9: Tools for Witchcraft🗡📜🍷🔮 . If you’ve been waiting for the wands and cauldrons to show up so you can play Harry Potter, girl this is your time to shine! Yes, those tools and many others are really used in witchcraft for uses both practical and symbolic. Ritual is a symbolic language, and so when you wield a magical tool, you really wield the metaphor attached. . The big four tools of Wicca and other European paths are the Wand, Cup, Pentacle, and Blade, which are echoed by the four suits of the Tarot. Different paths argue about the blade and wand, using them interchangeably, some preferring one over the other. For me, the more compelling metaphor is attached to the wand. . 🌲Many cultures have myths of a world tree- its roots deep in the underworld, its trunk on the physical plane, its branches reaching up into the heavens. Thus, the tree is also a potent psychological metaphor, roots being the primal needs of the Id, trunk rising up into the conscious mind, and branches stretching to a higher consciousness. So, a magic wand is the disembodied trunk of the tree connecting your need (the root) with the universe above. Witches use wands to raise and direct energies toward specific goals with that metaphor in mind. . 🍵The wand’s parter then, is the cauldron, related to the cup, but more versatile because it can be used for liquids and for burning. It represents the womb as well as the primordial sea we all came from. It also could represent the skull, where our thoughts swirl around until we make them into real things and actions- a great metaphor for magic. It is used to mix liquid brews as well as to burn herbal incenses or serve as a focal point of the magic. . 👉👌Together, they are male and female symbols, which, as heteronormative and gender binary as it is, make a great metaphor for manifestation, since all living things arise out of that union, one way or another. . No matter what you choose to use for your work, the important thing is that your tools have meaning for you, either symbolic as above, or personal and that you reserve them only for magic so that as soon as you touch it, your mind shifts to magic mode. 🖤🔮🌙

This hotel mirror gives me headshot-eyes and it's the little things.

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Lesson 8- Magical Gestures 🙌🏻👏🏽🤚🏿 . So you've set your intention, waited for the proper timing, gathered your correspondences, made your sacred space, and raised your personal power. Then what? . In previous weeks, I've related every concept to 🕯candle magic because a) most people are comfortable with candle magic from birthday candle wishes to Catholic prayer candles and b) because candles are good for ACTIVATING, INVOKING and RELEASING intentions, which is pretty broad. I use candles most of the time, but there are plenty of other options which may be more suited to your intent. . 📦TO KEEP, CONTAIN, ATTRACT- combine ingredients which correspond to your intent (I use Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondances, among other sources) in a jar or box. You could bury it, hide it, or display it depending on what feels appropriate. To attract, many suggest keeping that jar by a door or window. ✂️TO REMOVE, BANISH, RELEASE- create something which represents what you want to get rid of (please, bish, choose a habit or an energy, not a person you wanna knock off!) and cut, tear, throw away, burn, or otherwise destroy. Remember, harm none. 🛁TO ATTRACT, INVOKE, INTERNALIZE- combine herbal/essential oil correspondences into a bath and have a soak. Easily combined with candle and incense magic for some damn good self-care. ⛓TO BIND- create something which represents the target and wrap in thread or seal in a jar or box and hide in the dark. 🎁TO BESTOW- focus your intent (protection, say) into an object either with a charged sigil or by intensely charging it with your own energy. The object is then gift-able. Great for talismans for health, safety, and fortune. The object itself can (probably should) be a correspondence to your intent. 🔮TO CELEBRATE, PETITION CONTINUOUSLY- build an altar. . These are just some ideas. The point is, when you reach the point in your ritual where it is time to actually DO something, you have way more options than simply lighting a candle. This is where the craft of witchcraft comes in. The important thing is that the action be fully imbued with your intention. Be creative and follow your intuition! . Till next time, Coven 🖤

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Lesson 7: Sigils 🌀🔮📝 . Sigils are magic symbols used in many different magical paths. Haitian Voudon has symbols called veves to summon spirits called Loa. Germanic magic uses runic symbols charged with various effects. Medieval ceremonial magic uses symbols said to be the true names of various angels and demons. . For a modern secular witch, a sigil is a great way to create a subconscious short hand for an elaborate desired outcome. Basically, you visualize your desired intent as vividly as possible and then focus that vision onto a symbol you create so that every time you see the symbol, you subconsciously recall the full, detailed vision. . Here is one common method for sigil making: 📝Write a sentence which succinctly embodies your desired outcome in the present tense. Not "I will be protected" (you might wait forever), but "I am protected." 🔠Cross out any vowels and any letters which repeat. "I am protected" becomes "MPRTCD." 🌀Create a symbol which incorporates all of the letters in a creative, abstract way. Do many drafts of this. Make it look magical. 🔮Charging the sigil is where things get abstract and magical, and there are many methods for this. One idea: journal in depth about what life will be like when your intention comes true. Be as detailed as possible. Consider every element of how you want it to come true and how you don't want it to come true (i.e., in a way that doesn't harm others). Then, create a sacred space to get in a magical headspace and read those pages aloud. Meditate on that desired future. When the outcome is crystal clear to you, stare at your prepared sigil for a while, so that your mind connects the symbol with the outcome. 🕯Now, your sigil is ready for use! Sigils for desired futures can be carved on a candle and combined with other correspondences for super specific candle magic. Protective ones can be written inside shoes or on the tags of clothes or in the car. Sigils for confidence could go on your beauty products. Use your imagination! . Till next time, Coven 🖤🔮

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