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Fresh cuts

#witchesofinstagram 📷: @chrismzcarrell

Good night, Tokyo. Good morning, LA.

Robot Restaurant  【ロボットレストラン】

Perfect final Shinjuku night. So sad to leave Japan today but I know I’ll be back soon. Thank you to the wonderful new friends who made us feel so welcome here.


Fushimi Inari-taisha

What a view 😍


Bamboo Forest

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a magical place. Altars everywhere. Wishes everywhere. Honor everywhere. Nature everywhere. I was overwhelmed by it today. We walked though this garden and I while thinking about all of the spirituality here, a black cat crossed our path, out of nowhere. I see you 🔮!

Kyoto, Japan


Meiji Shrine - Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan

Unbelievable experience visiting Meiji Shrine for hatsumōde last night. Happy New Year from Tokyo!

I’m wearing a tiny paper crown and I’m very content. Happy NYE to all xx

Come on. 🎄

An offering of human hair to the new space

📷: @chrismzcarrell

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