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I don’t love you more today than usual, but damn I love you.

A very strange enchanted boy. 📸: @restingbeechface

I can finally talk about my literal dreams coming true. I am honored to be a part of the cast of DOLLY PARTON’s #Heartstrings, a new anthology series for Netflix, with a seriously incredible cast. And guys, she is everything you want her to be. Pure light and kindness and humor and heart. So proud of what we made and I can’t for you to see it!

Another story must begin. #BackstagersBook 3, this October! More info in my story 🎭🔜⬛️🔚⚡️

I’ve known this man longer than I’ve known my husband.

Just in time for the holiday, my solo, Valentine’s Day, from #TheJonathanLarsonProject is now available to purchase and stream. I’ve waited a long time to have a solo on a cast album but if I had to wait for a song like this, it was so worth it. My favorite song I’ve ever sung in any show. Give it a listen, marvel at what Jonathan could do, give thanks to @jenashtep for making this happen, and preorder the full album! 🔪♥️⛓

At long last, America! Gone is coming 2/27 at 9/8c! #GoneWGNA

Very excited to say that this is gonna be a busy year full of things I can’t wait to share with you, including this little baby coming March 19th! #BackstagerBook2 is called Theater of the Ancients and is inspired by my work on Deaf West’s Spring Awakening and features Adrienne, a supporting character from the comics who is Deaf. I worked with @castillejoshua and @renlikethewind to craft her authentically, and I know you’re going to love her as much as I do. Rian really outdid himself with the art on this one and I think the story is one a lot of kids will connect with. Available for preorder now (link in Bio) and in stores March 19 wherever books are sold!

I missed you too.

On a high from #RentonFox last night and this morning, we have a release date for the #JonathanLarson Project album (April 5) and the release of the first single, Greene Street, on iTunes! I can’t believe I’m on an OCR of new Larson songs. “Dream come true” doesn’t feel adequate. And sharing this experience with these chic, chic babies was and is a career highlight for me. Enjoy the track! Can’t wait for you to hear the rest! #JonathanLarsonProject

Mall Madness

I don’t often have a job, but when I do, I wake up smiling. Let’s go, Friday!

I bought this at a time when I REALLY couldn’t afford it, but it sparks joy for me every time I look at it, which is constantly. It’s the heart of my apartment. My point is, kids, get good credit and figure it out later 😜

Back in this mode. Send productivity. Forgive me for being boring af. 🥴📖📝

Today is bittersweet, because it marks the close of a chapter that began the better part of a decade ago. Most people think Spring Awakening was Michael’s first show, but that one just happened much faster. From the time we first started dating, M was telling me about his ideas for this show. I remember a phone call where we learned it was a go for a theater in London, then another regretfully cancelling. I remember recording demos of AnnMarie’s (then, fully acapella) arrangements on M’s own dime back in the Smash days to convince the authors to let him do it. I remember him calling me from a bathroom in Haiti, unable to speak through his tears as he described the poverty and beauty and resilience he saw there. I remember him losing sleep over details in the production that most people wouldn’t even notice on first view. I think about those early days and then I look at the production today- rave reviews, winner of the highest award possible, a vehicle that has made new Broadway stars, a run of over a year that is just one performance shy of the original production- and I’m just so immensely proud. A closing can be seen as a defeat, but if you look at the whole story, it’s a damn triumph. I’m so excited for more audiences to see a new iteration of it on tour, and I can’t wait for you all to see what he’s cooking up next. Happy Trails, beautiful cast and crew, and congratulations 🏝

Heading home from my first, but definitely not my last trip to Mexico City. So grateful for the hospitality of the kind people we met there, their patience with my shameful Spanish, and the new friends we made. Already dreaming about what I’ll see and taste next time! 🇲🇽 🇲🇽🇲🇽


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