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I found a 60s bathing suit and I’m feeling fucking cute

If I had an orchard, I’d work till I’m sore

Turning looks/ stunting pretty/ I’m the witch from New York City

You’d think I’m posting multiple shots from the same excursion but actually I just go to this same swimming hole wearing this same hat every single day 🤷🏻‍♂️ 📷: @lauramichellekelly

🎶Maybe someplace sittin jus wishin I’s fishin🎶 I made my Equity debut ten years ago today playing Huck Finn. Not much has changed since then.

You can take the boy out of Pennsyltucky

Smash the mirror selfie

Happy Pride to my queer people. ALL my queer people. All the bodies, all the ways. This community is a blessing and a birthright and today I celebrate in honor of all my queer ancestors who paved the way so I can be exactly who the fuck I am, proudly.

I’m shirtless because it was 4.5 miles up the mountain to get there in 85 degree sun but that view was worth it. Happy Upstate Pride weekend!

Thank you @jennyandersonphoto for capturing this smiley reunion with two of my favorite humans. I’d go to the barricade for these ladies any day. #TonyAwards #lesmiserables

Oh do I love these people.

Acheivement Unlocked. Till next time, Tommy x

Today, this chapter of our Amazing Journey comes to a close, but I have a feeling it’s not the end of the journey. Goodbye for now, young master Walker- you arrived just when I needed you and brought along sensational new friends and experiences. I’ll never forget this run and I’m grateful to everyone from cast, crew, creatives, and audiences who were a part of it. #dcpatommy #thewhostommy

I’m gonna miss you, Colorado

TFW your younger self is also your mortal enemy. Superhero day at #TheWhosTommy ⚡️


It’s a boy, Mrs. Walker

I love acting with this woman and I love doing this show. Let me at this weekend of shows! #dcpatommy #thewhostommy photo: AdamsVisCom

Three weeks left to see our new production of #TheWhosTommy at the Denver Center. Here’s a moment in the show which I share to demonstrate how our creatives built our moments of horror just as skillfully as they built the moments of spectacle and beauty. @nycde makes a nightmarish yet nuanced Uncle Ernie. Photo: AdamsVisCom #DCPATommy

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