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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY Lesson 6: Sources of Power: Nature⛰🌊🌲 . If you’ve been keeping up with your candle work, you’ve been practicing several elements of magic and imbuing them with the power of your own focus and intention. Now you are ready to involve other sources of power to amp things up. In most paths, sources of power fall into three categories. 🗿Divine: Calling forth the power of a deity or spirit to lend power. 🙌Personal: Raising power yourself via meditation, breath, dance, chant, trance, sex, etc. 🌄Natural: Culling power from natural sources such as the moon, the sun, herbs, holy waters, and crystals. . Some witches use specific herbs and stones in their work as symbols to focus their intent while some believe those things actually hold power- obviously working with nature power requires that belief. Many books are written on the subject but this is just IG and 101 so let’s focus on crystals. 💎Most crystal shops will list metaphysical properties of stones and you will find that generally, the same colors are purported to do the same things, which typically correspond to the 7 chakras (Green for heart chakra, Red for root, and so on). 👁Browse and see which stones interest you without worrying about effects. When you have selected something instinctually, research the effects- you’ll probably find it is what you were after anyway. Soon you will have an arsenal. 🌅Daily, select a pocket sized stone imbued with what you think you need that day. It’s a simple act of marrying action with intention and thus a simple spell. Keep it in your pocket all day so that its energy is available to you. 🌘During the waning moon, cleanse your stones with any method you liked from the cleansing lesson, though be aware that some stones are damaged (literally, not spiritually) by water. 🌕During the full moon, arrange your stones in its direct light for several hours to recharge and refresh them. 🌀Combine/cocktail their effects in a grid or on an altar by arranging them in a way that corresponds to your intent and leaving them to do their work. 🔮Involve them in your spell and altar work in any way that feels appropriate to you. . Till next time, Coven 🖤🔮

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Lesson 5: Sacred Spaces and Altered States 🌀🕯🔮 . Ritual circles appear across many magical traditions around the world. They can be for protection, for concentrating energy raised, or both. For the secular witch and the skeptic novice, casting a circle before beginning a bit of magic is a great way to reach an altered state. I don't mean that in a drugs way, I mean it is imperative to let your mind and body know that you are exiting the mundane world and doing something magic. . A few ideas to create a sacred space: 🌿- Purify the area and yourself as discussed last week. If you are burning herbs or incense for that goal, maybe reserve one scent specifically for magic time, so that when you smell it, you immediately shift gears. 🕯- Make it dark. You can perform magic in halogen Target lighting but why would you? Doesn't something change when you turn out the lights and get some moody candles going? 📻- Consider sound (if you are hearing). Does total silence put you in the right mood or would some drumming, some minimalist classical music, or a favorite old song? You could also choose music with lyrical content relating to your intention. ⭕️- Draw a circle, clockwise, in chalk, rope, flowers, twigs, or just in your mind's eye. Some paths face north, some east, some match the direction with the elements for specific intent (north: earth, east: air, south: fire, west: water). If you have a deity, you could ask them to bless and protect your circle. Or bless it with herbal smoke or salt water or a purifying crystal. Or meditate envisioning protective energy emanating from you, forming the barriers. Whatever feels safe. Once you have cast it though, don't exit until your work is complete. 🖤- Wear black for protection and to feel witchy. Or choose a color based on your intent. Or go naked (skyclad, they call it 😏). 🔮- Make an altar. This doesn't have to be in worship of a deity or spirit, it can be a way to focus your mind on the task at hand. Choose objects, herbs, flowers, crystals, and candle colors which correspond to your intention. There is no right or wrong way to do it. 📱- PHONES OFF! . Be creative, Coven 🖤🔮🌀

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Lesson 4: Get Clean 🌊💎🦋 . After talking about dealing with negative forces last week, let's shake it off with some cleansing. . Most paths include a ritual cleansing of space, self, or both before a ritual. For a believer, these are ancient methods of clearing bad energy so that you are only bringing your intent to your work. For the skeptic, taking time for this step gets your subconscious working- it tells your brain that you are exiting the mundane and doing something special, like when the lights go down at the start of the play. Mindset is key for good magic and we'll talk about that more but cleansing is an excellent way to get into a magical headspace. It is also just a great way to treat yo self or as a standalone ritual to release whatever bad vibes come your way. . 🌿 Smudging- a Native American tradition, is burning dried sacred herbs like sage, mugwort, or cedar. Waft the smoke over yourself and then around the room from left to right, paying attention to corners and shadowy spaces. 🌊 Ocean Water- bathe in natural running water like streams or oceans and visualize the negativity running off of you with the current. 🛁 Ritual Baths- are great for all sorts of things but a simple clearing recipe is 2 cups sea salt, 2 cups white vinegar in normal bath water. Soak at least 25 minutes or until you feel clear. 💎 Crystals- Selenite, Smokey Quartz, and Amethyst are just a few of the cleansing stones. Meditate with one and don't forget to cleanse the stone itself often. 🌞 Sunlight- this is a Wicca thing: Moonlight charges, sunlight clears. Open your windows, get outside, lay objects in direct light. 🗻 Grounding- sit on some actual earth with your hands on the ground. Visualize light passing slowly from your third eye down to the base of your spine collecting any negativity. Keep it moving down into the earth, where it will be neutralized. 🕯 White Candles- lit with the intent to clear. . Try one or more of these before any magical work or when you just need a reset and see which method resonates for you (I'm a bath and smudge guy). . Get those good vibes, Coven 🔮🖤

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY Sidebar: R U a G🔮🌕D Witch or a B😈D Witch and the Binding of D. T.🍊 . Greetings, Coven! I hope your 🕯 spells are going great. There is a lot more to say about spellcraft, but this week let's talk about being a Good Witch versus being a Bad Witch and about the mass binding spell of Dnld Trmp that took place last week. . In case you don't follow Lana Del Ray and/or have no internet, last week at the waning 🌙, Witches around the world gathered to perform a mass ritual called a binding against You Know Who. Naturally, the internet went nuts and there was a lot of confusion about what the spell was- was it a curse or a hex or 😈? . There has been good and bad magic as long as there have been good and bad intentions and different paths have different opinions about it. The Wiccans say "An it harm none, do what ye will." Other paths have no problem with tossing out a hex when needed. Personally, I believe that if you are attempting to wield negativity, you are opening yourself up to it, and most intentions can be rethought to be defensive rather than offensive which brings me to binding. . 🙅🏻Binding is the only offensive spell in the good witch arsenal because it is not wishing harm on someone, it is wishing to bind them from doing harm to others or themselves (remember that part of The Craft?). It aims to strip the target of their tools, access, and power IF they mean to use them for evil. . If you're curious, you can find the mass binding spell all over the net and it could be useful to analyze how the author built the ritual as you learn more about building your own. I also encourage you to rethink any negative intention into a positive. I.E. for bullying, sure you could hex the bully, but you could instead do work for protection, confidence, and power for yourself. As in life, there is almost always a way to take the high road and stay in the light. . Till next time, Coven 🖤🔮🌙

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY Lesson 3: Correspondences . Hey Coven. So if you tried the basic candle spell last week, you probably generated enough energy to tell the universe you want... something. But how can you get more specific? In many witchcraft practices, this involves the use of correspondences: a symbolic language of ingredients which correspond to different goals. For instance: . I lit a candle for growing income and I did it at the waxing moon- the moon phase being one correspondence. 💚What if I chose a green candle specifically to say to universe, we're dealing with money? 🌿And what if I rubbed that candle with cinnamon oil and dried cloves, symbolic for abundance? 💎And what if I placed a piece of pyrite next to the candle- a stone for attracting wealth? Now I'm customizing the act of burning the candle so my intent is much clearer. . Who decided these herbs, colors, and stones correspond to specific goals? We don't really know- it's arcane, occult knowledge passed down from antiquity. For the skeptic in me, I like to remind myself that the more effort and creativity I put in, the more my subconscious is working at my goal, and I believe there is power there. . There are many resources to look up herbal, crystal, and color correspondences but for the novice, just google tbh. Even if you find some conflicting information, you'll work at understanding the concept. I'll give you some color meanings here and invite you to do some searching for other ideas: 🌹- fire, strength, health, sex 🍊-relieving depression, opportunity 🌼-air, creativity, productivity 🍀-earth, fertility, money, courage 🦋-water, peace, happiness, religion 🔮-spirit, psychic and occult work 🎀-self-love, relationships, beginnings 🖤-protection, binding, grounding 🍂-security, endurance, harvest 🕊-safety, enlightenment, cleansing . So try your candle spell again and this time, choose the color deliberately for meaning and see if you can't incorporate at least a household herb into the mix- many are already in your spice rack and one simple way to involve them is sprinkling a clockwise circle around the candle before you light it. Use your intuition. Be creative. 🖤🔮

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