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Loved gathering with old pals to support @katharinemcphee in her sparkling debut at the Carlyle. We all knew she had pop and Broadway down, but this girl singing jazz is something out of another time. Pick up her new album, sit by the fire, and feel it all x

Your dad, in the 70s

Category is 90s Sensitive Guy

Me, younger, thinner, blonder, with a Broadway contract just after shooting #tubtimewithtate in NYC 2 years back. Unearthed by @tatephoto last night. I’m not sure about going blonde again but I’m thinking I should maybe go young and working again?

I've partnered with @MassMutual to Adopt a Runner for the marathon in New York! Admittedly, runners are bound to know a lot more about running than I do, but in addition to my cheerleading, I can offer spiritual support! Some believe that certain crystals can offer energetic assistance when kept close by, and I love wearable crystal jewelry to keep good vibes in my aura all day. Some stones that might be helpful for a marathon runner are fiery carnelian to aid with inspiration, confidence and energy; or black tourmaline for protection while out on the trail! Check out the link in my bio to learn how you can Adopt a Runner too! #sponsored #LiveMutual

I've partnered with @MassMutual to Adopt a Runner for the marathon in New York! Did you know that running can actually be an effective way to meditate, and in turn, meditating while running can help focus the mind and regulate the breath to make the miles tick by? While running, think of a mantra you can repeat in your head in rhythm with your footfall, like "I. Can. Do. This." Repeat it again and again rhythmically and try to regulate your breath with the phrase, inhaling for one repetition and exhaling for the next. Hopefully it will help get my runner and you through the tough stretches! Check out the link my bio to learn how you can Adopt a Runner too! #sponsored #LiveMutual

We are the weirdos, Mister. 📷: @stevekazee

Do you sense the thinning of the veil? That shiver down your spine? Something darker than dark in the dead of the night? It can only mean one thing: the arrival of June Gloom, the most satanic queen in the canyon. She lived fast and died slow. Thanks to my drag mother @anitaprocedure for helping her manifest in our realm. #witchesofinstagram


Happy Birthday, @michaelarden! It’s fitting that you’re spending today making a gift for the rest of us. I love you like 🙅🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️


Some sad scribblings from a very sad and confusing time in my life, thankfully long since passed. This is what I used to think of Bisexuality. I don't blame this kid- when you never see something represented, other than as a punchline, you don't think of it as valid. When your straight friends roll their eyes at it and your gay friends roll their eyes it, you avert your eyes, at least. Luckily I fell in love with someone who didn't fit the narrative I had built for myself so undeniably that I had to confront it, make peace with it, and ultimately own it. For so long it seemed like something insurmountably complicated when in reality, it is so simple. It's freedom. In love, in sex, in gender- it's freedom from the binary. It's the greatest gift the universe has given me and it's one I am proud to share. I know a lot of people struggle with this the way I did and I can't give much advice- we all have our own situation. What I can offer is my example. I'm here, I'm out, and I fucking love myself for it. People doubt my identity every day, to my face and behind my back, but I don't mind. It's not theirs, it's mine, and no one can take it from me. If it's yours too, know that. Happy #BiWeek, brave souls. 🔮🦋🌸

That's a WRAP! Feeling full and exhausted in a good way and proud to finish up season one of Gone. I realized it is my first wrap day, as I generally get killed off of or mysteriously disappear from TV shows, and I gotta say, this is the way to do it. So much love and satisfaction in the air here. Now to share it with the world!

We did that, gang. #burnallnightart


It's just me and my friends. Opening Night of #BurnAllNightART! 💡 📸: @misterbrett

Is this what the regular boys feel like?

🌚Solar Eclipses are super charged new moons, bringing swift and profound change- think endings and beginnings of eras. Select a card which speaks to you (without peeking down below!) and at the time of the eclipse (2:30 EST, 11:30 PST), swipe to see what you drew and read below for a message. . . . . 🌛Left: V of Wands Reversed- in an eclipse, the moon, ruler of what is hidden, occults the sun, ruler of what is apparent. Thus, things which have been bubbling under the surface tend to step out into the light for better or worse. 5 Wands Reversed signals a conflict you have been avoiding or repressing. Now is the time to face it head on (it may come out whether you like it or not). That can be scary, but if eclipses signal the start of new eras, then this is your way forward. 🌝Center: The World- This is the last card of the tarot, representing completion, satisfaction, and all being right in the universe. Something is coming to a close for you. Take this moment to look back without judgement and celebrate whatever achievements you made in this cycle, no matter how modest. If you didn't get everything you wanted, you learned a hell of a lot, and you can take that forward. Be good to yourself today. Be as still as you can. And tomorrow, decide what you want next. Because a new cycle begins now. 🌜Right: Page of Pentacles- This is a hugely auspicious card for an eclipse, as pages are new opportunities and pentacles are the earthly suit of money, wealth, and material matters. Thus, with the energy of the eclipse at your back, you have everything you need for that new opportunity for abundance you have been hoping for. What ever it is, it will be in its nascent stages, so be very alert and open minded. It may take you down a totally new path.

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