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Today, this chapter of our Amazing Journey comes to a close, but I have a feeling it’s not the end of the journey. Goodbye for now, young master Walker- you arrived just when I needed you and brought along sensational new friends and experiences. I’ll never forget this run and I’m grateful to everyone from cast, crew, creatives, and audiences who were a part of it. #dcpatommy #thewhostommy

I’m gonna miss you, Colorado

TFW your younger self is also your mortal enemy. Superhero day at #TheWhosTommy ⚡️


It’s a boy, Mrs. Walker

I love acting with this woman and I love doing this show. Let me at this weekend of shows! #dcpatommy #thewhostommy photo: AdamsVisCom

Three weeks left to see our new production of #TheWhosTommy at the Denver Center. Here’s a moment in the show which I share to demonstrate how our creatives built our moments of horror just as skillfully as they built the moments of spectacle and beauty. @nycde makes a nightmarish yet nuanced Uncle Ernie. Photo: AdamsVisCom #DCPATommy

I make muddy moves

2 show daze

It’s opening night! I have never been more surprised by a production in my life. I thought I knew what this show was and what this production would be like. I foresaw white pants, dancing girls, and a lot of scaffolding. Turns out, we are doing a profoundly moving family drama in a gorgeously intimate, immaculately period production I could never have conceived. That’s due to the visionary work of scenic designer Jason Sherwood, costume designer Kevin Copenhaver, lighting designer David Weiner, sound designer Ken Travis, projection designer Alex Basco Koch, music director Gregg Coffin, choreographer Katie Spelman, and most of all, our captain, director Sam Buntrock. They, along with their adept crew and luminous cast have cracked this show wide open for a new generation. This is maybe my favorite role I’ve ever had and I’m deeply proud of our collective work. 🇬🇧🎸🎰 #DCPATommy #thewhostommy

When you wanna stay in bed but rehearsal and another preview are looming over you. Busy week at #DCPATommy! #thewhostommy photo: Sam Adams

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Did you ever see the faces of the children? They get so excited. #TheWhosTommy #DCPATommy photo: Sam Adams

A new production, a new vibration. #TheWhosTommy directed by Sam Buntrock, choreography by Katie Spelman, musical direction by Gregg Coffin, scenic design by Jason Sherwood, costume design by Kevin Copenhaver, lighting design by David Weiner, sound design by Ken Travis, projection design by Alex Basco Koch. Photo cred: Sam Adams. #DCPATommy

#EarthDay every day. Call your mother, she misses you✌️

First Look. We’re making something really special for you #DCPATommy

Soon you’ll see me/ can’t you feel me/ I’m comin #dcpatommy

A woodland creature

Thunder only happens when it’s rainin

Royal Arch Cascade

Yesterday I got some disappointing news. I also hiked a mountain with amazing people and saw this in person. In ten years and beyond, I’ll only remember the second part.

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