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You can't Shiz with us. #boqnessa


Fate is kind ✨

📷: Joan Marcus

This show + this cast + this city + this venue + this time of year combined into a really magical experience. I will miss you, Kennedy Center, but damn what a time!

Just two more shows in beautiful DC at my beloved Kennedy Center. It's been a hell of time. Can't wait to come back!

The Boys from Oz

So good to reconnect with old friends

Going through my camera roll from last night. Shit got weird. #witchesofinstagram

HNY from 1973

Measure your life in love

Just chillin at my favorite Witch supply store, TJ Max. I found MUGWORT there, for real.


Christmas, western PA style ⛰🏕🌅

The drinks were just okay but the wallpaper was malachite

Lefties (I picked Left too)- you have the 2 of Wands. Time to turn your creative ideas, dreams, and plans into action and real iterated things. This may take you out of your comfort zone but that is the only way to move forward. Center- I know it looks spooky but this is a great card to get for the new year. The 8 of Cups says you may have been disappointed in the way certain things, particularly material matters like financial success, have turned out this year. However, you are ready to let those things go and look for a deeper meaning to those hard lessons, a more spiritual path. Right- This card is very much in the Holiday spirit. The 6 of Pentacles encourages you to be generous- be that with your money, your time, your love, your wisdom, or whatever you have to offer. It will come back to you in kind in the new year. Happy Holidays! We're gonna be okay. 🔮🌌

Happy Winter #Solstice, kids! Choose which speaks to you, Left, Right, or Center, and I'll do a little mini reading in the next post for what will help you achieve your goals in 2017 🔮

Everyday, the Wicked (no literally, even today, a Monday, because we have 16 shows in a row 💀)

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