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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY Lesson 3: Correspondences . Hey Coven. So if you tried the basic candle spell last week, you probably generated enough energy to tell the universe you want... something. But how can you get more specific? In many witchcraft practices, this involves the use of correspondences: a symbolic language of ingredients which correspond to different goals. For instance: . I lit a candle for growing income and I did it at the waxing moon- the moon phase being one correspondence. 💚What if I chose a green candle specifically to say to universe, we're dealing with money? 🌿And what if I rubbed that candle with cinnamon oil and dried cloves, symbolic for abundance? 💎And what if I placed a piece of pyrite next to the candle- a stone for attracting wealth? Now I'm customizing the act of burning the candle so my intent is much clearer. . Who decided these herbs, colors, and stones correspond to specific goals? We don't really know- it's arcane, occult knowledge passed down from antiquity. For the skeptic in me, I like to remind myself that the more effort and creativity I put in, the more my subconscious is working at my goal, and I believe there is power there. . There are many resources to look up herbal, crystal, and color correspondences but for the novice, just google tbh. Even if you find some conflicting information, you'll work at understanding the concept. I'll give you some color meanings here and invite you to do some searching for other ideas: 🌹- fire, strength, health, sex 🍊-relieving depression, opportunity 🌼-air, creativity, productivity 🍀-earth, fertility, money, courage 🦋-water, peace, happiness, religion 🔮-spirit, psychic and occult work 🎀-self-love, relationships, beginnings 🖤-protection, binding, grounding 🍂-security, endurance, harvest 🕊-safety, enlightenment, cleansing . So try your candle spell again and this time, choose the color deliberately for meaning and see if you can't incorporate at least a household herb into the mix- many are already in your spice rack and one simple way to involve them is sprinkling a clockwise circle around the candle before you light it. Use your intuition. Be creative. 🖤🔮

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY Lesson 2: What Witches Do . Most people are comfortable with the concept of metaphysical energy and their natural ability to feel it: good or bad vibes in a room, a lucky object, etc. The aim of witchcraft is to raise this energy and direct it toward a specific goal to enact real change in the real world. Sorta like prayer. The difference is, witchcraft is active, not passive: You aren't asking for something to happen, you are wielding metaphysical energy to aid you in making it happen yourself. You can't do magic for employment and then sit back and wait- you have to go job hunting and trust that the energy you raised is helping your odds. You must meet it half way. . Witches conduct this work through rituals to build up that energy and then tell the universe where to send it via a symbolic language of correspondences (herbs, stones, colors, numbers, days of the week, phases of the moon) and actions. . We'll explore these concepts with a simple candle spell which we'll build upon weekly. This week, focus on simply tying an intention to an action. 📝 Set a simple goal. Example: influx of income. 🌙 Decide which lunar phase corresponds to that goal (see lesson 1). Since I'm looking to grow my income, I'd pick waxing. 🕯When the moon is in phase, find a candle small enough to burn out in one sitting- even a birthday candle. 😌 Focus on your intention with a 5 minute meditation. When you are ready, light the candle and let it burn all the way down. 🤔Allow in your skepticism- it's totally ridiculous to light a candle and hope for something to happen! But then consider how your goal was on your mind for the all of the planning you put into this spell and for all the time the candle was burned. Would you have thought that deliberately about your goal without the ritual? 🔮Go out and take real action toward that goal with the energy of your spell behind you. . Again, we'll get fancier soon. More next time, coven. 🖤🖤

Missing this guy today (and every day). We can't be together this year because we are both off making and doing and I can't wait for the world to see what he is dreaming up for you. I didn't just marry a beautiful, hilarious, altruistic man, I married a brilliant artist and the work he makes. I am so grateful that we both love and respect the artist in each other enough to make sacrifices for that work. There's gonna come a day when we call the shots, my love, but until then, cheers to us doing what it takes. I love you ❤️

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Tonight, take a moment to look up- we're getting a full moon in Leo, a lunar eclipse, and a (motherfucking) COMET all doing a dance in the night sky. Pay attention for things that have been brewing since last September to come to a head tonight or in the coming days and then use Leo's firey energy to propel forward toward victory in whatever that may be. Everything is in alignment for you to receive that sea-change you've been craving for the last six months, you just have to meet it half way. Go!

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#WITCH101WEDNESDAY It's a common misconception that Wiccan and witch are synonyms. Wicca actually refers to a religion which uses witchcraft, but witchcraft can be used by anyone of any religion or of no religion (💁🏻hey girl) as a way to communicate with your own spirituality and focus on your intentions. Think of it like meditating with props and actions. Knocking on wood for luck or wishing on birthday candles. I've never been good at sitting quietly and getting in touch with myself- I like to get my hands dirty. Lesson One: know your moon phases 🌒- waxing: build, increase, create 🌕- full: complete, celebrate, be a lunatic 🌘- waning: decrease, release, banish 🌑- new/dark: rest, replenish, set new intention Try living in accordance with that natural rhythm over the next cycle: Set a goal at the new, work toward it during waxing, aim to complete it at full, release what you no longer need as it wanes, and then rest come the next new. See if you don't get some magical results. Till next time, coven 🔮

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Gloomy vibes = bed all day ☁️🌫⚪️

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When you have no days off for 2 weeks 📷: @lukefontana

Great day shooting #MyGayRoommate and I get to sleep in my own bed with my own husband tonight. Happy boy. Night!

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