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Waiting for the phone to ring like 📷: @marcjfranklin

Last night was a dream and I can’t wait to welcome a new batch of guests to the Canyon tonight at 7! If you wanna hear me sing some iconic and obscure Joni songs in this jacket, come join us at @54below! 🌄🌵🚕

Songs like tiny hammers hurled At beveled mirrors in empty halls Empty halls and beveled mirrors Sailing seas and climbing banyans Come out for a visit here To be a lady of the canyon. Tonight, come to @54below for comfort and consultation. 🌄🌿🚕

This Thursday and Friday, hop a big yellow taxi to @54below and join me for Ladies of the Canyon! 🚕🕊🌄

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 📸: @marcjfranklin

Thanks for all the birthday love yesterday. Really felt it. To kick off the year, here’s my new headshots for 2018 (and let’s be real, probably the rest of my 30s) by the amazing @lukefontana.

I’m gonna take a second to pat myself on the back because it’s my damn birthday and I am the best in the world at diminishing my own accomplishments. I always feel like I could or should be doing more, yet from last November 10 to this, I moved into a church in upstate New York and worked with my husband to make it our dream home, starred in 11 episodes of an international television series, sang with an orchestra in Japan, played a dream lead role in a musical, wrote and published two BOOKS, debuted and recorded newly discovered Jonathan Larson songs, and started work on my own cabaret solo show. Best of all, I made new friends and beautiful memories with old ones. I also heard “no” a lot, cried a lot, endured a lot of physical pain and was away from my love for a lot of the year. But that stuff was part of it and the highs wouldn’t be as high without the lows and I’d be absolutely insufferable if I always got everything I wanted. I can’t wait to see how all this informs whatever this year holds and I can’t wait to share it with the people who have gotten me this far. I got through all of last year and I’m here! Let’s go, 32.

#JONATHANLARSONPROJECT ALBUM. I can’t really articulate what it means to me to be honored with being the voice to debut lost Larson material to the world. He helped shape my love of theater, my identity as a queer person, my politics. And now suddenly, thanks to the trailblazing @jenashtep, there is more Larson to hear and I get to be one of the lucky few to share it with the masses. Also, as a performer whose 2 Broadway credits went unrecorded, I have been dreaming of getting to preserve my voice in a show for an album all my life. What a damn way to spend a day. And what a group to spend it with. And thanks to @marcjfranklin for capturing this moment of it for @playbill.

So, upon the opening of my husband’s lyrical, elegiac new Christmas Carol at the Geffen in LA, I’m ready to admit something that others have been saying for a while: my husband is a genius. This is something I suppose I’ve always known, but wasn’t planning to reckon with until we were old men. Like, how do I move forward with my day-to-day with this knowledge? “Honey, you didn’t do the dishes.” “Yeah, but I’m a genius.” “Oh, right, as you were, then.” Once again, he’s taken a story we all think we know and cracked it open to reveal a relevant, transporting, theatrically dazzling reinvention. Dane Laffrey continues to establish himself as one of the most inventive scenic designers working. And with an actor like Jefferson Mays at the helm it’s goddam sublime. Happy Opening to @michaelarden and company. Be very proud and God bless you, every one.

Got in front of one of my favorite eyes, @lukefontana, for shots both professional and otherwise. If Dems retake the house, I’ll post something more revealing in celebration, okay?

💀👻🎃 Boo, Bitch! 🔮🖤🌙

We suck and swallow. ...Cuz we’re vampires... What were you thinking?

Me, doing a deep dive into your feed, unbeknownst to you. ♏️🦂 📷: @bronson.photo

11/29-30, she is another canyon lady. Come hear us cover #JoniMitchell’s iconic 1970 album, in full, start to finish. Conversation. Big Yellow Taxi. Woodstock. Circle Game. And if there was ever a good chance to wear your best 1970 flower child laurel canyon drag, sis, this is it. We’re stripping this way, way down- expect something different from me and the @54below experience. Tickets on sale 10/29, 8am, link in my story. 🌄🚕

U up(state)?

Going purple today with @glaad for #SpiritDay! Growing up, I was definitely one of the 85% of LGBTQ youth who report verbal harassment at school, but I was lucky to have my theater community to get me through. Find your pack, report your bullies, and trust that so many of us out here in the real world have your back and are waiting for you to come join us. It’ll happen sooner than you think. Until then, stay strong!

V-v-v-vote. #jonathanlarsonproject 📷: Abby Warhola

FD Photo Studio

Liberal Arts college, 1992 📷: @bronson.photo

FD Photo Studio

📷: @bronson.photo

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