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FD Photo Studio

Liberal Arts college, 1992 📷: @bronson.photo

FD Photo Studio

📷: @bronson.photo

Beginning tonight, I have the distinct honor of PREMIERING newly discovered songs by my hero and idol, Jonathan Larson. Anyone who really knows me knows how much this means to me. And to share it with this cast, band, and the visionary @jenashtep? What a way to spend a day. Come see #jonathanlarsonproject at @54below! 📷: @annmariebagge

Happy Birthday, #LesMiserables! I honestly never thought we would cross paths, let alone on Broadway, but we did and it was crazy and exhausting and terrifying and full of great memories and beautiful people. I still get choked up thinking about those last lyrics. Happy to have joined in your crusade x

36 years ago today, this person entered the world. He was born into a situation that most people would never overcome, but on sheer will and talent, he made it all the way to New York, through a few different careers (a success in all of them), and landed here, celebrating his second Tony nomination in three years, and his production winning Best Revival. He’s also got a very happy, very lucky boy by his side. The awards and the fancy clothes and parties won’t be a constant, year to year, but the boy will. Happy Birthday, darling. Give us more to see xo

Thank you so much to everyone who has come out to the #BackstagersBook events so far, like this handsome nerd right here! And thank the rest of you SO much for your kind words, cute book selfies, and the support of your purchases. Thank you for supporting queer stories by queer writers. This has been an incredible week. More events to come, including two panels at New York Comic Con! #thebackstagers

Yesterday, with time to kill at an airport, I treated myself to one of those weirdly public shoulder massages. The masseur, elbow probing my back like a dog sniffing the floor for crumbs, asked me what I do for a living. He wasn’t really interested, of course- he was fishing for clues as to how my neck and shoulder could possibly have contorted to this condition. Did I hunt for metal on beaches? Carry bowls of water on my head? Test the efficacy of wig caps by whipping my hair back and forth from nine to five? I usually make something up. This isn’t to preserve some kind of glamorous anonymity, the way an actress uses a cheeky pun of an alias to book a hotel room. It’s to save myself from the subtly devastating questions that come to a “working actor” who has slid just beneath fame as if doing the limbo. Sometimes they joke- “You’re an actor? At what restaurant?!” Sometimes they feign recognition- “It was a rock musical about Deaf German children going through puberty? Oh I think I do remember that, yes!” In truth, the humiliation is always coming from inside the house, as I realize upon revealing the Thing I do, that I actually do so little of the Thing itself. I spend a lot of time trying to convince rooms of men that I can do the Thing. I make a little money sometimes speaking to rooms of children that want to do the Thing too. But THE Thing? A few weeks a year, if I’m lucky. So I lie, to save us both, masseur and subject, from the pitiful scene that comes next. But yesterday, when the masseur asked, I said writer, almost automatically. And it wasn’t a lie. Today, you can buy a book I wrote. “I’m a writer.” “That’s cool.” And then he plunged the elbow into a knot and my tension melted away. #BackstagersBook

Bi Dork Energy. Happy #BiVisibilityDay to everyone in the Bi+ umbrella. If anyone rolls their eyes at you, I’ll roll my eyes at them. We’re here, we’re queer, and I don’t care if anyone else is used to it. 🌺🔮🦋 📸: @marcjfranklin

Photographer (@marcjfranklin): ”Andy, cross your arms like a person.” Me:

New Orleans, Louisiana

Had to. 🔮

Come on 😍🤤🤪


What is she thinking? 📷: @restingbeechface

Blessing your timeline with this charm I made from English willow and flowers. Blessed be 🌙✨🔮


Two years ago today was a very good day indeed. There was a full supermoon over the English countryside, quite close to Stonehenge. Michael and I joined our closest friends to make vows and celebrate love and drink too much and dance silly and laugh until we cried. We sang songs with a guitar under an ancient tree until dawn. It was one of those Grover’s Corners days that you wish you could live again but feel eminently lucky to at least remember. Thanks for that day and (most of) the days since that day @michaelarden. Happy Anniversary. We’ve outrun all of our Broadway credits!

New specs, who dis

I found a 60s bathing suit and I’m feeling fucking cute

If I had an orchard, I’d work till I’m sore

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