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Silverlake witchery with @ourladyj and Liberace (pictured)

Speaking of mysteries and Pittsburgh...


It's bandana season

Moms are magic

I made a pilgrimage today

@kemmartin I see you and raise you 📷: @lukefontana

Today I drew The World- the final card of the Tarot majors, the card of completion, wholeness, and satisfaction. The best way I've heard it described is that feeling on Thanksgiving when you've just finished dinner and haven't thought about the dishes yet. What a perfect card to draw on the day that I close my chapter with Wicked and leave behind a company that made every day Thanksgiving. Thanks, Munchkins, for the memories. "I'll be right there, right by your side..."

#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Last Lesson- Magic🌙 . Think of blowing out a candle. You gather energy in your mouth and send it in a specific direction. The molecules of your breath collide with the molecules of the air, creating a current of energy which reaches the flame and snuffs it, fulfilling your intention. That's how magic works. Energy is raised and directed toward a goal. . Let's bring it all together, as spells are built from elements discussed in previous lessons: 🌙Timing: consider the season, moon phase, time of day, holidays. 🌿Correspondences: gather stones, herbs, colors, etc which correspond to your intention. Consider numerological meanings to determine amounts (4 pyrites for a money spell, 9 rose petals for full moon work, etc). This info is found in reference books and online, but also use your intuition. 🔋Power: where will the power come from? A deity you work with? Your own body through dance, meditation, emotional recall? 👁 Focal Point: where is that energy going? Use a sigil, picture, mental visualization, personal item to link that power to something physical. 🙌 Action: what gestures, words, acts will symbolize your intention and send the power? Will you use any tools? . Once you have all of that settled and have built the ritual, you'll need to: 💧Purify the self and space 🔮Make a sacred space like a circle or altar 🙌Perform the ritual 🔚Release the energy and break down the sacred space in a way that feels right to you. Send some gratitude. Have a snack! . Remember, the energy you have built and sent is going to help your odds of success- you still have to meet it half way with physical action. If you feel skeptical, consider how every step of the way, you were considering your intention- from buying the herbs to making the sacred space, to actually doing the thing. Your mind was working at the problem from the moment you decided to do something magic. I think there's power there. . Stay curious, Coven. 🖤🔮

I won. 🥄🦊

Farewell 🌸🌵☀️

This is the future liberals want

I live in the desert now

Start your look with the socks and go from there


About last night

📷: @alexjwyse

#WITCH101WEDNESDAY . Sidebar: Morning Magic 🌅☕️🔮 . Hey Coven! Looking for some simple ways to incorporate some magic into your daily routine? Here's the morning edition :) . 🎴 Daily Tarot- the way I learned to read Tarot was by drawing a single card every morning, asking as I shuffle, "what do I need to know today?" Look up the meaning online or in a book and then wait for the card to appear in the events of your day. Soon, you'll know the cards well and can use the daily card for guidance. I like a real deck but there are many apps for Tarot and other oracle decks (the Druid Plant and Animal Oracle app is awesome). 📓Dream Journal- magic is about activating the subconscious, which talks back to us in our dreams. Keep a journal by your bed and immediately upon waking, write down everything you remember about your dream. Seek a reference on dreaming to interpret the symbolism of the images and decode the messages you're getting. 💎Pocket Stone- if you collect small crystals, select one with the properties you think you'll need and carry it with you. You could base this on the card you draw. ☕️Tea- select morning tea for corresponding intent- black to clear negativity, green for clarity and focus, oolong for intuition and meditation, white for protection. With an a little knowledge of herbalism, you could get very specific about what herbs to include and blend specific teas for specific intentions. Stir clockwise for a little mini spell. 🛁 Salt Scrub- combine a cup of sea salt, 1/4 cup avocado oil, 1/4 cup coconut oil, and a few drops of essential oils which correspond to your intent (Juniper for prosperity, for example) to make a magic salt scrub for your shower. 🥚Cascarilla- a clearing and cleansing powder from west African traditions, is simply crushed egg shells. Wash and dry your breakfast shells on the windowsill for a few days, then grind into a fine powder in a mortar and pestle. Sprinkle the powder across doorways and windowsills to seal a space from bad vibes or add a pinch to your bath. 😌Meditate- I like the apps Headspace and Aura for short guided meditations to start my day. . Hopefully a magical morning will make a magical day! 🔮🖤

Easter Bonnet

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