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Американский певец и автор песен. Является основателем и вокалистом рок-группы «Black Veil Brides».(Невесты в черных вуалях). Он — единственный из оставшихся основателей в составе группы.
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Thank you to all who attended #theresurrectiontour I had an amazing time and I am so thankful to get to play these shows for you all with my band mates in @blackveilbrides , our incredible crew and everyone that works to make the shows a success each and every night. Thank you to the kind and talented guys in @askingalexandria for sharing the road with us and kicking ass as always. Thank you to @blessthefall , @crowntheempire and @totheratsandwolves for starting off the shows and setting the tone each night and to everyone on their respective crews for helping to make everything run so smoothly. Touring requires a great deal of time and effort from everyone involved and I have been so fortunate to get to work with so many great people over the years. I am thrilled to get to do this for a living and I appreciate you all for making this possible. Now, I am so fucking excited to return home to my beautiful wife and best friend @thejulietsimms and our sweet little monster pets (DD, Crow and Femme) to spend some quality time with those I love the most. I have been fortunate in my life to get to live through so many ups and downs and be where I am at today as a man, husband and artist. Thanks for sticking with me through the journey. Next up we will seeya in a few weeks at @downloadfest and the final @vanswarpedtour 🆎🖤 #dyeyourrootsman PS thank you to my wonderful parents for coming out yesterday and for bringing me this new #whodey shirt 😜

Indiana tonight, Niagara Falls tomorrow and @rockontherange on Saturday to wrap up #theresurrectiontour 🆎🖤 📷: @sedition1216 #giantfishwithlobsterclawsguy

Kerrang this week @jeremysaffer thank you to Memphis and Oklahoma City for two great shows! Up next Wichita, Sioux Falls and then @northerninvasion 🆎🖤 ps if you haven’t yet be sure to check out @thejulietsimms new music video! I’m so stoked for her and I think you guys will really dig it! Link in bio!

I am so excited to share with you all my amazingly talented wife @thejulietsimms brand new kick ass music video for her single “Take Me”! Check it out on VEVO at the link in my bio and on the @vevo app! 🆎🖤 📷/vid director: @joshuashultz

Heading to the venue here in Memphis for tonight’s show! My voice is still not quite up to where I’d like it but I have been cleared to give it a go and so the show will carry on! I will give it my all tonight and can’t wait to sing with you guys! 🆎🖤

Thank you so much for all of your well wishes regarding my voice! I am so sorry we had to cancel tonight’s BVB set. However, due to the damage already done to my larynx I was advised that pushing it further without any rest could have serious implications in the long term. I have been entirely silent since Carolina Rebellion and hope that with another 24 hours of vocal rest I will be able to ease back into singing by tomorrow evening. 🆎🖤 📷 @jeremysaffer PS @askingalexandria and @blessthefall are still rocking tonight in Springfield! Be sure to join them for a fantastic show!

I had a fantastic time today @carolinarebellion it was a pleasure to play for you all! Thanks for letting me and @mryanni10 come down and join you during “Fallen Angels” 😜 📷cricketchild

What an honor to spend time with Neveaha Holloway and her amazing family! I am humbled that of anyone you could have met you chose to hang with me today. Thank you to @makeawishamerica for this experience and for helping us host tonight’s special guests. I hope you guys have a blast tonight! 🆎🖤

“... From the churches to the jails. Tonight all is silence in the world..” 📷 @jeremysaffer

Tonight: Richmond Virginia. Be sure to head to the link in my bio to check out the latest pieces from my @nevertakeitoff line! 🆎🖤 📷 @jeremysaffer

Tonight: Knoxville TN 📷 @aaronberkshireofficial

I am so excited and proud of @thejulietsimms for her incredible artistic drive, dedication and insane talent! Today she released her completely kickass new single “Take Me” on all streaming and music platforms and I HIGHLY recommend that you guys check it out! Undeniable soul, power and passion!!❤️ link in my bio

Just wrapped up shooting a few new episodes of @theandyshowtv featuring returning guest the amazing @thejulietsimms and a first appearance from our great friend the tattoo artist, host, painter, punk rocker and occasional chimp suit wearer @halloweentattoos 😂🆎🖤

Thank you to @johnfeldy and @itsjasonflom for inviting us to the @vetpaw charity event last night! We had a wonderful time and it was honor for @thejulietsimms and I to be able to donate and sponsor a Rhino. This organization is incredible and I urge all of you to please check them out, give them a follow, donate if possible and help spread the word! 🆎🖤

Crawl 📷 @joshuashultz

production rehearsals are in full swing for the next leg of #theresurrectiontour 🆎🖤 we kick off in Jacksonville at @welcometorockville in 11 days! 📷 @pinkishcreature

Hell or Hallelujah 📷@joshuashultz

the face you make when you marry your best friend and are so excited that you will get to spend the rest of your life doing stupid dances to commercial jingles, talking to your pets like they are people, making silly voices, and laughing together. In addition to all of that, knowing that you get to spend each day with the person you love and respect the most. Happy 2nd anniversary to my beautiful and incomparable dragonfly @thejulietsimms I love you more than anything in the world and I can’t wait for what’s next in our journey together. special side thanks to my father in law Jeff for holding it down secret service style at the altar! 🖤 photo: Lizzy Gonzalez

paradise by the dashboard light. 📷@joshuashultz

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