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Американский певец и автор песен. Является основателем и вокалистом рок-группы «Black Veil Brides».(Невесты в черных вуалях). Он — единственный из оставшихся основателей в составе группы.
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Hey guys as you know I will be hosting this year's @altpress #APMAS on July 17th in Cleveland Ohio! Today it was also announced that my solo record has been nominated for two awards! This is fucking amazing and I am so honored to receive these nominations! If you feel inclined to vote for me in the two categories listed in the photo above then please head to altpress.com/vote and cast your ballot! I would really appreciate it! Thanks! ☺️🖤

One year ago my best friend and I were married at an incredible ceremony with our family and friends on a beautiful southern California evening. Today, as I think back on the wedding and the subsequent year that has followed I am filled with joy and excitement. When @thejulietsimms and I started dating I would fall asleep each night in my bunk rolling along america's highways on the bus listening to her "The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On" album and I learned every word and nuance. This is a vivid memory I have that colors each moment thereafter. The songs on that album became a soundtrack that weaves its way around our romantic history in my mind...the beautiful, the heartfelt, the dark and the glowing light. I still listen to those songs today and think back on all that occurred to build our roots and cement our eternal bond. A young rock and roll relationship isn't an easy one to navigate and while I know we have always loved one another I also know there are moments that challenged our core and in the end ultimately strengthened our love tenfold. I am a better man today than I once was and I hope tomorrow to be even better still. None of that is possible without my love, Juliet. When you have someone who is your world, you don't back down to challenges and you push yourself to become greater because you want to give your partner the best of your heart, mind and spirit. On this day as we reflect and enjoy our life together I want to wish all of YOU the chance to find your true love. An endless love. Forever.❤️ Happy anniversary honey. "..you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you"

I can't wait for the first @americansatan industry screening in Hollywood on Tuesday and to see the film in its entirety! Will you be there? They are running a contest to get some of the limited tix to the event, check it out if you're interested! On an unrelated but very exciting note: #theredsareinfirstplace #baseballisfunagain #pleasekeepwinning #cincinnatisports

It's Tuesday! That means we have brand new episodes of @theandyshowtv and TAS YouTube minisode! On the full length show we talk about my love of cancelled plans, pajamas and privacy. Later on the show we go over the top "Joe cereal" art submissions and crown a winner! On the minisode @flandangerous reads from his favorite book and I give him pointers and we go over happy news from around the world! Subscribe at www.theandyshow.tv and watch the free minisodes at the link in my bio! #TAS

Here is the first official poster for my debut film role in the rock thriller "American Satan"! I am beyond excited to share this with you guys! I want to say that getting the chance to play the lead character in a movie was an incredible experience and I am eternally grateful to @ashavildsen for this opportunity. Thanks for believing in me and allowing me to do this! I can't wait for you all to see it! Check out the link in my bio to see the 30 second teaser! Full trailer coming very soon! #americansatan

This month @theandyshowtv will be donating to The Humane Society International in an effort to aid them in their fight to stop the cruel annual seal hunt. I understand that many people fall on different sides of this issue but I can only speak to my own perspective which is one of interest in animal welfare and compassion. I am not perfect, I am not trying to preach I am simply sharing with you something that means a lot to me and if you feel similarly I would ask that you donate whatever you can or help spread the word about the efforts of organizations like the HS and HSI to put a stop to this brutal annual slaughter. I have no affiliation with The Humane Society, I simply feel it's important to share this with you all and hope that it strikes a chord in you to help raise awareness. I have changed the link in my bio to the HSI link for those who are interested in donation and wanting to learn more about animal welfare and protection. Thank you.

"be well, be strong!" Had a blast filming this weeks episode of The Andy Show and TAS minisode today! Busy week ahead putting together the final pieces of the new BVB record we will be releasing this fall and getting ready to perform as #AndyBLACK on Warped! Very excited for you guys to see and hear all of new stuff coming soon! Have a great week! 💀🖤 Thanks to the amazing @romeolacoste for the new eagle tattoo! Just a bit more and this dude will be complete! Love it! #lettheeaglefly

It's opening day in my hometown! I might be on the other side of the country but I am still cheering for our redlegs! #reds

Early Bird Tickets and VIP packages for the @journeys APMAS fueled by @monsterenergy ON SALE NOW at altpress.com/APMAS 💀🖤 #comewatchmetelljokes #Ipromisenottoyellatyou #seriously #APMAS

Having a blast shooting with @journeysshoes today! Lots of really exciting stuff coming this summer! #Journeys @vanswarpedtour #APMAS thank you to all involved in the shoot for being so kind to me, I truly appreciate it!

The amazing folks at @nevertakeitoff have created some new pieces for the AB line! Check them out in this video and head to the NTIO official site to learn more about "Merch with Meaning" and the goals of the company to effect positive emotional change around the world! #nevertakeitoff #yesthosearebengaltigers

Thank you again to my amazing parents for spending the week with us here in LA. I am incredibly fortunate to have such kind, supportive and loving family and getting to hang out with my mom and dad this week was so much fun! Safe travels guys! Here's a photo taken today during the filming of this weeks episode of The Andy Show! Photo by @fatpogarty #TAS

So happy we got to spend today with my parents and go to universal studios! I haven't been in years and it was so much fun to walk around and enjoy the rides with them! We had a blast despite the Harry Potter ride malfunctioning and subsequently being stuck on it for a while hahaha THAT was a unique experience to say the least! Thank you to my mom and dad for making this trip. Nothing in the world is more important than family❤️ #Biersacksatathemepark #myphoneistheremoteforthecamera 😂

On May 3rd 2016 we started #TheHomecomingTour with my first ever solo show in Los Angeles and since then we have played countless shows in 6 different countries and have had an absolute blast each and every night. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me to continue this dream. It's been over a decade that I have been fortunate enough to perform for you around the world and I am truly appreciative and humbled by all that I have been able to do and achieve thanks to your support. Here's to the next chapter! Thank you to @jonathan_syverson @mryanni10 @waywardjesselee @beauxevans @pat_dimitri @samanthajoycrum @iamjohnnytrox and every one who works so hard to make the AB shows happen and fill my life with smiles and laughs. I'm one lucky guy to get to tour with you guys🖤 video by: @_benoni_. I also want to thank those who contributed greatly on previous legs of this run: Nick Pisano, @joshjarmusic ,Clint Rowland, @robertleemurphy , Lee Duck, @mattsteelenj , Doug Hart, Matt "Smooth" Turner and Bob Keck!

Last night in Pomona I was very lucky to be joined by Lauren Pugh and her mother who flew all the way from Texas to hang out on #TheHomecomingTour with me and everyone on the AB crew. We had so much fun showing her around and chatting with her (she even taught me how to use musical.ly)! Thank you to @makeawishamerica for making this happen and thanks again to Lauren! You rock! 🖤photo: @beauxevans

A huge thank you to my new friend @lmckay20 and her mother for joining us today to check out what it's like to be on tour! Thank you to @makeawishamerica for helping make this happen! I hope you have a blast tonight Lexi, we are thrilled you're here! You rock! Photo: @beauxevans

Here's another photo from yesterday that @beauxevans took of @mryanni10 and I outside the venue in Vancouver. Tonight we are in Spokane and then we wrap up #TheHomecomingTour in Pomona! 💀🖤

Only 3 shows remain on #TheHomecomingTour and I want to say thank you so much to everyone who has come out to this tour in 2016/17 around the world. Thank you to my amazing band and crew and to everyone who works so hard everyday to make these shows happen and to everyone who has spent their hard earned money to come sing with us! You are incredible and have made this an amazing experience. See ya tonight in Vancouver! 💀🖤 photo by @beauxevans

TODAY! It's the end of season 1 on @theandyshowtv! We have to head back to Washington, @flandangerous shares some happy news from around the world with us and we FaceTime with some viewers to hear what they thought of our first season! Check it out now on www.theandyshow.tv 💀🖤

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