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Американский певец и автор песен. Является основателем и вокалистом рок-группы «Black Veil Brides».(Невесты в черных вуалях). Он — единственный из оставшихся основателей в составе группы.
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Tonight #thehomecomingtour kicks off the final week of shows in Saskatoon SK! I hope everyone has a great weekend! 💀🖤

We are coming up on the final 7 shows of my debut solo tour #TheHomecomingTour I have had so much fun playing these songs and singing with you guys! Come hang out with us and watch @beauxevans and @pat_dimitri kick ass every night! 💀👊🏻 #subsonicdarth

Tour Flashback: Team Andy and Beau suffer crushing defeat at the hands of Team Yanni and Pat in the first annual #ABFFL Flag Football Tournament. This game was way too aggressive and the physical toll is still being felt by all of us hahaha 😂 Thanks to sideline Photog @samanthajoycrum

Enjoying the day off in Cincinnati with my family! I am so excited to do my first ever solo show in my hometown at the same venue that I watched all of my favorite bands play at when I was a kid growing up. @bogartsshows will always hold a special place in my heart and tomorrow it will host #TheHomecomingTour so come down and sing along! #whodey 💀 Photo from Toronto during one of my favorite shows on this tour, taken by: @thekatalysts

I am incredibly honored and excited to announce that I will be hosting the 2017 #APMAS in Cleveland Ohio on July 17th! This is going to be a very special night and to insure it's potential magic I have invited Lebron, Jim Thome and the ghost of Paul Newman to come perform a medley of classics, the entire 1968 cast of "Hair" will do interpretive dances to every single Warped Tour compilation cd from 1999 to present day AND I'm hoping to give at least 10 life time achievement awards! It's going to be incredible! In all seriousness, the #APMAS present an opportunity for all of us who love alternative rock and underground music to celebrate the sub culture, get dressed up and have fun listening to the music that we love! Rock never dies so long as the rebellion and passion are in our hearts! See ya in Cleveland! P.s Lebron probably won't make it.

#TheHomecomingTour is in Toronto tonight! We will also be filming a brand new episode of @theandyshowtv today and stay tuned for a HUGE announcement coming in just a few hours! @altpress💀Photo by @jeremysaffer

Happy Valentine's Day to the love of my life, my beautiful wife @thejulietsimms I wish I could be there with you today but sadly my tour schedule has been known to hinder our Valentine's Day plans every now and again. Thank you for always supporting me no matter what and for giving me your undying friendship, understanding, kindness and love. We have grown so much together over the years and our first full year of marriage has been the greatest of my life! I love you with all of my heart and soul my dragonfly❤

TOMORROW on The Andy Show! Joe turns everything into a '90's sitcom, we read more from Dee Lite's illustrated book about relationships, we FaceTime with fans and we have a nerf target shooting competition! Head to www.theandyshow.tv and subscribe! 💀🖤

Here's another BTS shot from today with @journeysshoes! This week rehearsals for #thehomecomingtour start in LA and our first show is in Lancaster PA on February 8th! See ya there!

Here's a behind the scenes shot from today with @journeysshoes Thanks to everyone involved in the shoot, you guys were amazing! Lots of cool stuff coming soon! 💀🖤 #crazyassawesomeringlight #noonehaseverhashtaggedthatbefore

Just about a week ago while filming a new episode of "The Andy Show" we noticed that there was a dog running around in the rain outside the studio parking lot. We quickly ran out to try to assist the little guy as it seemed likely he would be hit by a car etc. at any minute. We were able to get him to a safe place and calmed down but it was clear he had been through a tough time. He was skin and bones and his fur was long and matted. I have been a long time fan and supporter of @hopeforpawsrescue and so I started calling them while our friend Dave was able to tie a makeshift leash to the poor pup. Thankfully the folks at HFP were able to lead us in the right direction to a hospital where it would be safe to take him and not put him in any danger of immediately being put in a pound or whatever the case may be. Upon arrival to the hospital they named him "Norman" and he was taken to get a bath, some food and he was neutered. Norman is a sweet and affectionate dog and when he was around other dogs at the vet with us he was wagging his tail and interested in playing. He is currently going to Foster care until he has a forever home. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you live in the Los Angeles area and have the resources to adopt Norman I urge you to do so. He is a lovely animal and like so many dogs that have been left and treated poorly he deserves a second chance. If you are not in LA but want to help please head to @hopeforpawsrescue website and consider donating or volunteer at a local animal shelter near you. There are millions of pets in shelters waiting for love, please adopt. #hopeforpaws #norman #potate #adoptdontshop

Just a few weeks ago from The Homecoming Tour returning to North America! This time I will be joined by @williamcontrol and @palayeroyale check out the dates below and head to the link in my bio for information on tickets, VIP packages and more!! I have had so much fun doing the Andy Black project this past year and I can't wait to kick off 2017 by singing with all of you! See ya there! 💀❤ Feb 08 Lancaster, PA Feb 10 Patchogue, NY Feb 11 Clifton Park, NY Feb 12 Portland, ME Feb 14 Montréal, Canada Feb 15 Toronto, Canada Feb 17 Cincinnati, OH Feb 18 Saint Louis, MO Feb 19 Milwaukee, WI Feb 21 Palatine, IL Feb 24 Saskatoon, Canada Feb 25 Calgary, Canada Feb 26 Edmonton, Canada Feb 28 Vancouver, Canada Mar 01 Spokane, WA Mar 03 Pomona, CA

Today on The Andy Show we learned that @flandangerous is terrible at @jellybellycandyco "Beanboozled" game and that while it is truly disgusting it makes me laugh so hard I can't breathe. We also discuss our personal history of competition, sports in the 90's and the first annual "Columbus Update" interrupts us mid show! Check it out and subscribe to our weekly show at www.theandyshow.tv (credit to whoever put together this glorious collage of us crying while Joe eats dog food flavored jelly beans 😂)

This is a poster from the current issue of @altpress magazine and if you haven't had a chance to pick up the issue yet it is on stands now! There's a massive article about our new @blackveilbrides record and the process that each of us went through in making it. We are currently finished with tracking and are in the mixing stages and I couldn't be more proud of what we have done! Huge thank you to Jason Pettigrew, @mikesheaap and everyone at AP for always being supportive of the band and everything we have done. If you're a Black Veil fan and interested in learning more about our 5th album please pick up a copy of the new mag! I hope you're all having a fantastic start to your year! Lots of news coming soon! Photo by @grizzleemartin

Here's a "Warpaint" screen cap from the BTS video of the shoot for the brand new issue of @altpress featuring @blackveilbrides head over to AP and check out our new song "The Outsider" and pick up a copy of their "Most Anticipated" issue on stands now! #happynewyear #ikindafuckedupthemakeup 😜

Dear friends, Tomorrow is the final day of 2016 and I wanted to wish you all a very happy new year. 2016 has been a year of changes for me and as we come to a close on this chapter of our lives I wanted to say thank you to all of the beautiful people and events that surrounded me the past 364 days. In 2016 I married my best friend in the world and became the happiest man alive. @thejulietsimms makes me feel a joy and love that I cannot describe to you and I am so lucky that she has stuck with me through all the chaos of our younger years and that we get to experience this life together. I can't wait for our future. In 2016 I ended an idiotic cycle of self medicating and irrational behavior and I am now proudly sober and free of all alcohol. In 2016 I regained my moral perspective and conviction once lost in many ways, notably my interest in animal advocacy and remaining meat free and in 2016 I was able to continue to release music, tour the world and live my dream with all of you. Thank you for all that you have done to support me and my passion over the past 10+ years. As a quick PS before I go I wanted to say thank you to both the Biersack and Simms family for hosting Juliet and I this Christmas, I can't describe to you the heartache it brings us to have to leave all of you guys. Spending time with my parents has always been one of my favorite things in the world and when I met Juliet's family and they took me in with such kindness and warmth it was an amazing feeling. I don't have any siblings so to be able to spend time with @angiesimms @iamtommysimms as well my in laws Natalie and @jeffsimms, Tommy's beautiful children and the entire Simms family is an experience I truly cherish. When I was younger I thought the best thing in life would be to just be on a stage singing...as I get older and things change the moments I spend laughing with my family, going to a game with my parents and holding my wife are the ones I cherish the most. From us to you, happy new year. -Andy

Thank you to the staff, volunteers and most importantly the incredible and kind patients at @cincychildrens hospital for allowing @thejulietsimms and I to visit, chat and hang out with you guys this week. Inspiring and humbling. Happy holidays to all of you! See you in 2017🎄

We are so excited to share the brand new @blackveilbrides track "The Outsider" from our forthcoming 5th studio album to coincide with the "Most Anticipated" issue of Alternative Press magazine! Head over to @altpress to listen to the full song and pre order the upcoming issue! Link in my bio💀 #TheOutsider


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