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Американская актриса. Магистр изобразительного искусства. Известна по ролям в сериалах «Джоуи», «Класс», «Давай ещё, Тед» и «Мистер Саншайн».
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I think I win the dork shot game. However, this picture DID score me the role of Girl #2 in a Subway commercial. So.

@chaboukie made this adorable dress, and @lorentarquinio bought it for her, and she is SUPER stoked !

Baby loves her vodka. Video cred: @annavocino. Caption cred: @lorentarquinio

@medicalmedium 8 months old, and VERY excited about organic wild blueberry pie! Thank you, aunt T @torrimore

I want to officially announce that @annavocino is the baby daddy.

She's here! ❤️

Shooting with @driverminnie. @speechlessabc 2nd episode airs tonight. ABC. 8:30/7:30 central

@annavocino is the reason I learned to #EatHappy, and now consequently, I LOVE to cook! Get this book from Amazon immediately!

@annavocino crushing it at Making the funny jokes. I was so proud and impressed. @annavocino

Reunited and if feels so good.

Inspired by @medicalmedium

A fan club of 1, is still a fan club. My niece is feeling excited to see me on the TEE-VEE

@katehollinsheadmakeup @jaimeelysegowns #whyAmIGrrr-ing #maybePrepTheBackgoundNextTime

Me: Okay how long have I been on here ... 10, 15 minutes? #exerciseBike #crushingIt

Dress by @jaimeelysegowns. Thank you, @pistolandstamen. Make up by @katehollinsheadmakeup

Doing Escape Room!! Rules: Don't steal Christmas Trees, don't pick up lightning.

I'm not saying I'm PROUD of myself.... Like, as a PERSON. But this IS my biggest problem right now.

If you dare.... #comedy #standup #imAfraid

This is happening.

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