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Американская актриса. Наиболее известна ролью Джули Майер в телесериале «Отчаянные домохозяйки».
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Here is a picture of someone who doesn’t know how to act on a boat.

It is this warrior queen’s birthday today and we are going celebrate the crap outta her. I think it’s v. important that you all know that she is wearing a pink power suit tonight because she’s taking on this next year of life meanin’ business. I love her to pieces and you should all wish her a happy birthday because she’s a freakin’ gem and the world is lucky to have her.

See that great Guy in the middle of this photo? He is my big brother and it is his birthday and he really is one of the best people in the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, G.A.B!

Hangin’ out with my favorite men.

Our play closes today. It has been a delightful privilege to play alongside these beautiful and creative souls.

Not pictured: My dad being cute and making us pose with these flowers.

Found my look for your wedding @haleypharo @salmaida4

Unsure of what is exactly happening in this photo but I think it is clear that us Bowens like to gesticulate.

My darling birthday girl @adrianaleonard, you are so loved.

These birthday flowers are a week old. I’m 1,462 weeks old. We’re both holding up pretty well.

Nappin’ with Brit.

This is how you feign modesty.

He paid a lot for this VIP seat. #superbowl

Resolutions are going great.

✨My amazing second mom and dear friend @officialterihatcher launched her YouTube channel today! The lady can do it all; act, direct, write, cook (but like, REALLY REALLY cook) entertain, be a brilliant mom, etc...etc...etc. (I’ve even seen her scratch her cornea, throw some eye drops in and finish a scene as if nothing happened at all!) She’s a force. I can’t wait to follow along in her vlogging journey! You should all go subscribe now because I’m sure it’s going to be a whole hell of a lot of fun. (I’ll post the link in my story too) ✨ • • • https://m.youtube.com/#/channel/UCw77kWI0a4qIoExjTGruqLg #HatchingChange

As we lay this year to rest, I have something to share. My sisters and I made this (with the help of the rest of our family, friends, and partners) as a send off to 2017 and to celebrate the strong women of this year, next year and, all future womankind. Here's hoping we have less crappy things to sing about in 2018. Happy New Year! The link is clickable on my story. . . . https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0MCWn5a_WLg&feature=youtu.be

Our wintery, wedding-ery, loverly movie will be airing tomorrow night on UP tv! Check your local listings for channel and air time info. #WeddingWonderlandFilm #WinterWeddingmovie

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