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Американский журналист, писатель и телеведущий.
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#tbt 2009 in Helmand Province, #Afghanistan. Watching a meeting of local village elders with U.S. Marines. @andersoncooper360. Photo by the kind and talented, #TimHetherington, killed in Libya in 2011.

Happy Mother’s Day to a true original, my mom, @gloriavanderbilt. At 94 she is still working, still creating art. Check it out @gloriavanderbiltstudio. Also check out the documentary about her #NothingLeftUnsaid” it’s on @HBO Go.

Working in #Haiti, one of my favorite countries, this weekend. We first met Monley when he was rescued from the rubble of his home a week after the earthquake. He is in school, studying hard, and now wants to be either a doctor or a soccer player.

Sold out #AC2 show tonight in #Chicago.. can’t wait! Come see us in #AtlanticCity 5/5; #Charlotte 6/15; #Orlando 6/16... and JUST ADDED #LasVegas! 10/26. Pre-Sale code for tickets for Vegas is AC2. For tickets go to AC2Live.com

I’m not one to take pictures of food, or rave about meals, but just ate at a really great, new pizza place in #sanfrancisco called @CheFico. So good, and a fun, casual vibe. If you’re in San Francisco check it out! My buddy @jonathanmtucker is one of the owners. Best food i’ve had in a long time!

Lily after running through the woods. Muddy dog, long tongue.#welshspringerspaniel

I’m hoping @bravoandy will bring @therealwacha to our AC2Live show in #Toronto tomorrow! Join us at the @sonycentreto 8pm. Tickets at AC2Live.com. or in #AtlanticCity 5/5; charlotte 6/15, #Orlando 6/26

Come see us live on stage in #Toronto this saturday; #AtlanticCity 5/5; #Charlotte 6/15; #Orlando 6/16. Tickets at AC2Live.com

Close ups of some of the new work by #MarkBradford @hauserwirth

If you are in #LosAngeles check out the amazing new work by #MarkBradford @hauserwirth

Weekend in #reykjavik, #Iceland on assignment

This Sunday on @60minutes I show you the stunning work of photographer @jr. Swipe left to see some of his photographs that have apppeared on sidewalks and subways, buildings and rooftops in more than 100 countries.

Happy Birthday to my mom @gloriavanderbilt. She turns 94 today and is still painting, still working, still going strong! Photo by #RichardAvedon

Lily wants attention

Heading to airport for an assignment in #Portugal and snapped this picture of one of my favorite new buildings in New York. I love this city.

when the silver hair had just started. Saint Barthelemy, 1996.

Talking with #conanobrien tonight about his upcoming trip to #Haiti. See the interview tonight on @andersoncooper360 on #CNN 8pm est. @teamcoco

On the strength and dignity of the people of #Haiti, on this the 8th anniversary of the earthquake that killed more than 200,000 Haitians.

Great show by @sandragbernhard last night. It was freezing outside, but inside @joespub, there was warmth and laughter and #Sandemonium

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