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Американский журналист, писатель и телеведущий.
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Amazing evening at NASA complex near Barstow... now heading to #LosAngeles for more work.

Enormous dish to receive faint signals from Voyager 1 spacecraft 13 billion miles away. #NASA is cool.

NASA's Goldstone Complex. Voyager phone home. Near Barstow, California

At 93 my mom has joined instagram @gloriavanderbilt. Now she emails me several times a day to discuss her posts. She also has an account for new artwork she is creating @gloriavanderbiltstudio. (photo by #NormanJeanRoy)

May sound strange, but for years I've collected hand-painted signs. Just bought this double-sided barber shop sign in Port-au-Prince, #Haiti

Port au Prince, #Haiti. On assignment for @60Minutes

Wall advertisement. Port au Prince, #Haiti. One of my favorite countries in the world.

Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes. My friend Andrea sent me this. Clearly taken a long, long time ago. Probably 1993.

Happy Birthday @bravoandy! Hope this next year is your best yet! Come celebrate with us in #Phoenix next friday, and #SaltLakeCity next saturday! #AC2Live. Info at AC2Live.com

Amazing #Basquiat in #PalazzoFortuny @fortunyvenezia @axelvervoordt

Love #MarkBradford representing the United States at the #VeniceBiennnale. #ArtandPractice #HauserWirth

He is the art expert.... I'm the complainer who wants to take naps.

Benjamin in Venice.... Why is he making me go to every single museum?

Arriving in Venice by boat. (Video by Benjamin)

cool show at @pacegallery in NY... work by #leovillareal. The video doesn't do it justice.

First time jumping out of a plane! photo by @souloui @spikesk9fund. thanks @skydivesuffolk

So this happened today. Awesome jump this morning. photo by @souloui. thanks @skydivesuffolk. @spikesk9fund

@the_aids_memorial is an incredibly moving and powerful instagram account to follow. It is a daily remembrance of those whose lives were cut short. I am so thankful to hear their stories and learn their names. #whatisrememberedlives

Meeting #CharlieChaplin when I was 5yrs old. Not sure why I am dressed like a pirate. Photo by NYTimes.

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