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Waiting for the storm. Ft Myers. Photo snapped by the very talented photojournalist @jaymcmichaelcnn while also working behind his videocamera to keep us on the air.

Sunset #ftmyersflorida. Waiting for what is to come. #hurricaneirma

This family came to visit during a break in our live coverage. Made my day.

You know you are with a great producer when they manage to find one open place in MiamiBeach still serving food. And by food, I mean apple pie. @ishestradacnn

In #Miami getting ready for #hurricaneirma #CNN #AC360

Such an honor to spend the day with this amazing Coast Guard crew as they rescue people stranded in Texas. @USCG. The work they and other first responders and volunteers are doing is heroic.

Yesterday I was in New York. Heute bin ich in #Berlin!

Funny who you run into backstage at Kelly's show.

My brother Carter Cooper Jan 27, 1965 - July 22, 1988 Hard to believe it has been 29 years. He remains in my heart, golden and true.

Jet-lagged but happy to be in #Paris on assignment for @60minutes.

Congratulations to my friend @pablor2810 on the release of issue #1 of Sacred Creatures! Can't wait to read the next issue! https://subscriptions.imagecomics.com/

Goodnight #Tahiti

Last day in #Tahiti. Planning new AC2Live shows with @bravoandy! Come see us in #Nashville; #Tampa; #Wallingford,CT; #Houston; #Dallas. Tickets at AC2Live.com

Early morning swim in #Tahiti with @bravoandy

Amazing evening at NASA complex near Barstow... now heading to #LosAngeles for more work.

Enormous dish to receive faint signals from Voyager 1 spacecraft 13 billion miles away. #NASA is cool.

NASA's Goldstone Complex. Voyager phone home. Near Barstow, California

At 93 my mom has joined instagram @gloriavanderbilt. Now she emails me several times a day to discuss her posts. She also has an account for new artwork she is creating @gloriavanderbiltstudio. (photo by #NormanJeanRoy)

May sound strange, but for years I've collected hand-painted signs. Just bought this double-sided barber shop sign in Port-au-Prince, #Haiti

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