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How many hikes? How many late night talks? How many stories told? How much laughter did we share? Sandy Gallin was a friend to so many, and i am lucky that i knew him for as long as i did. Another like him will not pass this way. He was deeply loved and will be deeply missed.

Funny who you can run into on a plane! #jamieleecurtis - a long lost sister perhaps?

So this happened. @therock couldn't be a nicer, more down to earth guy. got to talk with him about his upcoming music series called #Soundtracks. will be on @CNN thursday at 10pm. Also gave him a gym recommendation (not that he needed it.)

So happy to be with these two for @hollywoodreporter photo shoot. @kellyripa and @bravoandy make everything fun

@bravoandy just sent me this photo he took years ago. Come see us in #Providence, #Baltimore, #Phoenix, #SaltLakeCity, #Tampa. tickets at AC2Live.com

Lilly likes lounging.

Stopped by SteaknShake for burgers on way to #Louisville for tonight's AC2 show. #Providence #Baltimore #Phoenix #SaltLakeCity coming up. AC2Live.com

#INDIANAPOLIS & #LOUISVILLE we are coming this weekend for AC2. Tkts at AC2Live.com. Then #Baltimore, #Providence, #Phoenix, #SLC

always fun being on @colbertlateshow. tonight.

in #Phoenix for the weekend for @60Minutes. So pretty here. i still look dorky

Happy 93rd Birthday to my mom, #GloriaVanderbilt #TheRainbowComesAndGoes

playing around with the nephews and niece in paris

GREAT NEWS! #TheRainbowComesAndGoes new paperback edition is debuting at number 6 on the #nytbestsellerslist! Thanks to everyone who got a copy!

#tbt my brother, Carter, and me in Mississippi. Maybe 1976 or 1977. photo by my dad. #TheRainbowComesAndGoes

all during the Superbowl @therealwacha was whispering secrets in my ear. photo by his human @bravoandy

Just got my first copy of the paperback edition of #TheRainbowComesAndGoes! get it at https://goo.gl/7ZKien it's got a new chapter by me and my mom... and its's got a flap!

So excited. the paperback edition of the book i wrote with my mom is now available! It includes a whole new chapter. https://goo.gl/7ZKien #TheRainbowComesAndGoes

Another new painting i love by #AdrianGhenie now @pacegallery in New York

Amazing new paintings by #AdrianGhenie now at @pacegallery in New York.

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