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Saint John, Saint John, Antigua And Barbuda

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Mer des Caraïbes

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Los Angeles, California

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Hotel Claris

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Be More Athletics

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Be More Athletics

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Tight Dress or Yoga Pants? Choose a side 😈👇🏼

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Let's fly away together 💙

~ Fire On The Water ~ Tag the crew! 🔥💦 . . . Image: @ajh_photography #iMakeWaves

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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

BEING BOSSY in @zara Good Morning ➰

Tag someone 😈

Chasing the last bit of sun this weekend 💚🌴 Finally had time to finish Harry Potter, what should I read next?? @getfitgirlsofficial

Thousand Palms, California

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Get out of your comfort zone and break past your limits!! Think positive ✌🏼️

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