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Американская актриса. Получила известность за роль Керри Хеннесси в ситкоме «8 простых правил для друга моей дочери-подростка».
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Downtown Seattle

Asleep again😂 Missing the gingerbread house amazingness🙈

The Commons

Sound asleep at brunch💤💤💤 The louder it is, the better he sleeps👶🏼 #babyboy #baby #mama #daddy #lennoxsawyerlockwood #seattle

Chateu Saint Michele

Winter wonderland☃️🌲❄️

Molbak's Garden + Home

My boys. Freezing Seattle. Happiness. 🌲❄️☃️

This kid...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 9 months old 🙉 Had to post another! And more on amydavidson.com 💋Ha! http://liketk.it/2pL2r @liketoknow.it #liketkit #lennoxsawyerlockwood #babyboy #baby #mama #ltkbaby #ltkunder50 #ltkunder100

This ray of sunshine is 9 months old today! I love you Lennox Sawyer Lockwood. Blog on amydavidson.com All about the past nine months💙👶🏼💙 http://liketk.it/2pKK9 @liketoknow.it #liketkit #ltkunder50 #ltkbaby #ltkbump #mama #baby #babyboy #lennoxsawyerlockwood

I've had some time to look through old photos while hanging out with my mom in the hospital, and wanted to put up a new blog on amydavidson.com What to write about...? It's cyber Monday, so CYBER MONDAY DEALS it is...! This is one of my favorite pics because I was newly pregnant and my belly was just starting to pop👶🏼I still love this jacket and I'm back into these jeans! Yay! Nothing in the picture is maternity. Major CYBER DAY SALE alert so check out the blog- LINK IN BIO✔️ I've had some extra time on my hands. 😊 http://liketk.it/2pIga @liketoknow.it #liketkit Update on mom- she's doing much better. I think it's all those extra prayers from all of you... I am so grateful🙏🏻 Thank you. I love you all❤️❤️❤️

This isn't a typical Black Friday for me. Usually my mom and I would try and fight the crowds looking for crazy deals and most likely buying things we do not need BUT also getting presents for family and friends✔️ My mom says she would rather go to the stores and look for things in person than buying them online. For those of you that know her, the computer isn't always her friend LOL! To put it mildly, she is not computer savvy. Today is a different Black Friday from last year... I'm sitting in the hospital scouring the internet for Black Friday deals as my mom rests. I'm trying to keep my mind in a positive place and at least shop for my loved ones instead of letting my mind spin in a million directions. I guess what they say is true: shopping can be therapy sometimes… Yesterday was not the Thanksgiving I was hoping for, as I spent the entire day in the emergency room with my mom and step dad. Things are looking up today and I have to say that is the number one thing I am grateful for. I normally would not do a post like this, but I do you believe in the power of prayer and thought by being transparent with all of you some prayers around the world may come in for my mom. It's amazing how clear your perspective is when medical situations arise- I don't have time to worry about the small stuff right now. I try to be Zen, I really do, but as I just said, my mind spins and I can spiral down. I'm really trying to take this time to stay centered, focus on my mom and also take my mind off of things. I guess you could say this shopping therapy thing is useful sometimes😏 Needless to say, I've had a lot of time here to check out cyber deals, so I thought I may as well make a blog post about it. If you are cyber shopping this year and want head over to amydavidson.com check out what I came up with. Maybe it will make your cyber shopping a little easier. My way of giving back today. Geez😏 Lol. Oh boy, what a day... I truly hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Thank you for reading this and if you feel like sharing it and supporting my mom with good thoughts we will gladly accept them! Xoxo http://liketk.it/2pHjK #liketkit

It's finally cool in LA, so I pulled out my favorite sweater from last season- only $38❄️❄️ Entire outfit and other sweater picks on amydavidson.com •LINK in Bio• I was actually pregnant in this photo captured by my hubby- clearly lost in thought😊 It was right around Thanksgiving and I was so incredibly grateful for being pregnant. Wow, it totally takes me back🙉 So this sweater is perfect for women with or without bumps! You can also get outfit details plus other sweater picks in my "shopping cart" here👉🏻http://liketk.it/2pGgm ALL included in BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS! @liketoknow.it #liketkit #ltksalealert #ltkunder50 #ltkunder100 #ltkbump #budgetfriendly #affordable


He was happy at one month old🙏🏻 I❤️my family... Thank you, God. 📷 @fishmakesphotos

I love the fact that I need a diaper bag to tote around all of Lennox's necessities, but it sure is nice to be able to carry one of my "before mommy" bags😉 @totesavvy makes it possible with their diaper bag insert✔️ Love that I can still be me AND mommy! Go check them out mommies! Tons of pockets and it's super light weight! Diaper bag must haves soon on the blog👍🏻 amydavidson.com @totesavvy #totesavvy #bestdiaperbagever My followers will receive 30% off with code AMYDAVIDSON ✌🏻️

Our friends at @purllamb are having a crazy sale you won't wanna miss! Check em out! This kid steals my❤️every time...💙👶🏼💙

This is what meditation looks like these days for me😂 Lennox on my lap wondering what the heck I'm doing and why I have this #musemeditation headband on my forehead🤔 Ha! Well, I explain all about it on amydavidson.com and how I'm bringing back meditation into my life- a little bit at a time😉It definitely helps you put the “Om” back in “Mom" ✔️ Oh, and it's part of @target Black Friday Deals! Ummm... Ya! Gifts for Xmas🎁 and Hanukkah! #takeabreath #target #liketkit http://liketk.it/2pF9d

Future President?! 🇺🇸 A little Sunday inspiration😉Blog on amydavidson.com ✔️ I think we all need a little extra positivity and baby L❤️VE in our lives... http://liketk.it/2pz7E #liketkit #ltksalealert #ltkunder50 #

You are my sunshine🌞amydavidson.com

This makeup look by @gingeehead is a more natural, every day look. Much more me than super glam😉 BUT, glam is a must every now and then! Rachel's makeup tips and tricks 🔛 amydavidson.com ✔️💄👄PLUS @sephora Insider Sale details linked for you in the blog👊🏻LINK IN BIO• http://liketk.it/2pAZK m #liketkit #ltkunder50 #ltksalealert #makeuptips

Lennox fell asleep holding mommy's hand. My heart melts. Can't wait for him to understand what this means to me...

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