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Venice, California


I’m afraid of what my body is going to feel like tomorrow... 😳💪🏻😬 @a.j.draven . . . Thank you...for kicking my ass?😭

It’s Saturday morning and my little man is in full swing, ready for the weekend (I’m SO ready, too) and he’s running around the house like a tornado. 👣 The kid doesn’t stop! 😳 I just want to sit by myself for a “quick” moment and drink my coffee before it gets ice cold. 🤪 Is that TOO much to ask?! Just O N C E. Lol. Who’s with me?! You know what I’m talking about, right?! Now I understand why mama bears porridge was cold! 🤣 . . . Very important blog post up!😉 Curious to hear your thoughts/opinions. What do YOU do for yourself when you need a moment? What do you do for self care? And Go⬇️ Xo #happysaturday 📷 @ographr

FRI-YAY! 🌟 What are your plans for the weekend?! 🌟 New post up on the blog🌈 Xoxo 📷 @ographr

Sophie kisses💋🐶💋 #happynationaldogday

Paramount Studios

Annual selfie📷

Saturdaze with this munchkin and I couldn’t be happier. 💗 📷 @csodapop • • • C O N G R A T S @ohjoy and @seekairun on the cutest collection! 👏🏻👣🌈👟🎨

This is the face of a kiddo who’s getting a big boy bed tomorrow! Toddler bed? No, “Not big enough mommy.” Twin bed? Nope! This dude is getting a full size bed. 🤪”I want a big bed, mommy. A big bed, please!” Then I asked him what color bed he would like? “Blue mommy! Like my new rug!” So there ya go. Cool new @evolurbaby rug and a big boy bed... He’s stoked but I’m a bit sad, honestly and making a change has me a bit sentimental. Silly, I know! 🙈 Is every transition going to be challenging? Tell me, what’s next? Besides college?!😭❤️❤️

Feeling so lucky to be a part of this mama tribe🙏🏻 There have been many moments where I’ve felt so alone since becoming a mommy, and looking at this photo makes me realize how blessed I am to have women in my life that truly support each other! Thank you, ladies! Thank you, @goodcarmastudio for always getting us together for a lovely lunch, brunch, dinner, etc! And congrats to @yolakin and @deannastag on their IGTV series @momsincars and to @heyamylacey of @califlourfoods for creating such a delicious and healthy alternative to pizza crust, crackers, noodles, you name it! Amy, my “name soul sister!” . . . 📷 @lingerphotography 💋💋

Is it wrong to hide from your hubby and son for just a few minutes? Or maybe an hour?!😬 Ok, maybe hide is the wrong word?🤣 Just like a mini getaway. Some “me” time. Well, it’s Saturday morning, and I already want a nap! I may sneak off, so shhh... . . . My guest room dream bed on the blog. 🌟🌟 Thank you, @interiordefine and @csodapop for making my pink bed dreams come true. Ps. Guest room is still a work in progress. It ain’t done yet! 😍❤️ . . . 📷 @ographr 💋


I had this realization yesterday while I attending the @crepeerase new product launch, hosted by Courtney Thorne Smith. 💡I am not taking care of myself as well as I’d like to. I think since becoming a mom I have (happily) put myself on the back burner, but it’s time I start nurturing myself as well.🙏🏻 Doing so, will make me a better mommy, wife and daughter... Something as simple as taking care of my skin and nourishing my body is an easy first step for me. I’m happy to have been introduced to @crepeerase -one of the leaders in anti-aging body care, and for chatting with Courtney, who could not be a more perfect ambassador. Her candor and ability to share why she believes in #crepeerase completely resonated with me. I want to age gracefully and with class. So gimme all the anti-aging love I can get! 🤩 . . PS. I started my new @crepeerase body care regimen tonight and this mommy is H A P P Y! #CrepeErase_Partner

💙Happy kid💙 🙏🏻

Travel Town Tank

. Me- Lennox, what would you like for breakfast? Lennox- Pizza. Me- Lennox, how about waffles? Lennox- No thank you. Pizza, please. . *While eating waffles for breakfast* . Me- Lennox, what should we eat at your birthday party? Lennox- Pizza! Pizza mommy! Me- Ok, buddy.(I’m thinking good choice, kid. That’s easy!) . *Later that night* . Me- Lennox, let me guess, you want pizza for dinner? Lennox- No mommy, I want waffles, please. 🙄🤪🤣 . ...So, we ended up having @freshbrothers pizza and salads for Lennox’s birthday party. They delivered everything right to our train car, AND parents, did you know they blend fruits and veggies into their tomato sauce for the kids pizzas?! For a mommy who has to hide veggies in everything her son eats, I was Sold! Needless to say, it was a hit with kids AND adults. . . . When is #nationalpizzaday ??? 📷 @ographr

So there was some drama with the home renovation- is there ever no drama with a home renovation?! Ha! Dumb question.🤪 Well, I’m thrilled to report that although our flooring snafu felt like a marathon, it was worth the wait! I couldn’t be happier with our flooring from @carpetonefh 👍🏻Swipe for the “drama pic” from a few months ago. Ha!🤣 So glad we’re done!!! 👏🏻👏🏻 ...And I’m smiling on my stairs instead of having a meltdown. 😳 The reveal is on the blog. 😍 📷 @ographr PS. @carpetonefh I❤️You!

Southern California Children's Museum

S H I N E 🌟 B R I G H T Such a fun day with @mixbook ✨ @ohjoy ✨ @shrinershospitals ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

I focus my attention on the love that is around me and I expect miracles. 🌟🌟 ~ Gabby Bernstein I read this beautiful post from @gabbybernstein last night and she says to wake up every morning and say this mantra. I love it and I’m really going to commit to waking up with this peace of mind every day!❤️ What are your favorite mantras?! Do share!👇🏻 📷 @ographr 🌟

Couch cuddles with this little one👼🏼 • • So, we had a white couch. Our white couch was beautiful. We have a toddler. Our toddler is messy. A white couch and toddler = no longer a white couch... #sponsored • • • Sharing how I fell in love with @interiordefine on the blog and how @csodapop and I designed this “toddler friendly” dream couch. 😍 • • • 📷 @ographr ❤️

Apparently it’s #internationalhappinessday and kissing this kiddo = pure happiness for me. 😘😘Something else that makes me happy? Organization!!! 😳 I’ve been on a kick, lately. 😜 I don’t like losing water bottles, hoodies, shoes... you name it! Who’s with me?! I never knew that labels would be such a huge part of our lives,🤷🏼‍♀️and now that we’re in school, I label EVERYTHING!!!🤩 It’s so fun to come into school and see all the kids lunch boxes with their cute @mabelslabels on them. PS. I’ve become friends with their publicist, GG and she LOVES to spread the LOVE! Thank you, @ggbenitezprinc 💋We gave train labels to the kiddos at Lennox’s bday party, and they added such a fun and personal touch to the adorable @jolimolibrands backpacks!😜 Kids love seeing their names on things and parents love having the labels! Win/Win. . . . 📷 @ographr

Travel Town Train Ride

What do you do when it’s pouring the day of your son’s train themed 3rd birthday party...and you’re supposed to be outside?😳 Wrote all about it on the blog👍🏻 . . . 💦😍💦 Was it a blast? Yes!! Was it challenging? Yes!! Were we all soaked? Pretty much! 🤪🙌🏻🚂☔️ . . . Up now on amydavidson.com . . . 📷 @ographr - have you checked them out yet? It’s like uber for the best photographers!🌟🌟🌟

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